Mike Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China

first_img Thus far, the region has been exempt from the sanctions the White House has placed upon mainland China, but that could now change. Edward Thicknesse The declaration could spell the end of the city-state’s status as one of the world’s pre-eminent financial centres, with the decision opening the door for Donald Trump to end some of its trading privileges if he so desires. According to a law passed last year, the state department is required annually to certify whether the state retains enough independence from Beijing to maintain its favoured position. whatsapp (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) US secretary of state Mike Pompeo today told Congress that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, bringing into doubt the region’s unique trading status. (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Also Read: Mike Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China “It is now clear that China is modelling Hong Kong after itself”. Listen to our daily City View podcast as we chart the economic fallout and business impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Pompeo’s statement comes after Trump warned yesterday that the US was working on a strong response to the Chinese clampdown. Show Comments ▼center_img However, the announcement of the new laws clamping down on Hong Kong, which many have interpreted as a response to last year’s pro-democracy protests, has led US officials to conclude that it no longer has such a status. As a result, he added, Hong Kong “does not continue to warrant treatment under United States laws in the same manner as U.S. laws were applied to Hong Kong before July 1997. Share Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBleacherBreaker4 Sisters Take The Same Picture For 40 Years. Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!BleacherBreakerUndoMisterStoryWoman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo – Can You See Why?MisterStoryUndobonvoyaged.comTotal Jerks: These Stars Are Horrible People.bonvoyaged.comUndoDaily FunnyFemale Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away FromDaily FunnyUndozenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comUndoNational Penny For Seniors7 Discounts Seniors Only Get If They AskNational Penny For SeniorsUndoPost FunThe Deadliest Snakes Ever Found On The PlanetPost FunUndoMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoGloriousaOctomom’s Kids Are All Grown Up. Here’s How They Turned OutGloriousaUndo Mike Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China Wednesday 27 May 2020 5:40 pm (POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Also Read: Mike Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China whatsapp In a statement, Pompeo said that due to China’s plan to impose new national security legislation on the city, “no reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, given facts on the ground”. Tags: Hong Kong Business groups have repeatedly warned against such steps, which could severely damage an economic relationship which was worth $66bn in 2018, according to the Office of the US trade representative.last_img read more

News / New guidelines for UK courts could push hauliers into bankruptcy

first_img By Gavin van Marle 16/06/2017 © Gynane | Dreamstime.com – Statue of justice New sentencing guidelines in the UK which propose heavier penalties for hauliers could force firms into bankruptcy, a leading transport lawyer has warned.The recommendations to courts cover health and safety breaches and driving offences.Vikki Woodfine, a partner at law firm DWF and lead commentator on Croner-i Road Transport, said some haulage companies could be forced to the wall by penalties of up to £4m for health and safety offences.As well as potentially ruinous fines, companies would also bear the cost of contested cases because the Health & Safety Executive is adopting a policy of “bringing cases at the highest level of culpability” – and hence, penalty – in “the vast majority of cases”, she said.This would push firms to argue in court for a lesser offence.At the same time, there are tougher penalties for serious driving offences, with fines of almost twice a driver’s weekly income plus disqualification.This may cost drivers their livelihoods and would only add to the risk of traffic commissioners calling a ‘driver conduct hearing’, threatening a company’s operating licence.Ms Woodbine is urging the HSE to take “a fairer approach” and “a more realistic view of culpability and harm” when bringing cases to court, if it wants to reduce the number of contested cases, which also place a heavy burden on public funds.She said: “In practice, companies now face the most impossible of dilemmas when it comes to deciding whether to defend a prosecution.“There has always been a fine reduction when pleading guilty and this remains the case. However, given the new fine levels, there has been an increase in the number of defended cases, as companies simply cannot just accept their fate anymore, given that the guidelines expose them to potentially business-ending fines.“The guidelines have introduced a very real fear for small and medium-sized organisations that, even if they plead guilty, may still have to pay a fine where the starting point is £250,000 or more.“Consequently, the advice to duty holders is changing, with many companies now seeking to test the prosecution evidence before a jury. While the company runs the risk of being found guilty… the judge may place the offence into a lower bracket in the guidelines… thereby reducing the overall penalty.”Ms Woodbine added: “We are often seeing the HSE start the vast majority of cases by saying that they are ‘high-culpability, category 1 harm’. The defence then seeks to say ‘lowc-ulpability, category 3 harm’.“The hope then is that the judge will decide medium-culpability, category 2 harm.“If the HSE wishes to see a reduction in contested trials, a fairer approach has to be adopted,” she argued.However, she also warned that larger corporate logistics service providers whose driver may be involved in an incident, could find corporate revenue targeted by prosecutors.“As the sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences have now bedded in and high fines are increasingly the norm, the next phase that will be interesting to watch from the courts is how they deal with group companies.“It is unlikely to be long before we see a case where an attempt is made by the courts to sentence an organisation based on the turnover/financials of a “linked organisation” – the group or parent company,” she said.last_img read more

North Korea Bullies South Korea While Communicating with the U.S. and…

first_img Pence Cartoon: “KOR-US Karaoke” Is Nuclear Peace with North Korea Possible? Analysis & Opinion AvatarJeong Jae Sung RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Analysis & Opinion Facebook Twitter By Jeong Jae Sung – 2008.06.16 7:36pm center_img As compensation for North Korea’s cooperation with Japan to solve the Yodo hijacking incident and the Japanese abduction issue, the Japanese government decided to lift a portion of sanctions against North Korea, thereby casting a significant influence on the progress in the North Korea nuclear issue and subsequent improvement in the North Korea-Japan relations.Nobutaka Machimura, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, said on the 13th, “Because North Korea cooperated in handing over the “Yodo” hijackers back to Japan and promised investigation into the Japanese abduction issue, a portion of sanctions against the country will be removed.”With such actions ahead, Japanese Foreign Minister Komura Masahiko met with reporters and explained lifting some of the sanctions in the following: ▲ permission of North Korean vessels into Japanese ports for the transport of humanitarian commodities ▲ the resumption of the coming and going of residents between the two countries ▲ the operation of North Korean chartered flights, and the ▲ permission of entry of North Korean nationals.Japan will not respond to the request by North Korea for heavy oil as an incentive for the declaration of the nuclear program.North Korea will gain momentum in foreign negotiations thanks to Japan’s lifting the sanctionsIt seems to be related to the Six Party Talks that North Korea agreed to reinvestigate the abduction issue through the recent working group meeting, even though North Korea and Japan, until now, were at a stalemate due to the “abduction issue.” From the North Korea’s perspective, it cannot afford to ignore Japan that is the ultimate obstacle in its removal from the U.S.’ list of terrorism-sponsoring countries. Subsequently, the North had no choice but to deal with the “abduction issue,” which was being demanded by Japan as the first issue of priority. Also, as a country who is going through a serious economic crisis, Japan’s aid is urgent for gaining energy support and other economic benefits. In particular, due to the cease in South Korean aid to the North since the departure of the Lee Myung Bak administration, Japan’s support on the heel of the U.S. has become urgent.Yoon Duk Min, a professor at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security, analyzed in a phone conversation with the Daily NK, “North Korea , which used to depend on South Korea’s and China’s economic support, has selected Japan due to the reduction in South Korea’s aid to the North as a result of a tactic to isolate South Korea and the ‘outgrowing of dependence on China.’” Japan could reach a positive evaluation of the negotiation results this time from the perspective that it was able to find a path of resolution regarding the abduction issue through the partial removal of economic sanctions. Further, Japan earned an opportunity of enlarging Japan’s voice in the Six Party Talks.However, experts pointed out that the additional negotiations process should be further observed as long as North Korea and Japan reached an agreement only on the basic principles regarding the abduction issue and the removal of economic sanctions. North Korea revealed its policy regarding the reinvestigation into the abduction issue, but specific means of investigation or compensation have not been discussed yet. On the situation and the number of the abductees, North Korea and Japan were insisting differently. Yoo Ho Yul, a professor at Korea University, analyzed, “Japan, within the Six Party Talks framework, does not want to pose an obstacle in the flow of resolving the nuclear issue and the Fukuda cabinet is not in a politically comfortable position, so it will step forward in improving North Korea-Japan relations.”Professor Yoo added, “North Korea, which wants its removal from the list of terrorism-sponsoring countries, probably considered the fact that it has to assume the posture of accommodating the “abduction issue” to a certain extent in order to move forward from the 2nd phase of the Six Party Talks.” Professor Yoon Duk Min said, “By North Korea and Japan showing forward-looking postures regarding the abduction issue, which posed as the biggest obstacle, it can be observed that the removal of the terrorism-sponsoring list came into visibility. The cooperation between the two sides regarding the abduction issue should be watched further.”North Korea will continue its “isolating South Korea” tacticNorth Korea, by establishing a channel of dialogue with Japan through the recent talks, was able to reach such two-sided channels with all Six-Party Talks participating nations. Chosun Shinbo, a Japanese-Korean Chongryon (the General Association of North Korean Residents in Japan) newspaper which speaks on behalf of North Korea’s position, said on the 13th when the results from the North Korea-Japan normalization working group meeting was announced, that “What the both sides, which have broken through a stalemate, have to do is a ‘sustained dialogue.’” North Korea, vis-a-vis the nuclear issue, established a channel of dialogue with the U.S., when necessary. Also, there are no anticipated problems in mutual communications with long-time allies China and Russia. However, while North Korea’s channels of dialogue with the U.S., China, and Russia have been getting friendly and the channel with Japan has been also restored, the channel with South Korea has not shown any progress since last March. The current Lee Myung Bak administration has been devoting its effort to restoring dialogue with the North.The Minister of Unification Kim Ha Joong participated in the 8th June 15th Commemorative Event on the 12th and urged a speedy resumption in the North-South Korean dialogue, “If the South-North relation is ruptured as in the present, only misunderstanding will be brought about.” However, the possibility of the North responding to such a request seems weak. North Korea is still quibbling about that it is the only turning point for resumption of dialogue with South Korea that the Lee Myung Bak administration converts its position into the implementation of the June 15th and the October 4th Declarations. Professor Yoo proposed, “There is no need for the Lee administration to portray anxiety in preparing a channel of dialogue. Rather, submitting to the North can create a larger issue, so it should have patience and pursue even closer diplomatic relations with the U.S. and Japan.”Professor Yoon emphasized, “The Lee administration should not do as the North wants. It should keep in its mind that it is in a kind of a battle of strength with the North and should try to make its policy on North Korea into a reality.” Analysis & Opinion Tracking the “unidentified yellow substance” being dried out near the Yongbyon Nuclear Center Analysis & Opinion SHARE North Korea Bullies South Korea While Communicating with the U.S. and Japanlast_img read more

IFIC launches new website

Share this article and your comments with peers on social media IFIC has introduced several improved features, such as significantly upgraded search functionality, including the ability to locate documents based on policy area or type of document. The new bilingual, accessible website incorporate responsive design so it is easy to read on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. The new home page puts IFIC’s most current information where is can be accessed easily, with sections devoted to industry statistics, the latest policy submissions and reports, event notices, a dedicated link to IFIC’s Quebec council and Twitter feed. IFIC has also revamped its online Investor Centre. “We know that informed investors make better decisions, are more disciplined about sticking with their investment plans, and have better quality conversations with their advisors,” said De Laurentiis. “Our new Investor Centre provides information for everyone — from those just getting started to those who want to build on their knowledge and experience to build a secure financial future.” IFIC brings together 150 organizations, including fund managers, distributors and industry service organizations. Related news Keywords WebsitesCompanies Investment Funds Institute of Canada IFIC launches website to help investors make informed decisions Facebook LinkedIn Twitter The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) has launched a new website to provide industry insights and perspectives and in-depth, high-quality research findings from around the world. “Our new website reflects our commitment to provide expertise and insight to support a strong, stable investment sector where investors can realize their financial goals,” noted IFIC president and CEO Joanne De Laurentiis, in a release. “IFIC’s primary roles are policy analysis, research and advocacy. The new website reflects our focus by taking a comprehensive approach to how information is organized and presented,” added De Laurentiis. IA Financial expands access to retirement planning website RIA launches RI Marketplace IE Staff read more

New BMO savings account pays bonus interest

first_img Toronto-based Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) has launched a new savings account that provides “bonus” interest to clients who make regular monthly savings contributions. The BMO savings builder account offers an interest rate of 1.3% when clients increase their savings by $200 or more each month. There is also an introductory offer for this account where clients can receive 2.5% on their savings until June 30, 2015. Statistics Canada data found that Canada’s household saving rate hit a five-year low of 3.6% in the final quarter of 2014. Over the last 10 years, the average household savings rate has been 4%, down from 7.9% during the 1990s. “With this in mind, we have introduced the savings builder account to encourage Canadians to use the power of savings and earn more when you save on a regular basis,” says Ernie Johannson, head of North American retail payments and personal banking Canada, BMO Financial Group. “Even a little goes a long way, and it’s never too early to get into the habit. Our message is simple: save, earn, repeat.” Keywords Consumer borrowing and savingCompanies Bank of Montreal Share this article and your comments with peers on social mediacenter_img Tessie Sanci Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

Retired Cabinet Secretary Hailed by Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Staff

first_imgRetired Cabinet Secretary Hailed by Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Staff UncategorizedJune 4, 2008 RelatedRetired Cabinet Secretary Hailed by Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Staff RelatedRetired Cabinet Secretary Hailed by Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Staff RelatedRetired Cabinet Secretary Hailed by Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Staffcenter_img Advertisements FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Prime Minister Bruce Golding recently led members of staff of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Office, in hailing retiring Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Carlton Davis, for the exemplary way in which he served as head of the Civil Service. Dr. Davis retired on May 31st after forty years of service to the public sector.In addressing the informal farewell function which was held at Jamaica House, Mr. Golding, jokingly stated that based on his knowledge and experience, retirement could be hazardous to Dr. Davis’ health and that there were many areas in which his services would still be required.In his response, Dr. Davis said he felt an obligation to give back to the people of Jamaica who paid for his education from primary school to the tertiary level, including his studies abroad. He said the civil service was a rough calling but one which all public servants had a responsibility to live up to. Dr Davis said government workers should give their professional opinion at all times, in service to their country. He thanked everyone who worked with him over the years, especially the time spent as Cabinet Secretary.During his years of service in the public sector, Dr. Davis has served four Prime Ministers including Edward Seaga, P.J. Patterson, Portia Simpson Miller and Bruce Golding. Staff members hailed him for his innovations in the public service particularly the public sector modernization programme. Dr Davis was also recognized for allowing public servants space within which to make their contribution as they develop their maturity and professionalism.last_img read more

WATCH: Clark County TODAY LIVE • Friday, April 16, 2021

first_img 0 Comments Inline FeedbacksView all comments WATCH: Clark County TODAY LIVE • Friday, April 16, 2021Posted by ClarkCountyToday.comDate: Friday, April 16, 2021in: Newsshare 0 Introducing the Columbia River Rapids as students at Columbia River High School make their decision on a new mascot to replace ChieftainsRead more AdvertisementThis is placeholder textTags:Clark CountyClark County TodayClark County Today LiveClark County WashingtonColumbia River ChieftainsColumbia River High SchoolColumbia River RapidscoronavirusCovid-19Editor Ken VancefishingHeidi St. JohnJaime Herrera BeutlerJay InsleeJoe KentlakesLatestLive Broadcastlocal newsmascotOpinionPolitical fundrasingPoliticsstocked lakessunshinetaxesThirdCongressionalDistricttrout fishingWadi Yakourwarm weathershare 0 Previous : First quarter campaign finance reports provide insight in Third Congressional District race Next : Property tax deferral for businesses with real propertyAdvertisementThis is placeholder text Name*Email*Website Republican challengers battle to raise the funds needed to race against the six-time CongresswomanRead more Trout fishing season kicks off April 24 as hundreds of lowland lakes open, trout derby gets underway Opinion: A closer look at what the governor calls an ‘extremely productive legislative session’ Rapids create rush at Columbia River High School ballot box Posted by ClarkCountyToday.com|Friday, April 16, 2021 |in : SportsTrout fishing season kicks off April 24 as hundreds of lowland lakes open, trout derby gets underway Name*Email*Website Clark County Today Editor Ken Vance takes a closer look at the 2021 Legislative session.Read more Posted by Ken Vance, Editor|Friday, April 16, 2021 |in : Opinion, Staff OpinionsOpinion: A closer look at what the governor calls an ‘extremely productive legislative session’ guestLabel Battle Ground Lake and Klineline Pond have each been stocked with trout in recent days.Read more Subscribe Connect with LoginI allow to create an accountWhen you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account.DisagreeAgreeNotify of new follow-up comments new replies to my comments I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies (you can unsubscribe at any time). Posted by Ken Vance, Editor|Friday, April 16, 2021 |in : NewsFirst quarter campaign finance reports provide insight in Third Congressional District race guestLabel Posted by Paul Valencia|Friday, April 16, 2021 |in : NewsRapids create rush at Columbia River High School ballot box First quarter campaign finance reports provide insight in Third Congressional District race WATCH: A look at the first quarterly fundraising filing of the Third Congressional District candidates ; Sunshine and warm weather headed here this weekend ; Trout fishing opens and lakes are stocked ; New column from editor Ken Vance ; Columbia River High School’s new mascot. I allow to create an accountWhen you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account.DisagreeAgreelast_img read more

CU-Boulder Astronomers To Share Wonder, Knowledge In Star Talks

first_imgUniversity of Colorado at Boulder astronomers will share current scientific knowledge and discuss the lore of the heavens in summer star talks in Fiske Planetarium. The live presentations, suitable for adults and children over age 8, will feature talks by CU-Boulder astronomers who will provide illustrations using the star projector and other equipment in the star theater. Each presentation will include time for questions from the audience. Admission will be charged. If the weather permits, the 16-inch and 18-inch telescopes in nearby Sommers-Bausch Observatory will be available for viewing after each program. On Friday, June 13, at 8 p.m. Associate Professor John Bally will discuss the big-bang theory of the origin of the universe and its early evolution. He will travel back to the beginning of time using the latest images obtained from Earth and space. On Friday, July 11, astronomer Katy Garmany, director of Fiske Planetarium and Sommers-Bausch Observatory, will speak on “Earth and Sky: Before the Telescope.” She will show, in the 8 p.m. talk, what our forebears learned from the night sky and will identify the constellations as people have done for centuries. Garmany will discuss visible planets with an emphasis on Mars, light pollution, celestial navigation, calendars, sundials and eclipses. Associate Professor Andrew Hamilton will speak on “Black Holes and Relativity” on Friday, Aug. 1, at 8 p.m. The audience will see demonstrations of what it is like to travel at nearly the speed of light and will learn about such terms as “time dilation,” “Lorentz contraction beaming” and “redshift.” Hamilton will discuss the fundamentals of relativity and give the audience a simulated fall into a black hole. Fiske Planetarium is located on the corner of Regent Drive and Kittredge Loop Road on the CU-Boulder campus. Sommers-Bausch Observatory is 100 feet east of the planetarium. Visitor parking is free after 5 p.m. in lot 306 on the south side of Regent Drive or in lot 330 on the north side. Admission is $3.50 for adults and $2 for seniors and children. For information about all programs at Fiske Planetarium call (303) 492-5001 for a recorded announcement or (303) 492-5002 to speak to the staff. Published: June 4, 1997 Share Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-maillast_img read more

Manual to Help Journalists Report on Local Government Issues

first_imgRelatedManual to Help Journalists Report on Local Government Issues RelatedManual to Help Journalists Report on Local Government Issues RelatedManual to Help Journalists Report on Local Government Issues Manual to Help Journalists Report on Local Government Issues Local GovernmentDecember 8, 2012center_img Advertisements FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), have collaborated to launch a manual for reporting on Local Government issues. The 88-page manual, ‘Reporting Local Government Issues – A Manual for Jamaican Journalists’,  was developed by noted Communication Specialist and Adjunct Lecturer at CARIMAC, Claude Robinson. It is intended for Jamaican journalists to use as a key resource as they focus more of their reporting on issues of accountability and transparency as well as other areas relating to local government reform. The document was done with the support of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development.  Speaking at the launch, held at CARIMAC, today (December 7), State Minister in the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Colin Fagan, said the manual is a timely addition to the Local Government Reform process, as well as a critical means of strengthening relationships with civil society partners and the media, in the pursuit of more effective governance. He said that the administration welcomes any partnership that proves beneficial to the people, especially when the standards defend openness, accountability, transparency and probity as well as provide the necessary tool that will allow the media to garner full and balanced material and content on which to report. Mr. Fagan pointed out that the Ministry is working to fast track the entrenchment of Local Government in the Constitution, as well as continuing to work with the Ministry of Justice to see the promulgation of three critical laws – the New Local Governance Act; the Unified Services Act and Local Government Financing & Financial Management Act. “The critical upgrade of our laws and regulations will significantly streamline the local governance process and ensure greater efficiency and service delivery to our clients,” he said. The manual was created as part of a larger UNDP-funded Jamaica project on ‘Building Civil Society Capacity to Support Good Governance by Local Authorities’, which was implemented between 2010-12. It had as one of its objectives, the improvement of media’s capacity to report on local authorities’ use of public funds. New UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Dr. Elsie Laurence-Chounoune, said the project supported the GOJ in the Local Government Reform Process. “In giving more autonomy to local authorities, there was a greater need to ensure that the authorities were able to handle their expanded powers competently and responsibly. The project worked at strengthening the capacity of civil society and public institutions to provide oversight of public expenditure at the local level,” Dr. Laurence-Chounoune said. She noted too, that the UNDP’s initiative through this project fits into the wider efforts to rid Jamaica of corruption. The manual was awarded first place in the Knowledge Fair of the 5th UNDP Global Anti-corruption Community of Practice in Brazil, last month.last_img read more

Jury not now required at Letterkenny Courthouse tomorrow

first_img By News Highland – February 13, 2019 Google+ Twitter Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows WhatsApp Homepage BannerNews Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA DL Debate – 24/05/21 Facebook A note from the Courts Service.The jury panel which had been summoned for tomorrow’s Circuit Court sitting at Letterkenny Courthouse is not now required to attend. Pinterest Google+center_img Previous article16 people awaiting in-patient beds at LUHNext articlePolice appeal for witnesses following Buncrana Rd crash News Highland Jury not now required at Letterkenny Courthouse tomorrow Pinterest RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic WhatsApp Facebook News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Twitter Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programmelast_img read more