Looks like a good project

entrepreneurship to find the project is to make a lot of entrepreneurs headache, because many entrepreneurs do not understand the project, so that the project can not distinguish how, how the project. So that a lot of looks like "Deviation", but in fact contains great business opportunities for good projects, missed!

: enterprise image consultantThe development of

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Mobile payment platform to pay the box to help students out of the entrepreneurial dilemma

innovation and entrepreneurship policy, not only to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, but also for college students to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide a very good platform.

by "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, university graduates have begun to take shape, more and more college students choose flexible employment or self employment.

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Restaurant franchise business reference

restaurant franchise business methods are many, of course, the actual application is combined with the actual operation. If you want to achieve a smooth development, it is necessary to carry out related learning. Xiao Bian finishing a number of practical business methods, can help the franchisee to get a smooth development, so that the cause of the business more smoothly.

key method. That is to highlight the main items, primary and secondary. In the dining plan the whole plan, to have the focus, primary and secondary, to prioritize according to the operation situation of catering, to be, for a purpose, in order to receive more concentrated effect, development will be more prosperous restaurant. read more

Retail business should not argue with customers

people of different personalities to deal with the same thing when it is very easy to produce a variety of disputes, not to mention it will involve money and property transactions. Because of this, many people who do retail business is easy to dispute with customers. In fact, it is easy for customers to complain about our service. At this time, do not have a meaningless dispute with the customer, because even if you win, you may lose the customer.

I have a friend to do air conditioning business. If the customer is very picky about the product, and claimed not to buy air conditioning can also, he followed the other party’s meaning, said: This product is not very good, spend so much money to buy a bad thing really uneconomical!" You say, the other is like pushing a door, the door suddenly disappeared, you can’t make. read more

To protect the environment by everyone in Fujian afforestation in action

in our life a lot of the city although the economy has developed to a certain extent, but serious environmental pollution is also worrying, in order to protect the health of people and adhere to the green road of sustainable development, actively carry out strong regulation is essential to the environment. Reporters from the provincial forestry department was informed that the first three quarters of this year, the province completed afforestation of 1 million 102 thousand acres, accounting for the total task of 110.2%. Prior to the second quarter, the province has exceeded this year’s afforestation task. read more

Shop operators need to seize the opportunity

is also a shop operation, some shopkeepers can seize the opportunity at any time, so that the sale of goods unpopular, and some shops will be dissatisfied with the business. In fact, the test is the owner of the opportunity to grasp the ability, if you want a good business, each special period of time, you need to seize the opportunity, I am so.

is influenced by the customs and the level of consumption, a wedding in a certain period of time and in the same area, customers often only with a choice of smoke or some smoke, sometimes there will be one or several cigarette inventory shortage. So, I will communicate with the customer manager in advance, and more than a few customers to order some festive cigarettes, prepared in advance. read more

Zhu sister mutton soup why so hot

in the catering market, we will often see such a phenomenon, that is the food and beverage items are very popular in the market, but their own shop, business is business is very bleak, with pre estimate their do not the same, this is why? Want to know the answer if Xiaobian a mutton soup story. Mutton soup is very common, the business is also very dull, but in Shandong there is such a brand of mutton soup is very popular, this is Zhu sister lamb soup. Let’s take a look at their story.

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