AAP believes in changing lives of Delhi people not spelling CMs jibe

first_imgNEW DELHI: Dismissing BJP leader Vijay Goel’s demand of changing the spelling of Delhi to ‘Dilli’, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said the AAP dispensation believes in changing the life of Delhiites instead of renaming the city. He sought to know how the people of Delhi will benefit by changing the name of the national Capital. “We have to change the life of Delhiites instead of changing the name of Delhi. We have to make their life better. How will people of Delhi benefit by changing the name of the city?,” CM Kejriwal said on Twitter in Hindi. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”Prosperity will only come when we ensure quality education and medical treatment to their children, as well as provide them good roads, electricity and water,” he said. On Wednesday, Goel, who is also a Rajya Sabha MP, demanded that the name of the national capital be spelt ‘Dilli’ in English instead of ‘Delhi’. He was speaking during the Question Hour of the ongoing budget session. Goel said there were many different versions to the origin of the word ‘Delhi’. Some believe ‘Delhi’ originated from Raju Dillu, a king of Mauryan Dynasty who named the city after himself. Others say the name ‘Delhi’ is derived from the word ‘Deehleej’ as Delhi serves as the gateway to the great Indo-Gangetic Plain. “Demands like naming Delhi as Indraprastha or Hastinapura have also been raised earlier but if the name ‘Delhi’ had to stay then at least it should be pronounced correctly,” he added.last_img read more

Inuit singersongwriter Kelly Fraser nominated for Juno Award

first_imgAnnette Francis APTN NewsA young Inuit singer-songwriter’s messages of cultural pride, hope and healing are making waves in the music industry.At just 24-years-old, Kelly Fraser has been nominated for a Juno Award for her second album, Sedna.She first heard the news last month from a friend.“I burst out crying and thought of my mother right away and then all those people that told me I couldn’t do it,” Fraser says. “I thought of them and I was like, here I am doing it.”From Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Fraser says music was always a part of her life. Her mom had a Saturday morning radio show that played ‘70s and ‘80s era music like Tina Turner and Joan Jett. When she was 11 years old, Fraser learned to play the guitar. When she turned 15, she formed a band that wrote its own songs.She says she was always a fan of American singers and rappers but felt the music didn’t represent who she was – a teen girl from the Arctic.“I wanted to hear about someone that went through what I went through,” she says.Fraser says her songs have a lot of meaning, depicting the struggles of suicide, social issues and the painful history of her people.“I work with amazing people around me and I overcome the negative things people say with the support of people around me,” she says. “I didn’t always have that support. I had to really prove myself that I’m a serious artist with a message to tell to people all over the world and people are respecting that.”Fraser hopes to build on the Juno nomination, to showcase her music and inspire a new generation.The Juno Awards will take place in Vancouver on March 25th.last_img read more

Moroccan Hijabi Demands Justice After Islamophobic Attack in Belgium

Rabat – CCTV has captured footage of a malicious attack on Moroccan Muslims on December 30, 2018, near Brussels.The footage shows a middle-aged woman and her daughter, carrying shopping bags and walking down the street when a hooded passerby punches the mother’s face and then flees.The woman could be seen screaming and falling to the ground in panic until a passing car stopped. The driver checked on the woman, who seemingly started to describe the attack. Read Also: US Seeks to Sanction China over ‘Mass Detention’ of Chinese MuslimsThe Belgian news outlet La Capitale reported that the victim is a 47-year-old woman named Fatiha, of Moroccan origin. Fatiha is now calling on Belgian authorities to find her attacker and bring him to justice. Fatiha also told La Capitale that her attacker was carrying a taser. Police have yet to find the suspect.Fatiha Moroccan Hijabi Attacked in BrusselsThe video of the attack has gone viral, sparking anger and condemnation on social media, with commenters  deeming the attack “a shameful act of Islamophobia.”Brussels has become notorious for Islamophobic attacks, especially against Muslim women who wear headscarves.Read Also: Kansas Anti-Muslim Victim’s Family Speaks Out Against IslamophobiaIn 2017, 76 percent of Islamophobic attacks in Belgium targeted women, according to data gathered from victims by a local anti-Islamophobia association.One of the most disturbing manifestations of Islamophobia in Europe emerged in March 2018, when hundreds of letters were anonymously sent to citizens in the UK, calling for “Punish a Muslim Day.”The identical letters encouraged people to carry out violence against Muslims. After a long investigation, police determined the letters came from David Parnham, a UK national, whom police arrested in June. Police found Parnham’s fingerprints on the letters.The letters were part of a larger campaign carried out over two years in which Parham also orchestrated a bomb threat and mailed white powder, treated as a poisonous substance, to public figures, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May. read more

Sri Lanka accused of failing to implement security sector reforms

“It’s crucial that the Human Rights Council consider closely whether Sri Lanka made progress in the security sector as well as its other commitments such as transitional justice,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “Nearly 18 months after making important promises to the council, Sri Lanka’s leaders appear to be backtracking on key human rights issues, including reforming the police.” “Deeply embedded practices linked to the war, like police torture, don’t just go away once the war is over,” Adams said. “Curtailing torture in Sri Lanka requires serious reforms of the security sector, prosecutions of those responsible, and sustained political will from the top.”In June 2016, President Maithripala Sirisena issued a directive to the police and military to refrain from torture but the impact of the directive has gone unreported. Legal provisions in violation of international law remain on the books, such as permitting criminal liability at the age of 8. Ensuring the right to counsel at all stages of detention has also not been remedied.The upcoming Human Rights Council session provides an important opportunity for UN member countries to closely examine the Special Rapporteur on torture’s report and the problem of torture and other police abuse in Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch said. They should press the government to address these concerns as part of the overall reform efforts underway under the Human Rights Council resolution. And they need to be careful not to endorse measures that would set back human rights protections, such as earlier draft counter-terrorism bills to replace the PTA. Reform of the security sector has lagged behind action on the council resolution’s four pillars of transitional justice: accountability, the disappeared, truth-seeking, and reconciliation. A recent report from the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, highlighted the ongoing “culture of torture” in the country. A 2015 report by Human Rights Watch also found that Sri Lankans routinely face torture and other ill-treatment by the police. In the vast majority of cases, the victims were unable to obtain any meaningful redress.The Government has also yet to repeal the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), which has been used to arbitrarily detain terrorism suspects and others without charge for years. During the country’s 26-year-long civil war, the government asserted that the PTA was a necessary tool in its battle against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Yet, nearly eight years after the war’s end in May 2009, the PTA not only remains on the books but continues to be used to arrest and detain people. Human Rights Watch’s own investigations found that police routinely use torture to compel confessions for even minor offenses, such as petty theft and making illicit alcohol, and this affected all ethnicities and social groups. The Special Rapporteur described a “worrying lack of will within the Attorney General’s Department and the judiciary” to investigate and take action against those considered responsible for torture, noting that authorities kept repeating to him that there had been no complaints of ill-treatment or torture, and consequently no investigations. Lawyers and relatives of PTA detainees told Human Rights Watch in May 2016 that police arrests were still being made in the notorious white vans used by the previous government, creating fear of a return to a culture of enforced disappearances. The practice has abated somewhat after an outcry from the rejuvenated national Human Rights Commission and rights lawyers. Lawyers, families, and the Human Rights Commission report having access to PTA detainees, an improvement from past practice.“A number of those arrested in 2016 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act were implicated in committing or plotting terrorist crimes,” Adams said. “Yet there was no good reason for not using the regular criminal code rather than an abusive law that should have been repealed years ago.”The Special Rapporteur on torture, following a May 2016 visit to Sri Lanka, found that torture to produce confessions, including beatings, sexual violence, extreme stress positions and asphyxiation, was being committed in police stations, military facilities and detention centers throughout the country. “The Mendez report on torture maps out a detailed reform proposal that the Sri Lankan Government should embrace and implement,” Adams said. “The Human Rights Council can rev up this process by addressing torture and police reform in its review of Sri Lanka’s compliance with the council’s resolution.” The Government has been accused of not meeting its pledge to curtail police abuses prior to the March 2017 session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.Human Rights Watch said security sector reform was one of 25 undertakings by Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council resolution adopted by consensus in October 2015. The Sri Lankan Government has failed to repeal the abusive Prevention of Terrorism Act or take serious measures to reduce torture in custody, Human Rights Watch said. read more

Onethird of Ontarians say Horwath should step down poll

Meantime, a new forum research poll finds that one third of Ontarians think NDP leader Andrea Horwath should resign in the wake of her recent provincial election defeat.Horwath was the most popular political leader for years, but her approval ratings have fallen since premier Kathleen Wynne took office last year. The forum poll suggests that trend is continuing after Wynne led the Liberals to a majority government in the June 12 election.It also found that 35 per cent of people believe Horwath should step down as leader, while 43-percent felt she should stay on. 21 per cent had no opinion. read more

From its Headquarters to farflung outposts UN marks International Peace Day

“Peace is the paramount United Nations mission,” Mr. Annan declared as he stood in front of the bell, a gift from Japan cast from the pennies donated by children from 60 nations, before driving the ringing beam into it three times. “It is the basis of our existence. The essence of our identity. The cause that animates everything we do.”He appealed to global leaders who attended last week’s UN World Summit to go home and start implementing the agreements reached, which included setting up a UN Peacebuilding Commission.At his side in the garden in front of the world body’s building were UN Messengers of Peace author and journalist Anna Cataldi, Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas, wildlife researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. The UN singers and a children’s choir performed at the ceremony.Noting the traditional Peace Day call to fighters around the world to observe a 24-hour ceasefire, Mr. Annan said: “Twenty-four hours is not a long time. But it is time enough for combatants and political leaders to consider the destruction they are visiting on their people, and on their lands. And it is long enough to look over the barricades, or through the barbed wire, to see if there is another path.”On the other side of the world, in Ethiopia and Eritrea, a UN peacekeeping mission that is helping to monitor a ceasefire after the two countries fought a two-year border war, organized cultural events in the respective capitals, a poetry contest for junior high school students in Addis Ababa and a concert in Asmara. In the days leading up to the celebration, the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), along with local and international partners, organized a ‘Peace Run’ in Asmara, a ‘Cycling for Peace’ race in Addis Ababa, and medical clinics in the Shilalo camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Events were also organized in remote locations away from the capitals, such as Adiguadad, Adigrat and Senafe. In another African country torn by 14 years of factional fighting, Somalis were urged to become ‘Peacelords.’ “Never again should Somalis be made to kill Somalis. Never again should the country be allowed to descend into war and chaos,” Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Somalia Francois Lonseny Fall said in a message in Nairobi, neighbouring Kenya, calling on the new transitional authorities to work together.At the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) organized a round-table discussion on the theme ‘Promotion of Peace and Unity based on the UN In Larger Freedom,’ a reference to Mr. Annan’s report issued earlier this year advocating far-reaching reforms of the world body. Numerous events and observances are planned around the world by UN offices and peacekeeping operations, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society and religious groups to promote peace and non-violence. In a videotaped message, Mr. Annan urged all people around the world to observe a minute of silence at 12 noon. And in cyberspace, the UN Cyberschoolbus was engaging young people around the world with a special program at UN Headquarters with young people from countries affected by violence participating through video conference. The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by a resolution of the General Assembly to coincide with its opening session every September. In 2001, the General Assembly approved a second resolution setting the observance on 21 September of each year. read more

UKs antiEU victors will find it hard to fulfil promises

LONDON – Politicians who wanted Britain to leave the European Union were not shy about making promises. They plastered their campaign bus with vows to “take back control” on immigration and boost funding for the beloved National Health Service.But with Britain facing months or years of negotiations to detach itself from the 28-nation bloc, victorious “leave” leaders will find their pledges of prosperity, sovereignty and more public spending hard to keep.They know it, and are already lowering expectations.Conservative “leave” supporter Iain Duncan Smith now says the campaign had not laid out promises but simply “a series of possibilities.” And having shocked the world — and global markets — with the referendum result, Britain appears in no hurry to rush out the EU’s exit door.The “leave” campaign led by former London Mayor Boris Johnson has yet to lay out what it thinks Britain’s future relationship with the EU should look like, and Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain won’t trigger formal divorce talks until a new prime minister is in place after the summer.Before Thursday’s referendum, however, the “leave” side’s tone was considerably less ambiguous: They wanted out, they wanted control of EU immigration and they wanted a lot of money back from the EU.“Let’s take back control,” said a slogan on the “Vote Leave” bus that traversed the country, as its leaders argued that Britain could secure its borders and limit EU immigration only by exiting the bloc, therefore eliminating the right that EU workers have to live and work in Britain.An estimated 2 million Poles have come to work in Britain since 2004, and 850,000 are still here.Another bus-side “leave” pledge said: “We send the EU 350 million pounds a week — let’s fund our NHS instead.”Many economists think there’s a conflict between the key promises of reducing EU immigration and producing a flourishing economy. They argue that Britain needs access to the EU’s tariff-free single market of 500 million people, and won’t get it if it tries to restrict the free movement of EU labour.Jonathan Portes, principal research fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said anti-EU campaigners chose to ignore the link between economic access and EU immigration in order to win votes.“They told lots of people that these trade-offs, which were reasonably obvious and are now coming to the fore, didn’t exist,” Portes said. “Sooner or later they will have to deal with it.”The desire to curb immigration motivated many “leave” voters, since more than 3 million people born in other EU nations now reside in Britain. An estimated 1.2 million Britons, including many retirees, have moved to other EU nations, but Britain’s relatively thriving economy has meant that immigration has far outstripped emigration in recent years.Many Britons who voted “leave” believe those EU immigrants have placed strains on schools, hospitals and housing, even though they have paid taxes and many economists argue that immigrants are an economic boon.Leaving the EU would allow Britain to “take back control” by renouncing the free-movement principle. But if it did, it would be unlikely to get open access to the EU’s single market, with which the U.K. currently conducts half its trade, exporting everything from beef and lamb to financial services.Portes said a deal offering free trade but not free movement would have “fairly significant negative consequences” for the British economy and British living standards.An alternative could be to let Britain keep its access to the single market in return for paying the EU and accepting the free-movement principle — roughly the deal that Norway has. That would eviscerate “leave” side promises to curb immigration, however.Still, Johnson, one of the top prospects to become Britain’s next leader, seems to favour that option. He said in a column for Monday’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that Britain would forge “a new and better relationship with the EU — based on free trade and partnership.”Some senior “leave” campaigners acknowledge that under that model, immigration would not necessarily fall.Daniel Hannan, a euroskeptic Conservative member of the European Parliament, told the BBC he favoured “the idea of staying within a common market but outside the political integration” of the EU.“(That) means free movement of labour,” he admitted.A British exit could also complicate a key piece of Britain’s border controls. France currently lets British officials conduct border checks on its soil, so non-European migrants hoping to reach Britain get only as far as Calais, on the French side of the English Channel. The mayor of Calais has threatened to change that arrangement, saying “the British must take the consequences of their choice.”Another whopping “leave” promise was that the move would shift 350 million pounds ($462 million) a week away from the EU and into British health care. The figure — labeled grossly misleading by “remain” campaigners — is roughly Britain’s gross contribution to EU coffers. But the U.K. gets half the money back through a rebate and other discounts, and also receives billions a year from the EU, for everything from farming to science and heritage projects.It’s not clear how much Britain would save under any future deal with the EU. Norway, which is outside the bloc, pays almost as much per capita to the EU as Britain now does.And even if Britain makes some savings, its hospitals will have to compete with many other areas of the economy for funds. Asked if he could guarantee that 350 million pounds a week would go to health care, U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said: “No, I can’t.”He said the claim “was one of the mistakes, I think, that the ‘leave’ campaign made.”Even the most fundamental promise of all — that Britain will take itself out of the EU — is not a certainty.Cameron says he won’t fire the starting gun on formal exit talks, leaving that for a new prime minister to be selected after a Conservative leadership battle this summer.But that leader may want to call an election to seek a mandate for the EU negotiations. If that election produces a pro-EU majority of lawmakers, they could seek to stall, or refuse to implement, the referendum result. Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon has already said she would try to get Scottish lawmakers to block Britain’s departure from the EU.Many of the 48 per cent of Britons who voted to remain in the bloc now feel angry, worried and hurt.That feeling of betrayal may soon extend to “leave” side voters when they realize the political promises they counted on have not been kept, says David Blunkett, a former Labour government interior minister.“We’ve ended up with the likelihood of a far-right Conservative government in the U.K., with the U.K. disintegrating, with resentment about the fact that those who have been in favour of “leave” won’t be able to deliver the kind of things they’ve promised,” Blunkett told the BBC. “I fear greatly for democratic politics here.”___Follow Jill Lawless on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/JillLawless by Jill Lawless, The Associated Press Posted Jun 27, 2016 11:17 am MDT Last Updated Jun 27, 2016 at 1:23 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email UK’s anti-EU victors will find it hard to fulfil promises FILE In this Wednesday, June 22, 2016 file photo, advocate to exit Europe Boris Johnson poses for a selfie photo with voters during a whistle stop tour of the country on the final day of campaigning before Thursday’s EU referendum vote, in Selby, north England. (Andrew Parsons / PA via AP, File) UNITED KINGDOM OUT – NO SALES – NO ARCHIVES read more

NFL draft Eli Apple selected in first round by the New York

Former OSU cornerback Eli Apple (13) waits for the ball to be snapped during a game against Minnesota on Nov. 15, 2014 in Minneapolis.Credit: Lantern file photoFormer Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple has been selected with the New York Giants’ first-round pick at No. 10 overall.This marks the first-time in OSU history that three players were taken in the top 10, and the first time by any school since Oklahoma in 2010.The redshirt sophomore announced his intentions to forgo two years of eligibility and enter the NFL draft on Jan. 4. The former four-star recruit out of New Jersey started two seasons at cornerback for OSU, earning freshman All-American honors from Athlon’s and Scout.com, while also being named the 2016 Fiesta Bowl defensive MVP for holding Notre Dame’s second-team All-American wide receiver Will Fuller to just 32 yards.After redshirting as a true freshman, Apple was the Buckeyes’ second cornerback in 2014 opposite Doran Grant, who was drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL draft. Apple played in all 15 games as a redshirt freshman, starting all but one. The 6-foot-1 defensive back totaled three interceptions in 2014, including one in the title game which sealed OSU’s destiny as 2014 national champions.In 2015, Apple was the team’s No. 1 cornerback on the depth chart and did an admirable job of defending some of the country’s top talents at wide receiver. He started in all 13 games in 2015 and was instrumental in a stout secondary that ranked sixth in the FBS in pass-efficiency defense.Known for finishing plays through contact and having an unrelenting motor until the whistle blew, Apple had 18 pass break-ups and 83 tackles in two seasons with the Scarlet and Gray.Coming as a surprise to most people, Apple was projected as a late first-round pick, or even early second round. That being said, the Giants decided to select a defensive back after finishing last in the NFL in pass defense in 2015, and they believed Apple was their guy.The Giants’ 2016 opener is scheduled to come on Sept. 11 in Dallas at 4:25 p.m. against the Cowboys, where Apple will reunite with former teammate Ezekiel Elliott, who was selected at No. 4 overall by the Cowboys.Correction 4/28: An earlier version of this story said the 2016 draft marks the first time in NFL history that three players from the same school were taken in the top 10, when in fact it was the first time in OSU history but not by any school. read more

Increasing the safety of lone workers on mine sites

first_imgAny responsible Mine Manager knows it is vital to protect the health and safety of lone workers on their site. In Touch has developed a new Lone Worker Alert System that monitors personnel at operations. It is offered as a ‘bolt-on’ feature to existing radio systems. The worker carries a two way radio programmed to emit a continuous tone every 20 minutes or so. If he/she is ok, they press a button to cancel out the signal. Should the worker not respond, due to accident or illness, then the radio sends a pre-recorded message to up to four pre-programmed numbers to identify that the lone worker alarm has been triggered.The system is not designed to give an absolute emergency response, however it substantially reduces the health and safety risks associated with lone working. In Touch will be exhibiting on stand P107 at Hillhead in the UK in June.last_img read more

9 lies youve already told yourself today

first_img Source: Imgur4. “I’m not buying any lunches this week. Sure I have all this lovely soup”If you’ve already done the big shop and bought all the vegetables, chances are you’ve already boiled them all to within an inch of their lives to make a delicious*, nutritious soup that will last the whole week.You’ll crack by Wednesday and buy a chicken fillet roll. It’s ok, you’re only human. Source: stevendamron*tastes and smells like old, old cabbage5. “It doesn’t count if I eat it standing up”It does. Broken biscuits and cereal eaten straight from the box also counts. Source: Thefrisky6. “This new running app on my phone is going to change my life”You actually have to get off the couch for it to count. Source: Shutterstock.com7. “I’m taking down the Christmas tree this evening”No you’re not. Close the curtains, turn on the fairy lights and choke down the last of the crap Double Centres. Just one more day of Christmas. Just one more. Source: Flickr8. “No more looking at my phone in bed”We’ll remind you of this one later, when you’re browsing Twitter at 1.13am.9. “Just one more episode”You more than likely told this lie at 1.30am this morning, before allowing Netflix to deliciously transition into your 7th hour of The Killing. Source: Whicdn7 staggering similarities between ‘drunk Sherlock’ and drunk YOU>The one true sign that Christmas is really over> 16 reasons to hate doing the big shop> NEW YEAR, NEW you, right?WRONG!More exercise, less beige food, more family time, less booze, more charitable works, less binge-watching Downton Abbey under a duvet on the couch… these are just a sample of the resolutions that some of you have no doubt pledged to keep in 2014.You can’t do them all at once though, and you certainly can’t do them all today, aka The Worst Monday Of The Year.Sure haven’t you done enough by just getting out of bed, you heroes?Here are some of the little lies you’ve probably already told yourself today…1. “I’m going to bed at 8.45pm tonight”You no doubt spent most of last night thrashing around, plagued by nightmares of showing up at the bus stop in the nip.Breaking the Christmas habit of staying up until 4am eating Toffifee isn’t going to be as easy as you think. Source: Tumblr2. “I’m doing a Big Shop this evening”There’s a packet of leftover Christmas mini quiches and samosas in the freezer with your name on it. Tesco can wait.3. “I’m definitely going to eat all the fruit and vegetables that I buy during the Big Shop. I’m definitely not going to let them go mouldy in that little drawer in the fridge”Sure you are pet. Sure you are.last_img read more

Sony hacker has stolen PSN user account data

first_imgSony has been silent on the cause of the long PSN outage other than to say there was an external intrusion. But now the company has decided to admit the breach experienced wasn’t without consequence.The PlayStation Network was hacked on or just before April 17. Then from April 17-19 user account information was accessed by the hacker. The information taken included user names, addresses, e-mail addresses, birthdates, and PSN & Qriocity login IDs and passwords as well as your password security answers.The fact login details have been compromised explains why Sony took the decision to take PSN offline completely. Sony don’t believe credit card details were accessed, but Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications for SCEA is advising your credit card number and expiration may have been accessed in some instances.Sony is advising everyone with an account check their bank statements and be very cautious of any communications received as it may be a scam. When PSN and Qriocity are restored Sony also advises we all change our account passwords immediately to stop any further problems.As for who breached the system, Sony has yet to track them down, but an external security firm has been employed to help find out who did this.Read more at PlayStation.Blog, via Kotakulast_img read more

Un réseau de télescopes pour observer la naissance des premières étoiles

first_imgUn réseau de télescopes pour observer la naissance des premières étoiles Un nouveau réseau de télescopes qui est actuellement en train de se mettre en place permettra aux astronomes de remonter dans le temps afin d’observer comment sont nées les premières étoiles et les premières galaxies.   Un réseau de 77 nouveaux télescopes est en train d’être créé à travers l’Europe. Combinés à deux autres radio-télescopes situés dans l’hémisphère sud, cet ensemble, baptisé Lofar (pour low-frequency array) devrait permettre d’observer le ciel comme jamais auparavant. Grâce à ces outils, les astronomes espèrent découvrir des indices qui pourront les aider à mieux comprendre la façon dont les premières étoiles et les galaxies se sont formées après le Big Bang.  À lire aussiUn time-lapse époustouflant dévoile le ciel nocturne du désert des MojavesLes premières étoiles et les premières galaxies sont apparues dans les premiers milliards d’années qui ont suivi le Big Bang. Un astronome de l’université de Southampton explique qu’en observant aussi loin en arrière, les études auront peut-être l’opportunité d’en apprendre davantage sur la façon dont les choses se sont passées et sur ce à quoi ressemblait l’Univers à ses débuts. Grâce aux ondes radio de basses fréquences que peuvent capter les nouveaux télescopes, il devient possible de voir à travers les gaz interstellaires qui, jusque là, empêchaient de voir les zones les plus éloignées de l’Univers. Les astronomes sont donc désormais à même de détecter les galaxies les plus distantes de nous. Le réseau Lofar rassemblera les données collectées à travers toute l’Europe et les redirigera vers le nord des Pays-Bas où des astrophysiciens les analyseront. Quant aux deux télescopes situés dans l’hémisphère sud, ils pourront suppléer le réseau en continuant à capter de hautes fréquences et permettront d’observer en détails les éléments trouvés grâce à Lofar.Le 3 janvier 2011 à 14:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham

first_imgStay on target NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News Sorry to all Gordon/Valerie fans out there, it looks like their relationship is over. As this week’s Gotham begins, Jim is watching over Valerie in the hospital, feeling guilty that he got her shot. She wakes up and immediately breaks up with Jim. When he told the Hatter to kill Lee, she says, he knew he would do the opposite. He proved to her that he still loves Lee and because of that the two can’t be together. It’s too bad, really. We all knew this relationship wouldn’t last, but they had such great chemistry together, I was hoping it wouldn’t end just yet.Before we can lament what could have been, we cut to the Hatter. Oh yes, he’s still around, and he’s gotten his hands on a virus called the Red Queen. He says the city took someone he loves from him, so he’s going to make it go insane. Hatter breaks into the morgue and steals his sister’s body. The police investigate the crime scene, and Jim tries to help. Barnes tells Jim that only cops are allowed to be there, and for once, Bullock agrees with him.Gordon visits Lee at the hospital to apologize and sees the Hatter there. He gives chase, and Hatter surprises him with a face-full of Red Queen. Gordon lies on the ground and has hallucinations of being trapped in an elevator with Barbara. He gets off the elevator imagines searching for Bruce. When he finds him, Bruce shows him a pile of dead bodies and saying it’s all because of him.Gordon has the trippiest hallucinations. (Erin Richards as Barbara Kean) (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)He wakes up back in the elevator and Barbara brings him to the next floor. He imagines himself married to Lee with two kids. After promising them a dog, the lights flicker, his family disappears, and he’s back in the elevator. He demands to be taken back to them, and Barbara asks why he’s playing at being a private detective if he wants them so much. She gives him a key, saying it’s up to him whether he uses it or not. Gordon finds himself on the street with his father, who invites him into his car. Gordon talks to his father about why he’s afraid to be a cop.Luscious visits Barnes and gives him the results of the tests on Alice’s blood. In every case, the rats went insane, turned violent and died. When Luscious says a cure could take years, Barnes says they only have a few hours. Hatter has bottled Alice’s blood and planned to release it on the city. Barnes interrogates a hospital employee and, through a little infected blood-induced rage, learns that Hatter and his goons were driving a catering van. He figures out that Hatter plans to release the virus at the state dinner that evening.Meanwhile, Nygma has spent twelve hours with Isabelle, the riddle-loving woman from the end of last week’s episode. He returns to Penguin, who is devastated to find out that Nygma is in love with someone else. While Nygma prepares him for the state dinner, the Penguin finds out where Isabelle works and sends Nygma off to prepare for his date. In the meantime, Penguin visits Isabelle at the library where she works. He casually mentions that Nygma spent time in Arkham for murder. To make sure she’s scared away from him, Penguin tells Isabelle how much she looks like the woman Nygma killed.The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) Tells Isabella (Chelsea Spack) about Nygma’s past. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)At the state dinner, Penguin meets Katherine from the Court of Owls who says she’ll contact him when the time is right. Before he can learn anymore about her, Hatter runs in with a gun and hijacks the dinner. He’s about to force them to drink the wine, but the police arrive and capture him. Hatter laughs when he sees that Barnes is infected with his sister’s blood.Nygma is on his date with Isabelle and confesses to her what he did to Ms. Kringle. She reveals she knows what he did and came on the date anyway. He’s the only man, she says, whose measured up to the great romantic heroes she’s read about. The Penguin walks in just as they share a kiss. He excuses himself to go to bed, obviously not happy that his plan to break them up failed.We also check in with Bruce, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen him. Selena is coming over at 6:00 and Bruce are making dinner for her. Alfred promises to make himself scarce when the young lady arrives. It’s as adorable as it sounds. It almost seems like Selena isn’t going to show up, but she climbs in the window just as Alfred is about to pack the food up. Bruce is initially angry that Selena stood him up, but she admits she was late because them dating is weird for her. Bruce admits it’s weird for him too and they sit down for cake.Bruce and Selina (Camren Bicondova) have their first date. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)A nurse finds Gordon lying on the hospital floor and brings Mario to him. Mario revives him just as his father tells him the answers he seeks are in his ring. Once home, Gordon digs through his father’s old things and finds the ring. On it is the insignia “while we breath, we shall defend.” Gordon meets with Barnes and asks to rejoin the GCPD. Barnes happily welcomes him back. As the episode ends, Katherine meets with her boss. We don’t see his face, but he wears the same ring Gordon’s father wore.By the end of this episode, we’re finally at the point we knew we’d arrive at all season. Gordon and Vale are over, and he’s rejoined the GCPD. We still don’t know a ton about the Court of Owls. Usually dragging a mystery like this out over so many episodes would get tiresome, but the Hatter was such a great villain, the Court didn’t matter the last few weeks. Now that his story seems to be drawing to a close, perhaps we’ll learn more about the Court of Owls in the coming weeks. I can’t help but think it isn’t completely over, though. This season is called “Mad City,” after all. Alice’s blood is still out there. And who better to make Gotham go mad than the Hatter?last_img read more

Legendary Lionel Messi reaches 400 La Liga goals

first_imgAfter his goal against Eibar at the Camp Nou, Lionel Messi kept making history with the club after reaching his 400th La Liga goal.We are already out of adjectives to describe how incredible Lionel Messi has been for La Liga, today he scored his 400th La Liga goal against Eibar in front of all his fans and he became the only player in football history who has scored so many goals for a single domestic competition.The Argentine also has 159 assists in the Spanish tournament, which also puts him at the very top of the stats. In a match that was supposed to be easier than it actually was, Luis Suarez and a recovered Philippe Coutinho joined the party.The Uruguay international scored two goals against Eibar, the first and the last one of the 3-0 victory.The Brazilian wasn’t able to score, but he left several hints of his quality throughout the whole match and even assisted Suarez on his first goal.Playing as he did against Eibar, we can already state that Philippe Coutinho is completely back to his best form but he will need to remain like this for the rest of the season if he doesn’t want to be sold to the highest bidder next summer.But tonight’s main man was Lionel Messi, he keeps on gifting us with magical moments in 14 years of his career.✅ ¡LOGRO DESBLOQUEADO! 🔐⚽ 400 GOLES en #LaLigaSantander ⚽🌟 ¡MESSI es #LaLigaHistory! 🌟 pic.twitter.com/2lcCSqx43W— LaLiga (@LaLiga) January 13, 2019That very first La Liga goal he scored against Albacete back in 2005 was only the beginning, he reached this mythical number today and became an absolute legend amongst other legends.The player who is closer to him at the top of the list in all European leagues is Gerd Müller, who managed to score 365 goals for Bayern München in the Bundesliga.Jimmy Greaves is third with 357 goals scored in the English First Division before the Premier League was created.Then we have two Italians, the first one is Dellio Onnis, who scored 299 goals in the French Ligue 1. And we can’t forget legendary Silvio Piola, who got to score 274 goals in the Italian Serie A.These are the players who complete the list, but Messi has more merit for being able to get this milestone in the same era as Cristiano Ronaldo.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.The Portuguese forward has a lot of merit in La Liga as well, as he managed to score 311 goals in the competition and remains as the second all-time goal-scorer after his spell at Real Madrid.Cristiano still has more league goals than Lionel, 12 to be exact.#LionelMessi es el primer jugador en alcanzar 400 goles en una sola de las 5 ligas grandes de EuropaLo logró con su 13er gol en @LaLiga vs Eibar. #Messi400 pic.twitter.com/vjbK4nMju0— ESPN Datos (@ESPNDatos) January 13, 2019Considering that Messi is nearly 2 years younger than Cristiano Ronaldo, being only 12 goals below the Portuguese player is truly incredible.Cristiano began his career at Sporting Lisbon and scored three goals in the domestic competition, then he moved to Manchester United and scored a good 84 goals during his spell with the Red Devils.We all know his story with Real Madrid, but Ronaldo remains strong and has already scored 14 Serie A goals since he arrived at Juventus last summer.The debate will forever remain alive between these two because some give more credit to Messi for being able to make La Liga his own, but many will always give Cristiano the advantage because he has been able to become a legend in the three biggest European leagues that exist.One thing is for sure though, Cristiano Ronaldo will never do what Lionel Messi achieved this Sunday because he never wanted to remain in a single club throughout his career.Perhaps if he would’ve stayed at Real Madrid during his whole career, Ronaldo may have reached Messi’s numbers but things worked out differently and he had to leave.👑 ¡MESSI, REY DEL GOL! 👑Messi = 400 goles Cristiano = 311 golesZarra = 251 golesHugo Sánchez = 234 goles Raúl = 228 goles#LaLigaSantander #LaLigaHistory pic.twitter.com/JvrwwoYRBJ— LaLiga (@LaLiga) January 13, 2019What has more credit, Messi’s 400 goals for a single club or Ronaldo’s 412 between 4 clubs? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Police Man arrested in 3 stabbings in Portland

first_imgPORTLAND — Police say they arrested a 23-year-old man in the stabbings of three people at the Syrian Lebanese American Club in Portland.Officers responded to a report of a fight and stabbing at the club a little before 1 a.m. Sunday, and arrived to find that two of the three people stabbed had already left for a hospital. They said witnesses identified the suspect as 23-year-old Christopher Pantoja, who was taken into custody without incident and treated for injuries sustained in the fight.None of the stab wounds was considered to be life-threatening.Pantoja was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on three counts of second-degree assault. He is expected to be arraigned Monday.last_img read more