Xifeng County, Guizhou entrepreneurship project will be held

in the spring under the influence of dual policy, more and more people have the intention of entrepreneurship, but most of them lack of experience, in a confused state, do not know what should do poineering project. At this time the government played an intermediary role of the bridge.

11 8, venture project promotion will be held in Xifeng County, health museum, food stores, furniture stores, e-commerce and other less investment and quick start project, attracted a lot of people come to consult the entrepreneurial intention. read more

How to predict venture capital

if a person wants to have a look at your business, enough money first, now in the money society, if you do not have enough money, then everything is in vain, and know enough money, it relates to the prediction of venture capital, how to predict?

this problem mainly depends on the type, size, place of business, competitors and other circumstances. One thing is for sure: to recover the investment before, we must first invest large sums of money, even the strongest profit enterprises, have to wait a few months later will have a profit, many enterprises may take a longer time. read more

Model analysis of online shop

with the emergence of the shop, although not as complicated as the opening, but also the emergence of a variety of entrepreneurial open shop form, operators by mail, etc., will be sent to the buyer. The online shop is a born in the age of the Internet under the background of new sales, the traditional business model is different from the network, compared with the large online shopping mall and a few personal goods online auction, online shop investment is small, flexible mode of operation, can provide a good profit space for the operators, many people become entrepreneurial way the. read more

What are the tips on home furnishings store location

called a successful store location, will bring you a high popularity of business. This is like the majority of entrepreneurs to prove the key location. One home accessories is the most important investment hot spot, then it in the site which is the secret, what need to pay attention to it?

, a bustling commercial street

choose to shop in this position, because the rent is very high, so the area is not too large, not more than 40 square meters. Area is not large, it is generally pedestrian street, so the operation of the goods should not be too large, should be small. The position of large passenger flow, so we must make good use of, which determines the price of goods in store should not be too high, it is best to not hesitate too much to buy, that is less than 100 yuan, or even less than 30-50 yuan, more practical than the novelty of the goods. In this area because the location is good, do not need to spend too much and even can reduce advertising money, business is the most important is the promotion, there must be a variety of promotions to attract customers to emerge in an endless stream, need to be more careful. Recommended part-time shop friends as far as possible not to choose; read more

What is the mode of joining bass drum

vermicelli in the innovation brand which good? Xiao Bian believes that the good rice drum, drum vermicelli is built by the drum Catering Management Co., Ltd., for the world to build a restaurant brand. Drum Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai, operates mainly in the series of rice drum, local characteristics of the snack restaurant. In the rice noodle industry, the first to introduce CIS image recognition system, implement HACCP safety and health system. To carry forward the Chinese food culture and promote the continuous development of Chinese fast food for the mission. read more

Management must see beauty salon business success of the four tips

Today, the rapid development of the beauty industry, many entrepreneurs set up shop quickly closed down quickly. Fierce competition in the beauty industry, in order to successfully operate a beauty salon, not only in the hardware and software work hard, but also to the quality of beauty service. So, from the daily beauty salon business, small series of beauty salons to manage the success of the four tips for beauty salon boss reference.

A, love your customers, respect your competitors

read more

Analysis on the advantages of joining Guilin rice noodle

look at a good brand to join the first preliminary judgment is to look at the brand can provide you with what kind of advantages, which is to determine whether you are willing to further understand the key points of its brand. So what are the advantages of rice Guilin rice joined?

Analysis on the advantages of

rice noodle joining in Guilin

1, product advantages

in the monotony of the food and beverage industry, want to attract the attention of consumers, it is necessary to do a different food business. Guilin rice noodle, heritage of the essence of the local cuisine in Guilin, in the innovation for people to bring a classic and stylish food enjoyment. The product has good taste, taste delicious vermicelli, brine, can not be copied, unique, shop businesses are not afraid of no one love. read more

Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and universities do not allow teachers to engage in Entrepren

China is planning to comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in 2016 to help students improve the level of knowledge and skills. But at the same time, it was also said that the cultivation of entrepreneurial talent, but also pay attention to not put the cart before the horse, so that teachers take the lead in part-time entrepreneurship.

"the duty of the teacher is teaching, instead of entrepreneurship." In the days before the Municipal People’s Congress of Fengtai delegation group discussion, the Municipal People’s Congress Chen Shuqing and Li Hongjiang expressed concerns about the current teacher Part-time business. read more

Retailers are willing to lose money in order to draw relationships

how can we have a better relationship with customers? How to be able to mix with the consumer groups around the shop? I’m afraid this is the knowledge any retailer wants to know. In fact, if you want to win the relationship between retailers, might as well eat a loss, perhaps the effect will be surprised oh.

retailers must do a good job with the local residents, especially in rural areas, if there is a competitor, then pay more attention to this point. Of course, we say that the quality of service is an important factor in determining the quality of business, but in the quality of service level is almost the case, interpersonal relationship is an important factor affecting the quality of business. As far as I know, in rural areas to open a shop, a lot of things to do is acquaintances business, by the relationship network. read more

How to open a clothing store cheaper

now, with the increasing pressure of work, many young people have started to open a clothing store, shop need to purchase, but how to purchase cheaper? Let’s look at it together!

many businesses do not know enough about the purchase channels, the purchase is always a relatively high price. So how do you get a low stock purchase channels which? If you know these, take the goods will not be too much restrictions, the clothing business will not be reduced.

How to get the

clothing store purchase price? This is the garment industry, and the introduction of which a skirt; other industries as usual with commodity item can see this way in accordance with the experiment. Directly to get the manufacturers of ex factory price is lower than the price; but this is not absolute, but also depends on your luck, eyesight and endurance, but also with a fortune; as the saying goes, three points, seven points of luck by technology. read more