No effective campaign to root out police corruption

first_imgDear Editor,Police ‘shakedowns’ (demand for a bribe for an alleged moving violation) of motorists are very common on the coast of Guyana. I experienced it a few times, and countless experiences of others were related to me as I travelled around Guyana and among the diaspora. The population also feels police shakedown is a common practice, and that the Government – preceding ones also — has not done much to curb or stamp out police bribery. As many people reveal, to say elements of the police are corrupt is an understatement, as the police seek bribes in virtually every significant act; and not only from motorists alone. It is also important to note that there are some honest Police who do their work and don’t seek or take bribes, but they are a small minority.As related to me by several who had the experience, if your vehicle (minibus in particular) is from a far home distance, say from Corriverton, and you are heading up to the airport, the chance of being pulled over and experience a shakedown is high. And you could receive several shakedowns on one trip.Going to court is time-consuming, and you lose more money by being away from work. The Police have the upper hand, as the system is not in the interest of drivers or law and order on the roads.One can attempt to avoid the shakedown, with limited success.There is no effective campaign to root out police corruption, or even bad cops. The Government can take measures to clamp down on corruption. As happens in other societies; there can be sting operations. But no Government has shown courage to go after rogue cops.But do keep in mind that there are police that I and others met who really have been trying to do their jobs. They don’t have the support system, and corrupt police make them look bad.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img read more

Starr Computers launches Business Centre

first_imgWith the aim of enhancing small businesses in Guyana Starr computer Inc on Wednesday launched their Business Centre, on the second floor of their Brickdam location.The Business Centre is seeking to provide start-up businesses, small to medium and corporate businesses with IT Solutions in the areas of Mobility, Point of Sale, Security, Training and Cloud Computing.President of Starr Computers Mike Mohan in the presence of the media opened the Business Centre at a small ceremony to honour the tech company’s new venture.Mohan spoke extensively of the importance and relevance of technology, before getting down to business and explaining what will be some of the benefits of the Business Centre.Mohan said: “That business cannot afford to operate the way they did 10 years ago, it is businesses that adapt to technology that will be more productive, efficient, and provide better customer services. Technology in Business, transforms businesses.”According to Mohan, companies in Guyana are not realising their true potential, since they are utilising traditional methods of operations.An exciting new product demonstrated at the launch was a video Doorbell buzz for entrances to buildings, offices or homes. All is needed is the press of a button which alerts you with a ring on your cellular phone with a live video feed.The Touch Screen POS Solutions, portable printers, portable point of sale equipment, biometric systems among others were some of the exciting new products on display.General Manager Rehman Majeed, said he: “Has seen a heightened demand by local companies seeking advice to enhance their current POS systems so as to be more productive and to respond better to customer needs.”last_img read more