Danger in the Dark a must see

first_imgMark Kleinschmidt, Lansdowne ward councillorDanger In the Dark is an adaptation of the 1992 production of Poison by theatre duo David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen. It’s a riveting look into the current drugs pandemic and the drug lords and gangsters behind it.The production’s relevance to the state of our youth at risk cannot be underscored enough.Kramer has cast a group of fine young actors, with “veteran” Loukmaan Adams in the lead role. Maestro Camillo Lombard and his band perform the musical score and music icon Petersen’s “jazzy ghoema” beats are discerned in the songs. This musical bonanza is a must-see production and destined to become a box-office hit. Kudos to the Baxter Theatre for staging this most relevant production – a befitting legacy for Taliep Petersen.last_img

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