How to analyze whether a site was hung black chain attack

site was hung black chain attack, indicating that the site safety coefficient is low, generally for more bugs on site we often say that the BUG, or the site admin password is too simple to.

built in today’s Web site, usually using some open source CMS system, such as: PHPCMS system and DEDECMS system, imperial CMS system and so on, open source systems shall be in the website building is simple, convenient and fast, but if it is not good for the two time development, there will be a lot of BUG. Behind the site in the process of operation is likely to be some grey industry the attack site get in by every opening hung black chain. read more

Love Shanghai to search the deep degree of communication within Shanghai site into the dry cargo sec

at the event, Li Jian made a deep introduction of second-hand car industry Li Jian said: in the era of rapid development of second-hand car, second-hand car electricity supplier industry C2C model is more suitable for entrepreneurs to model, but the need for a long time of accumulation, and service to achieve the ultimate brand can be accepted by the user trust everyone, the car is an example of this in C2C mode, by selecting a series of "shielding" pit car traders, and the vehicle strict quality supervision read more

Liu Dan change the title will not be right down to a Nirvana

of course, if the site weight is high enough, then the revision brings is lower, this method is more for the site weight is not very stable, and that complaints do not be too frequent, to finish all complaints, and this cycle is generally not more than one day.


based on this consideration, in the new test, two sites at the same time the title changes, and greater efforts to first revision. After the change, immediately to the Shanghai love Complaint Center snapshot complaints website, because love Shanghai provides snapshot complaints function immediately makes you a snapshot of the update to the current state of the new. If no accident, after the revision of the home long after the complaint can be directly over the natural included love Shanghai or drop right, and direct capture included and release. read more

To improve the user experience of the site, let more users love you stand

in today’s society, no matter what the industry, pay attention to a "service", we must not only their own products, better service, so that it can be recognized by the user by consumers love.

page of the website should be beautiful

!The authenticity of the

is also very important.

like Taobao, Taobao compared to some other shopping sites more comprehensive, which settled a lot of businesses, industries involved in a wider, more comprehensive, and the drawback of poor management, how to ensure that businesses are able to tens of thousands of enthusiastic service for customers! So Taobao introduced the function of the user the evaluation scoring, is the credibility of the shop, I believe there is a certain understanding of Taobao’s reputation of the shop to know the importance of it, some time ago, Taobao executives in order to eliminate private interests and sentenced to prison Taobao credibility tainted things you should have heard of this, I do not have to say, Taobao is so important to the credibility of the main the reason is the value of "service" two words, only good service, in order to develop for a long time. read more

Little brother webmaster in 2009 using SEO 11 kinds of methods to make moneyMa Huateng if start my

black brother summed up the use of SEO to make money three modes.


CE: what’s the slogan of "connecting everything"? What’s your background? How do you think about the prospect of WeChat’s connection?

2. high-end training

why is Ma Huateng so low-key? In the "know almost", this is the "pony brother" related to the most popular topic, the answer is 90. But the best answer is not here, but from Yu Liang, President of Vanke, "he’s a engineering guy and he speaks very quietly.". A really powerful person can make little noise." read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP Forum Mobile Web site optimization of dry cargo sharing

5, on the optimization of mobile site:

A5 station network April 30th news, April 28th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform "VIP Forum – Mobile Website Optimization practical tutorial" lecture in Beijing, full understanding of love for Shanghai mobile search included, database building and related content adaptation. People贵族宝贝.cn, A5 nets, chain home network, eLong nearly 50 people from all walks of life quality site technical responsible person to participate, have said very fruitful, solve the doubts and problems encountered in the work of many. read more

Love Shanghai website is changing all the time and walk the road of the brand is the best choice.

first "navigation type search" at least second "Q type search" 4 to 5 times.


overall, real data is:

3, product search. Is the search for a specific product or something. As the search for "Lenovo G460", "free mailbox", "Benz 500" etc..

The following is the

this question, I asked a lot of people, but so far no one answer is that I mentioned above. On the 1, 2, 3, three kinds of search, search by size sorting, most row order is: 3> 2> 1, but the actual situation is: 1> 2> 3. read more

Liu Jun the construction of the chain twelve must see practical rules

is the best links to other sites to give you your vote, you don’t have to go back to the link, link. Such heartfelt sure your website link is the real high quality links.

website ranking will be found, ranked number before the anti chain is often not behind the number, it can be seen, and there is no direct relationship between the number and site ranking. Keywords link is often better quality from a web site ranking. It seems that we webmaster do in the chain not to do high quality anti chain, patient. So what kind of link is a good link? Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun on this issue on the quality of the link judgment standard. read more

Love on Shanghai on 2013 website operation suggestions

two, the structure of the station to the attention of the

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently published on the Internet market analysis report, China’s 2012 PC end website showed steady growth, and the rapid development of the mobile terminal, but from the current market volume, the market is far greater than the PC end mobile terminal. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform shows the development status of China’s Internet through detailed market data, in 2012 are summarized, and a detailed plan for the 2013 plan, we can according to the latest changes in love in Shanghai so as to develop a user experience and help us improve the site’s behavior, and to make it more in line with love Shanghai requirements, so that our website ranking is better, more show to the user. Then love Shanghai in 2013 what is dynamic, and can bring us what inspired? Look at the first, and then analysis. read more

Love Shanghai thrown out a few blocks in the opponent to identify key words correlation.

relevance judgment between the quality of a search engine is extremely important, the judgment standard of several search engines is completely different, I compare the market several mainstream search engines, found that the difference is very large. Only love in this area in Shanghai to do the best, Sogou do not, 360 is the worst, this can not blame people, because people still started relatively late, we should give it some time. Google from the point of technology is to understand Chinese lost to love Shanghai, people is foreign Chinese, can understand. This study can be a keyword when several words, of course in the keywords characteristics in such a similar word, we should find the word, I make a website at present, will encounter this situation, to share with you the following. read more