Affiliates request international assistance in DOC impasse

first_img Share Tweet 50 Views   one comment Sharing is caring! LocalNewsSports Affiliates request international assistance in DOC impasse by: – June 17, 2013center_img Share Share Fourteen affiliated members of the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) has requested outside intervention to deal with a situation involving the Committee’s executive.During a special general meeting held on 16th May, 2013 which was called for by the affiliates, a unanimous decision was taken on a resolution which called for new elections for the DOC’s executive to be held on by June 7, 2012.The membership stated that the last election which was held on 24th January was filled with “many irregularities and illegalities”.In the letter written to the International Olympic Committee, the 14 affiliated members of the DOC expressed their dissatisfaction in the manner in which the present executive has been conducting the general affairs of the Committee. “The matter really escalated into total chaos during and after the meeting which was called for the election of officers to the DOC executive on Janury 24th”.In April, the membership of the DOC held a special meeting with the executive at the Fort Young Hotel where a resolution was passed giving the DOC 21 days to hold an annual general meeting to prepare for fresh elections. “We the undersigned affiliared members of the DOC have met on several occations to discuss this grave situation,” the affiliates wrote. They wrote further, “we have undertaken some in-depth investigation intop the mamagement of the DOC and our findings has been disconserting”. The members are calling for a special general meeting which could see the elections of a fresh excutive. Here to read the letter the affiliates wrote to the IOC.letter to IOC signed0001Dominica Vibes Newslast_img

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