Xining tobacco control tobacco mixed

yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the Xining Tobacco Control Ordinance, the implementation of the six types of regional comprehensive ban on smoking in Xining, the four regional restrictions on smoking. The new provisions of
under the implementation of public places really smoking? Reporters visited some restaurants, cafes, hotels, waiting room, although no smoking signs can be seen everywhere, there are still people who smoke.
– passenger station: a total ban is difficult to see the "smoke shadow"
a smoke in the garden next to the passengers, passenger station after the ban, smokers had to "smoking outside the station".
– dining restaurant owner is very helpless:
12 pm, the reporter went to Fu Kou street snacks, snack street shops are affixed with a new anti smoking signs in a small restaurant, a restaurant while chatting with his companions, while drinking and smoking, the waiter did not come forward to dissuade. "If we persuade our guests not to smoke, the guests will not listen, but have to turn a blind eye." Restaurant Waiter said.
– Internet: smoke-free areas there is still a man smoking
– public transport: bus smoking effect is good
"now a lot of people are still very conscious, will put out in front of the car smoke, if it is found that people who smoke, we will; read more

The water quality standard of Huangshui River pollution control has made important initial results

October 19th, automatic monitoring station of water quality test results display station and Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County small Gorge Bridge water quality automatic monitoring water quality, water quality improved significantly in the Huangshui River section of Xining, reached three above water quality standards, Xining to the Eastern Sea reached four class standard. On the same day, vice governor Ma Shunqing rate provincial departments responsible for the progress of the prevention and control of water pollution investigation in Xining City, check the Huangshui River Basin in Haidong region, arrangements for the next phase of work. At the special meeting, Ma Shunqing said: "the Huangshui River water quality from the original severe pollution to four water now, reach the national water quality standard in the mainstream, marking the significant achievements of the Huangshui River pollution control." read more

Xining city procuratorate duty crime prevention legal publicity to the site

  October 23rd, Xining City People’s Procuratorate crime prevention office staff once again entered the Huangzhong county take reservoir project, and the construction side talk about the harm and prevention of job-related crimes, this initiative has become a new way of exploration of crime prevention work of the Municipal People’s procuratorate.


County of Huangzhong reservoir project is a key project of Xining municipal water authority, its purpose is to solve the Nanshan green irrigation water, the project plans to invest 200 million yuan, according to the characteristics of the project investment, long construction period, Xining city procuratorate crime prevention Office Comrades from the initial construction, and project construction of Xining water conservancy and hydropower construction development limited liability company established a crime prevention platform, according to the previous project fund management side and the construction side is not divided, both capital and engineering characteristics, easy funds misappropriated, the prevention of Comrades recommendations will separate engineering management and engineering construction funds, earmarking from the source, to stop the misappropriation of funds. At the same time, to prevent the Comrades firm response to relevant provisions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate also, work in the participation of intervention, not offside in place the principle of active participation give advice and suggestions for the construction of the project, not only to regular construction along to view the project construction progress, will also be some major recent made model, harm to the construction side to explain in detail the crime the truly jingzhongchangming. read more

Seismological Bureau in 2012 to carry out the first phase of the seismic safety of rural residence c

according to the Organization Department of CPC Xining Municipal Committee, municipal science and Technology Association "on 2011 – 2012 the city’s science training notice" the focus of the work requirements, to promote the implementation of rural residential security project, enhance staff awareness of seismic fortification of rural buildings in our city, to promote the smooth implementation of the transformation project of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, I combine seismic safety rural residential project for the actual construction work, in February 16th, in the East District of Xining City Yun Jia Kou Zhen Fu Jia Zhai Cun held in 2012 the first phase of the "seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge" training courses, a total of more than 50 village cadres and craftsmen participated in the training.
the training to the housing collapse in Wenchuan earthquake as an example, combining with our city and the local housing construction practice, focus on the seismic points of brick concrete structure two or three storey building, the importance of anti-seismic structure in the housing construction in the. After class I Bureau to participating in the training staff presented the earthquake knowledge brochure and jointly published by the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee of the "Xining rural residential earthquake safety promotion atlas", to provide theoretical information and better service for the new rural construction and residential security construction, and promote the work of Rural Residential Seismic fortification my city, steady development. read more

The Stomatological Hospital of Xining city held the dedication, chuangxianzhengyou speech contest

to promote chuangxianzhengyou activities in depth, consolidate and expand the achievements of study and practice, to promote the party members based on their own, give full play to the exemplary role, enrich the cultural life of staff and workers. Recently, stomatology hospital held a dedication, striving for excellence "as the theme of the speech contest, the more than 50 cadres and workers for the contestants cheer.
by the speech contest, the cadres and workers have said, to work hard in their jobs, and strive to become a learning model, and strive to become a business model, strive to excel, to contribute to the sound and rapid development of the city’s health.
  read more

Thangka painting village building cultural dream

To draw a good Thangka, in addition to the Buddha, the most critical is to meditation. Since childhood, I was attracted by colorful thangka." Qu Xiu Xiu said, from the beginning of the time to see the love of the Thangka to see the shock, drawing Thangka became his dream can not give up. So there will be the venture – the construction of Thangka painting village.

Xining Federation of trade unions, Qinghai oil field won the national hundreds of millions of worker

China Federation of trade unions recently came the good news, the Xining Federation of trade unions, Qinghai Oilfield Company was the 2010 National hundreds of millions of workers fitness month outstanding organization award.

Xining Federation of trade unions to "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy," the theme of a series of activities carried out a series of activities. The worker fitness activities rich in content, full of sound and colour. Trade unions at all levels to the ideological and political work and carry out healthy and lively, rich and colorful cultural activities combine to actively explore conducive to promoting the development of advanced culture, active workers’ spiritual and cultural life, the protection of workers health means, according to local conditions, organize walking, climbing, hiking and other simple and convenient more employees to participate in the mass sports fitness project, organization, broad and strong popularity of staff welcome all kinds of single sports competition, held various forms of worker sports, fun games, the Quan Shijian activity reached a wide range, rich in content, more than the number of participants and beneficiaries to guangzhou. According to statistics, the city’s various units in the fitness activities held by the month of fitness, competition activities up to more than and 200 screenings, to participate in staff reached more than 10 thousand passengers. read more

Qinghai Armed Police Corps held farewell veterans Conference

9 1, Armed Police Corps in Qinghai, organized by the grand opening ceremony of veterans farewell ceremony, vice governor Han Jianhua, Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiong attended and spoke, the political commissar of the Corps presided over by Lu Guangyong.

, on behalf of Yang Xiong corps of Party committees, Political Commissar Lu to be discharged on behalf of all the old soldiers expressed cordial greetings and good wishes, to express my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to the old soldiers for the army army construction and contribution to the prosperity and stability of Qinghai. I hope they go back to their hometown, always maintain the quality of the soldiers, carry forward the fine tradition, the courage to forge ahead, in the new position to achieve new and greater achievements. read more

Severe winter warmth of spring – year condolences to Xining people’s Radio Union helping the poor ma

in the traditional festival the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to let the radio helping villagers and the difficulties of the masses have a happy, peaceful, happy Spring Festival, January 11th, Xining people’s broadcasting union organized a sympathy helping activity, the value of nearly 5000 yuan condolences and gifts sent to the radio station helping Huangzhong republic county town jiecun.

since the Republic of Xining people’s broadcasting station and Town Street, a linking point helping village, they do practical, problem-solving things, good things "has been the radio all the staff helping purpose. Radio back to the village for twelve years continued to help, but also by the village committee and all the villagers alike. read more