Spicy taste five pot investment

familiar with the catering industry knows, in many catering to join in the project, spicy hot pot has been more popular investment projects, of course, this one does not bother many characteristics of incense pot brand. Hot pot is outstanding five taste a spicy pot of spicy hot pot to join the brand of choice. A hot pot smell five jiamengfei? Day grain group the main push of the hot pot shop taste Youdao five projects, investment of 2-4 million yuan, three shops available, provide an excellent opportunity for the public entrepreneurship.

spicy hot pot is popular the delicacy, mention spicy pot, you may think that only spicy, spicy can choose, there is a spicy hot pot brand will taste more professional to do? Spicy Youdao right, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant sauce, taste, five pot brings five kinds with delicious, spicy spicy also Road, a spicy hot pot do more professional.

A five

hot pot smell what is different? About a classic spicy spicy taste, a variety of precious pepper varieties, grinding ratio, incense pot made can let you quickly detonated the taste buds, hot spicy taste to create the peak experience, fun and exciting, you drive away all day tired! Never let love spicy food you do not miss the cool earthshaking, spicy spicy delicious a sign. Next, take a look at the spicy exclusive pepper pot, the selection of high quality pepper, grinding through professional equipment into a seasoning, bring a unique flavor to enjoy. The entrance brings irresistible taste makes you dumb, long aftertaste, become a loyal fan of it.

spicy Youdao five pot investment

A hot pot sauce

, make a new improvement in Maotai flavor on the basis of the traditional new pot Maotai Maotai rich, sweet and pleasant, not only the entrance, smell the smell of it, will make you unable to hide greeds! Is not a pot of spicy sauce to eat spicy who brought the gospel, but also provides you can choose the incense pot delicacy for children the elderly. In a spicy incense pot, soy is you cannot miss the classic taste, exclusive refined soy sauce, stir fry, with fragrant, eat a mouthful, taste salty and spicy enough, from the fingertips to the tip of the tongue, could not stop the hot pot of delicious soy oil a temptation. The world is extremely precious for fresh spicy chili specialty pot is a pot of spicy, chili and color collocation, brilliant purples and reds perfect all kinds of ingredients very spicy, pleasing and let your appetite.

spicy spicy flavor fresh taste five a pot is not already let you eat, in fact, to join in business, it is not only the authentic taste, it is in the promotion of operation is very professional. Spicy hot pot is now a favorite of young people, so hot in all aspects of the operation way for young people to start, as in store decoration design is opposite, its partners designed a variety of decoration scheme, each one is a symbol of fashion. In the mode of operation also cater to the young people’s spending habits, such as the introduction of the group

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