Feds Issue New Warning Over Counterfeit Pills In Metro Atlanta

first_img Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility For Whom The Bell Rings Related Stories Share Add to My List In My List Federal prosecutors in Atlanta said Tuesday that they are issuing a public warning about counterfeit oxycodone pills, much like they did last month when fake Percocet pills caused overdoses in the Macon area and were linked to five deaths.Prosecutors have charged a woman from Roswell who they say was selling the pills, which were laced with fentanyl and synthetic opioids that carry a higher risk of overdose.A sworn statement from a Drug Enforcement Administration agent says 38-year-old Cathine Sellers was selling counterfeit pills out of her Roswell home.U.S. Attorney John Horn said in a news release that the pills are especially dangerous because they may be more than 50 times stronger than the oxycodone pills they’re imitating.“It’s really the fentanyl that’s the dangerous compound to touch. We know that there’s fentanyl in the pills,” Horn said. “So until we have a better idea of what specific quantities of drugs are in the pills, our best advice is to simply stay away from them.”Page Pate, an attorney for Sellers, says his client is not guilty.Editor’s Note: Page Pate is WABE’s legal analyst. ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Partylast_img

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