first_img…AFC LeaderThe AFC announced it’ll be holding its National Convention at the end of this month and Khemraj Ramjattan immediately insisted he’ll be seeking re-election to the leadership post. One isn’t surprised – it’s simply the “Iron Law of Institutions” playing out. This posits that some “people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. Thus, they’d rather the institution ‘fail’ while THEY remain in power within the institution, than for the institution to ‘succeed’ if that requires THEM to lose power within the institution.”After all, what is the AFC at this time but the “dead meat” Ramjattan himself foresaw if the party coalesced with the PNC? History first played itself out with the tragedy of the neutering of the UF and now repeats itself as the farce of the AFC’s “eunuching”. Without his cojones, what is Ramjattan – or any man for that matter – but “dead meat”? And how much more farcical can it get than Ramjattan praising Jagan, even as he supports the PNC dumping the great man’s papers into the streets!?But Ramjattan isn’t only disgracing himself by allowing himself to be used as a hand-puppet – and how much more disgraceful can it get when we remember the master’s hand is pushed up the puppet’s behind to operate its mouth!! Ouch!! He seems to have conveniently forgotten that in selecting its leader, the AFC had introduced the convention of alternating between Indian and African executives.That was the claim to fame of the AFC, wasn’t it? This was the mechanism that would “prove” their multiracial “essence” and all that! Trotman begat Ramjattan and then begat to Trotman and so on. It may sound incestuous – but then this is politics, so what else is new?? So, if Ramjattan was chosen as “leader” at the last conclave, isn’t it the turn of an African leader? Or did he – like his sidekick Moses Nagamootoo – decided he “isn’t Indian”?Or is Ramjattan bucking the convention - like Prezzie on the GECOM Chairman – by deciding, like Humpty Dumpty – that a word means just what HE says it means??!! Or is it the African leaders – like Trotman and Patterson - who have all gone back home into the bosom of the PNC and aren’t available? Nigel Hughes, who towered over the lot in the AFC in all categories, walked away in principled disgust. But there’s Kathy Hughes – who’s already indicated she’s ready, willing and able to serve as the leader. And we know she certainly has more cojones than Ramjattan!!Remember her nailing him to the wall on the Jaguar skin?!!…Prime MinisterMoses Nagamootoo’s contortions in the Red House affair has surprised many, but not those who knew him from the PPP days. Always full of bombast, he just wanted to strut on a stage and “bloviate” – as his landsman Ramsammy so aptly puts it. There are those who posit since the PPP knew of his proclivities, they should’ve simply offered him something like the Speakership back in 2011, and he would’ve been happier that a pig in stuff, pontificating from on high!!But your Eyewitness has his doubts about that manoeuvre. A man who convinced himself Cheddi Jagan anointed him as his successor has delusions of grandeur that would only be satisfied with some title that suggested he was a “big one”!! Prime Minister!! When he was invited by some private Tamil association to receive a shawl or some such “honour”, he never disabused them of their misapprehension that as “Prime Minister” he was leader of Guyana, like Modi in India!!This from a fella who didn’t even get to chair Cabinet meetings, for which he sold his soul!…no moreWhatever one may say about Ramayya, he found the testicular fortitude to walk when he realised he was being thrown under the bus by Nagamootoo and Ramjattan.He should show them where the excised balls are stored!last_img

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