Sikh Teenager Raps Against Bullying

first_imgThe Wall Street Journal:Michigan-based Gulshan Singh, 18, felt strongly about countering the widespread bullying of Sikh teenagers in the U.S. “I wanted to do something about it but never knew how to, or never had the means to do it,” said Mr. Singh. In the end, he chose to rhyme about it – and to make a three-minute music video to go with it.The video, titled “Let It Out,” sums up the emotions of a Sikh teenager who is harassed because he looks different. Mr. Singh said the video, which was recently showcased at the Sikh International Film Festival in New York, is not based on a specific person but on an experience shared by many Sikhs, including many of his friends. Turbans and beards, religious requirements, makes Sikhs stand out in the U.S., where they are a small minority.Read the full story: The Wall Street Journal More of our Members in the Media >last_img

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