Love of Shanghai of hot news disposal

from here, we can obviously find love Shanghai more sensitive to hot news, and very timely appear similar news events of the latest in the front row.


Author: Cheng Ming Ming

also appeared a phenomenon, when the elevator accident is the search, the search results page, the home page is only 9, not all 10

at the same time, we can see, when the elevator is full search, news, and no other normal search results, it also shows the news in Shanghai, love the search results above, is greater than the search rankings, do both good and bad, good is the most timely and most convenient for the user to provide the required information, but the drawback is thus, not all users need is news and information, they may also need to like the normal search ranking can provide, after all, like the daily needs of an industry is great. read more

Music website Shanghai dragon strategy keyword text

see this music website: more than 460 thousand, hundreds of thousands of flow is really very powerful, some love Shanghai index over a million keywords were in love the first page of Shanghai, and many of the long tail word ranking is also very good, like many music web pages, this love from above Shanghai included the number you can see, the 1 million 460 thousand number included, imagine the actual page is greater than this number, because not every page is included. We all know that the long tail of the word brings flow far more than a few main keywords, so if you are a music website personal webmaster, how to optimize such a website, starting from the analysis of key words, we should choose what keywords? How to set? I mainly choose the key words and key words long tail keywords. read more