Cellnex to Provide Sigfox Based IoT Services in Spain & Portugal for the Next 15 Years

first_imgCellnex Telecom and Sigfox Spain are expanding their dedicated 0G Sigfox network for the Internet of Things (IoT). They plan to add more features to the network including the ability to transmit images, send audio messages and optimize the reception of broadcast messages in motion. The companies will also extend coverage to Portugal, becoming the official IoT network operator the same way they did in Spain.As part of this expansion, the two companies have also renewed and extended their IoT connectivity services contract with Securitas Direct, one of the main users of Sigfox-Cellnex’s 0G network. Securitas expects to leverage this agreement to offer its 1.2 million clients the best and most innovative security services. Securitas Direct will be able to keep its ATN network (Alarm Transmission Network) exclusively, increasing its reach, coverage and capacities to continue developing innovative solutions.As a result of the agreement and the increased capacity, robustness and resilience of the network, Securitas Direct also plans to expand and diversify the type of devices and services that will be connected to the 0G network in the coming years. The contract between the companies has been signed for a global period of 15 years, with an initial period of 6 years and an extension of 9 additional years.The expansion of the capacity of the IoT network with Sigfox and the agreement signed with Securitas Direct is undoubtedly a turning point in the IoT connectivity services. There are currently more than 2 million devices already connected and using daily the IoT network with Sigfox in Spain, providing security services, remote monitoring of electricity consumption, water telemetry, waste management, tracking of materials, smart parking, energy efficiency and risk prevention in homes, among others.last_img

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