New business climate Jingdong public relations to create alliances and alliances to raise

for the first time entrepreneurial friends, no entrepreneurial experience, slow start, if you can get to helping the outside world, so entrepreneurs will be more emboldened, so that startups.

10 22, Jingdong finance in the Olympic Forest Park held a large-scale entrepreneurial activities – run entrepreneurs". In the world’s most expensive entrepreneurial run, Jingdong public health circles to create a number of well-known investment institutions and nearly a hundred startups CEO achieved by running investment intentions, causing a sensation in the market. read more

What are the principles of jewelry store display

open a jewelry store, do a good job of related products, this is a very important thing. However, in the end how to be able to do a good job of display, which for many operators are also very troubled. In fact, in the display of jewelry, we in-depth analysis of consumer psychology and shopping habits and reached the eight principles. Want to do a good job in jewelry store display, as long as the relevant principles can be.

first, the first principle of jewelry display, that is, to emphasize the concept of "quantity". The display of products should stress "sell goods piled mountain", meaning that there must be a sense of commodity display, can cause enough attention and interests of customers, and is also the display volume stores the image vivid an important condition. For example, when you see a bunch of crystal necklace, you will feel good, but when you see a crystal necklace, you will find it too beautiful, can not help but want to buy a. This is the amount of work. In store display, as far as possible to the same goods classified by category, and then displayed together to produce the concept of "quantity". read more

Rice tea 2017 entrepreneurial projects

in the streets, we can see the presence of milk tea shop. Thus, milk tea in our life, has always been a very important drink. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose a good business to join the project, is our successful entrepreneurial choice. Rice tea? Join the rice tea project, worry free business!

Why can

rice tea to meet consumer demand for rice tea? Strict production process, responsible for the health of consumers. Rice tea tea selection, selection of fresh fruit, milk and honey imported high-quality materials. Delicious fresh, multi flavor. Rice tea plays a very important role in the tea market, for consumers to enjoy delicious fresh, multi products taste, nutritional formula, safe health, professional technology, strict control of the process, to bring consumers the most delicious fresh tea, since listing, by many consumers, but also tasted are full of praise. read more

The 13th Five-Year change in eight digital life (2)

There is a very good start "

13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, also believe that in 2016 China will get a very good development, let us continue to look at the numbers! Look at the 13th Five-Year change in life!


: one of the goals of economic and social development index of the next five years, the per capita disposable income of residents with an average annual growth rate of over 6.5% residents’ income index is the "13th Five-Year plan" in the most eye-catching, according to expert estimates, in accordance with the per capita disposable income of the average annual growth rate of 6.5% to calculate, 2020 residents per capita disposable income will increase to 30 thousand yuan, a family of three, the average family income in 90 thousand yuan, reached the level of middle-income countries. read more

National innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges in Wuhan

than ordinary colleges and universities, higher vocational colleges have been focused on cultivating more professional and technical talents, leading experience in technical education, but entrepreneurship education in many higher vocational colleges is still in the initial stage. In the new era of management activities, put forward new demands of entrepreneurship education in Higher Vocational colleges.

held recently in Wuhan Polytechnic national vocational college president conference of the 2015 annual meeting of the national higher occupation colleges’ Entrepreneurship alliance was formally established. read more

Benefits Fujian Expressway min card 29 provinces can be universal

with the increasing number of cars in the holidays, a lot of cars on the highway, a long queue! In response to such a social phenomenon, in order to provide more convenience for the masses of Fujian, the introduction of the highway Fujian card.

according to reports, the Fujian province highway electronic toll collection system (ETC) network system for the country’s first national standard construction, with the main min card, electronic toll collection, electronic tags to achieve. As long as the installation of vehicles through the card, driving in the electronic toll lanes, you can automatically pay the vehicle tolls. Currently, there are 46 high-speed toll stations in Quanzhou, each toll station has a one into a two ETC channel. At the end of June, Quanzhou area ETC customers reached 200 thousand units. read more

Chen Deming cross-strait cooperation can also broaden the scope of youth entrepreneurship

The development of

in Taiwan and the mainland, need more young entrepreneurs to strive, in NPC and CPPCC, member of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the ARATS Chen Deming said that cross-strait economic complementarity and integration is very important, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship can also broaden the scope of cooperation.

  yesterday, the CPPCC National Committee of the Chinese Communist Party group meeting venue, the CPPCC National Committee, the president of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Strait Chen Deming by various media attention. In the face of changqiangduanbao, Chen Deming said, "China and Taiwan are in the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation stage, the cross-strait economic complementarity and integration is very important." read more

Note the three small jewelry shop

small business also has big profits, such as jewelry store. Do not look at a small project, but huge profit margins, think of the purchase as long as 2.3 yuan, the time may be sold more than ten yuan. So Many a little make a mickle., behoove to earn money. Entrepreneurship is not too small, as long as you have a heart. But how to open a small jewelry store is also a learning. Let’s look at it!

to open a small jewelry store make money problems, you need not worry, the key is to know how to open a small jewelry store, should pay attention to the following aspects to open a small jewelry store: read more

What are the principles to be followed

Although the name of the

is not good to do, but as long as we can grasp the relevant methods and skills, follow certain principles, the same can be a suitable name. So, the name of the bar to follow what principles?

1, abstract

as far as possible from the actual name of the name of the product to be abstracted. Take an abstract name and you will not have these concerns when you are in the future.

2, Lenovo’s magic

bar name can choose those names. Apple, for example, would make people think of the apple that fell on Newton’s head. When consumers see or hear your name, this association will help them to remember your brand more deeply. read more

Jiangsu 2016 listed companies to add new strength of 44

in the process of economic development, a good enterprise in the strength to reach a certain stage, will actively choose the way of listing, for their own more money, in order to continuously enhance their own strength. 15 afternoon, the situation of Listed Companies in Jiangsu news briefing held in the provincial finance office. Provincial Finance Office of the capital market director Huan Heng introduction, this year (as of December 15th), the province’s 44 new listed companies, the amount of financing of $26 billion 741 million. Among them, the territory of the new 36, ranked second in the country, accounting for the same period of IPO 17.8%; in the first financing amount of 22 billion 974 million yuan for the first time, ranked first in the country, accounting for about 16.9% of the first financing. read more

Maternal and child supplies stores how to quickly achieve profitability

is now the maternal and child care industry as a result of the implementation of the two child policy, as well as consumer demand and other aspects of the impact, resulting in a lot of opportunities for development, but how to grasp a better future? Faced with the competition between the industry, in the end there is what kind of success cheats is worth learning? Small series for us on how quickly the mother and baby stores in a detailed introduction, I hope that we should pay more attention to this. read more

What do you need to deal with red wine franchise

red wine stores need to deal with what documents? Follow China’s wine market development of these years, many people have chosen to open the wine so, you need to handle documents how long can you do? Now many investors choose investment projects are not involved in the field, therefore, to understand the related matters are not comprehensive, so, want to open the red hotel man, this is to look at the process of the shop permit, make a reference for you!

read more

Retail brand stores

retail store is one of the places where people often go shopping, consumer demand for these retail products, consumption, so businesses feel that investing in a retail brand is also very good choice to get rich. So what brand can be used for reference?

A, to the youth health supermarket

series to a variety of youth health supermarket health products in the market, welcomed by consumers, variety, quality brand, invite cooperation. To join the youth health supermarket is a "conscience do business, earn money conscience" cheap supermarket, the products are in the leading level in the refining process, technical content, packaging, design, to the youth health care supermarket brand agent and all through the high-tech product certification, by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Changsha City Bureau of quality and technical supervision of security. read more

VCs are most concerned about the ability to achieve creativity

want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of things, of which the idea is to mention a. Creativity is a very simple part of the entrepreneurial process, VCs are concerned about the ability to achieve creativity.

as VCs, I find that chatting with friends or acquaintances often become investment speech. I will start the habit of teaching, so that they understand the venture capital companies, rather than creativity. Plainly, creativity is a part of the entrepreneurial process is very simple, we are concerned with the realization of creative ability.

VCs is to reduce risk, since most of the risk from execution, then it will shift the focus to the wind screen "human being". At Cambridge City, the newly formed Redstar venture team announced that they will be fully top-down Investment: to solve the problem or opportunity to determine the best market prospects, and then went out looking for the problems can be solved, to provide financial assistance. read more

Soup jar stores location recommendations

soup jar stores location work on how to deal with? Many franchisees will choose to open in the district or school business district, which is certainly a very good site reference, but also to consider the actual conditions of the site of the scientific and rational. Do you have any help for your business? Come and learn together.

After the

read more

The cradle of College Students’ pioneering project in South China University of Technology

with the attention of university students entrepreneurship is deepening, innovation and entrepreneurship professional base have been established, providing a full range of multi angle support for university students, ensuring more young people successfully embark on the road to entrepreneurship, achievement.

at the South China University of Technology, there is a called "entrepreneurial island" circular building, this is the ideal for every student in the school of business. In this specially set up business incubator center, gathered dozens of students entrepreneurial projects, more than a hundred entrepreneurs dream practitioners. read more

Where children’s indoor entertainment can be opened

whether we choose what kind of business opportunities, if you need to store operations, naturally need to take into account the location of the shop. But in recent years with the development trend of children’s indoor entertainment projects in the investment market is getting better and better, a lot of people are willing to invest in children’s indoor entertainment projects, especially for the site that together we should pay more attention to it in the end where appropriate entertainment projects in the children’s room? read more

Thousand yuan entrepreneurial project leaves photo shop

have you thought about your photos on the leaves? Did you ever think that the picture you got was a leaf? Sounds very interesting, not to mention today’s people are very fond of self-expression, taking pictures in the usual thing, but the investment of thousands of dollars to open a photo shop, the business will be very fire!


read more

What is the shoe store name case

although many shopkeepers have seen the relevant naming skills, however, for how the name also has a lot of questions, I do not know what kind of name can refer to. Here, Xiaobian to introduce some shop name case, giving more owner a good reference.

1, a name:


interpretation: the name of the pronunciation more agile fluently, have experience with English lead a person to endless aftertastes, very simple, is a good brand name shoes.

2, a name:

shoe giant

interpretation: stride meaning, describe the spirits, to exult. read more

Stall is the key to attract consumers

many people think that the stall is very simple, as long as with a plastic paper, put on the thing you want to sell OK, if it is that you are far from success. In fact, the stall is also very particular about the skills of a thing, this is a Knowledge has no limit. knowledge, said stall skills is very important, the key is to attract consumers.

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Tmall shop flow chart Xinshoubikan

in recent years, Tmall’s business is getting more and more prosperous, a lot of friends want to shop in Tmall, so I would like to know Tmall shop flow chart. Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce Tmall shop process, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

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Women’s stores to avoid these mistakes

for the female shop owner, of course, is the purpose of making money, but it is not so easy to make money. A lot of people in the women’s store when there are a lot of errors, need to pay attention to. What errors need to avoid women’s wear shop? Then we come to the detailed and we know about it.

The high price of

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Biaoshi Steamed Buns joined the process of brown sugar

I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten brown sugar. Although small series also did not eat, but seen, when you want to go up a bite, it must taste great. Of course, the catering market of Nothing is too strange., like brown sugar Steamed Buns so tempting food, it must have a lot of investment in the brand, choose what is good? Small as you recommend Steamed Buns biaoshi brown sugar.

brown sugar steamed bread as a new type of steamed bread, with its unique taste, nutrition and health of consumers. To speak of brown sugar Steamed Buns should be mentioned, is the Steamed Buns biaoshi brown sugar. Steamed Buns biaoshi brown sugar is a snack brand in Shanghai, it is committed to providing delicious nutrition Steamed Buns brown sugar for consumers and delicious, there is also a steamed stuffed bun, Soybean Milk snacks such as sales, will be launched by the recognized by consumers, the consumer is in a continuous line store. So how to join the Steamed Buns biaoshi brown sugar? read more

How to take a taste

catering industry has a feature of the operating process is that some of the projects affected by the season, so that sales performance market volatility, not stable. In recent years, the rise of China’s fast food industry has made foreign KFC, McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants began to become popular. And China’s local food and beverage industry is also unwilling to lag behind, convenience (convenience, is a kind of Chinese fast food) industry has gradually formed a certain scale. Even a lot of takeaway shops have begun to set off a breeze to join the investment wind, to entrepreneurs to provide a good investment to make money. Taiwan flavor to join the full year business no off-season, good food and beverage business projects. read more

Hunan ndustry Polytechnic, more than 30% students embark on Entrepreneurship

as the country for college students to encourage entrepreneurship policy is more and more, so that a large number of college students are successfully embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Each college entrepreneurial atmosphere is different, the number of entrepreneurs will naturally not the same, while the Hunan Industry Polytechnic has more than 30% students embark on entrepreneurship.

recently, good news came from Hunan Industry Polytechnic, the school of Mechanical Engineering College of Zhang Jiangjie’s "a sign language" a language conversion system with automatic alarm function "clothing" in a decentralized waste heat source for energy distributed generation single source "won the 114th Paris International Invention Exhibition Gold, silver and bronze. read more

For you secret clothing store business reasons

business is always good and bad, even if the fire is now the clothing industry, will encounter bad sales. Today, many entrepreneurs in the choice of project, will choose to invest in the clothing store, but there are many in the business a lot of problems, because now we summarize some poor business clothing store.


2. read more

n the winter of 2011 to set up a stall selling what the most money

in this year’s winter was colder later, then again in 2011 last winter, a street vendor selling what is the most profitable?

, a street vendor selling multifunctional dry cleaning

is very suitable for the early entrepreneurs, multifunctional dry cleaning can remove oil, clothes stains, stains, pen pen stains, chewing gum stains, as long as the spray brush can wipe clean, reduce the number on the laundry, by the majority of white-collar elite praise; can save money for consumers, operators profit good baby; any family and age levels are available. Upfront investment only hundreds of thousands of yuan, to stall or home sales promotion, gross profit rate can reach 70%~85%, the product life cycle is very long. read more

nvest in honey buns

bread, in our lives, is already a very high position. In our life, we can not do without the choice of bread. Of course, healthy and delicious bread, always very attractive to consumers. What about honey buns? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, joined the honey bun project, or very strong choice!

we all know that honey bread is a kind of bread, but also the most common western bread. However, it is proud that the inventor of the invention of the honey bread won the national invention patent. It is a plus as chairman of Mr. Wei Bingyi on the basis of ancestral crafts, invented. Spent a lot of thought on the formula and the shape design. It can be said that the honey bread and the product of the authentic formula and shape appearance is the combination of his wisdom. read more

Beautiful woman is still fashionable dress

now, women’s demand for beauty continues to increase. So for the business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, the choice of business investment in women’s market is very broad market. As we all know, a good brand to join the project, is the best choice for our business worries. Excellent beauty is installed? Not only has a high popularity, but also the best choice for entrepreneurship!

excellent beauty is still installed so that every woman has their own personality clothing, gifted beauty fashion personality, very promising market prospects, is a number of venture capitalists who want to join and invest in wealth projects. Excellent beauty products brand strong, elegant style, is also changing, more important is the brand advantage is very clear! First of all is that it has a small fee, only million yuan investment can join, this would greatly reduce the burden of the franchisee, let the entrepreneurial investors more easily achieve the wealth tour of the huge market, to the consumer personality, to join in return, this is our brand strength. read more

After the operation of service quality can not be discounted

During the

Festival, the major stores are hot selling products, in order to attract more customers, the owners of the service are generally in place. However, after the festival, some businesses may ignore the customer service due to careless, I had this experience.


, I think, a busy holiday season, business is not so busy, should relax, put the store business all the way to love a person to do.

because I am not in the store, no one to send goods. Some of the old customers, there is a kind of cold feeling. Unconsciously, the store lost a lot of old customers. read more

Entrepreneurship should not xianyisiqian


venture industry has many interbank business case, so many novice entrepreneurs in the business was originally their own entrepreneurial direction changing, so that the final crop failure, suffered heavy losses, in fact business focus on an industry a higher rate of return.


read more

How to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Chongqing

in many areas of life are strongly advocated the development of science and technology, but in the development of science and technology, only the better use of science and technology, will make technology has become practical significance. To implement the spirit of the nine plenary session of the four national and municipal deployment requirements, to further deepen the reform of science and technology, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer in December 8th, mayor Huang Qifan chaired the municipal government 150th executive meeting passed "Chongqing to promote scientific and technological achievements transformation plan". read more

How to do a good job in the restaurant business holiday

holiday economy is now in the major industries are the best time to make money, Chinese good lively personality let the holidays become a major business in the promotion of good time. For the food and beverage industry, the holiday business is to seize the opportunity entrepreneurs! It is a good example of the tourism industry in terms of holiday consumption! Food and beverage industry is also the same reason! With the improvement of people’s living standard. Choose a restaurant is common, especially in the country to celebrate holidays, family reunion time!

20 fashion catering joined and became a century before 80s, rice flour, meat is the most common people in holidays. But with the development of economy, people keep on pursuing new and unique ways. More and more new content has been added to the holiday food and Beverage activities. People are calling for the safety and health food, and a new concept of healthy consumption comes into being. Today’s holiday consumers pay more attention to and yearning for nutrition, health, convenience, affordable, healthy food. Wuhan Xiaolan stores in the Spring Festival dinner varieties reduced the proportion of poultry meat. Launched the "Dragon King mushroom" series of wild mushroom cuisine and has nourishing function of abalone, shark fin, ginseng, belly dishes collocation, welcome by customers. Therefore, hotels, restaurants must be based on people’s new dietary needs, to develop new food space.

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Energy saving and environmental protection projects favored Xiaochuang, highlighting the strength of

now, more people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection projects. And it has become a hot investment, many people are very enthusiastic to join. Its entrepreneurial group is mainly in the 20-60 years old, then what is particularly suitable for investment projects? Today I will introduce a Xiaochuang civil gas.

it is with life energy science and technology oriented, as the energy source for the brand, the patent product – the energy source of the whole water machine as the carrier, the chain alliance business model and managed mode of operation for the operation of the means. read more

From the bubble salvage entrepreneurial opportunities do you do

never complain that there is no business opportunities, in fact, but you are the eyes of business opportunities. We are looking for ways to make money, in fact, business opportunities everywhere, the key to see if you have found business opportunities. From the bubble salvage entrepreneurial opportunities.

Avanex listed on NASDAQ in 2000, the issue price of $36. The opening of New York, California before dawn. Han Xiaoyi remember, listed companies all day, get up early at the wheel, the first price soared to $more than and 170, exhilarated. Avanex’s share price has been high touch to $270. But by the time Han Xiaoyi left office in 2004, share prices had dropped to single digits. The trend is not good, his department was "zhuangshiduanwan". read more

Chen Jizhang’s business

business is not good to do, store sales of goods can not go on, which is currently a lot of shops encountered a business problem. However, this is not to say that any shop is the case, are not operating well. Chen Jizhang by virtue of the store sales, to prove to the people, even in the economic situation is not good at the moment, the same can not worry about business.

Chen Jizhang shop opened in the fall of Qiucun Tau Village, as business is only a short while ago, the order quantity is less, the brand cultivation is difficult, and the Lane shop business today. In November 1st, I came to find out. read more

Zhongguancun Venture Street will host the third innovation and entrepreneurship Festival

speaking of Zhongguancun, which was the famous places of business, many successful people out from here, millions more will sacrifice their own youth and passion here. It is such a place, is about to usher in its two year old birthday, and in such a special day, it also decided to hold the third innovation and entrepreneurship festival.

6 12, Zhongguancun Venture Street is about to usher in the birthday of the year of two. For two years, this street gorgeous walk before the familiar 220 meters long Haidian book city, from the start of service areas gradually grow into ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, and move on to the global innovation and entrepreneurship heights. read more

What kind of husband and wife can work together

as the saying goes, energy-saving, so do business, people love couples business, family business, but most of the time, all kinds of thoughts and values of people is different, so a couple together, how to do business is booming? Below, and let Xiaobian to you what kind of husband and wife to be able to do business together!

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The horse how to manage a barbecue shop

since the drama in the China hit, directly set off a burst of Korean food, Korean barbecue in the wind "Chinese also fire up, Korean barbecue stores everywhere.

upfront investment 100 thousand yuan store at least 30 square meters of

  staff – the owner of 1 people; salesperson from 2 to 3. With more than junior high school culture degree, health, personal hygiene has "health certificate";

and after the project unit training hold certificate " ";. Operators have a hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, master the relevant knowledge of food hygiene, with a  .

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This summer, the fire of the small entrepreneurial projects 9800 yuan will be able to do

if you want to ask a professional investment adviser, the summer of Hefei’s most popular, the most popular small entrepreneurial projects? Answer: nine in ten for dessert. From last year, between April and May and September, in the scorching sun, Hefei produced a large and small dozens of dessert shop.

management experience:

catch before summer opening, in one fell swoop do Wang popularity, is the main reason for the success of small chapter all-match dessert of fruit. Moreover, her focus on the hardware technology, the software is also very carefully, the recruitment and training of talkative lively young employees, to update the dynamic music player, pay attention to customers, do Mong VIP ring. read more

Recommended for one hundred thousand yuan entrepreneurial gold project

now want to start more and more friends, we all want to find a good project. There are about one hundred thousand yuan on hand, do poineering work what is appropriate? I believe a lot of friends have the same question. Today Xiaobian recommend to you for one hundred thousand yuan of entrepreneurship gold project, if you have saved $one hundred thousand, if you have a business plan, now with a small series together to see it.

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Pay attention to underwear purchase a unique secret you

operating underwear shop is a university asked, not only need to choose the time of the product is very hard, but the product positioning must be very accurate eye. Therefore, in the operation of lingerie stores, not only to have a good sales method, but also need to understand the purchase.

this "understanding" of the word contains very much, not only to know the location of purchase, the wholesale price level and in the face of the customer base, but also understand the store for customers preferences, body characteristics, it is more important to be Taohuo, to exercise a double goods piercing eye. The accumulation of the experience that requires time and experience, to reach the realm of perfection, is to take a long time. read more

Need to know the location of home appliance chain stores

home appliance products are used in our lives, the investment to open a home appliance chain store is very suitable, the market outlook is also good. So, where is suitable for home appliance chain? Do you have some good location skills? Let’s take a look.

residential commercial area refers to the area near the store street, to nearby residents to supply the required commodity based business center. There is often a medium-sized general store, with twenty or thirty daily supply as groceries, food service shop. The scope of supply of residential commercial area in general about thirty thousand people, mostly located in the center of a residential area, it is just a foil of residential areas, with the distinctive feature of life.
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What are the advantages of steam fast food

now, fast-paced life has been very hot. Of course, fast pace of life always needs a fast-paced meal with us, isn’t it? How about steaming delicious food? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, the health needs of the same conquest of our health!

steamed delicious fast food?

consumers in the choice of food has its own standards and preferences, so only a rich food to attract more consumer attention. Then the company carefully introduced steamed vegetables, soup and other series of delicious, so that every guest to the shop can find their favorite delicious. read more

Malatang stores where good

Malatang is a lot of friends favorite delicacy, if you want to open a mala shop, where the meeting is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, want to get a good understanding of the words, come on!

first, in the downtown area, the commercial activity is very frequent, the Malatang stores in this area store turnover is high. This site is called "land the land". Malatang stores open in where? On the contrary, if the shop in downtown, in some unfamiliar streets, few people tread it is difficult to improve the turnover. read more

Join the project to make money drink lemon workshop allows you to embrace the world of wealth

business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the beverage market, the market Unlimited Business Opportunities. Lemon workshop? Quality projects, the choice of the best entrepreneurial projects. What are you hesitating about?

joined the beverage project to make money? Let you embrace the lemon industry wealth workshop. Lemon drink workshop can be subject to consumers, nature has its unique features. To drink tea with fresh lemon workshop coffee, lemon pudding for sunshine, whisper to create a modern health, LOHAS characteristics of new beverages, for the modern people to create a more fresh and healthy fruit drink brands, again for fruit drink market and set a good example of lasting bright. So that consumers can enjoy the fresh taste in a short time. Lemon drink different culture workshop to the consumer, for the new beverage consumer experience, so the lemon drinks workshop by consumers. read more

These children’s toy store operating skills you mastered it

children play, every child wants to have a lot of toys, parents also love to buy toys for the children, so children’s toys joined very hot. Children’s toy market is very large, which contains unlimited business opportunities, investment in children’s toys need to consider good. Today to share the management skills of children’s toy store.

situational role is to promote customer emotion, cycle repeated consumption. Because of the beauty of goods. Can make the customers desire to buy. Want to open a successful children’s toy store, the owner should grasp the theoretical knowledge. Children’s toy store owners should also be the actual operation of the store, to sum up the experience. read more

What are the risks of opening imported food stores

Before the

operating a business in our decision, first need to understand the risk of such cause facing, so that it can ensure the investment cooperation so the cause of the risk of smaller, more likely to be successful. So, what are the risks of opening imported food stores? And let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

– high rent

imported food stores are generally required to open shops in the street pavement lively area, store rent is quite high. An imported food store owner to reporters calculations: 15 square meters of his shop, the day rent more than 200 yuan, the daily turnover of 500 yuan in order not to lose money, this does not include taxes, labor and other expenses. read more

See how the junior female students do shop, learning two

now more and more college students into the list of entrepreneurs, there are a lot of college students began to operate their own business during the school, more amazing is that they not only the business management is very good, even the study did not delay. Below, we take a look at how the junior female students do shop, learning two.

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Open jewelry store to master what skills

people are beautiful, and everyone needs a lot of jewelry, which is a very good decorative products, safe fashion, is a very good entrepreneurial projects. Jewelry business development is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people to open jewelry stores. But if you want to make money, or need to master a lot of skills.

brand choice

identify yourself, don’t look at the others well run like to follow the trend of investment, perhaps someone else’s method is not suitable for you; choose the industry, each industry has made and lost money, choose the industry market will see the development prospects of the industry; choose the brand, only in the know on the basis of talent in the industry develop steadily. read more

What problems need to pay attention to the cosmetics shop

how to do cosmetic shop? From the preparatory work to find the project to the early stages of the operation, each link is very important. If you want to invest in a shop, you can advance to prepare to see those links can not be ignored. Xiaobian finishing the relevant experience, I hope to help you.

business modelThe development of sales channels

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Recommend rural entrepreneurship gold home entrepreneurship can not be missed

in today’s society, the rural entrepreneurship policy is good, so there are a lot of people in rural areas began to return home business, here Xiaobian recommended rural entrepreneurship golden ideas, interested friends may wish to look at.

of the industry, the price of pork market is not very stable, the first problem: the cost of pig production and market is ideal, when raised to slaughter, if the market situation is not ideal, and suffer from the feed cost requires a large number of pig breeding and fatigue in this case, they have to slaughter thus, causing the low rate of return, labor The loss outweighs the gain. pig. If you set up a slaughterhouse and freezer in rural areas to solve the problem, when the market is not good when you can put the pig slaughter frozen, when the market turns for the better of the investment market. Give full play to the effectiveness of resources at the lowest cost input and high returns, which reduces the risk of rural pig market, so the establishment of slaughterhouses and frozen banks in rural areas is of great potential. read more

Top ten brands of burn medicine

life, there is a careless, encounter burns are very normal thing. However, once burned, if not on the drugs, is likely to cause infection and inflammation. For this reason, the market is now a large number of brands burn drugs. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the top ten brands of burn medicine, which allows people to choose a better brand of burn medicine.

ten scald medicine brand rankings: NO.1, Yunnan Baiyao in 1902 created by Qu Huanzhang, the state trademark protection, the time-honored, one of the most development potential of the company, Yunnan Baiyao Group Limited by Share Ltd. read more

Women join beginners reading guide

a lot of people think that acting women’s business is very simple, only need to choose the brand purchase, in the sale of a lot of publicity can be. To find a real shop when it is not so easy to find. Newcomers to join the new woman is very confused, the novice is also very difficult and confused. How to locate? What kind of clothing is to do everything according to their own economic strength, the local level of consumption and consumption habits and consumption of the main, their own interests to decide. Here’s a look at a discount brand women’s franchise case. read more

Why should choose the restaurant on the edge of the subway

is the development of China’s catering industry good industries, because of hunger breeds discontentment, so there are restaurants, catering shop investment is a good choice, at the time of investment, the location is very important. We found a lot of restaurants in the subway, which is why?

1. huge stream of people

restaurant location? Abortion means consumption, the surrounding Metro means First come, first served. Many people don’t have the time to eat, but commute and subway inseparable, so many of them are solved in the subway station. These people concentrated in the subway station, than the street just a lot of people, it will occupy the geographical advantage. read more

Clothing business needs to focus on store decoration

now, do the clothing business people want to open a good shop, gathering in crowds and groups, need to pay attention to many aspects, especially need to pay attention to store decoration, the brand clothing stores for entrepreneurs, like in the fierce competition to achieve good performance in the market. In the operation of the brand clothing store on the need to master a good store decoration.

the fierce market competition era designers must comprehensively use, in order to provide a good basis for brand clothing chain to win the competition. If the difference in the image of the goods sold, the concept of space should pay attention to change, otherwise it will make people feel stiff. Types of goods: the size of the size range of variation of the same kind of goods are, for example, a musical instrument shop has the huge and exquisite piano and harmonica, bookstores and glasses shop merchandise is basically the same specifications. read more

China nternational Tourism Fair held in Shanghai

Shanxi as a unique tourist attractions, to bring a variety of experience, so that people pay attention to the characteristics of scenic spots, can promote the development of tourism in Shanxi province. Deputy director of Shanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee Cao Xuecheng introduced the Shanxi province cities and key tourist attractions, travel agency focused on exhibitors enthusiasm is high, the exhibitors are carrying the novel style, rich content and distinctive tourist tourism promotional materials and small gifts, to attract the public eye. read more

Chongqing poor village development situation of sericulture industry and how poverty

China is a country with a vast territory and abundant resources of national economic development, every city is different, especially after the reform and opening up, some of the city’s economy has achieved rapid development, but also the development of some of the city’s backward! So, how to get rid of poverty in Chongqing village? Chongqing Qianjiang district government said today, in the area of cocoon production for 6 consecutive years ranked first in the city, 65 poor villages in the development of sericulture in 53 villages, play a role in poverty alleviation in the pillar industry. read more

Focus most of the start-up companies fall in Zhengzhou

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, many a person of noble aspirations start their own business plan, not only spend a lot of time, he also spent more money. "Low tide, before we know who is swimming naked." Today, the phrase used in the start-up companies who fit. Capital and the market has been widely sought after start-up companies, after experiencing the cold winter began to cool, death. Even once the star of the company, but also in the "winter" soundless and stirless fall. read more

Analysis of the channel strategy of growing brand in blog world

is an enterprise to develop well to have a look and look far ahead from a high plane comprehensive plan, and the growth of the brand channel strategy is how a concept?

in this value, the most easily overlooked is the channel. The emergence of electronic commerce enterprises to open another window, but now Chinese market is a channel for the king of the market. Especially the relative growth of enterprises, the brand is not strong, contend for channel, has become the only way to take cities and seize territory, gaining a foothold.

read more

Do solid wood flooring franchisees need to pay attention to what

for environmental protection, practical considerations, the modern home decoration are preferred choice of solid wood flooring products, which is the reason for the solid wood floor shop business is booming. There are many investors have chosen to cooperate with the domestic high-quality solid wood flooring brands to join the business identity to do business. Solid wood flooring shop is very good, but also need to pay attention to some problems.

for solid wood flooring stores, the customer is our God, this is the true saying business customer is profitable! Shop sources, only have as many customers as possible, to survive in the fierce market competition, and development. Commodity management can not be separated from advertising. Also, in store signs, shop windows, packaging bags, price label, leaflets, Yilabao display and so on, can be used to do publicity. In addition, according to the business situation, the choice of television or newspaper advertising. read more

Food market, you know what a single product

fierce competition in the food and beverage market, of course, in order to win the war there is no strategic layout is not enough. Now a single product strategy has become the development trend of the China catering industry, so a single product, how much do you know? Xiaobian summed up the following points, so we pay more attention to the value of food items, and avoid disadvantages of catering single product in the process of widening horizons catering business single product design model.

first, the value of a single product read more

Four challenges for the first time

entrepreneurship can not be smooth sailing, let Xiaobian tell you now, what will happen to the initial venture, so that you can make some contingency plans ahead of time. So as to minimize the loss and get through it!

1 funds:

The first big challenge facing

read more

How to determine the direction of College Students Entrepreneurship

A lot of

just out of college students in the process of looking for work and long run everywhere, can not find suitable for their own good work. Coupled with the current employment situation is grim, many college students have joined the ranks of entrepreneurship. For such a special entrepreneurial groups, entrepreneurship is still a challenge for them. So how do college students determine their own direction?

direction 1: high-tech field

in the forefront of the high tech college students, business in this area has a First come, first served. advantage, but not all students are suitable for business, in the high-tech field in general, deep technical knowledge, outstanding academic achievement of college students have success. read more

How to expand the catering market with huge competitive pressure

hunger breeds discontentment, with a very long food culture of the country, China’s catering industry has been in the stage of prosperity and development. A variety of food and beverage items on the market, brand, and every year there will be a large number of entrepreneurs to join. But now it is not a simple thing to want to survive in the competitive pressure of the catering industry.

read more

Hu Run’s secret of wealth

Hu Run

(Rupert  Hoogewerf), was born in 1970 in Luxemburg, British CPA, the famous "Hu Run report" founder. 1993 graduated from the Durham University in the United Kingdom (Durham  University), who studied Chinese at Renmin University of China, after studying in Japan to learn Japanese, proficient in German, French, Portuguese, Luxemburg and other seven languages. Andersen has seven years of experience in London and Shanghai accounting industry, launched in 1999 China first rich list rich list". read more

After 80 people how to achieve entrepreneurial dream

are now 80, are working class, who do not want to start their own business. 80 is a thought of offbeat groups, whether business or behavior, and before the age of the person different, but both the people of any age, survival is the same, just like the game of death, to pass people survive, while those who fail are eliminated. Life is like this, under the economic crisis, after 80 dare venture?

read more

Henan college students to apply for a subsidy program complex

in the social public entrepreneurship, innovation "of the call, many college students after graduation have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. 2016, Henan college graduates 510 thousand people, a huge employment crowd, so that the supply and demand in the job market does not match the structural contradictions are still outstanding. In recent years, Henan province has been continuing to introduce measures to help college students entrepreneurship, financial subsidies and preferential policies to college students together. However, the complicated application procedures so that some students give up. read more

Cooked food to join which good Search duck awesome security tactic

food market has a lot of hot investment projects, just cooked food industry has a lot of attention to the popularity of the brand. Cooked food to join which good? Search duck tactic reassuring quality, if you want to do worry investment business, can choose to learn about the brand project, hope can help you gain.

for duck Jue company to operate franchising business model, the legitimate use of independent intellectual property rights, over the years has been a steady pace and true disclosure of the company and industry information, and has been accompanied in some regions of the country, all of our intellectual property rights wanton violations, and in our system of the legitimate interests of the damage and a hard rights anti-counterfeiting campaign, try our best to reduce the company and the greedy franchise shop less harm. read more

How to choose the right to join the brand clothing

a lot of people want to invest in clothing stores, but for the novice entrepreneurs how to choose a reliable clothing to join the brand? The following and we talk about clothing to join, we should pay attention to the four aspects of the clothing business, which is very important for everyone, and I hope to be able to help everyone to join the successful venture.

1. clothing industry cultural concept system

clothing to join the system includes: the concept of enterprise culture and enterprise management, the purpose of the spirit of enterprise and brand – oriented social attitude, as well as clothing enterprises shoulder in the production, management, execution and other set of operating system in the enterprise mission, and in this way to establish a solid position in the minds of consumers. read more

Henan fried chicken store investment on the election of Mcgee guest

for the comprehensive transformation of the catering market, so that some people are not optimistic about the food and beverage brands was given second times again, such as fried chicken burger has always been known as unhealthy food hat, now through the transformation, the new market to regain. Fried chicken is now a favorite food, such food has been integrated into people’s daily lives. Now a variety of fried chicken shop is make people dazzling, many fried chicken franchise business can be said to be very prosperous. Henan is an important national economic province and population in Henan Province, there are many brand stores, in the face of so many brand stores should choose what brand is good? Today Xiaobian to recommend Mcgee guest fried chicken burger. read more

Now the most profitable venture

we all know that entrepreneurship is the key to the project, then what do you do this year to make money? The following Xiaobian summary of a number of entrepreneurial projects! If you are interested in entrepreneurship, then may wish to look at it!

organic foodOrganic food is a product of high

One of the charms of read more

Shop business to pay attention to security risks

for countless shopkeepers, many times because there is not enough attention, the occurrence of a security incident, not only the need for compensation, but also may lead to the store’s business has been greatly affected. This is not, there is such a security accident. This morning, the sky floating snow drifting profusely and disorderly ground, a vast expanse of whiteness, shop no customers, I sat in a daze in the shop door boring.

through the glass door, I can clearly see the opposite of the fruit shop. I saw a tall, short, two middle-aged women walked into the fruit shop, not long after, each of the two middle-aged women carrying a large bag of fruit out. In front of the fruit shop in front of a slope, the slope is the summer fruit shop owner for the convenience store every day to push the freezer to sell cold drinks specially built. read more

Braised chicken shop on Kyrgyzstan Steamed Rice how to join

Chinese is a state of ceremonies, 5000 did not break the ancient civilization, its culture as Chinese, dare not say they are aware of the fur, Chinese marriage auspicious own habits, we have to choose on the auspicious hour, shop business is the same, but also to choose the selected shops on Pu ji. On Ji Pu meaning is, all customer wishes Salan Ji Yun: pledge, everything is not only to Kyrgyzstan, okichi, more to kyrgyzstan. Ji Pu on the yellow chicken stew is delicious Steamed Rice products to bring you the feeling of happiness, then Ji Pu braised chicken Steamed Rice how to join read more

How much money to open a health museum

is now the economic income of people is indeed a lot higher, but the pressure is also more and more heavy, under high pressure, a lot of people’s health problems, and health has become a lot of people in the pursuit of. In this context, many people want to open a health museum. So, how much money to open a health museum?

choose to join, the proportion of the cost is relatively small. Some like to join the brand customer service service support, distribution is more like disposable utensils and spa products, health museum, Health Museum of some commonly used instruments, are included in the inside, so that the relative cost is not too high. read more

How to start a successful college students returning home

many poor students through their own efforts admitted to the University, really want to change their own destiny, a lot of people think entrepreneurs can do. Speaking of college students financing channels, but three points. First, bank loans; two is agricultural insurance; the other is policy subsidy of two. College students should be a good grasp of the current situation is conducive to the situation, through their own credit advantage, find ways to borrow money from the bank. Secondly, familiar with the agricultural subsidy policy, with project funding support, etc.. read more

2017 Carolina textile quality of life good choice

winter has quietly left, can spring be far behind? With the arrival of spring, we yearn for the quality of life for the 2017, Carolina textile, good quality of life! For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Carolina textile?

has been in a tense and busy life, hurried footsteps, little rest, and has little time to pursue the beauty of nature, enjoy the "chrysanthemum, just idle leisurely to see the mountain" of life. The rapid pace of urban life affects people’s living conditions, the home environment and their own health requirements have reached an unprecedented peak, people pay more attention to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. In the spring and summer of 2017 in the series, "Carolina moment bloom" for the new season theme, emphasizing the time of life is endless, moment, moment is forever, to encourage people to cherish now, live in the moment, seize the eternal beauty in an instant in. read more

Guangdong Yang Guofu Malatang joined how easily showmanship is not a dream


nowadays, many industry competition is fierce, but the food and beverage industry is always a sunrise industry, Guangdong Yang Guofu Malatang as consumers of special delicacy is also now, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about, now, Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang franchise business is very hot.

Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang to join Yang Guofu Malatang store ingredients are selected, the environmental health degree did not discount, so diners in delicious products and more a guarantee of health, with five kinds of popular ethnic customs stock, interpretation of the five flavors, gather high popularity, absolutely is a good choice for you rich. read more

Do business to be able to afford the trust of customers

some bosses will do business, you can win the trust of customers, if the boss can put their past business skills have been playing down, may be of further development of the store has a great help. And some shopkeepers earn a little money after it is easy to run, resulting in poor management of the store later. In short, we need to do business to be able to afford the trust of customers.

walked into the open in Yuxi city of Yunnan Province, Guangxi Road Xinxin convenience store, it encountered a child rushed in and shouted "Uncle", go in the freezer to take a bottle of yogurt and ran out, the boss shouted: "slowly, don’t fall." I asked, "is that the child of your family?" The boss shook his head and said it was next door to the children of the geological team in the home. read more

How the west point operations in order to have more attention

a lot of delicious snacks, let people pick hualiaoyan, west point which is a kind of very popular, whether adults or children love to eat, today’s consumer market, cake and bread pastry is becoming more and more popular, if entrepreneurs choose to join the industry entrepreneurs can have good development potential. But now the market on the west brand variety. This makes the west industry competitive environment is also increasingly fierce today, investors in the West open chain stores, how to win business in the field, the survival and development of space? read more

How to do a good job in the clothing store decoration

how to do a good job in the clothing store decoration work? This is a lot of novice should pay attention to the problem. Xiao Bian provides a number of details of the decoration design reference, I hope to help the franchisee to consider in a comprehensive manner, to do every detail of the work, so that the ideal shop decoration, more attractive attention. If you want to learn, please take a look at.

1, clothing store display cabinet

read more

Catering four business skills to help you succeed in business

catering industry to join a large number of projects in the market is also favored by entrepreneurs. Join have done, of course also have failed, in addition to join the cause of leader qualification itself, as well as their own in business when the problem. The following Xiaobian summed up four points to do catering business skills, a look at it!

Although a lot of read more

Cosmetics market demand for large projects

now, if a woman says that they do not use cosmetics, it is estimated that no one believed. Thus, this industry is very popular in the market. For entrepreneurs, the choice of entrepreneurial projects, investment cosmetics store is very good, to meet market demand, is a very good opportunity.

Research and innovation,

read more

Start the mobile phone film business it feasible

on the mobile phone film can get rich news have been reported, which has attracted numerous investors, all want to enter such a market. Then, start the mobile phone business is feasible? If you enter this market, whether the business will be developed?

through the mobile phone film after mounting mobile phone, can take on an altogether new aspect of bright, not only can play the effect of renovating the old machine, but also can be waterproof, prevent dirt from entering into the keyboard, screen, play the role of protection, so it is also commonly known as mobile phone film, mobile phone protective film beauty. read more

The simulation model of train the new darling of the market each year net profit of 300 thousand

children’s market is always full of business opportunities,   therefore, for the purpose of the investment of a friend, is a concern of the industry. Now the creative stuff is getting more and more popular. And those who like these things, most of the pursuit of uniqueness and novelty. And this pair of young couple after 80 to seize the consumer psychology, to do their own business.

1:87 the ratio of the structure even as like as two peas, and are like a door seat…… Shen Lijian and her husband operating on such a small train, the annual net profit of 300 thousand yuan, also set up a club. Into Shen Lijian and her husband is located in the Northeast toy city on the first floor of the train model franchise stores, as if into a railway station". read more

There is no easy life but there are persistent struggle

life is not always care outside Everything is going smoothly., encounter such tempestuous waves. A rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing.

1980 years after graduating from high school, Liu Xianmei road from village home Zhao hometown to Jiangshan County, he opened a tailor shop in the city with the elder sister. Half a year later, sister closed shop, and her husband go out beekeeping. The tailor has basically returned to Liu Xianmei, he opened a tailor shop.

1984, her "bee farm shop" the amount of tax payable is discharged to the whole country private enterprises pay taxes first, pay taxes at the time of the total tax Jiangshan Chengguan private enterprises 1/10. At that time, she paid millions of dollars a year.

"Waterloo life" career development, a good life, Liu Xianmei has a new idea. 1992, Liu Xianmei felt her daughter is 8 years old, career development is stable, want to go to college for further study. After a few years in the tailor’s shop read more

The installment was despised and nurturing lover woman was beaten nude

men’s message that will pay for nurturing lover on the internet. See the woman has said only after payment of nurturing lover, so the woman will find out man off again about the man’s clothes, and the beat of nude photos.

only heard the installment to buy things, do not know how the installment nurturing lover, is really a new event. But the thought of installment maintenance love of the man finally fall well off, turned out to be his lover beaten up, also picked clothes took nude, really lost a home, so he had to alarm a towel. So why did the installment nurturing lover people come to this fate, this is all because of a "Nurturing" information! See details: read more

Where to open a car jewelry store business is good

car accessories can add luster to our car, if you want to open a car accessories store, where the business is good? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, we want to help.

would like to quickly tap the potential profits of the outdoor industry, operators in the selection of the right to choose the site will be able to recruit customers, how to choose a car accessories store? For the sale, but today the city’s rapid development, urban land, choose the right shop address is correct, so the site must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. In fact, the downtown area is not necessarily a good location for your project, but without the help of these areas is not gathering place. read more

Memory hot pot join details

hot pot to join the project selection of hot pot? For the memory of the hot pot to join the need to understand the information to join, for the hot pot brand to join the details please refer to the following:

memory hot pot join condition:

1, in the right place to operate a good business reputation

2, agree with hotpot memory management concept and management system to develop

3 an enterprise legal person or natural person who is able to bear civil liability independently

4, there is a certain start-up capital and entrepreneurship read more

Scanner top ten brands list

scanner can be said to be a very important kind of office supplies, but also because of the demand, so people attach great importance to the brand of the product. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the scanner’s top ten brands, so as to help consumers can choose to more suitable scanner products.

scanner ten brands list NO.1, Canon Canon – Canon (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1937 in Japan, the group comprehensive imaging and information products leading the Fortune Global 500 companies, Canon (China) Co. ltd.. read more

Let us work together to understand what the main reasons for failure

now, the army is constantly strong, but at the same time, the failure of entrepreneurs everywhere. What are the main reasons for failure? Innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu said:

1. no focus: smart people will want to try a lot of new ideas, but in a resource limited startup, if you try all the cool idea, apparently is a luxury.

2. is aspiring: entrepreneurship should be targeted to locate in the user needs — a market service, a group of users, there is also a striking function, can solve a real user demand. After getting a small group of users, you can expand to more users. Then you will find more user needs, and constantly upgrade their products. This is the way of lean entrepreneurship. read more

Wuhu City, the first female electricity supplier entrepreneurship contest awards Yang Xintao

it was said that the electricity supplier industry is the world of female entrepreneurs. This is not too far off. The number of women in the electricity supplier industry practitioners to occupy almost half. Held in Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier business competition, the female hit Yang Xintao in 10 days to sell merchandise sales of more than 15 yuan last year, won the grand prize of $1586.

1 on the afternoon of 7 may,  , Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier Entrepreneurship Competition finals and Awards held in Anhui University of engineering, which also marks the successful closing of the venture. read more

Baidu price increases is not a mechanism

keyword price is mainly due to the auction mechanism, equivalent to the auction price continues to improve. As for prices, or competition is more intense, or the effect is good, customers are willing to pay more money to buy keywords." In Baidu’s marketing China line, the first stop in Shanghai, Baidu senior vice president Shen Haoyu, said that after the implementation of phoenix nest system, there is no price mechanism in the Baidu system.

data show that Baidu has been operating income for 7 consecutive years of substantial growth in 2009 sales revenue reached 4 billion 448 million yuan; paying customers is increasing, from 2005 63 thousand to 2009 317 thousand to improve the way, and the average per customer payment amount will continue to increase, in 2009 about 14 thousand yuan / household. Baidu’s recent moves frequently, the recent focus on the Baidu Sinan, Baidu business and advertising manager of value-added products, the market share of Baidu after Google era to seize the strength is very large. read more