Read good faith from 58 exchange links

does the website to be like personhood, we all take each website as own child, careful care, each moment relations her. If one day is attacked by some people, we can still handle it patiently, and we will be indignant if we are dropped by the irrational search engine K.


web site as a person, every one of our website is not independent, we are required to cooperate with other websites to communicate, exchange, a building, create a harmonious network environment, a healthy profit channel. We are more than happy to exchange technology, irrigation promotion, link exchange cooperation. read more

Web site data analysis how to define user churn

has not updated the blog for a long time. This article also writes about "user churn". Active users before the release of the site and the loss of the user of this article on the website of the active users, the loss of loss of customers and new customers are defined here, corrected for the loss of the user name English, generally for the loss of the user commonly used English as "churn user", before the use of wastage, away and lost are not too specification. Later a friend asked to do correlation analysis of loss of the length of time the loss of the user’s choice in the end how much is reasonable, especially after the "real" site analysis of this book, I have mentioned the length of time how to more accurately define the loss inside, may explain the relatively simple, there are still problems in this area friend message feedback, so here with an article to explain. read more

New website purchase link notes

to buy links experience: the following experience is only I buy links summarized personal ideas, hope to do new station friends help.

1, link price: PR2-P4 in general between 4 yuan -8 yuan / month, PR4 or more did not buy, but asking price at 30 yuan -60 yuan.

two, Baidu snapshot is not updated every day, there is no PR value, a month 1 dollars do not buy, even if he is only a link on your site.

three, a website on the high weight, PR high, but his link has more than thirty, it is best not to buy, it is bought, the effect is not large, but also spend more money. read more

Webmaster sentiment and we talk about website promotion

says a question that everybody cares about, and also about website promotion.

I believe everyone is familiar with this topic, we are also very concerned about this topic, this topic posts and articles to several estimates use Baidu Search pages, the website promotion methods also is everywhere, I am a novice, I don’t want to show off what promotion methods here and we talk about, I just just remember, there is a saying that good, I don’t agree with you, but I will not deprive you of the right to speak. So everybody listen to me, just OK. read more

Webmaster site planning is very important

The success or failure of the

website has a very important relationship with the site planning before the site. Before the establishment of the station, the purpose of the station should be clearly defined, and the functions, scale and input costs of the website will be determined, and the necessary market analysis will be carried out. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid a lot of problems in the construction of the site, so that the construction of the site can be carried out smoothly. Otherwise, if not defeated, also must be thwarted. Illustrated by my own experience. read more

Hundreds of dollars or so commercial sites, where exactly cheaper

many customers asked me why the formal website design for at least two thousand yuan, the highest even tens of thousands, but many web service providers offer is very cheap, more than 1000 dollars, even hundreds of dollars, why the industry has such a disparity in price, cheap cheap in the end where is


first of all, the website function is different, the price is certainly different, complex prices are very high, simple natural low.

then the same functional complexity of the site, why is the price so cheap, in the end cheap where read more

Dai Zhikang 2009 years of nternet webmaster message

"stationmaster" magazine: a total Hello! This is Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with the laggards (Im286) at the fourth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster, is also the birth of 8th Anniversary Discuz. Facing the upcoming stationmaster annual meeting, what is your deepest feelings? In Comsenz was founded in 8th anniversary on the occasion, and what you want to say

webmaster friends?

Internet industry change rapidly, every practitioner is facing a good market not occur even in a hundred years. By the end of 2009, the number of Internet users in China was close to 300 million, while the Internet penetration rate was only 22%, far below the figure of 70% in developed countries. As a result, the growth rate will increase at least 300 million Internet users in the next 3~5 years, equivalent to recreating an existing size of the Internet market. This is the largest historic opportunity after the steam engine, electricity, telecommunications. read more

From my movie theater to watch the station Feihong movie website in the future to do

I am 09 years beginning in March the site, although 02 years learning asp programming, then also do a ASP system, but to the school laboratory, passed in the past years, he has been engaged in the work of other industries, not much understanding of the network, until 09 years, feel free time a lot of idle is wasted, and began to focus on the Internet, began to pick up the ASP want to do website. See a lot of information on the Internet, to understand the field of webmaster, know legend hao123 (Despise Yourself), also know that time A5, the laggards, such as cnzz, is that Americans don’t know Washington, the French don’t know Napoleon. read more

Do local portal experience exchange

actually, I do today is the portal site of Taizhou is two months, but my advertising revenue is by leaps and bounds, a monthly income of more than 20000, my Baidu included only a few pages (of course I want a little more Baidu included), some content is collected, how do I get rich under the operation? Just a few months to my experience and exchange:

did more than a year to do the station, in addition to a few personal websites have been successful, but has not been involved in the construction of integrated portal. As the unit is mixed seven website several negative Posts gotten out of hand, leading in a rage, decided to build a station, the company’s fundamental policy to the people of the city to make a report to our good deeds to the people of the city report, so I was in charge of publicity unit, came in handy. read more