Lin Dan is hard to escape in India, didn’t you see…

first_imgMumbai: Former Indian badminton player Jwala Gutta has said that international badminton superstar Lynn Audan will be difficult to escape if she is in India. Known as the ‘naughty boy on the badminton court’, Jwala estimates that survival in the Indian way will be difficult. Jwala Gutta took the position as an example, citing the authorities’ reluctance to respond to bad practices. Lyndon, considered one of the best players in international badminton, recently announced his retirement. According to Jwala Gutta in an interview with the Times of India about Lyndon:‘No matter what group photo is taken, there will always be someone in the group who looks different. In a similar way, Lynn Dan has always been a standout in the crowd.I have known Lyndon since the 2000 Junior World Championships in Guangzhou. I still remember the Chinese team beating us that day. Their game was like robots. The method is still the same. This similarity can be seen in their game, style, training, footwork and attitude towards the game. But Lynn Dan was someone who looked different between those similarities.He was aggressive. He had a beautiful playing side. Lyndon was the style of European players who looked fearless when defeated. Athletes from Asian countries, where governments play a key role in the growth of athletes, are generally less aggressive. Anoop Sreedhar had at least a little bit of that style in the Indian players. Lyndon was on a different level with everything.The mentality of people in India and China is very similar. The reason why Lin Dan, who is advancing on his own, is gaining acceptance is because of his personal influence. If a female actress behaves that way it is hard to get acceptance even in China. It should also give credit to the coach of the Chinese team, Lee Yongbo. It is important that he is able to move forward by embracing Lyndon’s methods. He is, in a way, a westernized figure of an ancient culture.I doubt if Lyndon will be such a big star in India. Because we need to see how much Indians accept such people. Isn’t that why he’s so reluctant to accept me. People called him the naughty boy in badminton. In that sense I am the naughty kid in Indian badminton.There is a generally crowded mentality in India. But we must recognize all kinds of personalities. If a person wants to grow, they must be given their own space. Or we may not get the best players in the individual events. Once in 50 years, for the first time in 30 years, our sport will continue to be like this.English Summary: A rebel genius like Lin Dan would never flourish in an Indian system: Jwala Guttalast_img

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