Monday Earthquake Recap

first_imgmorning update…School bus routes have been adjusted this morning to avoid mile 1 of K-Beach Road, but Pegge Erkeneff with the School District says all classrooms will be operating as usual.Adjustments to bus routes include: ENSTAR says safety checks were completed last night and the Lilac Lane area was re-energized around 10:45pm. Homer Electric Association restored power to all but 15 meters, at the request of fire officials. We’ve also had questions yesterday from listeners about the structural integrity of bridges between Kenai and Anchorage…McCarthy: “Our crews were actually able to get out last night after the earthquake and they actually did an inspection of all the bridges around 3 am. They were able to do that and on first inspection everything looks good and then they’re going out today and reinspecting all those bridges when there’s good light and they can get underneath the bridges and examine all of the abutments and spans and things like that.” The Kenai Armory continues to act as the center for residents displaced by the Lilac Lane fires which began after an earthquake-related gas leak. Sgt. First Class Albert Burns oversaw the shelter yesterday morning, but the Red Cross arrived in the afternoon to provide overnight care. 45 residents were evacuated with the Kenai Fire Department, Kenai Police, ENSTAR Natural Gas, and Homer Electric Association responded to the blaze. At 11am the Kenai Fire Department reported…Morning update on the Lilac Lane incident. As of this morning Lilac Ln is reopened and most of the residents have returned home. There are approximately a dozen occupancies that have not been cleared by Enstar. If you are one of those occupants who have not spoken with Enstar please call the Enstar hotline at 907-377-5551 and they will make arrangements to meet you and turn your gas back on.We have had several individuals who have requested information on how to help the families displaced by the fires. Please DO NOT bring anything to the National Guard Armory evacuation site. They have all of the supplies they need at this time.We understand there have been some gofundme accounts set up for some of them but we do not have any information on those. If you do and would like to message our FB page we will post that information here.If you like to make a general donation that will will help this event and other disasters in Alaska you can contact the Alaska Red Cross at 907-646-5401 or when you file you PFD you can give through the Pick-Click-Give program.If you have material donations such as clothes etc… you can drop them off at your local Salvation Army store. The Red Cross has a voucher program with the Salvation Army that if folks are in the need for clothing or household goods the Red Cross can give them the voucher and the individuals and go down and pick out what they need.Lastly thanks to all of the community members who have called or stopped by offering assistance we truly appreciate it. Makes you proud to live in Kenai. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Most areas of the Kenai Peninsula have slowly returned to normal this morning after the largest earthquake recorded in the lower Cook Inlet fractured K-Beach Road, started a fire which claimed four homes in Kenai, and overturned shelves in many local stores. We asked if any other road damage has been reported in other parts of Alaska. Other areas of the Peninsula appear to have sustained minimal damage. Shannon McCarthy with the State Department of Transportation says crews will begin repairing K-Beach Road this morning. Roughly a 150 foot stretch of K-Beach Road was fractured near its intersection with the Sterling Highway in Kasilof, reducing the road to one-lane traffic. The second building lost in the fire was a duplex belonging to Mike and Sylvia Dale, who lost their North Kenai home to fire shortly before last Christmas. The Dales are using some of the $25,000 they received from this community to help their displaced tenant, Janice Smith, and her three children find housing. Sylvia wrote, “The aftermath of this mornings earthquake has left our duplex on Lilac burnt to the ground. Our tenant is a single mom with 3 children and have lost everything. We are taking her money to pay it forward to help her get into other housing.Here is a list of sizes for any clothing items, they got out with only there pajamas on:The sizes are . Mia size 8 pants in kids. 14/16 tops, size2 shoe. Sara wears 7 women’s pants, small tops and as 5 shoes. Joseph, 12husky pants, small men shirt, as 5 shoes. Janice, the mom is 3xl, 26pants or 3xl, shoe sizes is 10.Any help is greatly appreciated, any items or other donations can be dropped off at our daughters coffee shop The Expresso BarnAcross from the Kambe theater in Kenai. We make sure everything gets to her and her family!!!Thank you so much!!”A gofundme account has also been set up for Janice here: As of 6am Monday, over $1,000 has been donated. McCarthy: “No there weren’t, it was K-Beach and I stayed up for a while to monitor reports but so far it was primarily property damage in the Anchorage area and then much more serious damage in the Kenai area.” Bus Route 42 (Skyview Middle School, Soldotna Prep, River City Academy, and Soldotna High School); and Route 44 (Tustumena Elementary).Transportation information for Bus Routes 42 and 44 in the Kasilof area:We do have an impact to busing in the Kasilof area that affects routes 42 (River City Academy, Skyview Middle School, Soldotna High School, and Soldotna Prep); and Route 44 (Tustumena Elementary):Route 42 serving Skyview Middle School, Soldotna Prep, RCA and Soldotna High School will arrive at the church at Mile 1 (Sand Street) at approximately 6:40 a.m., and will remain there until about 6:50 a.m. before heading into town. Parents can bring their children to the bus there, and pick them up there in the afternoon at approximately 2:45 – 2:50.Route 44 for Tustumena Elementary: All the children on K-Beach who ride this bus are on the north side of the road closure, so the morning bus will come from K-Beach Elementary to Satori Way and then turn around. ALL pickups in the morning will be done as the bus is northbound. The driver will then drive all the way around the top of K-Beach Rd and then back down Sterling Highway to Tustumena Elementary. The estimate is that any students who do ride the bus will arrive to Tustumena Elementary at 9:30 or thereabouts.The Pollard Loop portion of Route 44 in the morning will be covered by Route 41, and it may run about 3 – 5 minutes later than usual.In the afternoon, everyone who normally rides route 44 in the afternoon will do so. However, the K-Beach students will ride all the way up Sterling Highway to loop back around the top of K-Beach, and may not arrive to their stop until 4:30 or so.Transportation information for Bus Route 43Route 43 serving Kenai Central High School, Kenai Middle School, and Mountain View Elementary will add an extra stop at the Armory on the way to school.last_img

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