With 5 seconds to read, why didn’t you rank

don’t think user experience is: website advertising is not a good user experience, for flow station, no advertising can live? I don’t think: website rich products, introduce perfect user experience is excellent! Don’t think: I do a good website of Shanghai dragon ah, the user experience is not the difference may be

what is the user experience, how to make the user experience? For the former, ISO said: "the user experience, the user feels before, the use of a product or system during and after use, including emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physiological and psychological responses, behavior and achievement etc.." read more

Wikipedia blog Q & a stable source of traffic

a better site, but in the chain.

two, ask ourselves from a


Q & a platform relative to love Shanghai encyclopedia, drainage will be better. I say it is because of love, Shanghai encyclopedia entries are basically simple name, and Q & a platform questions many are long tail keywords, belonging to a user easier to search words, so the question will be more traffic than platform will lead to love Shanghai.

three, Sina blog


blog basically have a rating system, sina is no exception. The higher the level, the weight seems bigger and grade is determined by visitors flow IP blog site, so brush blog traffic and become a lot of things to do. Brush and blog traffic in many places, in Shanghai above the search box input Sina blog each step can find what you need. After the Sina blog brush enough grade, published articles ranking more forward. The title of the article is best with long tail keywords, and in the content in a large number of his title and take site links, so easy to blog traffic to the website. The following is the Sina blog traffic data: read more

8.22 love Shanghai algorithm after the upgrade of the chaos phenomenon

K website is innocent after recoveryThis is my

three: chaotic algorithm is really effective yet, why not fight the fight

snapshot through


: illegal websites are still strong


August 22nd love Shanghai update algorithm, 8.24 new algorithms to awesome, a large number of Web site is down right, there are also many web sites are K, which have a lot of personal blog of Shanghai dragon. The 8.25 day I deleted 2 by K Links, are individuals of Shanghai dragon blog. Love Shanghai new update algorithm in the end what? Is not really as public say, not to say, look at some of these two days of chaos phenomenon: read more

Detailed in the face of different customer groups, the staff should be how to deal with

strategy: but for this customer, we also don’t worry, coping strategies is also very simple, we can make the optimization steps themselves say, as will every step out, say these are linked with time, all can be ranked in the ideal position stability if the customer, compression time, then we can only compress workload, save steps, do not say anything else, as long as it comes to this, the other will immediately say do not worry too much, after all, who want to make their money into practice. read more

Keywords love station network tool number ranking query problem

station have a website, the same function called bole, his data is more than 9000, of course because they don’t have complete data display, so we do not know whether he is water, but I believe that because the horses stood out, because love stand the pressure of competition, there may be water, because love stand before displaying the pages, and the horses shows 50 pages, so love station now also shows 50 pages, competition is good, but if because of the competition of others, this is not too good, you may be more than the loss of the user, will be the credibility. Reputation is money can not buy. read more

How to optimize the webmaster website access speed

website mostly used the form, now DIV and CSS style, but not to say that TABLE can not be used, but to optimize, such access speed and search engine optimization is good.

In fact,

English station keyword density more easily added, some Chinese station, want to add a few keywords, it is difficult to increase the density, foreign trade website is generally better than other simple website.

JS script file, some to determine the form, some to do AJAX, such as shopping cart, or view, there are many webmaster will put JS on a page, this opening will be slower, with suggestions. The JS file included in the code in the JS file, so simple and fast. The use of C, the rate of read more

Eight points on the optimization of Shanghai love


(4) frequently updated and important content should be placed on the left side of the page.

(4) to the home page in the chain to add "/" problem to be unified, plus all suggestions. Love Shanghai and default "/", that is to inform the crawler which is the same one.


(2) the first 20 words to words. The crawler to crawl the content, compare the value of the first 20 words, may be appropriate to add the anchor text links.

(1) – original content, included in the stable, gradually choose pseudo original, or even copy other web content, only to change the title and content of the 20 words can. For example, a piece of news, Sina first, Tencent, NetEase, Shanghai love will also be included. read more

Eight features of long tail keywords website details

sixth, conversion rate higher precision: search target determines a higher conversion rate. For example, users search a website where the best and cheapest intelligent mobile phone quality "of the super long term, it could be a plan to buy a mobile phone, or at least is actively looking for information, is a potential customer. And if only search "mobile phone", then it is very difficult to judge his intentions, maybe the user to download mobile phone theme.

second, the search frequency instability: there may be two days the word search time, may also have the word within 1 years only search a larger, especially the long tail word length, even within a few years can only be a search, so it has a great search frequency instability. read more

Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization software necessary confidence and persistence


1. Webmaster execution

eight experience personal summary about Shanghai dragon to use tools and some of the site within the chain, mainly for some of the primary intermediate Shanghai Longfeng newcomers about personal experience, good nonsense not say. (this article in order to quickly through some website links to the end, if you need to change it, this can only say sorry)

also, the corresponding owners also have to pay time, to the right of the site was down like a railway station, don’t complain about a month without weight, two months is enough traffic no improvement, a new station to make what good grades is not easy things in two month. This need is perseverance. read more

From the website was closed to keyword ranking second rookie in only 15 days

then, non-stop, for use by the way down, the inside of the security alliance.

accurately speaking, I am not a webmaster, only the head of the company, only to understand the simple HTML, CSS do not know for what, I do not know how to use FTP. But is this, I put my collection of zero website saved in 15 days, and only 15 days. So pleased to tell you that the site was blocked, be right down, is completely a chance to breathe new life!

!The first step of

but I do not understand what ah!!! No way, first find the site before help me take a look at the master. The master said, our website is used. Do, no patch, being exploited by hanging a horse. Please help me back again, to plug the loopholes. To see the original server, spend thousands of dollars to buy the new VPS network, not use, or hanging in the virtual space, you said I was more confused ah! No way, only to clean up the old mountains and rivers, to rectify. Love Shanghai weight =0 noble baby PR=0 watch how I Quxianjiuguo, 15 days to turn over read more