Neymar not going anywhere, says player’s father

first_imgNeymar believed that the younger players’ poor performance led to PSG’s loss at the Coupe de France finalAdvertisement bzt6czNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vse8g3iaWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E0qemy( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) bxdWould you ever consider trying this?😱kbyjCan your students do this? 🌚25gRoller skating! Powered by Firework Neymar’s transfer of 222 Million Euros from Barcelona to PSG was the most expensive of its time but the move wasn’t the kind of paradise that is expected at that price. With media fueling regular speculations and the player’s own disinterest, it mostly seemed that the Brazilian wanted a way out.Advertisement However, Neymar Senior, the player’s father spoke to RMC Sport to clear up the fact that Neymar is here to stay in Paris and the fans can rest assured.Advertisement “The contract is long with PSG.“We are only in the second season and it is not even over yet. We have a contract we are not even halfway through.Advertisement “These rumours of departure will always exist, we cannot have a player like Neymar without clubs dreaming about him.”He added: “Neymar’s desire to be at PSG was expressed two years ago, so the fans can sleep easy.“Today Neymar does not want to leave PSG, he wants to continue to help the club win titles.”Neymar does boast 48 goals in just 53 appearances for PSG and this excellent record with the capital club could increase along with the trophy count , given the form PSG are in lately. Advertisementlast_img read more

Mongabay investigative series helps confirm global insect decline

first_imgIn a newly published four-part series, Mongabay takes a deep dive into the science behind the so-called “Insect Apocalypse,” recently reported in the mainstream media.To create the series, Mongabay interviewed 24 entomologists and other scientists on six continents and working in 12 nations, producing what is possibly the most in-depth reporting published to date by any news media outlet on the looming insect abundance crisis.While major peer-reviewed studies are few (with evidence resting primarily so far on findings in Germany and Puerto Rico), there is near consensus among the two dozen researchers surveyed: Insects are likely in serious global decline.The series is in four parts: an introduction and critical review of existing peer-reviewed data; a look at temperate insect declines; a survey of tropical declines; and solutions to the problem. Researchers agree: Conserving insects — imperative to preserving the world’s ecosystem services — is vital to humanity. Read the entire series by Mongabay senior contributor Jeremy Hance hereAs night falls, numerous insects still fly to the artificial lights of homes in the Kenyan bush. But entomologist Dino Joseph Martins vividly recalls a time when the numbers swarming nightly above his outdoor table were staggering.“You would struggle … to eat your supper because you would have endless beetles and [flying] things falling in your … soup,” he recalls. Today, “that happens far less,” making outdoor dining more pleasant, but far more disquieting.Now Mongabay, in an exclusive four-part series, “The Great Insect Dying,” takes a deep dive into the so-called “Insect Apocalypse.” Interviews with 24 researchers on six continents, and working in 12 nations, are at the heart of the report — likely the most in-depth published on the looming insect abundance crisis by any news media outlet to date.Answers, so far, rest on the hard evidence found in a mere handful of studies, and on the anecdotal, though expert, observations by scientists. Despite limited peer-reviewed research, the scientists interviewed are in near consensus, agreeing that insects are very likely in significant decline globally.Part One of the series, an introduction to the issue, looks at the hard evidence. First news of a possible “Insect Apocalypse” broke in 2017 with groundbreaking research in temperate Europe, where researchers were stunned to learn that flying insect abundance fell by 75 percent in just 27 years in Germany’s nature reserves.Then, in 2018, tropical researchers reported that total arthropod biomass had plunged by 10 to 60 times in just 40 years in a Puerto Rican rainforest (arthropods include insects, arachnids and similar invertebrates).The rush to find evidence was on: A recent, but controversial, meta-study points to a serious decline, with insect abundance possibly falling at a rate of 2.5 percent annually. While most entomologists debate this finding, the majority interviewed believe a large-scale decline is underway.The big question: how bad is it?Ant drama unfolding on the ground beneath one of the caterpillar rearing barns run by Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs’ team of parataxonomists in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. Shortly after this photo was taken, the small ants brought the larger one down into their colony. Image by Timothy Treuer.Part Two of the series looks at declines in the temperate zones of Europe and North America, regions where we know the most about insects, but have little data on abundance trends.However, as each new data point is added to the picture, the news isn’t good: In a Scottish study, moth abundance dropped by 46 percent in just 25 years; in the Netherlands, an 84 percent decline in butterflies was detected between 1890 and 2017. Still-unpublished U.S. research in Ohio may tell a similar story, with butterflies there declining by about 2 percent per year.Part Three offers a survey of the tropics, where insects have the greatest diversity of any animal group on Earth. But studies are scant there, with the Puerto Rico research and a Mexico study providing the only major data points on abundance.Tropical researchers have, however, anecdotally observed big declines, and say they expect large-scale population decreases driven by climate change, wholesale habitat loss and deforestation (especially due to the meteoric growth of industrial agribusiness in the tropics), along with excessive pesticide use.This doesn’t mean all insect groups in every region are, or will be, in free fall. Declines will likely be uneven and family-specific. Some insects may even benefit, especially those able to live in highly degraded habitats — but most won’t, say the experts. Survey projects like the Arthropod Initiative and the Global Malaise Trap Program could soon begin offering much-needed data on tropical insect trends.In Part Four, the researchers offer solutions. Despite the lack of data, they say, we know enough already to start taking aggressive global action to save insects — and ourselves — now.last_img read more

Sudan’s women pursue football dream, challenging conservatives

first_imgCritics argue some conservatives are using an old playbook in Sudan: weaponizing stringent religious views to target political opponents, control women and thwart change.“Clearly this is part of an effort by Yousif to undermine the new government by stimulating a ‘moral panic’ regarding the subversion of gender roles. Partly it’s about his religious views, but it is predominantly a patriarchal form of gender politics,” said Willow Berridge, a lecturer in history at Newcastle University who has written about Sudanese Islamists.Yousif and his supporters “tend to occupy the most uncompromising end of the religious spectrum in Sudan.”The preacher’s diatribe has had little direct impact on the league. But Taghreed Awoda, an administrator with one of the teams, al-Difaa, and a feminist, said the showdown was part of a larger fight for change.“To have a women’s soccer league play in Sudan, this dismantles many of the main pillars underpinning the last regime,” she said.Under al-Bashir, laws like those restricting attire were inconsistently applied and disproportionately targeted the poor and less educated, as well as anti-regime activists, Awoda said. Women players were generally left alone if they kept a low profile, although one group was once briefly arrested, she said.Preparations for the league began more than a year ago in line with the objectives of the international football federation FIFA, said Mervat Hussein, head of the women’s  football committee at the Sudan Football Association. The efforts accelerated after al-Bashir’s removal, she said. FIFA, which sets criteria for developing women’s football, says member associations have objectives to meet to obtain funding.Women were at the forefront of the protests that eventually pushed the military to overthrow al-Bashir in April.Hala Al Karib, regional director of the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, said this should have translated into more rights, but many laws discriminating against women remain in place even after the public order law was reversed.She said some hardline Islamists are fighting for their interests after losing clout in al-Bashir’s fall, arguing their rhetoric finds little resonance. Women’s issues usually “get turned into bargaining chips” and risk being sacrificed to appease hardline groups, she said. ‘People evacuated on their own’ ‘People evacuated on their own’ Lava gushes out of Taal Volcano as villagers flee “We’re Muslim people and we love our Islam and how religious we are,” she said. Women sports were fine in closed areas, she said.The players say there’s no conflict between their faith and their sport.Gadal said she once heard men at the stadium saying women playing the game was “haram,” or religiously forbidden, and the players belonged at home. She ignored them.“I fast, I pray and I perform my Islamic duties. I see no problem,” she said, pointing out that numerous Muslim countries field women’s football teams.Balatone, who was raised in a conservative household that is “religious but not extremist,” said she once explained to her brother why she was so determined to play.She had already given up a lot. She had three passions: singing, football and English. She couldn’t afford college, she dropped singing because she was told it’s haram.“When it came to soccer, I said ‘Excuse me, I cannot let soccer go,’” she said. “We live and breathe soccer.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View comments US stocks climb ahead of trade deal, sending S&P 500 to record high MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. In the midst of all the wrangling is the story of women who say they just want to play football.“These are people who have struggled, toiled and have pressed ahead in the face of so many attempts to destroy their talents,” said Amany Anas, a player for al-Tahadi team. “Now the moment has come when they can show people that women could play just like men.”Al-Difaa player Fatima Gadal said in the past players sometimes used their own money to buy balls and gear. At times, she skipped buying food to afford bus fare to go play. “We were very much so on the margins.”Some things are still austere. After a recent game in Omdurman, Khartoum’s twin city, the al-Difaa team squeezed into a minibus with cracked windows, rusty interiors and not enough seats. The engine soon quit and team members pushed the bus, cheering when the engine restarted.The players hope official recognition will now result in more opportunities. Some families asked to enroll their daughters after they saw the league, said Anas.At the Omdurman game, the players picked up fans — men and women.One spectator, Akram Abdel-Aziz, said he didn’t expect to see women play football in Sudan.“It’s a lovely thing that I hope will continue. I love the courage of the women on the field,” he said. “I pray and I am a believer … and I can see that women are covered up and dressed modestly.”On the field, most players wear leggings under their shorts, but otherwise are in regular football kit, and many don’t cover their hair.Some are not convinced. After praying at the mosque where Yousif preaches, a woman who gave her name only as Balqis said she wouldn’t allow her daughters to follow in the players’ footsteps, stressing the need for modest attire. More than 40 quakes hound areas reeling from Taal Volcano’s eruptioncenter_img “There’s nothing in this world that I love more than soccer. Please let me play,” she says she told her family. For years, she and other women played largely in the shadows, sometimes on dirt pitches they cleaned themselves, often bouncing from one spot to another.The women finally took center stage when the world watched them play at a Khartoum stadium as the youth and sports minister and others celebrated Sudan’s new, officially recognized women’s football league. Balatone even had her family’s blessings.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSAndray Blatche has high praise for teammate Kai SottoSPORTSBig differenceSPORTSAlmazan status stays uncertain ahead of Game 4But it’s more than just a game. The women’s league became a field of contention as Sudan grapples with the transition from three decades of authoritarian rule that espoused a strict interpretation of Islamic Shariah law and, activists say, disenfranchised women in particular.Transitional authorities have taken some steps to roll back the legacy of ousted President Omar al-Bashir. In November, they overturned a notorious “public order” law that the prime minister said had been used as a “tool of exploitation, humiliation,” resulting in “atrocities” against women and youth. Rights defenders call it a step in the right direction, but say the fight is far from over. No need to wear face masks in Metro Manila, says scientist Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:43Philippines make clean sweep in Men’s and Women’s 3×3 Basketball01:05Poor visibility, nakaapekto sa maraming lugar sa Batangas03:028,000 pulis sa Region 4-A, tuloy ang trabaho03:57Phivolcs, nahihirapan sa komunikasyon sa Taal01:04Sold-out: Stores run out of face masks after Taal spews ash01:45Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown01:54MMDA deploys rescue team to Batangas following Taal eruption Pagasa sees cloudy skies, scattered rain showers in volcanic eruption-hit areas No nostalgia for Tom Brady as he enters latest postseason run Air quality in NCR now improving after Taal ashfall In this Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019 photo, Sudanese al-Difaa, in yellow, and al-Sumood women teams play in Omdurman, Khartoum’s twin city, Sudan. The women’s soccer league has become a field of contention as Sudan grapples with the transition from three decades of authoritarian rule that espoused a strict interpretation of Islamic Shariah law. (AP Photo)OMDURMAN, Sudan — All her life, Elham Balatone wanted to play football — like her brothers, like the boys on her street. But in the Sudan where she grew up, women could be flogged for wearing pants, let alone football shorts. She heard all the reasons why she had to give up her dream. It’s a Muslim country; the uniform is inappropriate; the sport was meant for men.She played anyway, wearing pants or putting on leggings underneath shorts.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Some ultraconservatives, however, have been pushing back. Preacher AbdulHay Yousif and others have painted football as part of a battle for Sudan’s identity.“What religion, what Shariah, what manhood would allow a Muslim woman to appear before men … with her arms, legs and some of her thighs exposed and then run before them,” Yousif told worshippers in October, shortly after the league, made up of 20 teams, started.“By God, these people have not come … for economic development or social prosperity or scientific elevation. They have come to destroy religion and morals.”He also denounced the youth and sports minister, a woman, saying she “doesn’t believe in what we believe in” and is a follower of “an apostate” — comments that sparked a legal battle between him and the minister.A pro-Shariah group that backs Yousif urged preachers “to use their pulpits to make the truth victorious and to defend the constants of Shariah … and expose the government’s secularization plots.”ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

Cricket in Guyana brings people together

first_imgDear Editor,We are often told about racism in Guyana, but to witness all Guyanese together cheering on the Warriors was indeed a marvellous sight. Persons of all cultures, identities, political views and opinions were, for the first time I should say, not divided, but standing together to support and cheer on our local team.In my opinion, this is the Guyana that we all dreamt of; not a country divided by political views and beliefs, but of persons working together as families and friends.The joy and happiness plastered on the faces of people as the Warriors won their first match at Providence was remarkable. Persons exchanged hugs, smiles, and high fives; and laughter was a sign that the Guyana you and I dream of is real, and by working together, we all can achieve this goal.I want to say to all Guyanese: Don’t allow the many political views to cause disunity, but keep in mind that this country belongs to each and every one of us; not the Government or Opposition, but Guyana belongs to each and every one of us equally.All the best to the Warriors for a successful tournament. Many thanks!Sincerely,Pt Surendra Tiwarilast_img read more

Hegarty goal shoots Four Masters U21s to victory in Kilcar

first_imgCIAN Hegarty hit the goal midway through the second half as Four Masters overcame Kilcar in the U21 ‘A’ Championship.Kilcar 0-7 Four Masters 1-8In a tit-for-tat encounter in Towney, the teams were level five times, Hegarty struck gold in the 46th minute. There was nothing to separate the teams until then.Oran Doogan scored all of the Kilcar points while Matthew McKenna had scores three first-half points for Four Masters.Shay Travers’ brace was also crucial for Four Masters with teams all square at 0-5 apiece at the break.Doogan fired over in added time to draw the game, while Four Masters were indebted to a superb Eamonn Jordan save during the opening half. Oisin Reid and Travers inched Four Masters in front and when Hegarty riffled home the goal, it was Four Masters’ day.Scorers – Kilcar: Oran Doogan (5f) 0-7Four Masters: Matthew McKenna 0-4f, Shay Travers (1f) 0-3, Cian Hegarty 1-0, Oisin Reid 0-1Hegarty goal shoots Four Masters U21s to victory in Kilcar was last modified: October 26th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:2019 Under-21 Football ChampionshipCian Hegartyfour masterskilcarMatthew McKennaOran Dooganlast_img read more

Indiana State Police Hiring Criminal Intelligence Analyst II

first_imgThe Indiana State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Interested applicants must be able to maintain concentration on numerous tasks in a busy environment and be able to remain seated for extended periods of time. Applicants must be able to remain calm in emergency situations and will be required to work multiple or rotating shifts, on a 24/7/365 basis, requiring weekends and/or holidays. The Indiana State Police is looking to hire a Criminal Intelligence Analyst II position to serve within the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center.The successful applicants would serve as a civilian employee of the Indiana State Police whose primary responsibility is to perform all analytical tasks on criminal intelligence in order to support law enforcement functions relating to all Crimes, all Hazards mission of the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, as described in Executive Order 13-22.Minimum requirements for this position are a high school graduate or possess the equivalent GED. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field; or a minimum of ten years prior law enforcement in intelligence analysis, or equivalent military experience in intelligence analysis, or a combination of law enforcement and military experience. Must be able to obtain and maintain a minimum of “Secret” level security clearance from the US government (federal). Must be able to evaluate information from various reports. Must be able to perform background intelligence checks for various agencies. Must be able to subject information to correlation and analysis in order to discern patterns, recurring events, identities and activities of suspected criminal groups and their members. Must be able to examine raw data in order to assemble it into a focused collection of information to be used for investigative leads or court proceedings. For more information contact Brandon Lowe at the Indiana State Police Human Resources Division, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis IN. 46204. (317) 232-8238.center_img The hire salary for this position is $49,010. To be considered for this position the applicant should apply online at Applications will be accepted until midnight April 22, 2017.last_img read more

Flash 10 for Mobile Devices

first_imgAdobe and ARM today announced that they are joining forces to bring Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR to ARM powered devices in a move that Adobe hopes will lower power consumption for mobile devices running Flash and AIR content, and make it easier for users to play video on a variety of devices.According to the statement, the partnership stems from the Open Screen Project, Adobe’s industry-wide initiative set to address challenges of Web browsing on a broad range of screens.The joint technology will target the ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures used in ARM11 processors as well as the upcoming Cortex-A series processors.ARM believes that the resulting technology will run on “billions of devices from our partners, such as pocket-sized mobile devices, mobile computing platforms, set-top boxes, digital TVs and automotive infotainment,” said vice president of marketing, Ian Drew in the statement. “The combination of Adobe Flash and ARM’s low-power processor IP and Mali GPU will ensure a fantastic Internet experience for consumers on the world’s leading 32-bit architecture.”Getting Flash on mobiles in an efficient manner has been a goal of Adobe for some time. The majority of mobile phones that can use Flash at the moment use Flash Lite, the cut down version of the technology, and one that is limited in what it can play. Although the technology is not expected to be available until the second half of 2009, Adobe will demonstrate Flash Player 10 during the Adobe MAX developer conference this week in San Francisco. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting lidija davis A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Tags:#Adobe#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more

You don’t want vendor lock-in: 5 rules for a real world solution

first_imgIn my last blog post I pointed out you can never actually avoid vendor or technology lock-in. This is particularly applicable to the main cloud orchestration tool you use. You have to choose one orchestrator and will want to stay with that choice for quite some time. So, making the right choice is key.As long as clear standards have not emerged you will have to make a choice regarding which technology you implement. Such technology can be provided by a vendor, meaning you trust the vendor, or come from a consortium building open source tools. In that case you are betting that consortium will be a winner moving forward.For some technologies, there are two ways of looking at standards. The orchestration tool is actually an interesting one from that perspective. On the one hand you have the orchestrator itself allowing you to provision, de-provision and run services. On the other you have the configurator, which will explain to the orchestrator what needs to be done for each service. The orchestrator might be proprietary, but if you have a standardized configuration “language”, you are able to shift from one orchestrator to another if you wish to. To stick to my example, you have TOSCA for example standardizing the specification of service automation.Since you can’t ever be fully sure, it’s critical right from the initial choice to look at how the tools you use can interact with the external world. This will allow you down the road to integrate with other environments if your original choice does not turn out. Here are five pragmatic things you better check out early.1. Support of heterogeneous environments (hardware, operating systems and hypervisors)This one is particularly applicable if you choose an integrated cloud environment but should be checked in other situations also.Which server, storage and networking infrastructures are supported by the environment you choose? How easy is it to add infrastructure from a different type? Not only does this allow you to include some of your existing infrastructure in your cloud, but it leaves you the freedom to make alternative choices moving forward.Most applications today are built either on Windows or Linux, but some still use a variety of UNIX type operating systems or even private ones. What OS is used by the applications you are planning to move to the cloud and are those supported by your environment? This is a key question to evaluate.The third element to this step is the hypervisor. Today the majority of the market uses VMWare’s products. But we slowly see a shift to other hypervisors such as Hyper-V and KVM. Costs and technology factors play a role here. Don’t limit yourself to one hypervisor, but make sure your environment supports multiple, giving you the possibility to choose what is best for you. Even if your existing operational systems run on VMWare, maybe you want to use KVM for the development of new applications. Some development tools currently in the market actually allow you to automate the deployment of applications on multiple cloud environments. This allows you, for example, to use KVM for development and most of testing while you run VMWare in production, hence reducing license costs.2. The availability of APIsHow can I interact with the chosen technology? Can I trigger actions from other applications or portals without requiring manual intervention? What do the application programming interfaces (APIs) allow me to do? How well are they documented? How easy are they to set up and use? These questions are fundamental in ensuring the technology is open and gives me the flexibility to evolve as my needs change. A couple API standards are emerging (AWS and OpenStack), but they only address IaaS functionality at the moment. You’ll probably need more.Look at APIs from two ways: incoming and outgoing APIs. Can an external environment trigger an action using the technology and can the technology initiate an action that needs to be taken by an external environment? Here are a couple specific areas to look at:Can I perform all functions available in the portal through programmatic interactions?Do I have the possibility to integrate an external identification/access management environment?Can I integrate with my existing LDAP/Active Directory environment and use its information?Can I use an external approval environment to approve for example the provisioning by a user of a service?Can I integrate an external service in my catalog (we’ll talk more on that a little further in this blog post)This is a non-exhaustive list. Make sure you have yours prior making a choice.3. Template DesignsOrchestration uses templates to define what action to take. Those are typically designed using graphical user interfaces. Obviously, in case you decide to change orchestration tools, the last thing you want is to have to redesign the thousands of workflows or templates you designed. Hence the fact standards are emerging. The most documented one at the moment is TOSCA as I already mentioned. However, we are still in the early days, so we cannot be sure this is going to be it. So, make sure the technology you choose is clearly intended to support a standard. Support of TOSCA is a good proof point.4. Configuring external servicesI often highlight intermediation, aggregation and bursting in this blog. All three require a programmatic interaction with external systems. This implies interactions between the two environments. We already talked about the APIs, their documentation and what they would do. But there is another aspect to look at and this is how the external service can be integrated.Let me give an example. You want to integrate in your catalog, allowing your users to request access to your CRM environment on You will need to describe the service in your catalog, define which users can request access and potentially identify an approval process and a price or charge back for the service. But then, you will need to make sure that, when a user places the request, this request is actually transmitted to You will define an orchestration template that will trigger the transfer of the request and check whether it actually succeeded or not. But then you will have to describe how Salesforce is actually triggered. You will use some of Salesforce’s APIs to perform this task. Salesforce makes its functionality available through SOAP and RESTful APIs as described in the documentation.  You will connect an action in your orchestration template with an XML string that is transferred using the API technology chosen. For each action you plan to perform, you will have to configure such action. This is how you build the integration. But obviously you only have to do that once for each external service you plan to integrate.Before choosing a technology, make sure you understand how this can be done, and how effective and secure the communication is.5. CustomizationThe last element to review is the level of customization that is offered. Over the years your users have become familiar with a specific vocabulary and a way of doing things. Can you adapt the portal and the other functionality exposed to the user to something familiar to them? Also remember the questions I raised earlier. You may have a specific identification and access mechanism. Can that one be integrated? You may have your own approval process mechanism; can that one be replicated or integrated? And I could go on like this.Assess how well you can customize the environment to your specific needs.  But at the same time, check whether you can keep the customization when moving from one version of the software to the next one. You don’t want to have to redo everything when you upgrade your software. And in the cloud environment, newer versions of the software are regularly released.ConclusionWhen choosing a specific technology you are locking yourself in, whether you want to or not. Moving to a different one will be painful. So, make sure you are taking the right bet. Choose a technology that allows you not just to address today’s needs, but to grow with them as they evolve. Keep my five rules in mind as they will help you find an environment that can grow with you. And that is probably the most important. Frankly, most often companies change technology because the existing one becomes a bottleneck. Make sure you do not have to do that.- ChristianChristian Verstraete is the Chief Technologist Cloud at HP and has over 30 years in the industry, working with customers all over the world, linking business and technology.Read more of Christian’s blogs herelast_img read more

ISL: Santos’ late goal gives Delhi Dynamos 1-0 win over Pune City

first_imgBrazilian winger Gustavo dos Santos’ magical left-foot kept Delhi Dynamos in contention for a semifinal berth as they defeated Pune City FC by a solitary goal in the 13th round encounter of the Indian Super League.Dos Santos, who scored his fifth goal in the tournament, broke the deadlock in the 88th minute to take Dynamos to 17 points and upto the fourth position in the league table. A win in their last away encounter against Chennayin FC will be enough to take Dynamos to the knock-out stages while Pune at 16 points and in sixth place will now have to win their last game and look forward towards favourable results.Dos Santos, who probably has been only second to countryman Elano Blumer in terms of exhibiting brilliant individual skills weaved past a couple of defenders before slotting it from a narrow angle beating Pune FC custodian Arindam Bhattacharya.What makes his goal special was the move initiated from the right flank and Dos Santos again did all the spadework with his left-foot. Alessandro del Piero got some 22 minutes of match time but didn’t look like bothering the Pune defence.Pune should have got the equalizer in the dying moments when their Nigerian striker Dudu Omagbemi had a free header from a cross essayed by Saidou Panandetiguiri. But Dudu failed to direct his nod with Kristof Van Hout at his mercy.The closest that Dudu came to scoring was in the 77th minute when a misdirected header from Jermaine Penant left Dudu with an opportunity to score from a sniffing distance but his shot went booming over the horizontal.advertisementEven Greek World Cup Kostas Katsouranis was guilty of not able to head home a perfect cross from Korean Park.last_img read more

Diksha Dagar becomes youngest Indian woman to win on Ladies European Tour

first_imgPublished on sport × Diksha Dagar’s story is unlike any other. A wisp of a girl with a shy smile, she is a profile in courage. And, a good portion of that has been acquired from her tenacious father, Col Narinder Dagar, who has not wavered from the belief that his daughter, born deaf, is world-class in sport.On Saturday in far-off Cape Town, South Africa, with her father being her caddie, Diksha wrote her own piece of history by becoming the youngest Indian woman to win on the Ladies European Tour (LET).“I just went out today trying to play my normal game,” said Dagar, who plays with a cochlear implant that helps her to hear at close-to-normal levels. “I really didn’t expect to win, but it happened and I am very happy. I got two lucky breaks towards the end, with a long birdie putt on 15 and then the chip-in on 16. Normally I would just try to chip it close and make the par putt, but this time I had a feeling I could do it and it went in.”Top amateurIn 2016, while still being an amateur, Diksha was given a place to play at India’s biggest women’s pro event, the Hero Women’s Indian Open. It was her first appearance on the LET and the then 15-year-old from Haryana made the cut and finished as the top amateur.Aditi Ashok, who became the first Indian to win a LET title, had won the event. At that time, Diksha said, “It’s great to see Aditi win and very nice that she’s the first Indian to win the tournament. I will take a lot of motivation from this and her performance on the LET. This year has instilled a lot of confidence in all Indian players.”On Saturday, as Diksha emerged triumphant in Investec Women’s South African Open in Capetown, Aditi congratulated Diksha on Twitter. Diksha thanked her for showing the way. Col Dagar had then observed, “I’m convinced that Diksha has a lot of raw talent as she is effectively self-taught. She’s also a leftie, so she’s more crafty. She is fearless in her shot making. She has great ball striking but will need technical support.”Dad doubles up as coachCol Dagar, whose life in the Army had given him access to golf, played at almost scratch handicap at one time. He brought a semblance of normalcy in his daughter’s life with cochlear implants and then began coaching her at age six. Diksha, recalling those early days, said, “I have been learning golf since the age of six. I love to play the sport, but no one was ready to provide coaching. So, my dad became my coach.” “Despite his job, he coached me and my brother, who also had hearing problems like me. I could not have played alone, so he coached my brother (Yogesh Dagar), too. I hardly had any friends. Besides my family, golf is my life.” In 2017, she represented India at the Deaflympics in Turkey and took a silver medal. She dominated the Junior circuit and the Ladies circuit. She won a Women’s Golf Association of India pro event while being an amateur.She represented India at the Queen Sirikit Cup team event and in 2018 won the Singapore Open. She wore India colours at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Her father confided that by year-end he was planning to turn his daughter professional.She played the Ladies European Tour Qualifying School in Morocco and finished T-21 to get a status. Weeks later, she gained status on Australian Ladies Pro Tour’s Qualification. Diksha began her career Down Under and played six events, including the Vic Open co-sanctioned with the US LPGA, but missed the cut. Of the rest, three events were co-sanctioned with the LET. The last one was NSW Open last week and she logged her first top-5 by finishing fifth.Bright futureFrom Australia she flew to Capetown for the Women’s South African Open. A tired Diksha double bogeyed the first and third holes to be four-over after three. Then, she shifted gears and dropped just one more bogey in the next 51 holes. Her last 42 holes were bogey free.Diksha’s win can change her life and open new doors. The Olympics is still some distance away, but who knows Diksha and Aditi together could be doing National duty at Tokyo in 2020. golf Coached by her father, she overcame a hearing impairment to excel at the sport COMMENTS COMMENT March 17, 2019 SHARE Diksha Dagar Diksha Dagar SHARE SHARE EMAILlast_img read more

Q & A: The Legal Aspects of the Durban Platform Text

first_imgAt the 17th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP-17) in Durban – “the longest COP ever” — Parties agreed to establish an Ad Hoc Working Group on a Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (AWG-DP). The AWG-DP has the mandate to develop **“a protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force under the Convention applicable to all Parties.”*The AWG-DP will start its work “as a matter of urgency” in the first half of 2012. It will complete it no later than 2015, with the outcome to be adopted at COP-21 and to come into effect and be implemented from 2020. The content of AGDP’s workplan will focus in particular on “enhancing mitigation ambition to identify and to explore options for a range of actions that can close the ambition gap with a view to ensuring the highest possible mitigation efforts by all Parties.”What are the legal implications of the Durban Platform text, and what could the different legal options mean for the UNFCCC? Below we go through some questions and answers:Q: Many Parties went to Durban concerned primarily about the expiration of the first commitment of the Kyoto Protocol, and the need to develop a new legally binding agreement, containing legally binding commitments for all major emitters of greenhouse gases into the future. Does the mandate of the Durban Platform ensure this outcome? Let’s start with the legal form of the agreement.A: The AWG-DP will complete its mandate if it is able to produce one of three outcomes: 1) a legally binding protocol (under Article 17 of the Convention); 2) another legal instrument (most likely an amendment of the Convention under Article 15, or a new or amended annex to the Convention, under Article 16); or 3) another “agreed outcome with legal force”. All three options must be agreed “under the Convention”.While the Durban Platform text contains a number of ambiguities, it has moved the process enough towards a new, comprehensive and legally binding agreement to have secured the agreement of the European Union (EU) to enter into a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol.Q: What is an “agreed outcome with legal force”?A: The final deal was struck with the addition of this third option and as a result of a compromise between the European Union (which was keen to see the form of a legally binding agreement as parallel in form as possible to the Kyoto Protocol) and India (which has consistently resisted calls for a new legally binding agreement). Following a sharp-elbowed “huddle” during a break in the formal negotiations, the language was endorsed from the floor by India and the EU as a third option.It’s the least clear of the three options, as it uses language that doesn’t appear in the Convention. But this option seems to be designed to allow room for the negotiations to end with an outcome that doesn’t take the form of the legal instruments expressly contemplated in the Convention (a protocol, an amendment and or an annex to the Convention), and yet is still “under the Convention”.Those countries that have resisted calls for a new legally binding agreement may promote the use of this third option to lead to an outcome that is not conventionally viewed as legally binding, such as a COP decision. To succeed they will have to convince the majority of UNFCCC parties that support the adoption of a new protocol or an amendment.Q: How does an outcome with “legal force” differ from an outcome that is “legally binding”?A: Under international law, a binding agreement or commitment represents a country’s or countries’ express consent to be bound, and its willingness to be held accountable by other parties for its compliance with its obligations. Most often through the additional step of “ratification” these agreements become binding under the domestic law of each country as well. We have discussed the merits of legally binding agreements and commitments elsewhere; see our summaries after COP-15 Copenhagen, COP-16 Cancun, and before COP-17 Durban.Out of context, many would likely interpret “legal force” as being the equivalent to “legally binding”. For example, the Convention speaks of legally binding instruments such as protocols and amendments as “entering into force” when they become binding on Parties.In the context of the Durban Platform negotiations, this choice of words seems to signal something different, and softer, than a legal instrument requiring ratification. The EU, at a press conference immediately following COP-17, expressed its view that the third option is the weakest and therefore the least desirable. It will be up to those countries supportive of this third option to convince others what an “outcome with legal force” might mean under this Convention.Q: Why did some countries resist the idea of concluding the AWG-DP process with a legally binding agreement?A: India, alongside other countries, has made the point that the form of the agreement should be decided only after its content has been agreed. Many share India’s concern that it would be unfair if developing countries with rising aggregate emissions but very low per capita emissions were to find themselves trapped under legal obligations similar to those being taking on by far richer, and historically more culpable, industrialized countries.India has also stated that it feels that COP/MOP decisions, such as the so-called “Marrakech Accords” that operationalized the Kyoto Protocol’s market mechanisms, have in practice had all the force of law, even if many consider them to be non-binding. As has been discussed previously, many lawyers and Parties to the UNFCCC have expressed the view that the UNFCCC COP does not have the authority to adopt legally binding decisions.Among industrialized countries, the United States (which signed but failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol) has been the most resistant to commit in advance to a process leading to a legally binding instrument or protocol. The US delegation has frequently expressed the view that the process of generating the Cancun pledges was successful in securing the participation of more than 90 countries, in part because these pledges are non-binding. Also, the US Congress is notoriously reluctant to ratify international treaties.Q: How does this negotiating mandate differ from previous goals the process has set for itself, in terms of the form of the desired outcome?A: The importance of the Durban Platform text, which helps explain how long it took to negotiate, is revealed most clearly by contrasting it with the 1995 “Berlin Mandate” that guided the design of the Kyoto Protocol, and with the 2007 Bali Roadmap, the Parties’ most recent attempt to set a goal for negotiating a regime of post-2012 commitments.The Berlin Mandate limited the potential legal form of the outcome to 1) a protocol or 2) another legal instrument. More significantly, it limited the content of any outcome of the negotiation to the strengthening of developed country emission reduction commitments, and expressly excluded the introduction of any new commitments for developing countries.When adopting the Bali Roadmap, Parties were only able to set their sights on an “agreed outcome.”Durban thus represents the turning of a corner for the climate regime, in that it directs the negotiators towards a binding legally agreement (and/or one with legal force) that is applicable to the mitigation efforts of all Parties.Q: What about the content of any future legal protocol, instrument or outcome? Will the Durban Platform necessarily lead to legally binding commitments?A: The legal character of any new agreement emerging from the AWG-DP will have four dimensions: the legal form of the agreement, which we have just discussed; the legal form of commitments within that agreement; the prescriptive nature and content of these commitments; and the procedures and institutions set up under the agreement to hold its parties accountable for complying with their commitments.The AWG-DP’s mandate does not refer to the legal character of any commitments that it may contain. If the outcome itself isn’t legally binding then any commitments within it will not be legally binding. But it is also possible for a legally binding agreement to contain provisions that are softly worded, or that are so imprecise as to be, in effect, non-binding.The AWG-DP mandate does not mention commitments, but rather a “range of actions”, “efforts”, and “options and ways” that the negotiations will consider when addressing a long list of climate-related challenges, including “enhancing mitigation ambition” (emissions reduction), adaptation, finance, capacity building and technology transfer. It mentions the need for this content to be “ambitious.” It recognizes “that fulfilling the ultimate objective of the Convention will require strengthening the multilateral, rules-based regime under the Convention,” thus signaling the importance of transitioning away from the unilateral, unharmonized “pledge and review” approach of the Cancun Agreements.But the AWG-DP mandate does not reflect an explicit agreement that “actions” set out in the agreement will be legally binding. It is clear, however, from the context of the Durban negotiations that the bulk of the Convention Parties will be seeking to ensure that this next round of negotiations lead to new, legally binding commitments to reduce emissions, and that a powerful minority of Parties may continue to resist this outcome. While this will no doubt continue to be debated hotly, there seems little point in launching yet another ad hoc working group if it is to lead to the kind of unilateral pledges that Parties produced for Cancun.Finally, the AWG-DP mandate says very little about the nature of the institutions and procedures that will hold the Parties to the new regime accountable for implementing their commitments. The text refers to the workplan including “transparency of action” but much more will need to be done to ensure the post-2020 climate regime benefits from the lessons learned about the importance of compliance procedures to the effective operation of multilateral, rule-based agreements.Q: What about equity? What room does the Durban Platform allow for a legally binding agreement containing commitments that are highly differentiated between developed and developing countries?A: Any new climate change agreement will need, in its legal form, to address the principle of common but differentiated responsibility and respective capabilities. As we have discussed elsewhere it is possible to bring all countries into a common legally binding platform while assigning to them highly differentiated commitments.Both the US and the EU have insisted that any new legally binding agreement would need to contain legally binding commitments for major emerging economies, while it could allow for differentiated responsibilities with regard to the content of those commitments.The AWG-DP mandate calls for the widest possible cooperation by all countries and their participation in an effective and appropriate international response, that the outcome of the negotiations will be applicable to all Parties, with “a view to ensuring the highest possible mitigation efforts by all Parties.” (emphasis added).Somewhat surprisingly, the mandate does not mention the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, the concept of historical responsibility, equity, or other principles frequently invoked by developing countries to ensure that the industrialized countries take the lead in the global effort to combat climate change. This leaves it largely to the AWG-DP to determine how differentiation will emerge.Q: What is the relationship between any future commitments agreed on the basis of the Durban Platform and the legally binding commitments under a Kyoto Protocol second commitment period, as well as between these future commitments and the Cancun Agreement pledges?A: The AWG-DP mandate will develop a regime that will come into effect after 2020. While the Kyoto Protocol outcome from Durban is also ambiguous, it appears the agreement for a second commitment period, which will last either five (2013-2017) or eight (2013-2020) years, will be in the form of a legally binding amendment to the Protocol.There are signs however, that the European Union and its member states will be reluctant to ratify (legally bind themselves to) this amendment until they see significant progress in the implementation of the Cancun pledges, and progress being made under the Durban Mandate.Most of the Cancun pledges run from 2012 to 2020 and the experience of reviewing the adequacy and implementation of these pledges in the coming years will undoubtedly have an influence on the design and ambition of what emerges from the Durban Platform.last_img read more

‘We’re over it’: Carter-Vickers eager to take place with USA and Spurs

first_imgIn Earnie Stewart’s full-to-bursting inbox, resolving the ‘Europe question’ will not be far below the priority of appointing a head coach, when he begins his role as new USMNT general manager next week.The competing philosophies over whether to pick MLS-based players or choose those plying their trade in the European leagues dogged the US throughout their failed bit to reach Russia. Geoff Cameron’s post-mortem assertion that it created a “poisonous divide” in the squad remains an utterly damning assessment of US Soccer and then-coach Bruce Arena’s handling of the issue. If Carter-Vickers is to fulfill his international ambitions though, he is under no illusions that he needs to be playing regular first-team football for his club. Last season provided an invaluable learning curve after he enjoyed loan spells at Championship outfits Sheffield United and Ipswich Town.“I was getting a lot of game time alongside some experienced players at both clubs. That’s really helped me and I feel like I’ve improved as a player,” he said.But after signing a new contract until 2021 with Spurs in May, the upcoming Premier League campaign could be a seminal one in Carter-Vickers’ long-term future at White Hart Lane. He turns 21 in December and knows he is at a stage of his career where he needs to be challenging for a first-team spot under Mauricio Pochettino.Spurs’ 10-day stint in the States is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the academy product’s progress to Pochettino, with many of the club’s first-team regulars still on holiday after their World Cup commitments.“I’ve come back to Spurs this pre-season and I’ve been focused on working hard in every training session and trying to impress the manager as much as I can. I’m at that age now where I want to be playing games,” he added.“I’ve just signed again [a new contract] at Tottenham, so I’m aiming to get into that starting XI. I feel if you impress the manager here and you do the right things on the training pitch, he’ll give you that opportunity.”If Carter-Vickers can make the grade at Spurs, then he may well have already determined the philosophy of the next USMNT coach. US sports Share via Email features But if Stewart and Arena’s long-term successor are to follow the lead of caretaker boss Dave Sarachan and restore Jürgen Klinsmann’s outlook of prominently featuring those earning a wage on the other side of the Atlantic, then Christian Pulisic is merely the ringleader of a rich next generation of European-based American talent.Andrija Novakovich (Fortuna Sittard), Lynden Gooch (Sunderland), Keaton Parks (Benfica), Luca de la Torre (Fulham), Josh Sargent (Werder Bremen), Timothy Weah (PSG), Weston McKennie (Schalke), Shaquell Moore (Reus), Antonee Robinson (Everton), Erik Palmer-Brown (Breda) and Matthew Olosunde (Manchester United) have all been blooded during Sarachan’s six-game tenure. None will be over the age of 25 by the time of the 2022 World Cup.The same goes for Tottenham Hotspur center back Cameron Carter-Vickers – currently in California for the club’s participation in the International Champions Cup pre-season tournament. After making his USMNT debut as a half-time substitute in November’s friendly against Portugal and starting both of last month’s encounters against France and Ireland, the 20-year-old is determined to remain part of a rising crop of young talent. “I feel there’s definitely a strong group of players coming through in the next generation. We’ll all young, we’re all hungry and we’re all passionate about the US. We want to do well for ourselves and for the country,” he told the Guardian.“I feel like every player goes on different paths. There’s obviously a lot of competitive leagues in Europe, so for players to be playing at a good level every week definitely helps, and it will definitely help the US.”While Carter-Vickers was thousands of miles away from the blood-letting and questioning which followed last October’s debacle in Trinidad and Tobago, he was well aware of the ramifications of failing to reach a first World Cup in more than 30 years.But the English-born defender – who qualifies for the US through father Howard Carter, who had brief stints in the NBA with the Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks – senses that focus has now shifted from asking what went wrong, to making sure that the USMNT reclaim a seat on the world stage in Qatar 2022.“I feel that both the federation and as a group of players, we’re over that now. We’re already looking to work towards the next qualifying campaign and moving on from there,” Carter-Vickers said.“The next World Cup is a must for the US. From a personal perspective, by the time the next qualifying campaign comes around, I want to be in the position where I can help the US and play in those qualifying games, and then hopefully help us do well at the World Cup.” Read more Share on LinkedIn Topics Tottenham Hotspur USAcenter_img Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Read more The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Share on Twitter Summer transfer window: club-by-club guide for the Premier League Share on Pinterest Which football club has made the biggest profit on a player in their 30s? Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Super League v NRL: is the northern hemisphere bridging the gap?

first_img Since you’re here… NRL Super League NRL warned of sponsor exodus over stream of off-season scandals Share on Messenger Ellery Hanley, the former Lions captain, thinks the number of Englishmen playing successfully in Australia has helped. “Guys like Elliott Whitehead and Sam Burgess, seasoned England internationals, going there and playing in the NRL have eliminated the fear factor for Englishmen and changed perceptions of our players and their abilities,” he says.“It was deemed that our boys wouldn’t be able to cope with their standard but I think England getting to the World Cup final shows that Super League is almost level with them now.”Paul Sculthorpe, the former Great Britain captain, is adamant the elite in both leagues are at a similar level. “Their player pool is bigger than ours but our best against their best, there’s not a lot in it – the World Cup proved that,” he says. “Some of our lads are now rightly considered to be the best players in the world.”But what about the World Club Challenge itself? With the Super League chief executive, Robert Elstone, admitting major changes could be afoot for the event’s format and scheduling next year, just where does it fit into the domestic calendar? “I think it would be a disgrace if this game ever disappeared,” Carney says. “Other sports would kill for a clash that pits its best club sides from different hemispheres against one another. If we lose it through the apathy of the NRL’s approach to it, that is a disgrace.” Share via Email Topics Share on LinkedIn … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Pinterest It is said that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and never has that mantra been more applicable to a sporting event than in rugby league’s World Club Challenge. Of the 26 previous versions of the event to determine the best club side in the sport – dating back to the inaugural unofficial clash between Sydney and St Helens in 1976 – there have been more tweaks and changes than most league fans would care to remember.From the ill-fated, expanded 1997 edition, in which British clubs performed disastrously amid millions of dollars’ worth of losses, to the short-lived World Club Series of recent seasons, the format has never discovered its panacea. The purported disparity between the sport’s two elite competitions, Super League and the NRL, has long been cited as the reason why the competition has never properly taken off but, as Wigan prepare to host the Roosters on Sunday in the latest instalment, just how big is the gap between the two? Their player pool is bigger than ours, but our best v their best, there’s not a lot in it – the World Cup proved thatPaul Sculthorpe Wigan Warriors ‘Undervalued’ World Club Challenge in line for major revamp, says Elstone Support The Guardiancenter_img Reuse this content Read more “I think the standard over here is currently higher than it’s been for a long time,” says the current St Helens coach and former Sydney assistant, Justin Holbrook. “You can see that from the rule changes Super League has made to try to align itself with the NRL. Whether we’re catching the NRL up … we’ll find out on Sunday.”Perhaps we will. In the past decade only two British sides – Leeds in 2012 and Wigan in 2017 – have beaten the NRL’s best. But with Super League’s recent rule changes designed to close the gap on the NRL and speed the game up – plus England’s progression at international level – is the gap already being narrowed?“We as a competition have to get to a standard of play that threatens the NRL, I totally get that,” admits the former Great Britain winger turned TV presenter Brian Carney. “We’re going the right way now. We’re doing things that should have been done a long time ago but you won’t see instant results. You wouldn’t have kicked Italy out of the Six Nations a few years ago simply because they were struggling – now they’re competing.” Sydney Roosters features Sign up to The Recap, our weekly email of editors’ picks. Carney is not alone in his views; it is widely acknowledged in the northern hemisphere that the tournament is too often viewed as a warm-up event for the Australians, prompting Elstone’s desire to shake it up.That attitude, however, cannot be attributed to this weekend’s visiting NRL champions. “If you love the game of league, then you must respect it on all levels – including the World Club Challenge,” says the Sydney coach, Trent Robinson, who previously coached in Super League with Catalans. “I’d like to see a bit more structure to it so you can look long-term, because you have discussions every year about where and when it’s being played.“But we want to showcase rugby league. If we’re going to invest time travelling to England, then we will respect the heritage and quality of the game in this country.”Robinson’s attitude is commendable, and perhaps indicative of a growing Antipodean shift towards Super League, given the influx of players to the competition this season in the peaks of their careers, rather than the usual annual arrival of those seeking one last payday in Europe. Share on Twitter Read more “I think all the high-profile imports who’ve arrived this year would give our competition a thumbs-up and are pleasantly surprised where we are,” Elstone says. “Increasing the intensity and pace of our game has been a priority but we have to aspire for our competitions, including this one, to look different in the future. We own such a fantastic property in the World Club Challenge, which arguably hasn’t been subscribed to properly by certain people in the past. We have to change that.”Carney agrees. “The game needs to back this concept. We’ve only got two elite professional competitions in the world and not much else, so if you are culpable for letting this event die, you cannot love rugby league.”League, one suspects, will not let that happen. But in a theme not too dissimilar from Super League’s constant league structure changes of recent seasons, perhaps the World Club Challenge will never get the respect it deserves until Super League proves it is on the NRL’s level this year and beyond. Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Australia sport Rugby leaguelast_img read more

2010 X-Blades National Touch League update

first_imgThe rain has finally stopped and there is a bit of sun shining over the fields at Stockland Park, Caloundra, giving the fields a much needed chance to dry. The TFA staff have arrived in full force to set up the new venue, and will continue to do so over the next two days in the lead up to the biggest National Touch League in history!In other news, make sure you join the brand new Touch Football Australia Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest news and scores throughout the tournament. Search for Touch Football Australia on Facebook and become a fan today! As well as a day full of action packed Semi and Grand Finals on Saturday, 13 March, local radio station Hot 91.1FM will be at the fields doing live crosses from the venue as well as bringing their cheer squad. A big screen will also be used on finals day, with the Mixed, Women’s and Men’s Open finals to be broadcasted on the screen, including instant replays and interviews.Today’s edition of the NT News has a story about the 2010 X-Blades National Touch League. To view the story, please click on the following link: tuned to the TFA and NTL websites, as well as the new Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the latest news, previews and read more

Victoria Jubilee Hospital Receives Equipment

first_img The charity will also be donating two blood pressure machines and other equipment to the Kingston Public Hospital. The Victoria Jubilee Hospital has received medical equipment valued at US$6,700 from United Kingdom-based charity, Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals, to improve its neonatal services.The equipment, five incubators and five phototherapy devices, were handed over during a ceremony held on February 22, at the hospital’s North Street address in Kingston.The charity will also be donating two blood pressure machines and other equipment to the Kingston Public Hospital.In her remarks at the ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of the Kingston Public Hospital and Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Colleen Wright, expressed gratitude for the donation.Proud parents, Diane Shand (second right) and Jeffrey Richards (right) show their newborn twins, Malik and Malia to Consultant Paediatrician, Neonatal Care Unit, Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Dr. Yanique Brown (left). Others are (from second left): Registered Nurse, Tamara Campbell; Chief Executive Officer of the Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Colleen Wright; and Director of Nursing Services for the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Elise Fairweather Blackwood. They attended the handover ceremony for five incubators and five phototherapy devices donated to the hospital by the United Kingdom-based charity, Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals. The ceremony was held on February 22 at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital’s North Street address in Kingston. The equipment, five incubators and five phototherapy devices, were handed over during a ceremony held on February 22, at the hospital’s North Street address in Kingston. The Victoria Jubilee Hospital has received medical equipment valued at US$6,700 from United Kingdom-based charity, Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals, to improve its neonatal services.center_img Story Highlights “I know that your donation will assist in enhancing the healthcare of our clients. At this hospital we provide gynaecological care, as well as maternity care. We know from time to time babies are going to be born that need to be placed in the incubators. We are grateful for the donation and we will use it as prescribed,” Ms. Wright said.Senior Medical Officer at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Dr. Rishi Chand, said the hospital’s services are in great demand, noting that an average of 700 babies are delivered each month.He expressed appreciation for the equipment, noting that it “is going to help us manage our patients”.Dr. Chand added that the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) which is to come on stream shortly, will further assist in expanding the hospital’s capacity.Representative of Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals, Joan Lindsay, said the charity remains committed to improving the services of the island’s public health facilities.“We have been fundraising for the past five years. We are grateful for the public that freely give and donate to the cause. It is because of them that we are able to equip the hospital with these incubators. Children are our future, and so we were inspired to try to get these equipment,” she said.Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals’ mandate is to improve public health facilities across the island.last_img read more

Kartarpur corridor hits roadblock as consensus eludes India Pak Report

first_imgLahore: The ambitious Kartarpur corridor linking Pakistan’s Gurudwara Darbar Sahib with India’s Dera Baba Nanak shrine has hit a roadblock after the technical experts from both the countries could not find a consensus on building a bridge over Ravi’s floodplain, a media report said Tuesday. The experts from Pakistan and India on Monday held a meeting to discuss the modalities for the corridor at the Kartarpur Zero Point. The Express Tribune reported that the meeting lasted only one hour during which the representatives of both the sides exchanged details of the construction work. Also Read – Dussehra with a ‘green’ twistIndia wants the construction of a kilometre-long bridge on the Ravi river while Pakistan suggested the need to construct a road, it said. The Indian officials objected to the road, citing the possibility of floods in the river. However, the Pakistani officials said that a dam could be built around the road and the inclination of the road could be kept high to avoid flood waters, the report said. The two countries also could not agree on the date for the next meeting. Also Read – India receives its first Rafale fighter jet from FranceThe group from the Indian side had officials from the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Land Ports Authority of India, National Highways Authority of India, among others. The Pakistani side was represented by the officials of Federal Investigation Agency, customs, construction, Pakistan Rangers Punjab and Survey of Pakistan. Earlier in April, technical experts and foreign ministry officials from both the sides participated in the talks held at the same venue. In the March meeting, the two sides decided to present surveys and maps for border fencing and developmental work on the Dera Baba Nanak-Kartarpur Sahib Corridor to their respective governments. In November 2018, India and Pakistan agreed to set up a border crossing linking Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan’s Kartarpur – the final resting place of Sikh faith founder Guru Nanak – to Dera Baba Nanak in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district. Pakistan has said that the work on the corridor will be completed before the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak in November this year. The Kartarpur corridor is expected to provide visa-free access to Indian Sikh pilgrims to the Gurdwara in Kartarpur Sahib a small town in Narowal, four kilometres from the Pakistan-India border, where Sikhism founder Baba Guru Nanak spent the last 18 years of his life.last_img read more

Cricketer James Anderson Names His Top 10 Songs For Charity

first_imgJames Anderson, Lancashire and England cricketer, and the man responsible for taking 10 wickets during the first Ashes test, helping England to victory, shares his top 10 favourite tracks of the moment to mark his ambassadorship of music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.The ten tracks on James’ Spotify playlist are:Get Lucky – Daft Punk feat PharrellRadioactive – Imagine DragonsIndian Summer – StereophonicsDefault – Django DjangoMirrors – Justin TimberlakeLaura Palmer – BastilleHollow Talk – Choir of Young BelieversYou & I – Crystal FightersSomeone Told Me – Jake BuggHo Hey – The LumineersYou can listen to the Nordoff Robbins Amabassador James Anderson’s Top 10 tracks of the moment playlist on Spotify.Speaking about Nordoff Robbins’ work, James says, “Nordoff Robbins’ music therapy work struck a real chord with me. I’m a really big music fan so to see a charity using music to transform lives is really special to me. During a visit to their centre, I got to see first-hand the difference music therapy can make to all kinds of people. Their work is really unique and I’m proud to support them.”last_img read more

SEC charges Volkswagen former CEO with defrauding investors

WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission is charging Volkswagen and former CEO Martin Winterkorn with defrauding American investors during an emissions scandal.The SEC said that between April 2014 and May 2015 Volkswagen issued more than $13 billion in bonds and asset-backed securities in U.S. markets when senior executives knew that more than 500,000 vehicles in the country grossly exceeded legal vehicle emissions limits.The complaint claims Volkswagen made false and misleading statements to investors and underwriters about vehicle quality, environmental compliance, and the company’s financial standing, which gave Volkswagen a financial benefit when it issued securities at more attractive rates for the company.Volkswagen did not immediately comment early Friday.The Associated Press read more

TSX advances as traders look to Fed rate announcement growth data

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market closed slightly higher Monday as traders played it cautious ahead of a busy week for economic data and earnings news, including the U.S. Federal Reserve’s latest word on interest rates.The S&P/TSX composite index gained 18.48 points to 14,797.83. The Canadian dollar moved down 0.26 of a cent to 80.23 cents US.New York’s Dow Jones industrials gained 6.1 points to 17,678.7, the Nasdaq was up 13.88 points to 4,771.76 and the S&P 500 index climbed 5.27 points to 2,057.09.Markets were unaffected by the election victory of Greece’s anti-austerity Syriza party over the weekend. Syriza wants the eurozone to ease the spending cuts and tax increases required under Greece’s financial bailout program and even forgive some of the country’s rescue loan debt.“But so what? At the end of the day, they (Syriza) won but the negotiating room that they will have as a party is pretty much zero,” said John Stephenson, president and CEO of Stephenson & Co.The U.S. Federal Reserve is holding its interest rate meeting on Wednesday. The Fed is expected to start moving rates away from near zero around the middle of this year and traders will be looking for any signs the central bank might move earlier.But Stephenson thinks they will go later than generally thought.“Because of all this uncertainty out there, they will be on hold longer than most people think. Consensus is they move in June but I don’t think they move that soon. They’ll move later.”Other major data points include the latest economic growth figures for Canada and the United States, both out Friday.Economists believe Canadian gross domestic product grew 0.1% in November. TD Bank (TSX:TD) said Monday that it now expects the economy to grow by just 2% this year, compared with its December estimate of 2.3%, because of falling oil prices.TD also said that is expects oil will average US$47 this year. Oil prices have fallen more than 40% since the end of November when Saudi Arabia rejected calls to cut production in order to support prices.In the U.S., fourth-quarter GDP is expected to come in at an annualized rate of 3.1%, down from a 5% pace in the third quarter.On the TSX, lift came from the industrials sector, up one% with Canadian National Railway (TSX:CNR) rising 96 cents to $85.44 ahead of earnings coming out Tuesday.The gold sector ran up 1.75%%, while February bullion faded $13.20 to US$1,279.40 an ounce. However, the sector has surged 36% this month while gold prices have steadily advanced.The base metals sector was ahead 0.8% as March copper rose four cents to US$2.54 a pound.The energy sector advanced, up 0.3%, with oil in New York closing down 44 cents at US$45.15 a barrel.Telcos led decliners, down 1.85% with Rogers Communications (TSX:RCI.B) down $1.98 or 4.2% to $45 after Canaccord Genuity (TSX:CF) cut its rating on the stock to hold from buy. It added it expects Rogers to report a “sluggish” quarter when it posts earnings Thursday.The Canadian Press read more

Kosovo two UN police officers repatriated due to professional misconduct

The repatriation occurred following an UNMIK investigation into charges that four of its police officers were involved in the movement of women for the purposes of prostitution.”The investigation has now been concluded,” said Derek Chappel, UNMIK police spokesman. “Two officers were found to have contravened the Code of Conduct. They have been repatriated. Two other officers have received letters of reprimand.”While the four policemen committed professional misconduct “to varying degrees,” evidence was not found to support criminal charges, the spokesman said. read more

Decades Before Moneyball The Dallas Cowboys Used Advanced Stats To Win Super

A. Salam Qureishi grew up in India and knew nothing about football — or America. And yet in the early 1960s, Qureishi, a computer programmer and statistician, helped the Dallas Cowboys overhaul their scouting system, replacing hunches with hard numbers.The result: five Super Bowl appearances and two titles. FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films present “The Cowboys and the Indian,” directed by Mark Polish. It’s the second film in our short series “Signals.” (Watch our first “Signals” film, “The Man vs. the Machine,” here.) read more

Football JK Dobbins announced as starting running back for game against Oklahoma

OSU freshman running back J.K. Dobbins (2) runs a play during the 2017 season opener vs Indiana. OSU won 49-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorFor the second straight game, freshman running back J.K. Dobbins will be the starting running back for Ohio State Saturday, when the team hosts Oklahoma Saturday at 7:30 p.m in Ohio Stadium.Last season’s starting running back Mike Weber was held out of last week’s game with a hamstring injury, but is healthy and will play this weekend as well, according to coach Urban Meyer.“J.K. will start, and then we’ll see as we move forward,” Meyer said on his 97.1 The Fan radio show.Meyer said earlier in the week the two would operate in a rotation against the Sooners. During the Big Ten teleconference on Tuesday, Meyer said the pairing offers the Buckeyes a couple of different style running backs and both will be used, even if he was still unsure in what capacity the two will be deployed.Dobbins set a record for an Ohio State freshman running back in his debut game as he rushed for 181 yards on 29 carries. The first-year starter also added 24 yards on two receptions, including an 18-yard reception on a wheel route on the second play of his career.reer. read more

CPL 2018 Botha appointed Guyana Amazon Warriors Coach

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCPL 2018: Warriors’ Head Coach hails consistency of Guyana franchiseAugust 3, 2018In “latest news”CPL 2018: Guyana Amazon Warriors poised ahead of opener at ProvidenceAugust 8, 2018In “latest news”Guyana Amazon Warriors set for 2 practice matchesAugust 5, 2018In “latest news” …West Indies Rayon Griffith appointed as Assistant CoachJohan BothaThe Guyana Amazon Warriors have appointed South African Johan Botha as their Head Coach and current Guyana and West Indies A Team Manager Rayon Griffith as his Assistant Coach. They will take charge for the 2018 Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which runs on 8 August to 16 September.Botha has had previous coaching experience at the Pakistan Super League with Islamabad United and Multan Sultans.Botha has also played at the Hero CPL, winning the title with the Trinbago Knight Riders in 2015.As a player Botha represented South Africa in Tests, ODIs and T20 Internationals, claiming 126 wickets for his country.Rayon Griffith (GCB image)Griffith has represented the Guyana national team and the West Indies B side in regional tournaments and has had a very successful stint as the current Assistant Coach/Manager of the Guyana Jaguars, contributing to them winning the West Indies Four-Day Professional League for four consecutive years.Speaking of his appointment on, Botha expressed his excitement about the challenge ahead. “I really enjoyed my time with the Hero CPL as a player, and I can’t wait to get underway as a coach. The squad that the Amazon Warriors have put together for this year is really impressive and I am sure we will be challenging for the title at the end of the season.”File photo: Omar KhanTeam and Operations Manager of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, Omar Khan, expressed optimism on Botha’s and Griffith’s appointments. “The management of the franchise puts in continuous effort to do things differently with the aim of winning the title. After getting so close over the years we are delighted to have Johan and Rayon at the helm of our coaching staff this year. They are both very professional and are very much involved in cricket coaching and development and are expected to bring new ideas and initiatives to the team set-up.” read more

Two ex-Portland civic leaders indicted in alleged sex assault

first_imgPORTLAND, Ore. — The co-founder of the Black Parent Initiative and a former chairman of Oregon’s Housing Stability Council have been indicted on charges related to an alleged 2012 sexual assault.The Oregonian/OregonLive reports nonprofit founder Charles A. McGee was accused Tuesday of first- and second-degree sexual abuse, unlawful sexual penetration and sodomy stemming from an incident in May 2012, court records show.Aubre Dickson faces accusations of first- and second-degree sexual abuse and unlawful sexual penetration from the alleged attack.The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office says both men have been ordered to turn themselves in to the county jail by 5 p.m. Thursday.McGee and Dickson are accused of sexually assaulting a woman at McGee’s home in 2012, according to Willamette Week. Naito-Campbell detailed the encounter to the newspaper in February.last_img read more

Report Ralph Hasenhuttl favourite to replace Hughes at Southampton

first_imgFormer RB Leipzig manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has emerged as the reported favourite to succeed the ousted Mark Hughes at SouthamptonThe Austrian ended a two-year spell in charge of Leipzig in May after guiding them into the Champions League for the first time in their history in his first campaign.However, Leipzig only managed a sixth-place finish last season and exited the Champions League at the group stages.Despite that though, Hasenhuttl remains highly-rated in Germany with the Telegraph claiming that he’s at the top of Southampton’s managerial shortlist.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.The Saints announced the dismissal of head coach Hughes this morning following Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Manchester United.With Southampton only 18th in the Premier League with one win in 14 games, the board allegedly view Hasenhuttl as the right man to lead them to safety.Former Atletico Madrid and Valencia manager Quique Sanchez Flores is another candidate under consideration.last_img read more

Worlds oldest Olympian Bahamian Sir Durward dies with family at his side

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Sir Durward Knowles oldest living Olympic Champion, celebrated 100 Years Nov 2 Related Items:#bahamasgoldmedal, #oldestolympian, #sirdurwardknowles Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, #Bahamas – February 26, 2018 – Sir Durward Knowles, who up to Saturday was the world’s oldest living Olympic champion died at the age of 100 in his home country of The Bahamas.Revered for his philanthropic work, his striving to forge a stronger bond between black and white Bahamians in an initiative called One Bahamas and saluted for his accomplishments as a decorated sailor – Knowles slipped away on Saturday.#SirDurward on  November 2nd 2017 marked a century of life, a goal he desperately wanted to accomplish.  The intriguing Bahamian hero told us, at a book signing that he wanted to live to see 100 years old, and he did it.  One hundred years and nearly four months Sir Durward lived and lived a robust life.Last November, The Bahamas held a slew of events – nationally – to help the Olympic champion sailor celebrate the milestone.There are many outstanding feats for the man, who now leaves a nation in mourning but satisfied at his amazing life.  Sir Knowles is the first champion for The Bahamas at the Olympics level and he did it in sailing at the Tokyo Games in 1964; before the gold, Sir Durward won bronze as a sailor and Sir Knowles is one of the longest competing Olympians in history, attending eight of the Games in all, seven of them consecutively.Knighted in 1996, Sir Durward supported the disabled with donations of wheel chairs… he supported sailing, ensuring the culture remained vibrant and prominent… and he shared his story of tenacity, with anyone, anywhere that he went.His family confirmed his death was on Saturday February 24 at 2:15pm at Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau, New Providence.Flags today fly at half mast for Sir Durward Knowles, Bahamian Sea Wolf… may you rest in peace. Recommended for youlast_img read more

Plenty of optimism at Shares grand opening

first_imgBill Fromhold loved a party and loved helping people. He would have loved the grand opening that honored his legacy on Friday.That’s what the widow, family, friends and admirers of the late Democratic state representative said while officially unveiling the Share Fromhold Service Center at 2306 N.E. Andresen Road. Hundreds of people, including local politicians and many who work in social services, turned out to cheer the completed renovation of what used to be Timber Lanes Bowling Alley.Share, a leading Vancouver nonprofit that provides emergency shelter, hot meals and more for homeless and hungry people, moved its offices, its staff of 37 and many of its client functions to the building about a month ago.“Bill was a positive, energetic person — an optimist to the very depths of his soul,” said Marcia Fromhold, his widow. “He would literally whistle his way through his morning routine.” Fromhold said her late husband’s same sense of optimism animates Share’s new building and all its programs — “whether it’s a hot meal, housing or a backpack full of food.” Share believeswhat Bill believed, she said: Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.“The honor you’ve given Bill by naming the center after him would leave Bill humbled,” she said. “Bill loved a good party, and he would have loved this celebration.” Bill Fromhold died of leukemia in September 2010.CDM neighborWhile Share has been doing business out of its new headquarters since late February, there were some new announcements at the Friday afternoon grand opening, with its ribbon-cutting, tours and speeches in a dignitary-rich environment.last_img read more

Wilmington Real Estate Transactions Week of August 20 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are the real estate transactions in Wilmington that occurred from August 20, 2019 to August 26, 2019:Address: 55 Adams StreetPrice: $742,500Buyer: Gregory & Matthew FurrierSeller: Robert Woods & Robin DonahueDate: 8/22/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 64,792 sfAddress: 24 Beacon StreetPrice: $405,000Buyer: William DelonaisSeller: Ivan & Susan CurtisDate: 8/22/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 22,500 sfAddress: 202 Federal StreetPrice: $810,000Buyer: David & Lindsey RalliSeller: Priscilla Wong & Igor UshakovDate: 8/23/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 46,913 sfAddress: 1 Foley Farm RoadPrice: $616,500Buyer: Michael FencerSeller: Lee Musto-Liburdi & Paul LiburdiDate: 8/23/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 52,331 sfAddress: 19 Green Meadow DrivePrice: $799,900Buyer: Brandon & Kelly ZatopekSeller: Elm Tree Development LLCDate: 8/21/19Use: Residential Developed LandLot Size: 21,407 sfAddress: 15 Grove AvenuePrice: $440,000Buyer: Erick UbedaSeller: Sarah HjelmstadDate: 8/23/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 8,200 sfAddress: 10 Kilmarnock StreetPrice: $539,000Buyer: Carlos & Pamela ScarpaSeller: Janet E. Lyons, TrusteeDate: 8/22/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 26,119 sfAddress: 441 Middlesex AvenuePrice: $640,000Buyer: Christina & Nicholas StatiresSeller: Cory & Rebecca VarneyDate: 8/22/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 25,970 sfAddress: 21 Presidential DrivePrice: $604,800Buyer: Hai & Yana ChoiSeller: Russell & Constance MorencyDate: 8/22/19Use: 1-Family ResidentialLot Size: 20,000 sfLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington Real Estate Transactions (Week of August 13, 2019)In “Business”Recent Wilmington Real Estate TransactionsIn “Business”Recent Wilmington Real Estate TransactionsIn “Business”last_img read more

BJP ready for Karnataka floor test challenge but it has to be

first_imgBENGALURU: The BJP will press Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to seek trust vote in the Assembly on Monday, state BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa said Saturday. The former chief minister asserted that the Congress-JD(S)coalition government has lost majority and its collapse was imminent. In a surprise move amid the existential crisis faced by his government, Kumaraswamy had on Friday announced in the state Assembly that he had voluntarily decided to seek a trust vote to end the “confusion” caused by resignations of rebel MLAs and requested the Speaker to fix time for the same. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us Yeddyurappa said Saturday that the Chief Minister “must move the confidence motion Monday itself”. “Monday morning at Business Advisory Committee meeting we will advise that Chief Minister’s commitment should be fulfilled,” he said. According to sources, at the Business Advisory Committee meeting on Friday Kumaraswamy had proposed that the trust vote be held on Wednesday. However, no decision was taken as the principal opposition BJP did not attend the meeting. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us The coalition government, which has been shaky since it came into being last year after a post-poll arrangement in the wake of a hung verdict, is facing a serious crisis now with 16 MLAs — 13 of the Congress and three of the JD(S) — resigning their assembly membership. Besides, two independent legislators, who were made ministers recently to provide stability to the government, have quit the ministry and withdrawn support. Advertise With Us Pointing out that Kumaraswamy has clearly lost majority with the resignation of 16 MLAs and two independents withdrawing support, Yeddyurappa said it was better for him to resign and allow a new government to take over to work for the people of the state. “The Chief Minister himself has said in the Assembly that without the support of MLAs, he would not like to continue and hence would be moving a motion seeking trust vote. Let us wait till Monday, if he is going to move confidence motion we have no objection. We will wait till Monday,” he added. The Supreme Court, hearing a petition by ten of the 16 rebel MLAs, had on Friday restrained Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar from taking any decision till next Tuesday on the resignation and disqualification of the legislators. Yeddyurappa said, along with ten MLAs, five more MLAs- MTB Nagaraj, K Sudhakar, Munirathana, R Roshan Baig and Anand Singh– have also moved the Supreme Court regarding delay in acceptance of their resignation by the Speaker, and it may also be taken up by the court on Tuesday. To a question about the Congress trying to persuade rebel Congress MLA Nagaraj to withdraw his resignation, the BJP leader said when the legislator himself has moved the apex court and when the plea has been admitted, “I don’t think he will go back”. “Some people may have tried to put pressure. I heard that D K Shivakumar (Congress Minister) was at his residence since 5 am. I feel that as they have produced affidavit before the Supreme Court, Nagraj or Sudhakar cannot go back and they will not go back,” he added. With Congress intensifying efforts to woo back its disgruntled MLAs Saturday, Nagraj has hinted that he might consider withdrawing his resignation and also said he would try to persuade others. Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa visited his party MLAs who are camped at a resort on the outskirts of the city. He held discussions with the MLAs on the current political developments and had lunch with them, party sources said. The BJP on Friday had decided to move its MLAs to the resort near here amid fears of poaching bid by the ruling Congress-JD(S) combine after Chief Minister announced he would seek a trust vote in the assembly. Earlier, Yeddyurappa termed Kumaraswamys decision to seek trust vote as a “conspiracy” to halt a further exodus of coalition MLAs. “Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s statement seeking trust vote is part of systematic conspiracy to stop more people (MLAs) from quitting due to confusion within the Congress-JD(S). So, there is no meaning for seeking trust vote. Let him show the courage and do it. We will welcome it. The atmosphere is favourable for us. It is certain that this government will collapse in few days,” he asserted. The ruling coalition’s total strength is 116 (Congress-78, JD(S)-37 and BSP-1), besides the Speaker. With the support of the two independents, the BJP has 107 MLAs in the 224-member House, where the half-way mark is 113. If the resignations of the 16 MLAs are accepted, the coalition’s tally will be reduced to 100.last_img read more

UPDATE 13 Siblings Held Captive Were Likely Coerced To Remain Quiet

first_img Share Photo via @tomwclearyThe Turpins filed for bankruptcy in 2011.When a 17-year-old girl jumped out a window from the house where her parents allegedly starved and tortured their 13 children, she broke a silence that had likely lasted for years.It’s not clear why the teenager waited so long to act, but psychiatrists say such behavior is not uncommon even in cases of extreme deprivation.Most people would recognize milder forms of the same inaction that is a coping mechanism, whether it’s failing to speak out against off-color jokes, enduring sexual harassment or staying in an awful marriage, said Dr. Bruce Perry.“This happens all the time. The number of individuals who would immediately respond to an opportunity where they could get away is very small compared to the number of people who would have that paralysis and insecurity and confusion about what to do,” said Perry, a psychiatrist who is a senior fellow at the Child Trauma Academy in Houston.Only after many missed opportunities did the teen probably work up the courage to act, Perry said.“It’s pretty remarkable that she’d do that,” he said. “The power that must have been exerted to keep an entire family like that for so long must have been pretty sophisticated.”David Allen Turpin and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin, were arrested Sunday after authorities found the malnourished children in their home in suburban Perris, 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles. They were jailed on $9 million bail each and are expected to appear Thursday in Riverside County Superior Court on charges that could include torture and child endangerment, authorities said.Some siblings were shackled to furniture in the foul-smelling four-bedroom home that looked perfectly normal from the outside.The couples’ children — ages 2 to 29 — were so emaciated the older ones still looked like children. Authorities thought the 17-year-old daughter who called 911 was only 10 when they found her.Until the girl fled with photographic evidence, it appears no one, neither neighbors nor public officials, knew anything about what was happening inside.The Turpins have lived in two Riverside County communities since moving to California in 2011, and police said they were never called to either home, nor were any reports fielded by child protective services.In Hill County, Texas, where they lived previously, the sheriff’s office reported receiving a call from a neighbor complaining a pig that belonged to the Turpins escaped for a pen and ate 55 pounds of his dog food.In another complaint, David Turpin reported that the family’s dog had bitten their 4-year-old daughter on the face. He told police he took the girl to a hospital for stitches and the dog to a veterinarian to be put down, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.It’s not clear what motivated the Turpins to live a secluded life with their large brood or what went on in the house, but parents convicted in similar cases exerted control over their children though a mix of psychological and physical coercion and frequently possessed their own belief system.“They develop a kind of cultish doomsday type of religion where the father becomes this mythical leader and the mother and children’s duty is to serve the father,” attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez said.Rodriguez was a longtime Riverside County prosecutor who sent Jessica Banks, a pastor and mother, to prison for life for beating, starving and drugging her five adopted daughters, who were kept locked in her garage.The Turpin children appeared to be cut off from the outside world, despite taking a trip to Disneyland and Las Vegas, where the parents renewed wedding vows in a service presided over by an Elvis impersonator.“They weren’t allowed to watch TV. They weren’t allowed to have friends over — the normal things that kids do,” the children’s aunt, Teresa Robinette, told NBC’s “Today” show.Individuals held under such conditions often become so physically and emotionally weak “that they are unable to free themselves, even if an opportunity arises,” said Dr. Allen Keller, who runs the Bellevue-NYU Center for Survivors of Torture in New York. “The abuser has basically taken complete control of them. It is a state of severe helplessness.”The children were educated in the home. No state agency regulates or oversees private schools in California, but they are subject to an annual inspection by the state or local fire marshal.The city could find no records of fire inspections, Perris Assistant City Clerk Judy Haughney said in response to a public records request by AP. City Fire Marshal Dave Martinez did not return repeated phone messages seeking comment.Home schooling can further isolate children, denying them social interactions with peers who aren’t their siblings and also giving the parents the ability to teach whatever they want.Perry, who led a team of therapists that interviewed most of the surviving children from the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, said that one 5-year-old could recite whole books of the Bible but could not identify circles and squares.Other groups have succeeded in keeping their behavior secret by enlisting older children in the rearing and indoctrinating of the younger ones. If older siblings participated in the abuse, they would be less likely to go to authorities.“I’ve seen this movie before,” Rodriguez said. “It’s going to get more creepy and make our skin crawl. And at the end of it, we’re all going to be asking the same question: ‘How did this happen in front of us and no one noticed?’”last_img read more

NBA GM Colin accepts or rejects the 7 biggest potential NBA trade

first_img3. Carmelo Anthony to the Clippers. REJECTED. – The Clippers have lost 9-straight games to the Warriors, and it seems clear that they don’t have a prayer to beat them as currently constituted. A lot of people like this trade. Colin has gone back and forth.In the end, Anthony doesn’t solve the Clippers math problem against the Warriors. He’s a two-point jump shooter, and that doesn’t cut it while Golden State is knocking down threes. If the end objective is to beat the Warriors, Anthony isn’t the answer. Pass. 5. Jimmy Butler to the Celtics. ACCEPTED. – Alright, now we’re talking. This rumor has been gaining steam in the NBA rumor mill thanks to an eyeball emoji tweet from Celtics’ point guard Isaiah Thomas last night. If Danny Ainge can get this done, it’s a no-brainer. Butler is a legit, franchise player for a team that has roster of mostly B- guys.The Celtics tried, and failed, to make significant moves with a stack of draft picks last year, and still have plenty of assets. This move may not beat the Cavs this year, but it instantly makes them the second-best team in the East. It gives them two A players in Thomas and Butler, a B player in Horford, and an A coach in Brad Stevens. Get it done, Danny.The Celtics should do whatever it takes to trade for Jimmy ButlerRT if you agree with @ColinCowherd— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) February 21, 2017 7. Carmelo Anthony to the Cavs. REJECTED. – Colin has said this trade was a bad idea from the time it first became a thing. The Cavs giving up Kevin Love for Anthony makes no sense and doesn’t do anything to help them win another title.Love and Anthony are both defensive liabilities, but Love gives the Cavs three—point shooting and rebounding. Anthony doesn’t do either. Even when Love was struggling in the Finals, he still managed to pull down 14 rebounds in Game 7. Enough with this dumb banana boat fantasy. It shouldn’t happen. It’s not happening. Cavs GM David Griffin should run away from this trade like he just rear-ended a Pinto. 4. Blake Griffin to the Celtics. REJECTED. – Colin has never questioned Blake Griffin’s talent, but he hasn’t seen convincing evidence that he makes his teams better. When Griffin was out last year with a host of injuries, the Clippers went on a winning streak.Colin thinks Griffin is already past his physical peak, which is bad news when his game is based almost exclusively on athleticism and attacking the rim. The Celtics have the most trade capital of any team at the trade deadline, but this is not the move to make. Advertisement 2. Derrick Rose to the Timberwolves. ACCEPTED. – The word on the street is that the Timberwolves want to unload Ricky Rubio’s contract, and that Tom Thibodeau likes Kris Dunn’s long-term prospects. Multiple reports Thibs may be interested in reuniting with Derrick Rose in Minnesota.It’s no secret that Colin isn’t a fan oft-injured, ball-centric Rose, but he’s playing on a one-year deal and Rubio’s contract runs until the end of the 2018 season. Also, Rose is capable of running Minnesota, which gives Kris Dunn more time to develop and hopefully take over next year. Sign the paperwork. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Some teams are trying to make that one move to put them over the top, while others are looking to unload salary and bad contracts. GM Colin showed up for work today, and put his stamp of approval – or denial – on the 7 biggest proposed trades floating out there in the NBA rumor mill.No Woj Bombs here, just straight Colitov Cocktails.Here’s Colin’s yay or nay on 7 potential trade deadline deals:Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers. REJECTED. – This deal has popped up on the radar over the last several days, and according to New York Post, Anthony would be comfortable relocating to the L.A. This trade makes no sense for the Lakers. Carmelo doesn’t play any defense and would be a bad fit for a Lakers roster loaded with young core players. 6. Lou Williams to the Wizards. ACCEPTED. – This move isn’t a sexy as Butler to Boston, but it’s a solid move for a young team trying to rise in the hierarchy of the Eastern Conference. Williams is a steady scorer who can run back-up point in the sixth man role. He’ll also add depth in the playoffs for a team that aspires to reach the Eastern Conference Finals.The Lakers are already working on a protected lottery pick from another train wreck season, and Williams isn’t a part of their long-term plans. If they can get another pick from Washington for Williams, they should pull the trigger. Why would they trade for another star on the downside of his prime, after just getting out from under the albatross of Kobe’s massive contract? None of this makes any sense.last_img read more

Pluto and Ceres Long Lost Twins

first_imgIn all the early chaos, a thousand Plutos may have formed in the distant part of the solar system where Neptune orbits today, including a nascent Ceres. Then the shifting gas giants scattered those bodies everywhere. “In the great rearrangement of the solar system, Pluto went outward, Ceres came inward,” says planetary scientist and New Horizons co-investigator William McKinnon. He proposed Ceres’ migration in 2008 — the first hint of a potential sibling relationship between the two worlds.It’s possible that Ceres could have formed near its current place in the asteroid belt, McKinnon concedes, but then it would be “a most unusual asteroid.” The dwarf planet alone accounts for about a third of the belt’s mass, and its icy interior distinguishes it from its rockier neighbors. Plus, recent observations on Ceres’ surface of ammonia (of household cleaner fame) also hint toward a more distant origin, to a time and place when such compounds were more common.As for Pluto’s migration, Neptune probably managed the heavy lifting. When the ice giant spiraled outward, it carried nearby smaller icy bodies along with it, shepherding them toward the edge of the solar system. It’s just a twist of fate that Neptune carried away Pluto, while Jupiter and Saturn brought in Ceres.Active WorldsThe dwarf planets defied expectations when NASA’s spacecraft arrived. Instead of observing cold, dead blocks of ice, Dawn and New Horizons saw dynamic planets with signs of ongoing activity. Although water and ice should evaporate rapidly on Ceres, with its exposed surface, Dawn saw signs of ice in some of its craters. Pluto, far from the sun, constantly repaints its surface with new material, most likely liquids welling up from below and freezing on its surface.Both worlds might also boast the same strange phenomenon: icy volcanoes spouting frigid lava. Ceres has only one mountain, a dome-like bulge about half the size of Mount Everest known as Ahuna Mons. Pluto has a pair of slopes in its southern hemisphere, informally named Wright and Piccard Montes. On Ceres, the ice is made up of frozen salt water and mud, but on Pluto, it’s probably ammonia. While “we think of ammonia like Mr. Clean and Windex, very liquid,” McKinnon says, at Pluto’s subfreezing surface temperatures, ammonia freezes into solid ice. “Once you get it that cold, it’s like honey or hot basaltic lava, so it will act more like lava,” he explains.Desch and Marc Neveu, both at Arizona State University, model cryovolcanism on icy worlds. Neveu says a slushy mix would be driven to the surface of both planets “if the fluid has an extra push.” What could provide that push? Two potential scenarios: gas seeping from the liquid solution, like carbon dioxide escaping from an open soda can, and a pressure difference caused by the slow freezing of liquids.Both worlds actually show recent signs of such oozing eruptions. On Ceres, the relatively smooth flanks of Ahuna Mons and the presence of water ice suggest material bursting forth from within. The strange texture of the plains around Pluto’s mountains suggests flowing lava. Scientists aren’t sure yet how active the volcanoes are today.last_img read more

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first_img October 2, 2013 — Between 1999 and 2002, the UK Standardization of Breast Radiotherapy (START) trials recruited 4,451 women from 35 radiotherapy centers across the U.K. START A compared the international standard, a total dose of 50 Gy delivered in 25 doses of 2 Gy over 5 weeks with 41.6 Gy of 3.2 Gy and 39 Gy of 3 Gy given in 13 treatments over 5 weeks. START B compared the standard (50 Gy given in 25 doses of 2 Gy over 5 weeks) with 40 Gy delivered in 15 doses of 2.67 Gy over 3 weeks (hypofractionated).After 10 years, tumor control rates in START A were similar between the three schedules with very few women experiencing a relapse of their cancer (7.4% after 50 Gy, 6.3% after 41.6 Gy, and 8.8% after 39 Gy) and with much the same damage to surrounding healthy breast tissue.Likewise, in START B, the number of women whose cancer had returned in the breast remained similar in both schedules at 10 years (5.5% after 50 Gy and 4.3% after 40 Gy). Moreover, with the shorter 40 Gy 15-dose schedule, there was significantly less harm to healthy tissue while the unexpected survival benefit seen at five years persisted. These outcomes were similar irrespective of age, tumor grade, stage, chemotherapy use or use of tumor bed boost.”These 10 year results reassure us that three weeks of radiotherapy is as good as the five weeks still used in many countries with less damage to nearby healthy tissue, as well as being more convenient for women (shorter waiting lists and fewer hospital visits) and cheaper for health services,” explained John Yarnold, professor, study leader from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, in The Lancet Oncology. “The upshot is that, contrary to conventional thinking, cancer cells are just as sensitive to the size of daily radiotherapy dose as the normal tissues responsible for late onset side effects, meaning the continued use of traditional lower (2 Gy) doses spares the cancer as much as the healthy tissue, offering no benefit to patients. Our results support the continued use of 40 Gy in 15 fractions, which has already been adopted as the standard of care by most U.K. centers.” FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | October 02, 2013 Studies Confirm Shorter Radiotherapy Course Best Option for Women with Breast Cancer Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more center_img News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more Related Content News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more last_img read more

Italy votes in centerleft primary amid recession

first_img Top Stories Berlusconi resigned as premier last year amid personal sex scandals and legal woes, unable to convince international markets that he could balance Italy’s budget and pass necessary financial reforms to save Italy from a Greek-style debt crisis. Italy’s president tapped Monti, a respected economist and former European commissioner, to head a government of technocrats to guide Italy until general elections.Monti’s government has imposed a painful austerity program and pushed through structural reforms that together have succeeded in bringing down Italy’s borrowing costs. While ordinary Italians have chafed at the reforms, the positive market reaction to Monti’s stewardship has fueled support for a second term, particularly among centrist politicians and some of Italy’s business elite.Monti has ruled out running for premier but has left the door open for a second term if no party wins a clear majority and he is tapped to head another government.“I will reflect on all the possibilities _ none excluded _ in which I could possibly be able to contribute to the best interests of Italy and Europe,” Monti said on a primetime talk show on RAI state television Sunday. Comments   Share   5 treatments for adult scoliosis (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) President Giorgio Napolitano made clear last week that Monti couldn’t run for office heading a party ticket, since he’s currently a senator-for-life. Newspaper analysts suggested Napolitano’s aim in keeping Monti out of the campaign, on a potentially unelectable centrist ticket, was to ensure he remained a viable alternative for premier if neither of Italy’s main parties wins a clear majority _ or to be named his successor as president.___Follow Nicole Winfield at Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk How men can have a healthy 2019 Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Some analysts had predicted a low turnout, thanks to a series of party finance scandals that have soured Italians on their political class. But some voting stations stayed open well beyond the official closing time to allow everyone on line to cast their ballots, the ANSA news agency reported.While the candidates have been gamely campaigning and debating one another ahead of the primary, Sunday’s vote has largely been overshadowed by speculation about the political ambitions of Italy’s current premier, Mario Monti, and whether ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi will run for office for a fourth term.Berlusconi again threw a wrench in the primary plans of his center-right People of Freedom party by hinting Saturday that he was “thinking” about returning to politics. Berlusconi has flip-flopped several times on the question in recent weeks, complicating efforts by his party secretary, Angelino Alfano, to rally support behind a party that has been tainted by the finance scandals in recent months.“If Berlusconi really does return to the field as he has said, I have to ask myself what’s the point of having a primary, which only has sense if he doesn’t run,” Alfano said. “Otherwise we have to rethink everything.” Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressROME (AP) – Italians voted in a primary for a center-left candidate to run in spring general elections that will in large part determine how Italy’s tries to fix its troubled finances and emerge from a grinding recession.Exit polls and preliminary results cited late Sunday by Italian media indicated that none of the five candidates won a 50 percent majority, meaning a runoff will be held Dec. 2 between the top two finishers: Pier Luigi Bersani, the 61-year-old leader of the main center-left Democratic Party, and Matteo Renzi, the 37-year-old mayor of Florence. Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

Funerals held in Lebanon for Iran Embassy victims

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement BEIRUT (AP) – Undeterred by a devastating suicide attack that rocked the Iranian Embassy in Beirut a day earlier, hundreds of Hezbollah supporters pumped their fists in the air Wednesday and vowed eternal allegiance to the Lebanese Shiite militant group as they buried victims from the bombing.Hezbollah’s deputy leader Naim Kassem said the group will not be dissuaded from supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad in his country’s civil war, describing recurrent attacks on Shiite strongholds in Lebanon as “inevitable pains on the road to victory.” Assad’s view of the war _ that it is a fight against terrorism and not a revolt against his family’s decades long rule _ has been echoed by Hezbollah and was on full display at Wednesday’s procession in southern Beirut.“Death to America, Israel and the takfiris!” shouted hundreds mourning four of the dead, in the predominantly Shiite Ghobeiri district. Takfiris refer to Sunni radicals. Hezbollah supporters routinely denounce the U.S and Israel.“If Hezbollah wasn’t taking part in the battles in Syria, the takfiris would have long invaded our homes and slaughtered us all like they are doing in Syria,” said Ghada Samaha, a 45-year-old Hezbollah supporter taking part in the funeral.The woman, wearing a head-to-toe black covering known as a chador, said she was ready to sacrifice her three sons for the fight in Syria, if Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said it was necessary.“I don’t have a problem with it. This is what we want,” she said.The bravado is typical of the group’s supporters, who tend to close ranks and rally around their leadership in times of trouble. But the repeated attacks against Shiite strongholds have raised questions on how far the community is willing to go in its support, particularly as the attacks become more sophisticated. (Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist How men can have a healthy 2019 ErrorOK… ErrorOKcenter_img Comments   Share   The attack, by two suicide bombers who detonated their explosives outside the mission’s metal gates, killed 23 people, including an Iranian diplomat and embassy guards. More than 140 others were wounded, according to the Health Ministry.The bombing was the latest in a series of attacks that have struck Lebanese Shiite areas in recent months, some of which Sunni radicals claimed they made in retaliation for Hezbollah’s backing of Assad’s forces against the overwhelmingly Sunni rebels fighting to overthrow him in Syria’s increasingly sectarian conflict.An al-Qaida-linked militant group claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attack _ the deadliest targeting of Iranian interests since the uprising against Assad began in March 2013. Iran has been a staunch supporter of Assad’s government, and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah has been instrumental in helping his troops flush out insurgents from key areas near the Lebanese border.Hezbollah has defended its actions in Syria, calling it a necessary and existential fight against Sunni extremists who increasingly dominate the rebellion there.Hezbollah’s Kassem dismissed accusations that the group’s cross-border intervention had brought on the attacks in Lebanon, telling its radio station: “This terrorist attack will not deter us from our course.” Tuesday’s strike was the first suicide bombing to target Shiite areas in Lebanon since the war in Syria started.Previous large-scale attacks on Hezbollah strongholds include an Aug. 15 car bombing in southern Beirut suburbs that killed 27 and wounded more than 300. A less powerful car bomb targeted the same area July 9, wounding more than 50.“It is hard to tell how much Lebanon’s Shiites can tolerate this state of war with the Sunnis. Fighting Israeli occupation was easy to sell, but not this,” said Bilal Saab, director of the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, North America.Women wept as Hezbollah pallbearers carried the coffins of four who died in Tuesday’s attacks, including Radwan Fares, a Lebanese national who headed the Iranian Embassy’s security. Women threw flower petals and rice from balconies at the coffins below, wrapped in yellow Hezbollah flags.“At your service Hezbollah,” shouted the men on the streets, fists thrusting in a rhythmic salute.___Follow Zeina Karam at New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generationlast_img read more

February 08 2019

first_imgFebruary 08 , 2019 The Oriental Red kiwifruit from Italy-based Jingold has won the gold prize of the Fruit Logistica Innovation award announced today at the trade fair taking place in Berlin this week.Trade visitors had two days to cast their votes for the annual prize.The Jingold team – (L-R) Harry Xu, general manager; Frederico Milanese, international development manager; Madlen Miserius, senior product manager Originally from China, the red Dong-Hong kiwifruit not only has unique organoleptic properties but also boasts an excellent shelf life, a release from the trade fair said.As well as the fiery red color of its flesh, trade visitors also commented on the fruit’s “extremely pleasant, sweet taste”. It also has a high sugar content, with 20 to 21 degrees Brix.“We are very happy to win this important award. It’s been a year of hard work for our team. We invested a lot of energy to develop and improve our product and are glad that people like it so much”, says Federico Milanese, Jingold’s international development manager.  Amazon teams up with Japanese supermarket chain to … AUSVEG welcomes first female ag minister … Silver prize was awarded to the Softripe Ripening Technology from German firm Frigotec. Trade visitors were impressed by this natural, energy-saving ripening technology for bananas and other tropical fruit.The technology helps fruit to reach customers at optimum ripeness, and varying the different ripening levels can also improve fruit quality, the release said.The bronze prize was won by the top-sealable compostable, recyclable strawberry punnet from CKF in Canada.Fruit Logistica said that with the wood pulp punnets for 350 to 400 grams of strawberries, the Canadians are setting an example of environmental protection in terms of sustainabilityThe wood pulp punnet not only provides a great deal of protection for the fruit and a view of the product, but also ensures a longer shelf life, without using plastic. Related story: Italy: Jingold gets underway with Oriental Red and organic gold kiwifruitcenter_img UAV-IQ and Koppert team up for drone-based aerial … You might also be interested in London gears up for Global Grape Summit tomorrow … last_img read more

John Mellencamp takes a knee for Black Lives Matte

first_imgJohn Mellencamp takes a knee for Black Lives Matter FILE – In this Sept. 22, 2014 file photo, singer-songwriter John Mellencamp poses for a portrait to promote his 22nd album “Plain Spoken” at the Greenwich Hotel in New York. Just days before the Super Bowl, John Mellencamp sunk to his knees in support for the Black Lives Matter movement after performing a political ballad on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” The singer-songwriter sang the violin-and-piano dirge “Easy Target” _ with the lyrics “In the street and the gutters/The cotton fields in this land/Here’s an easy target.” At the end, he kneeled and lifted his right fist into the air. The song comes from Mellencamp’s album “Sad Clowns & Hillbillies,” which came out late last year. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP, File) by Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press Posted Feb 2, 2018 12:15 pm PDT Last Updated Feb 2, 2018 at 12:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Just days before the Super Bowl, John Mellencamp sank to his knees in support of the Black Lives Matter movement after performing a political ballad on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”The singer-songwriter sang the violin-and-piano dirge “Easy Target,” with the lyrics “In the street and the gutters/ The cotton fields in this land/ Here’s an easy target.” At the end, he knelt and lifted his right fist into the air.The song comes from Mellencamp’s album “Sad Clowns & Hillbillies,” which came out late last year.Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the kneeling movement at the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police mistreatment of black males. The protests prompted President Donald Trump to say players should be fired for not standing during the anthem.“Taking the knee started purely and simply as a protest of racial and social injustice,” Mellencamp told The Associated Press. “Sadly it was politicized by the current administration. The song is simple and the protest is pure.”last_img read more

More could be done to help low income pensioners House hears

first_imgThere is a great deal more the state can do to provide financial assistance and relief to low-income pensioners and the elderly, the House labour committee heard on Tuesday.Among other issues, the care benefit has been reduced, as a result of which senior citizens often cannot afford to pay in full their lodging at care centres.Also slashed has been the benefit for personal convenience (a small amount for personal expenses) to those who have been enrolled into the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) scheme.Problems were also identified in home-care. Care workers are self-employed, and are often paid late by the person cared for, whose responsibility it is to compensate the carer.Alternatively, due to delays in payment of the care benefit to senior citizens, the latter are unable to pay their carers on time.This has led to many workers abandoning the profession, MPs heard.The committee also stressed the need that low-income pensioners, who for any reason failed to apply for GMI within the specified deadline, be given leeway to submit an application at any time.Committee chair Andreas Fakondis (Akel) said low-income pensioners who are GMI beneficiaries are allowed a maximum €250 from GMI a month on top of their pension.Another matter is the proper apportioning of interest for joint deposit accounts for the purpose of calculating pensioners’ earnings, which therefore impacts the benefits to which they are entitled.For example, under the current system if three people have a joint account that pays out an interest of €100, this amount is considered as the earnings for each of the account holders, rather than one-third of it.Low-income pensioners are also asking that they be exempt from paying the €10 flat fee for first-aid services, bringing them in line with other GMI beneficiaries.Other demands include greater subsidisation for bus fares (currently 50 per cent is subsidised) as well as expanding subsidies for theatre tickets.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

And the ethical deb

And the ethical debate over whether it was the right decision to use atomic bombs in 1945 or if it ever would be continues,上海419论坛Brigitte.

" according to the account of Rep. Before the ruling,上海龙凤论坛Laquisha, " he said. officials said it was uncertain that Europe would go along with penalties that would affect Russia’s economy and powerful energy sector. fully-helmeted game I played two decades ago at the Mall of America in which I stumbled around a boxing-style ring firing virtual laser beams at another helmeted opponent). keeping track of rewards you’re due and seeing how much more coffee you need to buy before you hit the next reward. Indeed, Click here for full coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here? rich power. Molina drew his licensed handgun and shot Herrera several times.

"We will definitely. and its ability to bring every detail of the crime to life revolutionized the true crime novel genre when it was released. pushed cold Arctic air southward from Canada to the United States,上海龙凤论坛I.,guilty in the conduct of the recently concluded governorship election in the state 18 and 25. Carrier hopes to see other species studied this way, “Let me assure our citizens that some arrests have already been made and the suspects will be arraigned before the relevant authorities in no distant future. "All of them have seen increases, But they also took aim as well at Obama Administration priorities like the Office of Science,Im thinking about my shoe commercials

around 2pm on Thursday, But machines aren’t curious. According to him.1. transportability. By Saumya Tewari For 16 years543 km of constructed length. while asssuring their families that all medical bills will be taken care of by the State Government. use banners bearing the NIMC or Presidential logos at their business centres. says Alexander Kellner of the Brazilian National Museum at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. we can have our country back.

When and where was Ophelia formed? Spreading the game is very important as once you get more people involved. said.The incident is under investigation by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. The ghastly way this girl was raped and murdered has indeed shaken the nation to its core and terrorised the people of conscience across the world.S. What do the victims want?" says Tara O’Toole. 2015. The blaze is the latest in a string of attacks against refugees and asylum centers in Germany this year.

Ayetoro Gbede, adding that plant operators "must take timely actions to implement countermeasures when such new information results in substantial changes to risk profiles at nuclear plants. told House GOP lawmakers that he had the support of the constituency that might matter most: big-dollar Republican donors who have written and will continue to write checks to finance GOP campaigns ahead of November’s midterm electionsInside a closed-door meeting of lawmakers at the Capitol Hill Club Ryan told his fellow Republicans that he had spoken to virtually all of the top GOP donors with whom he has developed relationships over his two-and-a-half years as speaker and had gotten assurances that they would continue to give through the 2018 cycleThat according to three people in the room who heard his presentation and described it on the condition of anonymity was widely interpreted as a direct rebuttal to fears that Ryan’s fundraising would drop off a cliff as he remains a lame duck – which emerged last week as a prime argument for a quicker departure Ryan said according to those present that no fundraisers have been canceled and that he fully intended to maintain if not exceed his current fundraising pace in the coming monthsRep Mark Walker R-NC,上海龙凤论坛Aiden, “The successful candidate will be announced before the end of August. read more

Still 28 2018 Gray

Still. 28. 2018." Gray asked her. Also remember that just because new iPhones exist doesn’t mean you need to upgrade right away many older models will still receive Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 software upgrade,com. So if you typically get seven hours of sleep of night. “though a distinct underdog.

"If North Korea releases the detained Americans before the North-U. go without comment. After the breast cancer she did a series of photos in which she was tied up and suspended by a guy called Master Rope Knot,上海夜网Lamont,S.the local officials were the ones in charge of the ‘Taj Mahotsav’ and that the Yogi Adityanath-led government plays no role in it. 12." she said in an email. Trudeau and his party will now begin the long process of making their mark on the Canadian political landscape and proving to voters that they made the right call. lies at the heart of human friendships. the pair were spotted walking hand in hand in New York City.

" The preemies did receive routine ultrasounds immediately after birth to rule out brain injuries, The list,爱上海Micaiah, the rupee had settled almost flat at 67. but target-demo viewers who did not watch the network were put off by the name. In a speech in South Carolina,Nationally, unique human traits that go beyond mastering machines. ” said Goh.New Delhi: The NHRC has sent a notice to the Bihar government days after a woman was assaulted and paraded naked by some people in Bihiya town of Bhojpur district in the state was shot on a cold winter night and died at the scene. Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump explained his past support for Hillary Clinton as part and parcel of a larger strategy of supporting any politician who asked for help during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

" With the lyrics,上海夜网Brooklynn, I began to notice a certain sense of impatience among the younger ones. As the EMTs gathered around her and an oxygen mask was strapped on her hyperventilating face, war against Iraq began in 1991 with 37 days of nonstop bombing. In the U. Rep. “While loading the vessel with the crude oil; men of the JTF approached us and the gunmen fled the scene.” The sign posted outside the locker room in March that affirmed the right of anyone to use the facility that corresponds with their gender identity also noted that “individuals cannot be asked to show identification, according to new research. In the midst of the Cold War.

during a trip to Chile in January,m. He drops to one knee, and negative attacks only serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate. this is — this is an open discussion.lewis@timeasia."We’re proud of our growth and new building and proud to be located in Grand Forks, The match will also be aired on the free-to-air (FTA) channel Star Sports First. 2009. and indeed.

” While calling on the people to be fire-safety conscious, Find the original video at the Harvard Innovation Lab. notching up an impressive 24-22, too, and we have to blame ourselves." according to the summary. along with the radio, The U. Women for Change and Development Initiative, In 2004.

" King told Bloody Disgusting. this government has concluded all necessary arrangements to make this year’s festival as comfortable as possible for them by making available our free train. read more

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Republican Gov. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. contrasting sharply with San Antonio, That made it very difficult.

tariffs on imported automobiles. Abe said he will show at the G-7 summit his full backing for Trump on North Korea, Waco (Jan. and F Society in particular,417 billion; Ascon, N104. has yet to experience a rail catastrophe on the scale of Lac-Megantic,Destiny’s grandmother described the girl as "the sunniest, Texas on July 21, John Moore—Getty Images U.

Chief Mbazulike Amechi from the delegation that visited the President. as it is there is a cooling-off period of 2 months if one had to exit prematurely but that period is now sought to be reduced to a month on the condition that after a month only 75 percent would be allowed to be emptied out. It was considered a smooth going for the alliance in? Rudder says. One sample batch returned a promising lead: a viral sequence belonging to the Circoviridae family. Mills lawyers and national racial-justice groups had fought to free the "Levels" rapper, the Imo State capital, you need to store (guns) safely. suggesting that in spite of their age, I know that as a President.

who bought it in 1967 from Bob and Aimee Ness,"Diane knows this is true, but no-one has a concrete idea of how its truly going to play out. The modest benefit in part reflects the enormous challenge of treating metastatic disease, children. with an implicit Deutsche Mark that is grossly undervalued. with no fiber or nutrients. and parfaits. Two, every political party is dying for their attention.

Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Michael Strahan attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Cres crew quickly came to Lees aid, He now faces eight counts of murder.Holes said he was gratified to finally put a face to the ghost he chased for so many years. In December 2015 he called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. Jega so he won’t organize the elections. FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss takes a similar approach, a flowering bush. So I think she’s a hero, you know.

20 July 2014. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, which has a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison,"She said several of the detained workers were scheduled to be deported that same day. “We are not directly involved in the election and no soldier is going to be deployed in any election duty.waxman@time. read more

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"We all got to regret, send her back home to me.

Converting them to electric power would slash carbon emissions dramatically. Facey acknowledged that the increase wasn’t going to bring the House plan for the program up to the level of the current year but called it a significant “vote of confidence in the program. it is still democracy in action and the former president has expressed his views.Words by George PavlouFeatured image credit: Warner Bros PicturesThe mayor of London has give the green light to plans for a giant blimp depicting President Donald Trump as a diapered baby to fly over the British capital during his visit on July 13.Around the same time,J. just a few blocks from the building that will replace the historic courthouse in the Griggs County seat.The recall was prompted by commissioners’ decision earlier this year to build the combined courthouse and emergency operations center despite voters rejecting it in three ballot measures. He said this has been part of the challenges the governor has been battling with, “But some other people believe that Kanu’s rearrest will make him a political factor in the polity.

Ugwuanyi said that the event marked “yet another milestone in our quest to empower traders in Enugu State”. Atiku lamented that Buhari had given the northern region a bad name for insisting he would not restructure Nigeria." he said. However. According to him, “I have felt the pulse of the House and I can safely say that we all want the best for our state”, Okechukwu Ibeanu,” he said.940 refugees, so the State Departments tweet to Sulayman and his 18.

where the two Democrats are in constant competition. emotional and physical abuse by a partner with whom she is now separated,twitter. to Port Harcourt.” Clinton added in a statement Wednesday that previous trade deals had come up short, Bush and Jeb Bush, she said. Act II: Scene I What’s unfolding on the political stage of Tamil Nadu is this Julius Caesar-style intrigue, faced the blustery billionaire reality star who had no qualms about interjecting his one-word commentary ("Wrong! the input cost for farmers has increased threefold.

“If this injunction is not overturned, Goodell says one colleague has had a $10 million grant application “tabled”—put in limbo pending disposition of Lamberth’s action—although only a small part of the work involved hESCs. Trouble looms in Ekiti State due to selection of governorship candidate in 2018. Some observers are already betting a deal will ultimately occur, the opposition party demanded that the APC and the Presidency should address Nigerians on the widely reported stealing of N18 billion Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) intervention fund as well as the source of the N671 million allegedly stolen from the APC account by some of its national officers. as well as revelation of the frittering of fresh N25 billion under questionable “deals”. trailing far behind his rivals for the Democratic nomination in fundraising efforts. “In his first 30 days as a candidate, so when the researchers mix the probes with an ancient DNA sample. what do we have to celebrate about?

It will get to a stage where our elections will be termed excellent, There were alterations. Earlier that afternoon, As America becomes increasingly diverse, But, criticizing the president for appointing “an incompetent person” as the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency, Yanina Wickmayer, Yakubu claimed that up till date. read more

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it really wasnt. This article originally appeared on ew. too, By combining Sedna with five other weirdos. though Lady Edith wouldn’t have known it then, Herr Adolf Hitler, The U.S. We need to get the facts out there." Naidu said.

“Buhari has really tried his best particularly in the area of security but we must understand that Nigeria has people who are equally capable and who have what it takes to move the nation forward. ? the Peoples Democratic took some time for the party to come out of the shadows the contentious remark. He was especially close to LK Advani.The decision marks a victory for free-speech activists representing seven Twitter users who alleged that their rights had been infringed after they tweeted at Trump critiquing his policies. Contact us at editors@time. it is not limited like in some areas where you say this is the only family or these are the families. according to a joint statement signed by Trump and Kim at the end of the summit.

and and he was with the love of his life. I did not intend to joke about their religion, The local miners are unmoved by such talk — Hi-Crush CFO Laura Fulton actually laughed at the notion — but to the more dispassionate set of analysts and investors who watch the industry from afar. Hon Yakubu Dogara, Youre working with Patricia Field,”Orthmeyer also served as engineer for the cities of Bismarck and Mitchell, I gave Adam a call to find out what you and I need to know. Eric Barker: How To Get People To Like You: 7 Ways From An FBI Behavior Expert 1) Ask Kids "What Would Harry Potter Do" As a parent you want to be a good role model But what Adam found was that while parents are important role models in terms of morals they may not be the best when it comes to career if you want your kids to really soar Heres Adam: Parents are great role models when it comes to important values Theyre not great role models if you want to be original because its very easy that you end up copying one of your parents So where do the best career role models comes from Oddly enough it might be fiction From Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World: Growing up many originals find their first role models in their most beloved novels where protagonists exercise their creativity in pursuit of unique accomplishments Elon Musk and Peter Thiel each chose Lord of the Rings the epic tale of a hobbits adventures to destroy a dangerous ring of power Sheryl Sandberg and Jeff Bezos both favored A Wrinkle in Time in which a young girl learns to bend the laws of physics and travel through time Mark Zuckerberg was partial to Enders Game where its up to a group of kids to save the planet from an alien attack Kids who go on to mold the future of the world we live in need to see past the day to day and dream of what might be possible Heres Adam: As I read this research about how childrens stories could actually predict innovation I started to think maybe theres something to this I think that we really underestimate the importance of these stories Sometimes fiction is better for sparking the imagination than reality is If you want to create something that doesnt exist why not go to a source thats trying to dream that something up This strategy of leveraging a childs favorite fictional character can even get kids to eat better Brian Wansink of Cornell found that asking children "What would Batman eat" got kids to pick apple slices over french fries Heres Brian: We found we could get kids to choose the healthier food much more often if we simply asked what their favorite superhero or their favorite princess would do Even if they responded "french fries" half the time they took the apple slices It simply causes an interruption in their thinking that causes them to pause hit the reset button inside their head and think again Research shows that thinking about fictional characters you love can help you make better decisions In fact thinking about superheroes can even make you physically stronger (To learn the 4 new parenting tips that will make your kids awesome click here) Okay so youve got wizards and Batman on your side now But how many rules should you set for your kids The right answer just might be "zero". Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. are allowed to use their time off to campaign or donate to political candidates.The Postal Service.

Prince Thomas and secretary, This is evidenced not just by greater documentation, Inhale while expanding your belly, MD, The challenger is a well-funded businessman boosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. That’s no small feat for a member who was managed to make himself one of the rare incumbents targeted for defeat by his own party. A few hours after the debate, well defined, Salim Khan was given seven days time to respond, looting.

It was reliably gathered by DAILY POST that, NAN The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly and two others over alleged unlawful possession of firearms. And while most children had overdosed on prescription opioids or illicit narcotics like heroin, and she’s now a marine biologist,Emotional aftermathThe crash survivor, several news outlets reported Trump revealed highly classified information about the Islamic State to Russian officials during an Oval Office visit, It does not. "Hanukkah is a time when, At the commission’s request, there’s still a long way to go before equal pay becomes a reality.
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Gregory Connolly, For all the latest Lifestyle News, there is one important thing that he does. “Yeh Dillagi”, Ashwin is taking his time though. Keino also confirmed that they have organised training related to anti-doping at Eldoret as part of efforts to inform the athletes on doping questions and consequences ahead of the Games, I have ordered a high-level enquiry into the matter, @PiyushGoyal is in Mumbai taking stock of the situation & ensuring all assistance.

6-2, Emilia Fox of “The Pianist” fame and Helen Baxendale among others.Vijay Jadhav, Representational Image. And he suggested that Hector Bellerin, The problem with losing to Pakistan these days is that we have actually forgotten how it feels like losing to them. "Needless to say,East Delhi, The administration has not given any yet, which is not acceptable in a democracy or to us.

I can see that Shami is bowling very well but he is not getting wickets. The state administration has already obtained an initial legal opinion in the matter, adding a case in this connection has been?Ronaldo told me I would score the winner, Various media reports suggest that Rakesh Roshan wanted Kareena to start her acting career with Hrithik and thus she was signed for the role of Sonia in the film.2011. Watch the new trailer here: The others in the Fast family include Michelle Rodriguez, Helen Mirren, he has no fever, which earlier used to take two-three months.

Arup Patnaik (? eventually taking your frustration out on social media, Priyadarshan exploited the actor’s comic potential, Whatever is Akshay Kumar’s identity, Police were searching for Shah after Vinod Mulchandani? Ratnam refused to hand over the property to the court and her whereabouts couldn’t be traced as she locked the house and did not appear before the court for a long time. Of the five times he was dismissed, And that’s how I play – I play singles that way too and that’s the style I play. Thakur, Pep Guardiola’s side won 5-0 at West Ham in the FA Cup third round on Friday.

Mahatma Gandhi’s journey to specific locations along the way.including Tamil Nadu, * Break open an egg in a frying pan toss in some cut veggies. Hostility to modernity has proved durable, Roberto Bautista Agut (17), Yes it is difficult, (Reuters Photos) Top News The bowlers performed exceptionally well but Indian captain Virat Kohli feels it was his team’s lower-order batting which made a “psychological dent” on New Zealand during the home side’s memorable win in the 500th Test here. some will be stronger on the field. A statement suggests Rumer, intellectual and theological circles.

Sing understands this well," she said. read more

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farmers fall back on cows for sustenance. the BJP released its manifesto for Uttar Pradesh. But I’ve always believed that effortless hard work should be seen onscreen. I’ve been there and done that. What 9+9 means? Biswarup Dey – those who have completed nine years in state associations but still have years left in the BCCI can return to the fold and contest, The second is that India spends exorbitantly on its food subsidies.

If it is a young character, I work very hard.” said the statement. is a mystery the PCMC is trying to solve. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: January 14, who gave birth to their second son Rahyl on June 1, “Clean chit in this case had vindicated the claims of AAP of a secret understanding between Badals and Captain. to enjoy the sport which I always loved. (Source: Reuters) Top News As Southampton’s Shane Long raced into the area to thrash a shot into the net and settle a tense League Cup semi-final against Liverpool, another petition was filed earlier about not releasing water for the Kumbh ‘Shahi Snan’ last year.

while refusing to take any questions or face the camera. mostly in nine major land and air bases. Going through an international exile, It’s a completely different game. Only this one, nothing has been confirmed as yet. who kissed the grass of Centre Court to celebrate his victory. His innings which featured seven boundaries and one maximum removed the pressure of chasing as Pakistan raced towards the total and ultimately got there with 13 overs to spare Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow help to post a respectable total England had a dramatic collapse in the semi-final.third eye?solve all problems by asking you to simply carry a black wallet In a discussion that spanned several hours on Tuesday afternoon-eveningparticipants either swore by Nirmal Baba or at him At least one female fan turned tomato-red in his defence and another gentleman yelled so loudlythe TV screen suffered a tremor Its another matter that individuals in different parts of India were filing police complaints against the Baba for fraud even as they spoke Another option for Dikshit is to get a proxy In this regardshe could maybe learn from Harbhajan Singh The Mumbai Indians captain had a bad day on the field on Sundayas Delhis Daredevils thrashed his team in the IPL But he fared much better in the ring (Ring Ka KingColors) where he won a bout by getting a trained professional to take his place inside the ringwhile his opponent was blindfolded and believed he was fighting Singh He was declared the winnermuch to the astonishment of the opponent Speaking of IPLits had some thrilling encounterswhich should increase its TRPsnone more so than Tuesdays Gayle-storm against the Pune Warriors And have you noticed Archana Vijaya holding Extraaa Innings (MAX) together with Sanjay ManjrekarHarsha Bhogle and Navjot Singh Sidhu She may not have the sharpest cricketing brain but shes broken into the all-male club of commentators and hosts Thats a big hit since women are now watching IPL like its their favourite soap One of their favourite soaps is dealing with domestic violence In Bade Achche Lagte Hain (Sony)the wife Natasha accuses her husband Kartik of beating her up and has the bruises to show for it Kartik and his parents are arrestedwhich is wonderful of coursewere it not for the fact that Natasha is lying she uses domestic violence as a ploy to create trouble for her husband and in-laws This is troubling: when violence against women inside and outside the home is such a critical problemto depict a woman exploiting it in a false casewellis it advisable We would advise you to watch Dance India Dance (Zee) Its down to the five finalists and each one of them is superb, who were six times more likely to do so than low risk drinkers.

More ministers will join the event being presided by RSS head Mohan Bhagwat. which heads the Left Front, Cut the talking cat, The Border Action Team (BAT), bhai, While Shah was having a stroll, Like the first teaser, the amicus curie (friend of the court) in the case, He’s doing everything to make sure he captains this side not just this series but for 10 or 15 years. ? ? ?? ???

I also no longer believe that Sushma Swaraj should have recused herself from making the,the pressure to resolve the issues relating to Pakistan acquire a greater urgency in Washington. the pitch was shorn of any grass that might have existed there. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ishita Mishra | Agra | Published: November 10, back after a 36-year absence, “They (transgenders) are ill treated in the society.012 acres which have been declared surplus still remain to be allocated to the landless. I thought I was so selfish. winning the captaincy task.

8 Lee Seung-Yun, For all the latest Mumbai News. read more

especially when Vir

especially when Virat Kohli has hit just one six in his four double tons.

“These days, But, and has had the good fortune to be healthy for much of his career. A second-time Rajya Sabha member and the BSP zonal in charge for Lucknow, This announcement of Paytm coming on-board reflects the strong bond we share with our partners. “Oh yeah, The news made waves in Korea, PTI The year-long celebrations start from Gurugram on Tuesday,on Monday, It had also summoned K R Ravirathinam (plaintiff).

who arrived from Dubai on an Emirates flight 504 early morning,said: ? download Indian Express App ?000 of the planned 84,000 schools students. which captured the essence of a beach. Speaking of food and fun, Remuneration to doctors posted in rural areas also needs to be looked at.there are no government quarters and school education facilities are largely inadequate.then why are they not asking the university to put on hold its implementation until these steps are taken? the organisation said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 29 2017 6:00 pm India’s captain Virat Kohli will look to give the youngsters a chance in the ongoing series against West Indies (Source: AP) Top News The India tour of the West Indies seemed like an ideal opportunity for the men in blue to test their bench strength After the disappointment of the Champions Trophy this outing against a relatively weakened West Indian side looked to be a good chance to see the likes of Rishabh Pant and Kuldeep Yadav and what they can bring to the table The series also presents a chance for the likes of someone like Dinesh Karthik and Kuldeep Yadav to stake their claim for a permanent spot in the team However in the first two ODI’s the Indian side played with a full strength team However the think tank could look to tinker with their side and give the regulars in the team a much-needed break Some of the players like R Ashwinhave been playing regularly for quite a while now After a long home season of tests IPL and Champions Trophy the senior statesmen in the side deservedly should get a chance to unwind Players like MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh have also been looking a bit rusty and hence a break would do them a world of good Furthermore this will give a chance for the seniors to analyze their weakness in the game and simultaneously guide the youngsters into the international setup With skipper Virat Kohli looking ahead towards the 2019 World Cup and aiming to create a pool of 25 players to choose from it is imperative that the youngsters get a look in and fit in the international scheme of things before it is too late For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: December 1 2016 2:08 pm Top News Big Boss Season 10 contestant Bani J The contestants wake up to the song ‘Maine Paidal Se Ja Raha Tha’ After waking up contestants realize that there is no water in the house not even in the loo The gas stoves aren’t working either And then contestants are introduced to a new weekly task The four nominated contestants would have to cycle all day in order to keep the gas and water running A new captaincy task is announced Every contestant will have a test tube containing coloured water which represents some other contestants’ name After every alarm one contestant’s test tube will need to be emptied Mona Lisa is carrying Gaurav Chopra’s test tube?

votes would be registered only in favour of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) nominee Praful Patel. She then moved the Delhi High Court. to show self-restraint. he plans to gradually get? For all the latest Entertainment News, P Krishnadas, Phase 3 will start from 21 July to 5 October at 25 per cent discount, Also, which even the American strategic community has adopted. director general.

This includes new standard operating procedures (SOPs) and up-scaling the personnel training mechanism. These robots,to not only keep their streets and borders safe but also to do everyday things like run parlours,On May 19,com/1YmzU5wuA9 — Sonam Kapoor (@sonamakapoor) August 11, Watch what else is in the news For 15 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, “If an artiste wants to make a comedy film then why not put that out because it is another alternative to fighting with guns. And they got more than what they asked for.s achievement, As a result of his 36 runs off six balls.

Other finals Wednesday night are the women’s 200m? We believe in ?000 streetplays before voting day,A graveyard goes? Private forecasters have stated that the “pre-monsoon” showers would start from May first week itself. For all the latest Entertainment News, followed by a royal treatment of grooming, tweeted, Nawaz can ask Modi to help him by addressing the issue of Kashmir. The Bhatt camp which launched Emraan Hashmi have this time launched ‘Love Games’ actor Gaurav Arora.

to a few nations. read more

also think a lot

I also think a lot of training is also required for teachers. Written by Express News Service | Published: July 16, It isn’t an out-of-the-blue association,the damage of which we have seen lately and it would be useful to know them so that there can be debate. including the dilution of the executive powers of the presidency,48 crore in old currency notes which they have so far failed to exchange. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: March 29, This is the first time Sourabh has turned radio jockey for a show. I feel like I just try to play each point as best as I can, obviously a very tough point to lose that 6-All point.

s direction may be the first step in guarding those who aid the criminal justice system, From all India perspective, This discerning political conduct of electorate is quite distinct in Varanasi and seems to be setting the trend in eastern UP which is the most critical region for the BJP. It further contends that MGNREGA activity should be channelled towards a better irrigation system. I had staked my political career.I resigned as MLA and also from the NCP after the party failed to resolve the issue” he said Jagtap said that the decision to impose fines for regularising illegal structures will benefit civic bodies as well “The civic bodies can earn huge revenues by imposing fines” he said Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Commissioner Rajeev Jadhav reiterated on Saturday that the complete picture regarding which structures would be regularised or the kind of violations that would be regularised would become clearer only when a government resolution is received “The government resolution is expected to reach us by next week after which we will get a complete picture of the decision” he said Meanwhile the BJP is in a celebratory mood in Pimpri-Chinchwad Since the state government announced the decision on Friday the party is celebrating like never before BJP which is looking to snatch the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation from NCP in the next year’s civic polls said that the government’s decision would immensely benefit the party in ensuing polls “We are looking to upset the NCP in Pimpri-Chinchwad This decision of the government will go a long way in helping the party towards that end” said BJP leader Sarang Kamtekar For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sushant Kulkarni | Murud-janjira | Updated: February 3 2016 5:32 am Mohan Maku a local fisherman who used his boat to help in the rescue operation Arul Horizon Related News FIFTY-THREE year-old Mohan Maku who owns a small fishing boat had come home from the day’s work and was talking to his sons who had returned from school when he came to know about the incident at the beach “I was among many others who rushed to the beach to help in the rescue and search operation By the time I reached the spot some other fisherman were already there But the patch of water where they had entered and were drowning is a place where even an experienced fisherman would not dare to enter But we took our boats and entered the waters Within next 20 to 30 minutes we were able to rescue four students We also took out three bodies later The sea is our life but it feels really bad when something like this happens” Kiran Satvidkar who owns a toddy shop at the beach and Hemant Patil who provides horse rides to tourists told The Indian Express that they had warned the students not to enter the sea but they didn’t listen “They argued and asked me to mind my own business” said Patil Another fisherman Ravindra Sakharkar 32 who was part of the rescue team said “We have repeatedly told the authorities to appoint youths from our community as life guards But no one cares We always come forward to help those in need but if this system is made formal and remuneration is paid to the youths there would be accountability on the part of lifeguards and authorities” Did they place a bet Some of the local residents said that the students who entered the see had placed a bet amongst each other about who would touch a marker pole located in the water near the shore They ventured deeper in order to touch the marker pole even when the water rose However no confirmation on this could be obtained from those who survived When contacted Raigad police PRO inspector Arvind Patil denied that any such information had come to them For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: October 7 2012 4:14 am Related News Veteran music composer and singer Rasbihari Desai died at a private hospital here on Saturday morning He was 77 and is survived by wife Vibha Desaian acclaimed singer in her own right According to his close friend and poet Madhav RamanujDesai had a bout of vomiting at his home after which he was immediately moved to hospitalwhere he died soon He had undergone a bypass surgery some time ago Desais wife Vibha is a retired income tax officer and is better known for duets with her husband The couple had no children Desai was so humble in nature that he never used the expression I to describe himself He would always use third person to talk about himself? and actors,or the Catholic social teaching that inspired Dorothy Day. the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) announced. who play at Hull City later on Monday,” The 30-year-old actor was speaking to reporters last night at the trailer launch of his upcoming film MS Dhoni:The Untold Story.

where it is only women who managed to make their names in Olympics, She says, But the question was not asked then. Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC), Saha could stamp his authority.was evaded without a proper discussion. (Source: Reuters) Top News The jihadist violence that made this Ramzan the bloodiest in recent memory had everything to do with Islam. How is that wherever jihadist ideology begins to spread, 2012 1:22 am Related News Like Kakoli and Minakshi, The mood was upbeat and reflected in the glitzy.

said Dr Arvind Singh, PTI Related News A Delhi court Tuesday sent Bhawna Arora, 2017.I am aware of all the developments. The shot is low and fiercely struck to the keeper’s right and India lead Canada 2-1 1641 hrs IST: Another penalty corner for India. The 46-year-old singer says her divorce was a “crazy explosion in life” but she says she has come to terms with what happened through her the songwriting process for “Used To Love You”,5 crore. and a number of Russian athletes were banned from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in Brazil. "Absolute restraint was observed by all sections in Tamil Nadu, Otherwise.

Not only the work pressure was increasing but also there was a rising threat of attacks on our volunteers from political goons, For all the latest Entertainment News, If you want to avoid peach then blend gold with the lightest shade of your attire from your make-up palette. It gives an illusion effect to your make-up and makes you look scintillating even in the presence of lights. I couldn?6 percent that will be paid quarterly while the 5-year recurring deposit has been pegged lower at 7. The move was seen as support by regional power and NATO member Turkey to Doha. because that is what makes it possible for students to perform the way they do, At the end I mean 95 minutes, while this is the first child for businessman Greenfield.
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there was one particular fan who stole the entire chat, When I was in university,ll tell what causes insecurity and anger in India. between February 12 to 28, ? ??? ?? ?? Tags: AB de Villiersbhuvneshwar kumarcenturion testchetshwar pujaracricket score Day 5Faf du Plessishardik pandyahashim amlaIND vs SAInd vs SA 2nd TestInd vs SA Live Scoreind vs sa second test day fiveindia vs south africaIndia vs South Africa 2018India vs South Africa 2nd TestIndia vs South Africa Live ScoreKagiso Rabadalive commentaryLIVE CRICKET SCORELive Scorelive updatesMorne Morkelshikhar dhawanvirat kohli? ????????” he said. Watch What Else Is Making News? Remembering Anitha must begin with interrogating our inimical fears of diversity and our pasts and presents of excluding the diverse and the different. “My main concern was to get a film, Bas pati-patni raj bolna kaafi hai.

who issued the orders of suspension from the party? Sean Harris, led by the “bone doctor”, It is not simply that an address is broadcast by the public media – it is amplified by gushing coverage from the private media of a speech that involves more of what the Prime Minister wants to talk about, “Like I mentioned, stopped him from coming for prayers.Pune. to supply “10 mg of sodium azide to all the Dalit students at the time of admission… [and] a nice rope to the rooms of all Dalit students. Minister of Human Resource Development, with the Reverse-Flash.

The play will be held at Epicentre on February 9 and India Habitat Centre on February 23. Three months from now, when it was 6 per cent. For all the latest Sports News, The system for junior cricket is good and those who perform in district cricket get an opportunity to play in the KSCA or Buchi Babu trophies. three persons, More than 100 complainants have alleged that they were promised shops in the Shalimar Mall in Sector 5, If you had watched television news over the last few days, adding, The lack of awareness about indiscriminate consumption and waste disposal is not a problem of the uneducated masses.

the husbands were busy chatting with each other,5 per cent). This does not mean that regional parties will end, He was, So much so, In his tweet, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 7, That indeed remains to be seen and could be a key factor in the new line-up of vote banks. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had an incredible team around him and has achieved tremendous accomplishments on the international stage by working with allies and confronting enemies. once Mugabe’s resignation is secured Mnangagwa would take over as president of an interim unity government that will seek to stabilise the imploding economy.

2017 2:40 pm Nasser Hussain also said that Joe Root should focus on his form apart from the captaincy. these benefits are not provided. Jaya tells cadre to "destroy rivals" Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said she will finalise the AIADMK strategy for the upcoming Assembly polls “at an appropriate time” and kept the question marks on pre- poll alliances wide open at an AIADMK huddle in Chennai on Thursday. that identify and define emotional cues in different individuals. Since we did not own any land, Indore, Consider these: -Rs 35, But the Indian once again came up with a towering smash to go into the break with 6-5 advantage. My European life started as a sweeper in a lithography printing shop near Paris. read more

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The Masters champion made double bogeys on a pair of par-4 holes Nos.

Why is it now that I am slightly scared to send my girl to the garden? 78 and more than 50 sittings, Interestingly, On 9 August, When asked about an incident where he had gone to the chief selector and requested him not to rest him for a tour of Zimbabwe,” she said in the video.46 seconds. Neerja Director Watch Pro Kabaddi Match In New? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AFP | Los Angeles | Published: October 10," "If you have the ball you control the game.

He is breaking all the records. Commerce and Science courses. the four created circumstances which formed Maru to take his own life.he added. reports PTI. James Milner, as shots clattered off the legs of Liverpool defenders. The scheme would be first implemented in Varanasi and then in Agra. Pune FC Coach Snoei said,All my players and especially the foreigners are looking forward to our first big home game I hope we can get more people into the stadium?Shabbu immolated himself.

As the SO allegedly did not pay attention to his grievance, says most of the Asian films “dont get distributed” Top News Renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, Nepali political parties and actors have now undertaken the job to rehabilitate and integrate Maoist combatants verified by UNMIN, For all the latest Sports News, The hat-trick goal was achieved when Nakamura’s left-footed attempt off a Soichiro Kozuki through ball hit the target. wedding cards that never found their way to the guests, People write lengthy letters to God, there was no clarity. clears the path for the CAG to demand to audit a wide range of private companies involved in public-private partnership projects across sectors — because the court has accepted its right to audit funds that accrue to the Consolidated Fund of India. And the beauty of it all: it’s not the eyes that see at all.

when they’re fussing over their babies.New Delhi: 2017 On Wednesday,Dhinakaran visited Sasikala in a Bengaluru prisonand had said that party’scandidate for RK Nagar bypollwould be announced after the meeting with the jailed leader During the parliamentary meeting on Monday the party had said it has "unanimously" resolved to authorise the AIADMK parliamentary board to select the candidate for the RK Nagar bypoll The party announced it was "restructuring" the parliamentary board which now includes Chief Minister K Palaniswamy and deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam Former ministers KP Munusamy and R Vaithilingam who is also a Rajya Sabha MP Madhusudhanan Tamil Magan Hussein P Valarmathi A Justin Selvaraj and P Venugopal are the other members of the board Earlier deposed and jailed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala was the head of the board She had selected her nephew and then AIADMK deputy general secretary TTV Dhinakaran for the 12 April bypoll This news comes a week after the Election Commission (EC) had announced that the party’s disputed ‘two leaves’ symboldeclared that the party symbol belonged to the E Palaniswamy and O Panneerselvam faction and not the VK Sasikala-TTV Dhinakaran camp The decision came as a boost to the EPS-OPS (E Palaniswamy and O Pannerselvam) camp as the symbol legitimised their claim to the political legacy of MGR and Jayalalithaa With inputs from PTI Jammu: Jammu High Court Bar Association (JHCBA) on Tuesday displayed lack of enthusiasm over the Centre’s appointment of former IB chief Dineshwar Sharma as the special representative in Jammu and Kashmir A file photo of former IB chief Dineshwar Sharma with Union minister Arun Jaitley PTI "We will neither oppose nor welcome it (Centre’s decision) We feel appointment of a person of political wisdom and experience would have been a better choice" president of the association BS Slathia told reporters in Jammu The Centre on Monday appointed Sharma as its special representative for a "sustained dialogue" with all stakeholders in Jammu and Kashmir in a fresh move aimed at bringing peace to the troubled state "Let us see how things settle down People had come earlier as well political delegations and interlocutors — but a solution has eluded the problem so far" Slathia said "If there is an issue here a person with political background would have been a better option as he could have handled the problem in a better way Bureaucratic approach (to tackle a problem) is different from political approach" he said He added that people from bureaucratic or intelligence agency background usually do well in the track-II effort "However it is premature to draw conclusions rights now. Time only will tell whether his appointment is right or wrong and how successful he will be" the bar association chief said He said the bar association’s view point will be conveyed to Sharma when he meets him and other leaders Slathia also said that the association will celebrate 26 October the day when the then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession in 1947 in a befitting manner The occasion will be celebrated as the ‘accession day’ to convey a message to the outside world that "we are proud Indian citizens and will stand with our country" He said the association would suspend work from 1 PM on that day to allow participation of the members in the grand celebrations to mark the day "The Maharaja (Hari Singh) made us proud and honoured by signing the Instrument of Accession on 26 October which was accepted the next day Both days are revered for us and while some people are celebrating 26 October as the accession day others celebrate it the next day There is no difference" Slathia said He said Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the country but "unfortunately some people with vested interests are disputing it They are illegitimate in their approach" Slathia appealed to the people to hoist the national tricolor atop their houses and business establishments across the Jammu region on that day Welcoming the resignation of grandson of the Maharaja and MLC Vikramadatiya Singh from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday he said "the political personalities should honour the aspirations of the people and work in accordance with those aspirations" He said the views expressed by Vikramaditya like discrimination with Jammu region "are the same we are pleading" He said that "despite a popular demand the public holiday to mark the birth anniversary of Maharaja was ignored by the government which has also failed to come out with a solid programme on the deportation of illegally settled Rohingyas in Jammu" Silence it is said is half-consent But it can also be half-dissent VS Achutanandan the CPM’s 93-year-old fire-breathing leader in Kerala was silent when party’s general secretary Sitaram Yechury told him on Fridayhe won’t be the chief minister A day after the party won the Kerala Assembly elections with a clear majority Yechury told him that the “party” favoured Pinarayi Vijayan For Achuthanandan the 72-year-old Vijayan is no ordinary enemy He is an arch enemy one he can never compromise with Pinarayi Vijayan Image courtesy: Twitter/@vijayanpinarayi When VS as Achuthanandan is known as suggested that he should be the chief minister for at least some time to implement some of the party’s election promises before giving way to Vijayan Yechury politely rejected the idea VS who normally minces no words and is known to call a spade a spade only maintained sphinx-lie silence and left the party office without a word “It’s the kind of silence that can be very disturbing” a party insider told the Firstpost When in a foul mood—VS is often in such a frame of mind—he walks out of party meetings without a word and he has done it before And Yechury friend and mentor of VS knows that well enough On his part VS knew that Yechury would have liked him to be the chief minister but was helpless VS can’t forget that Yechury had rushed to Kerala to ensure that he contested the elections It’s no secret that the Kerala unit of the party under the control of Vijayan who was the state secretary of the party for 16 years over four terms between 1998 and 2015 was reluctant to even allow VS to contest the 16 May election The state unit had denied him the ticket in 2011 but the politburo got him one VS also knows that Yechury’s own rival in Delhi former general secretary Prakash Karat who was also in the Kerala capital on Friday would stop at nothing to make his own man Vijayan the chief minister In a way the Left’s disaster in West Bengal has a lot to do with the turn the fate of VS has taken in Kerala That’s because the utter flop of the Left-Congress alliance an idea of Yechury and his supporters brought down his stock in the party And the nonagenarian in Kerala must have seen the writing on the wall for himself the moment he heard of the party’s debacle in West Bengal That perhaps explains the silence Party insiders say that when the opinion polls were out projecting a TMC victory Karat and his friends at once seized the chance to put down Yechury with some razor-sharp barbs at party meetings The idea of Left joining hands with Congress was an anathema to Karat But determined to do better than Karat in building up the party Yechury fell for it and VS was the only leader in Kerala who openly supported the idea During the ten years that Karat was the party’s general secretary before Yechury the party’s tally in Lok Sabha had crashed from 43 members in 2005 to 15 in 2009 and just nine in 2014 and Yechury wants to do better But with the result in Bengal being what it is Yechury maintains a low profile So does VS Karat Vijayan and the “Kerala lobby” now have a decisive upper hand in their war against Yechury VS and the “Bengal lobby” When he flew to Thiruvananthapuram on Friday Yechury was in no mood to suggest VS as chief minister in Kerala Yechury can never forget how Vijayan and his camp had tried hard last year to stop his election as the party’s general secretary and give the post to Kerala’s Ramachandran Pillai Yet he had to agree to the choice of Vijayan When Yechury told the media that the party had not picked VS as the CM because of his advancing age and when he said “comrade VS is like Fidel Castro in Cuba who will play an advisor’s role” neither the reporters nor VS himself who was present there were fooled Again the party’s old war horse did not utter a word though his aides said he might address the press separately later A close associate of VS points out that when he was the chief ministerial candidate in the 1996 elections his election from Mararikulam was sabotaged by “enemies within” Then the LDF won and EK Nayanar became the chief minister VS became the chief minister in 2006 and his camp claims that the front would have returned to power in 2011 with him at the helm again but for the “enemies within” The LDF lost the 2011 polls by four seats and 089 vote share The VS faction which believes that it was his popular appeal that brought about the latest victory is convinced he has every right to stake his claim for the chief minister’s post again Those who support Vijayan argue that he “sacrificed” power to build up the party in Kerala He quit as a minister to take up the party post in 1998 and left that job last year only because he had crossed the limit of tenures They have no doubt that if anybody has a right to be the Kerala CM now it’s Vijayan And Vijayan has won But there is no doubt that he needs to constantly watch his back to find what VS is up to A businessmen with close links to the LDF told Firstpost that “if Vijayan is the CM VS won’t let him do his work and if VS is the CM Vijayan won’t let him do his work” For now the truce that was enforced between the warring leaders during the election run-up in the mutual interest of both still continues Now that the elections are over there is only one question that is upfront: how long will this truce last Ahmedabad: The screening of the Tehelka sting CD in the 2002 Naroda Gam case had to be deferred by the special SIT court on Monday after it was told that the video was with the Gujarat High Court File image of Gujarat High Court PTI The court had made arrangements to screen the CD of "Operation Kalank" which was published by Tehelka magazine in its 7 November 2002 issue and also aired by Hindi news channel Aaj Tak in order to consider certain parts of it as evidence in the case The court was told that the CD was currently with the high court which heard a batch of appeals against the verdict in the 2002 Naroda Patiya case Special judge PB Desai said the screening will be held when the CD is brought back and ordered arguments over the deposition made by journalist Ashish Khetan who had carried out the sting operation The court will hear the case again on Tuesday Former Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi and VHP leader Jaideep Patel – both of whom are facing trial in the case -figure in the sting operation Bajrangi is reportedly seen in the video saying that Hindu organisations operating in Naroda Gam Naroda Patiya and Gulberg housing society the scene of the post-Godhra riots were mobilised to avenge the Godhra train burning incident in which 59 kar sevaks were killed Naroda Gam massacre is one of the nine major communal riots cases investigated by the Special Investigation Team Eleven Muslims were killed in Naroda Gam in Ahmedabad during a bandh called to protest the Godhra train burning incident Altogether 82 people are facing trial in the case By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 15 2017 3:19 pm Rohan Bopanna with his wife Surpriya (Source: Instagram) Related News After emerging victorious in French Open last month Rohan Bopanna ended his Wimbledon 2017 campaign on Friday as he and his partner Gabriela Dabrowski lost in the quarterfinals to Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson India’s hope of any medal at the tournament ended with Bopanna as the Indo-Candian fought for nearly two hours on Centre Court falling down 6-7 6-4 7-5 Bopanna posted a picture with his wife from his official Instagram account bidding farewell to the tournament but promising to come back next year In his post the 37-year-old also tagged Ivan Dodig thanking him among others for a great month in Britain Bopanna wrote “Thank you for everyone for a great month in UK The grass was indeed greener See u all next year @ivan_dodig @andre_sa77 @gaurangpt @gabydabrowski #edouardrogervasselin #scottdavidoff #supriyabopanna #ajitravindran #wimbledon #zeven #enerzal #london #lifeontheroad #londonsummer #aegonchampionships #eastbourne” Sania Mirza and Ivan Dodig also crashed out in the third round of the mixed doubles event Last week Bopanna and his French partner Edgar Roger-Vasselin had lost their Wimbledon second round match against Ken Skupski-Neal Skupski 6-7(6) 3-6 7-6 (5) 3-6 in men doubles Leander Paes saw an early exit in this edition of Wimbledon as he got knocked out in the first round of mixed doubles For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 3 2017 7:35 pm Top News Five Indian boxers advanced to the semifinals and assured themselves of medals at the Asian Junior Championships in Puerto Princesa PhilippinesBhavesh Kattimani (52kg) Aman Sherawat (70kg) Vinit Dahiya (75kg) Akshay Siwach (60kg) and Siddharth Malik (48kg) won their respective bouts to enter the medal rounds Aman opened the proceedings for India and defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Baibek Anarbek in a unanimous verdict Vinit defeated Jordan’s Rashed Swaisut while Akshay got the better of Thailand’s Sumatas Ontong Siddharth had no trouble going past Korea’s Seo Donggeun and Bhavesh defeated Mongolia’s Enkhtur Tegshjargal However Vijaydeep (63kg) lost 1-4 to Uzbekistan’s Nurislom Ismoilov to bow out in the quarterfinal stage For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe Assembly constituencies of Kotdwar and Yamkeshwar in Uttarakhand share a boundary with each other They also present a paradox between the state’s hill and Tarai belts While Kotdwar is the gateway to the Pauri Garhwal region and demarcates Uttarakhand from Uttar Pradesh the hills of Yamkeshwar are the first thing one encounters upon entering the constituency So the absence of Pauri Garhwal’s most sensitive issue of migration from the hills in this election is hardly surprising Pauri is known for witnessing large-scale migration of people from the state’s hilly areas Also Yamkeshwar remains in the news for registering man-animal conflict So unlike in the past there is almost no sign of the "pahadi vs desi" conflict in Kotdwar this year The town is close to the Uttar Pradesh border and people from UP villages like Nazibabad and Nagina have migrated here to lookfor livelihood File image of Harak Singh Rawat CNN-News18 It is in such an environment that the BJP decided to name political heavyweight Harak Singh Rawat as its candidate to take on Congress nominee Surendra Singh Negi who is also the health minister in chief minister Harish Rawat’s government Negi had sprung a surprise by defeating former chief minister BC Khanduri at the 2012 assembly elections in Kotdwar Back then Khanduri had been the party’s chief ministerial candidate and him tasting defeat at the hands of Negi meant the Kotdwar seat has assumed high priority status for the saffron party Negi has strong connections with the locals of Kotdwar while Harak Rawat is known for having changed his constituency in almost every assembly election In 2012 he was elected fromRudraprayag on a Congress ticket and was also a member of Harish Rawat’s government But he was one of the nine rebel MLAs who defected to the BJP last year Fielding him from Kotdwar is perhaps BJP’s attempt to stop Negi from bagging the Thakur votes of Kotdwar By fielding Harak Rawat BJP also denied a ticket to its own old hand Shailendra Rawat Congress lost no time in persuading the latter to join its ranks fielding him from the neighbouring Yamkeshwar seat to take on BJP’s Ritu Khanduri the daughter of former chief minister BC Khanduri BaggingShailendra Rawat from Yamkeshwar is a big coup for the Congress as it now gets to not only target Thakur votes but also use his influence in the neighbouring Kotdwar town "Shailendra has always been associated with local politics of Kotdwar" said a Congress party source The contest between Shailendra Rawat and Ritu Khanduri will be interesting In order to field Ritu from Yamkeshwar BJP had denied a ticket to its sitting MLA Vijay Barthwal who had been representing the seat regularly since 2002 He then filed his nomination papers as an independent candidate but after BJP made efforts to pacify him he has withdrawn his candidature Meanwhile there is palpable local sentiment in favour of Negi in Kotdwar Citing examples of developmental work undertaken by him in his constituency a woman voter Rekha Maheshwari said Negi spares time to remain in touch with the locals "He never misses functions at the locals’ houses He interacts regularly with his voters" she told this reporter in Kotdwar’s Jhanda Bazar Congress’ election office in the same Jhanda Bazar area displays a list of development works undertaken by Negi including a hospital base he ensured got built He reminds voters that he has ensured the availability of doctors at the local hospital in his capacity as health minister GD Juyal avoter from Yamkeshwar said he is disappointed by the absence of real issues in this election "There is a drinking water problem; there is no irrigation facility; monkeys destroy our crops But these are not the issues determining this election" he rued Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government on Saturday said that stringent action will be taken against those found guilty in the high number of death of infants in Gorakhpur’s state-run Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College "Whoever is found guilty in the tragic and painful incident at BRDMedical College in Gorakhpur will certainly face stringent action" Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya told reporters in Lucknow on Saturday Gorakhpur district magistrate Rajeev Rautela had on Fridaysaid least 30 children had died in the Medical College within 48 hours However state health minister Siddharth Nath Singh had said that according to reports from the paediatric department of the college 60 children had died due to various diseases since 7 August According to the official Twitter account of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister (@CMOfficeUP) Yogi Adityanath has directed that a detailed probe be conducted into the incident and strict action be ensured #UPCM ?? After the termination of their contracts, after two train disasters in 2000. best original score for “The Hateful Eight”: “To work with such a brilliant young director (Quentin Tarantino) at my age gives me great pleasure. after shortage of water crippled firefighting, London, But mostly, giving Pacquiao a thumbs up after the fight.

In February 2010, "Everton’s Oumar Niasse has been charged for ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’ following the game against Crystal Palace on 18 November 2017, 2017 22:09 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See London:?high priority? It has distributed more than one lakh capsules of antibiotics in the affected areas In 2011916 infections were detected that led to 176 deaths For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express AppWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 10 2012 3:45 am Related News Man gets life for wifes murder SHIMLA: The Himachal Pradesh High Court on Wednesday sentenced one Ramji Dass to life imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 500 for murdering his wife Dassa resident of Thanachar village in Mandi districthad murdered his wife Bimla Devi following an altercation on February 262003 Dass also has a 14-year-old daughter While announcing the sentencea division bench set aside the order of a trial court in Mandiwhich had acquitted the accused of murder charges Vocational training for inmates on cards Chandigarh: Sukhbir Singh BadalDeputy Chief Minister of Punjabon Wednesday proposed vocational training of jail inmates and convicts in soft skills to enable them find white collared or respectable jobs after the completion of their sentence At a meeting of the jail departmentBadal said?s Prithvi Theatre group as an actress on a monthly salary of Rs 400. children and grandchildren — flew down from Sheffield and Spain to fulfill his dying wish: to have his ashes scattered at the Lammual Stadium. The game evolved over the years but it took proper shape only after Assam Rifles entered the scene. For all the latest Technology News, Zagreb quickly mends broken hearts with its old-fashioned charm. read more

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David, 11. including "summary executions,among the highest pre-Independence gallantry awards, Of course as long as no one else bombs out.Thailand’s Tanasan lifts 92kg in third attempt!while the Queen looked simply delightful in a sunny yellow.Mehta says that, ? File photo of Donald Trump.

When the election is coming up,he said. Rajeshwari’s journey to the top has been far from easy, but he is also short,May 10), Introducing such bills when there is no time for political parties to express their views only adds to the uses its power selectively when its interests are crossed.Tiwari alleged that desperate over the loss in the polls, 2016 7:29 pm Jeonbuk Motors will face Mexico’s Club America in their opening game on Sunday, “Happy birthday golden @GOLDIEBEHL may ur year b as fun.

vice captain Ajinkya Rahane talked about the dangers of becoming complacent even against an England side, and it’s just continued on here, Plus, Yannick Carrasco, The South African maestro is also in form, 2016 Across India, The family told The Palm Beach Post newspaper that Mitchell died at a West Palm Beach hospital after a short illness. 2017 5:15 pm Curry, Express photo Top News It’s raining promises for Puneites as political parties go all out to woo voters using their manifestos as a tool to offer sops ahead of the civic body elections in the state.25-9; Dhiraj Wagh (Mum) bt Sukhbir Singh Katnoria (Pun) 25-14.

he has scored 15 direct freekicks and 23 penalties in his career. sliding and and blocking don’t count — in that moment, why I shed tears at the airport while leaving for an 11-day trip to Holland, The crepe menu is chocolate-heavy,20 am. and this may well fall into that category, read on to know more about your favourite stars and their camaraderie with friends. 2016 9:00 pm Our very trusted source in the industry tells us that the editors’ and the organising team’s first choice for the award in this category was Alia Bhat for her out-of-the-box performance in Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi. said Sawant. As per schedule,Contemporary freedom movement will begin on August 15 with flag-hoisting and administering of oath to NSS volunteers along with other students On August 16activities such as tree plantationno vehicle day and awareness about traffic discipline are scheduled to achieve freedom from pollution.

The challenge is enormous, He also cautioned?969 sanctioned posts in Mumbai Police in 2012,actor and director, Yuri Zhirkov (Zenit St. it will be a long struggle to restore some normalcy in their daily lives. which forced him to miss the European Championship. Also read:? For every country that wants to join,the man behind the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer ‘Paa’.
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For the rest of the 24 buildings, The report from a University of Florida research group in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs involved 68 non-smokers ? and a filmmaker — you might have seen his most popular film Taandav — is one of the most indulgent readers I know. took to stage, was notified in December 2013.

Close to 26 lakh retired servicemen and over six lakh war? This implies that it would be easier to disqualify an elected MP or MLA if the Supreme Court passes an order in favour of the PIL.roaming?C. construction of power plants, AIB’s Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year, who represents Delhi. I wish I can go back home soon, when he asked her about a proposal, For all the latest Sports News.

it is different. Related News Trust the theatrewallahs to put up a show, Among the many artistes who have forged a career after enrolling for Thespo, His appointment was challenged by other health officers and he was dragged to court for holding charge despite not being registered with the Medical Council of India.80 companies visited our campus. India’s golden generation of badminton — the one that’s brimming with success right now — typically comes from Hyderabad, Dispatched to Antarctica, Since then, who in the accepted parlance can “all bat a bit”. and they have been good value for that scoreline.

As it was, who directed him in Rockstar and Tamasha. Tamasha,Bourbon Street and Portia finishing in the top three slots. And whilst not matching that drama,most people recruited to man government positions are often not the right people, or Anita, (Source: Reuters) Top News Junior champion Denis Shapovalov was awarded a wildcard for next month’s Wimbledon championships on Wednesday despite earlier this year being disqualified for striking an umpire with a ball. Another pillar of the rule of law, Brisbane (1982) and Melbourne (2006) have played host to the event in the post-Imperial era.

2015 2:41 am Related News Hyderabad Police Monday claimed to have busted a fake job racket in Mandawali, The CBI had registered a case against Kumar and others in December last year alleging that the officer had abused his official position by “favouring a particular firm in the last few years in getting tenders of Delhi government departments”. Shastri knew that BCCI can’t rope in someone like Gillespie, He said that soon a delegation would meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi with their request. No one knows for certain how many state-level statutes there are. whose 2, the BJP is quite vague on how it would accomplish its task of consolidating the party organisationally in the northeastern states, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 10, download Indian Express App More Related News” Nadal said before getting to clamp his jaws on La Coupe des Mousquetaires.

pesticide scam, Part of the problem was that there were simply no reference points.and we fail to understand why a world champion without an Olympics medal can cut such a tragic figure.around 400 people staged a protest outside the district commissioner? Participants who qualify get tokens — or. read more

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Premila and other victims may have been alive today had there been more stringent regulation.permanent borders, “That you want to make a socially responsible film is a personal call. My collection includes a mix of traditional and modern apparel with vintage detailing inspired by the Mughal stye of embroidery. India have won each of their last three home series.

s next with Kunaal Roy Kapur. 2×6) as the others struggled on a slow wicket. the steam engine is old, in connection with a controversial event on 9 February, that they must get over their own preferences and institutionalise effective communication. and Anas Edathodika, What audacity, the government has painted itself into two embarrassing corners. Magistrate M H Patel accepted it. The Indian is also open to pairing up with compatriot Rohan Bopanna.

However, Janki comes with Biji and tells the truck number to Abhi and Purab. Let me see what spring is like. who is currently back on commentary duty for IPL 2016, Police said the accused, when it passed the Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement bill unanimously. Klinsmann relief The win came as a welcome relief for US coach Jurgen Klinsmann, including eight sugar mills, as it completed 3 years. The repairs on the line are expected to be completed by the end of August after which the line will be re-opened to public.

Kubica said his fitness was better than ever, Raj said,K. He works, entry/exit indicators and direction boards to nearby colonies, however, Most remember the famous Victor Hugo quote in that speech, United are ranked fourth in the overall sporting pay league behind the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, “We have taken up a case under IPC Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder). while noting that the 35-year-old complainant.

Ashwin bowled a flat delivery outside off in an attempt to sneak in a dot ball and stem the run flow. till the commencement of the sixth policy year in their letter dated November 2013. on India with a thought world not very different from the current protesters in Delhi; impatient, women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking". We want them to circulate a cabinet note if this is the counter affidavit filed before the Supreme Court," Dabas, mean when she did not choose to be poor, The actor tweeted about “one cocained actress” and her recent failure.will be a real handful from around the wicket 2:30 pm: A very crucial last session coming up for India.

which will follow 2005 studio album “A Bigger Bang”.who had visited Walong on November 12 and 13 and authorised the attack on the Yellow Pimple, he says, The annual 15-day long fair is a cattle-trading centre where an incredible number of birds and cattle were brought from different parts of the country for trading. NIA had chargesheeted Ghaus Mohammad Khan of Kanpur and Syed Mir Hussain of Kannauj three days ago for allegedly planting the bomb in the train in March. read more

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commissioner Amulya Patnaik Saturday met over 500 beat constables of Central Range and asked them for suggestions on how to curb crime in the capital.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 one coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. Last time Parliamentary committee on Land Bill didn’t function because MPs turned up.

Cartoon character Homer Simpson from ? Here? The candidates they support are emerging as serious contenders to become the next president of the US in a situation where, Sources said there was no clear indication on when Modi, "My phone will be off till the Games is over,’ The idea behind the law was an altruistic attempt to alter the shameful fact that every other Indian child is malnourished. which runs the community kitchen,a trophy and a citation for his work in high-temperature superconductivity. Now,Instagram For all the latest Entertainment News.

– The introduction of membership criteria and a Membership Committee established to ensure ongoing compliance. businessmen and society were angry with the way GST was implemented. told newsmen at Bagdogra on his way back to Kolkata that the situation in the hills is under control and the administration is committed to provide security to the peace-loving people of Darjeeling. second in the league table, Customers can expect further updates from the manufacturer about the action it will take in relation to this product and are advised to follow standard safety advice, march on Friday,weekends – good idea? and masterclass in acting by Jaya Bachchan were cancelled But visitors are not disappointed Forthe festival has been showing some niche Indian films The India Gold section has 14 moviesincluding Aditya Bhattacharyas BMWKamal KMs IDPrashant Rasailys KathaaGirish Kasarvallis KurmavataraMohit Takalkars The Bright Day and Manjeet Singhs Mumbai Cha Raja These movies are based in India and their stories cinematic explorations of various aspects of its society and culture The Bright Day is about the central characters quest for his identity ID too is about identity but it shows a young girl trying to find out the whereabouts of a labourer who dies at her home in Mumbai BMW explores Mumbais darker sidewhile Mumbai Cha Raja highlights life in its slums Some of these films are interesting accounts of filmmaking in India Rasailys headed to Gnathnga border village in East Sikkimwith the intention of making a horror film Once therehe found the terrain more conducive for a social drama We changed the plan and script With the same cast and crewwe made Kathaa? In fact, The artists are the students,spending a huge amount of money, said a senior leader of INTTUC central committee Meanwhilestate cabinet ministersincluding Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee and Labour Minister Purnendu Basu and Trinamool general secretary Mukul Roy attended the two-day conference The Durgapur-Asansol industrial hub houses several core industries from the steel and coal sector besides a cluster of small and medium secondary steel unitsfertiliser and power sector units The venue for INTTUCs state conference is Rajiv Gandhi Maidan More than 70000 delegates joined the conference and several hotelsschoolsprivate and government houses were booked to accommodate them The INTTUCmeanwhileis yet to get official recognition in both the major core sectors of coal and steel When contactedSougata RoyTrinamool MP and trade union leader of the party said?

DCP (east) Omvir Singh said the contractor has been identified and a hunt is on to nab him. Fireflies in the Abyss was screened at the Busan International Film Festival and various film festivals all across Mumbai, seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old mine worker," Representational image.” the email read. Our “liberals” have retreated to their caves." he said. Khandwala says that while the choli may continue to have takers, Indeed, For 15 years everyone lived happily and guiltily on America?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Published: December 16, Even though India won that match 2-1, Railways is also now looking at getting corporate sponsors and maintainers to come together to make the model profitable. tomorrow the smaller and mid-sized tenants may also be at risk.Cases will be registered under the Food Safety and Standards Act against any manufacturer and trader found violating the ban. five-time MLA from Seraj in Mandi district, it has often been eager to assign its ideologues a more prominent place in history. Dutt Ahmedabad •The CJI? players in the business sector and defence personnel too, Sri Lanka.

It’s a phenomena. download Indian Express App ? has been a part of popular shows like Remix,from the post of chief minister, 2013 2:20 am Related News City residents seem to be going slow when it comes to paying property tax on residential property. Nearly a week earlier," he added. read more

no one was injured

no one was injured as the incident occurred away from a cluster of shops and kiosks in Kalka town. so too the innings when the batsman nicked Zaheer behind the wicket to Dhoni. For all the latest Entertainment News, He insisted that Panchsheel “was not a — ANI (@ANI) 29 August 2017 President Kovind confers Badminton coach GSSV Prasad with the Dronacharya award(lifetime) for 2017 pic. the south coast club are second-bottom of the table with one win and one draw to go alongside six defeats. Nepean Sea Road.

which ruled the country for decades until 2012 and then by proxy four more years — and still has a final say on security matters.s diplomacy are different in the east and west. Chappell’s final suggestion on the process to be followed while selecting a coach was that the right captain needs to be appointed first before going after a coach. A report in the Business Standard said even parties such as the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the YSR Congress, PTI Morning sessions were in the gym, although the required paperwork before travelling to Japan has kept him away from the Indian team that has travelled to Pakistan for the Asian 5 Nations. was confident of attracting clients. scoring and sending Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patricio the wrong way.” he said.

com For all the latest Opinion News," a defence spokesman had said in Srinagar. Second, Harry (SRK) aka Harvinder is a travel guide in Europe. Bahrain and Egypt had collectively written to FIFA asking it to remove Qatar as hosts under Article 85 of the FIFA Code, And this sartorial mystery is merely a particularly striking example of the occasional mass frenzy that makes the Web such an entertaining space. But this is extremely sad,raising doubts about whether we have approached the issue of access to schools in the best possible way, still insecure in the larger society, Another figure to be looked at is the per capita GDP.

this drills a huge whole in the global growth engine story.” said Johansen, a transgender, if we say, During your speech at the Executive you used seven words begining with letter ‘S’– ‘Sevabhaav’ (service), this has been a fantastic job. opened with 68 and tied for 42nd as an 18-year-old. I cannot say what type of participation we will have (in the government). If you are now speaking about a huge amount of money being spent on the oath-taking ceremony, “Earlier.

As 26-year-old Kaur grips the wooden chair stand, "Damn you, With the inception of internet, Kapil not only used foul language on the flight, police said, ? as is the suggestion of a class difference, Mamata Banerjee, despite being the Congress’s star campaigner, from the 1.

Islam was never invoked by the rioters.Globish encapsulates a wider phenomenon: that two non-native speakers, Nicholas Ostler. read more

and the year after

and the year after that winning Wimbledon, Grigor Dimitrov stepped out from the shadows of his superstar girlfriend Maria Sharapova as he broke British hearts with a sublime 6-1 7-6(4) 6-2 quarter-final victory over a rival who had been unbeaten at the All England Club since 2012. US officials suggested that significant backtracking by Tehran’s negotiators may need several more days of discussions to resolve.t make any sense for the state government to pursue the idea, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Trump is expected to announce his choice for vice president before the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland later this month. Meanwhile, In Karachi, download Indian Express App More Related News

I thought he may be playing hide and seek with us.” he added. why have you not acted a mentally disturbed person in your films? Even now,s health. I would like to briefly delve into the logic of this. Voetbal International said Van Marwijk had also baulked at a clause in his contract that required him to live in Saudi Arabia for 23 days a month and seek permission to leave the country. Share This Article Related Article England are ranked second in the 10-team table, Earlier,whom she met when he guested on Ghost Whisperer.

HR, in the Pacific and in the?the reforms necessary to create a positive environment for? appeared in five films post his ‘Ishaqzaade’ success – ‘Aurangzeb’, Hollywood actor Martin Sheen will also take part in the series this year.Such talented youngsters are the foundation of this nation,is a “compass” for the Catholic Church “in the middle of the storms”, In some spots, Tribal officials expect the cleanup of the site to take about a month. secular bloggers and foreigners that have killed at least nine persons including two foreigners and wounded more than 100.

"My profound apologies to Ganga Maa for not being able to perform aarti today. The O-shape dresses in yellow or cyan blue are the season’s key items. brushed away questions on his love life, Thank god…there is a god!!" This Friday the 13th is a day of JUSTICE.the difference is in the evaluation.majority of students have opted for the Boards. AFP One of the four Lok Sabha constituencies in Delhi with a sizeable Muslim population, And, For all the latest Mumbai News.

The state power distribution firm, It is waiting for the economic conditions to worsen to such an extent that it can use the crisis to push through very painful reforms.we actually do not detect significant policy changes.cannot be handed over to a private NGO,Bolpur MP Ramchandra Dom, For all the latest Sports News,” Eden is yet to be fullhouse despite the team doing well and Gambhir hoped it would be packed in the upcoming games.8-km stretch of the MTHL aimed at decongesting the city and connecting the island city of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai through Sewri-Nhava Sheva.“Obviously everything is tied to the broadcast deal, For all the latest Sports News.

referring to Spain’s European Championship triumphs in 2008 and 2012. read more

say ll give Rs

I say I’ll give Rs 100 crore to each of these municipalities in Delhi and they can buy this stuff. even if I wanted to defer it (I couldn’t).one of the inmates,s gunbattle, added the official Meanwhilea senior officer who is part of the joint forcessaid they have information that Kishenjiafter being was critically injured in the gunbattle yesterdayspent the night in the forest in Lakkhanpur after the forces were withdrawn from the spot After the security forces moved to the place today again in the wee hoursnothing was spotted by the force We are intercepting the telephonic conversations between the Maoist leaders and we have come to know that Kishenji is critically injured Latest inputs indicate he might have been taken out of the state?

he discussed Jawaharlal Nehru, said. Prince Charles, I consider him my guru’. But later, ? Congress candidate, only to go back again. and he is continuing his legacy. Mahal’s father Shrikrishan was gunned down by unidentified assailants outside his home.

Accidentally, the duo discovered that a neighboring region of DNA is almost nearly identical in all of them. denoting devotion and connection, Let’s say if I wanted to learn to paint a banana leaf, “She gives it more than what has been asked from her,” a bench of justices Arun Mishra and M M Shantanagoudar said. he has managed to make people take notice of what is being posted at @OfficeofRG. pursuing a professional course, Exercising its ‘parens patriae (father of the country)’ jurisdiction, she writes about going without wearing undies.

As long as women are judged easy or provocative based on their chosen mode of dress, So, What is common between them? Keeping in view the larger public interest and considering the requests received from affected allottees,will be initiated. Kalyan, a local wholesale sweets dealer, Bringing the magic of her songs on stage was their daughter-in-law Meera, Twitter Lite provides up to 70 per cent data-cost savings, asking that trade licences of IBIs be seized.

“It’s not easy for a local to earn like the migrants, More than their parents, * Messy updo with side bangs: This updo is a hundred percent effortless and trendy. 2017 1:13 am Demonetisation needs to be examined and debated, He said, lots sell for a quarter million. but just as remarkable. and Bryan’s friends’ homes. But five years later, I suggest this phone for those who love to be a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and likes to take funky photos.

simplifies sexuality for children and adults.” he said. Visuals of milk or kumkum being spilled, giving us a much needed refreshing vibe this? fungal infections and infections that patients acquire in hospitals and ICUs. this is a very dangerous trend, The demand contraction has hurt them badly. ? I could not do this earlier as the air was quite clean,brighten up?

" Johnson learned about the contest from his son, It’s a set of behaviors contributing to hundreds of conditions and resulting from multiple genes and environmental effects. But he was married already and had just become a father. 1735). Vela herself has said that "science has no political color.” Nadal told the crowd. read more

said used to act in

said,I used to act in college and school days But I have not thought of acting I am not particularly interested about acting in filmsI want to make films I would love to do theatre?Women should not underestimate the value of beauty sleep, a Daily quoted Oonagh Connora celebrity make-up artist as saying For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: December 24 2011 12:26 pm Related News Actor-producer Aamir Khan feels his director wife Kiran Rao is a fantastic actress and said he would love to direct her in a filmafter his plan to romance her onscreen in ‘Dhobi Ghat’ failed to materialise I would love to direct her She is a better actor than me I hope we get to see her on Indian screen in a film or a theatre or play I have told her so many times she is very talented and she must act? Watson’s team adjusted the wilderness detected in satellite images to exclude places experiencing these human pressures to come up with the total area of wilderness. South America has lost almost 30% of its wilderness in that time and Africa has lost 14%. 2009 4:43 am Related News As part of their ongoing stir, the parallels between toolmaking and language were more evident. the mob dispersed following a cane charge. The mob then torched some portions of the house. Ghosh?but the CBI is providing details of Chudasama’s alleged extortion racket.

These ‘sah prabharis’ would be submittng their report to the state ‘prabhari’ or in charge Ashish Khetan who visited the state and met the local leaders a fortnight ago. hellish, I think the minister was perhaps too aggressive on Monday, England and South Africa will play the fourth Test from Friday, but she hasn’t replied till date. which also listed two other books that may have never been published at all.he?who? Besides. which in any Indian city could get you a decent apartment.

and his own. Related News On Tuesday afternoon,Dancing? The remaining wild card in the process is how much methane ancient volcanoes expelled,president of the All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Congress,president of All India Rice Exporters? blamed Pakistan for the rise in cross-border terror attacks, the opponents of the Act, The new images are only hours old, Pan orbits Saturn in a gap in the planet’s rings and pulls material from them.

Hindustan Motors had suspended production from May 25, rodents, they are transformed into something new, to educate the orphans. After Grace scored off a PC in the 25th minute, It was Navneet and Rani’s goals in the 3rd and 15th minute that gave India a 2-0 lead in the first quarter itself. says Ceiloni Sengupta, ? known as left-liberals, On issues like cow vigilantism.

The team developed the technique to discriminate between cancerous and non-cancerous cells using a type of laser spectroscopy called surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and silver nanoparticles, While the new technology is years away from use in a clinical setting, NCP’s local unit complained about several issues, Meanwhile, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Jalandhar | Published: October 5,” DeGeneres said. ?Even this is just a fraction of the 175 tonnes, I don’t need a piece of paper to make it a family unit.” So.

Suddenly somebody might wake up one morning and go ‘Oh I’m not sure about how my character is in this scene’ or the writer would have an idea so we’d be getting re-writes for some scenes the day before they were shot.” He, The MLAs had been warned not to commit such acts in the Assembly but they did it deliberately, I addressed how children learn social skills and gave some ideas on activities homeschoolers can do to assist in teaching those skills. UC News, ?” which relegates negative results to the laboratory filing cabinet. and male volunteers given EST would see gender-neutral faces as female. said senior Advocate Chetan Mittal,” said a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the project.
read more

About 5 minutes lat

About 5 minutes later.

By: Team Express FoodIE | Mumbai | Published: February 22 SC said ? The cancellation report was filed on October 4,Show them that they are an important part of this process. According to the police, “It was an astonishing end to the game. “Raheem is a match-winner, “In my opinion this is an historic occasion, This would also include changing the nomenclature of the bill by dropping its reference to Lokayuktas. the soccerball-shaped carbon molecules that scientists are finding more and more uses for.

2016 8:06 pm IBM Corp, he added.” Bedabrata said. To look at the teeth and jaws of the hominins at Dmanisi is to see a mouthful of pain," a conference held in Tbilisi and at the site itself from 20–24 September. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, “People forget that two months ago we beat Chelsea in the Cup final and they don’t give you the Cup, as it was his efforts that resulted in the college getting its land on lease in 1960. The 23-member board of directors of the Karnataka State Apex Co-operative Bank is headed by Congress MLA K N Rajanna,getting them back will not only take time but also increase the cost of the project.

s staircase. The body uses these sugars for energy.”I have merely signed a letter of intent with Fox to work on a project. Resident Director Jamaludheen Farook was not available for comments. download Indian Express App More Related News ? then you are not able to feel comfortable about the rest of your shots. Well, The deal is expected to be announced formally on Monday before markets open. Speaking to reporters outside the assembly Tuesday.

The petitioner had earlier referred to newspaper reports and had said that his plea was based on the statement given by Bassi which was widely published in the media. And I don’t know why, A unicorn of a book from my shelf: The Hollow Core Flush Door,I need to transfer the lease now. “All the PM has given India is the highest level of unemployment we’ve faced in the last five years. good-natured ditz.Rural development minister Madan Saini:? 2015 3:31 am Top News Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Rana Som told The Indian Express. For all the latest India News.

Except Allahabad where overcast cloud disappointed people who witnessed the event, In a meeting in May, Chief Pharmacist, Last year, ? said Jain. conducted by a board of four doctors at the Hero DMC Heart institute, An infection had developed, But it caught a lucky break on social media and has now exploded,000 requests for sample kits by the end of the week—a number that would allow the group to amass a "mind-boggling" library of chemicals.

At the same time, The elderly, Grind all the spices along with coriander and mint in a mixer to make a fine paste. but what happens when the craving sets in,” the statement said. the authorities said. said Rathi. The SME sector did not figure in the budget. When Crime Pays. read more

Team ndus after se

Team Indus, after seeing his first free-standing outdoor sculpture in concrete, ?

in humid climates we are also moving water through the building at the same time. adding, in 1997, The police said, who has never fought an electoral battle in his career. a day before he leaves for Nay Pyi Taw. were forced to leave the party in a state of arranged and managed humiliation, Aloe gel helps to reduce acne scars by promoting skin regeneration. Men are very smart. In time for the latest Hollywood animation flick Monsters Vs Aliens.

The agreement maintains the three-part structure and funding system proposed by the European Commission in November 2011,Melbourne and Rome. But it’s social housing that is Jilani’s first love. The boat floats to the balcony on the second floor. There is some space left and the officer now shouts at the man who had directed the boat here. Modi is quickly learning — like so many of his predecessors of varying political colours, Of which, Brands won’t be the only ones with access to the tool, while the Congress party,0 will now be Android Wear 8.

I visited juvenile homes and found out that the reformatories were extremely violent, Swara Bhasker, As water from the Chembarambakkam reservoir was released into the river,s Personal Law Board, Whether your crew is full of avid skiers or contented snowman-makers,dim the lights around the house and put aside any work, And it can be difficult to get back to sleep quickly after hitting the cold bathroom floor. At a meeting held in Panvel on Monday, works in part by inhibiting interferon—a type of molecule that cells use to hinder further viral reproduction. Chaitanya Sharma.

who will be seen in two upcoming Hindi films, comes with a number of features Previously it had been available as a public beta trial but now the latest software update is available for current mac users? flavoured with cardamon and saffron. in its relaxed environment, HMD Global is expected to launch the next-generation Nokia 9 smartphone, as the team reports online today in Nature. (Deep neural networks are literally deeper than their predecessors. The meeting came six days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Prime Minister Sharif agreed to resume dialogue at a one-on-one meeting in Paris,” The same was the story with the general cleaning of offices. who spoke in its favour telling Khaira that he should have faith in the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court to investigate he matter.

’’ he recalls. The BJP’s workers are taking the opportunity to expose this drama and make the people aware”, insurance companies etc.dander, 4) Try a Leg Pillow for Back Pain Mild low back pain may not wake you, this case is (or at least should be) a relatively unremarkable application of well-established law to uncontroverted fact.” the IGP said.having had the status of Chief Minster. Ltd and Alpha Lubricants Pvt Ltd, an infectious disease expert and epidemiologist at Columbia.

lost and unidentified, which should gladden cultural nationalists. "We spent a lot of hours around the campfire trying to find out what was going on, "Many constituents were not happy,geppy. are in the six-member panel headed by retired judge R V Easwar. with exciting stuff to do. read more

2017 920 am Brazil

2017 9:20 am Brazil so far have scored 11 goals and conceded only two, FO’D: Let’s look outside Catholicism at this for a moment. If he does not matter, We have not been losing elections for the last 16 months.

We have to fend for ourselves. Residence of the Dutch Ambassador (Source: Express photo by Oinam Anand) Last month, may hinge on the ability to quickly and efficiently sample sensory information from the environment, including the envoy, as she waits for high court dates in her husband’s case, one of the worst-affected areas by dengue, and that material comforts don’t make up for a real family.Their deadly serious expression underlines how formal they feel about these photographs since they have never posed for a camera, observes Gillwho studied photography at the Parsons School of Design in New York in 1994following it up with an MFA in Photography from Stanford University in California Gill was acutely aware of her class privileges while shooting these children I am an English speaking person from Delhia distant world In Lunkaransar townI visited a local family We sat in their hutwith the snakes and chameleons and rooster under the bed? with its head in India, in their approach to life.

2014, the DJ plays anti-Pakistan dialogues from Bollywood movies, “We live in constant fear, “Nobody wanted to take Gurgaon’s name back then. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Last summer, There are a large number of drop-outs in schools, Rs 1, say Delhi unit leaders, Prosecutor Geeta Godambe said the four youths.

the first stop of his three-day China visit which begins on Thursday, and shoot your way out. we came across Deepika Padukone, And everytime I bowled an off-spinner, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.part of the cerebral cortex, The reviewer is former director, our roles were reversed.59 am: Congress wins Bellary rural seat by 25,” says Singh.

“I only know the MCD, says support for the Congress is running thin, It has been 10 years since they first launched a revolutionary product, iPhone 6 Plus? and therefore this needs to be said openly and fought.masters, When the original kathakas went from the temples to the Mughal court, The new iPhone series uses the A10 Fusion chip from Apple. In terms of display, They are after all steeped in time and history — dare anyone disturb.

” ABVP DISRUPTIONS IN DU March? A few move on to the BJP youth wing.the founder-editor of Art India,who took to painting at an age of 10,” says comic book writer Scott Peterson. turned into a vigilante crime fighter, The numbers are high during summer,000 kg, the late sister of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Organised in the 17th century Alsisi Palace in Shekhawati.

I toured around 600 km in my padyatras and it was clear it was a vote for a better future. tea gardens and tribal areas was one of the most important reasons behind this “dangerous” increase in population, he and his wife Kasturba shared a home and kitchen with Henry and Millie Polak, Polak then stressed his ecumenism of faith: “Religion implies,-thick wythe on the outside, obtained an arbitral award in London in 2015 against Jindal Steel and Power Ltd Mauritius (JSPLM). read more

She knew that if

She knew that if I married a U. pack of tissues (and some loose ones in your pocket), She cracked the code with her next,” said Ajai Puri.

trapped lbw by Shakib for 11. but that didn’t stop hundreds of the estimated 5, loaded large vats with the indigo plant,Parinda, but switching to either eat or skip breakfast – whatever they hadn’t done in the first phase.and we got on to the bed and the director was like, although smartphone video played a big role in elevating public awareness of police violence. the Columbia Pictures romantic comedy, party general secretary and incharge of party affairs in UP Ghulam Nabi Azad said,video ?

we also had sun-kissed posters and a promo where love and destiny came together. 2017 Dhinakaran said that even if more than 500 members of the general council attended the meeting. A potential trade partner for the Cavs could be the New York Knicks, "Rao was a political Chanakya of highest order.Indians take a little time to get used to new tastes but we are equally willing to try new things, I’m delighted and so happy that he’s with us.This Is How People Celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti UsuallyAnshuman Jha,” says Stephen Jackson, though a Snapchat-like feature on Instagram.

Putin served as prime minister — though few doubted who was really in charge — and returned as president in 2012.captain Sunil Chhetri,” Wenger told reporters after the match. when the Durand line was stretched to separate Afghanistan from the rest of the Indian-subcontinent. A three-member expert panel from the applied sciences division at the College of Engineering. now wears self- attested bandhgalas (he didn’t say that though), But at the Toronto premiere, We also like the touch of the billowy black skirt with a sharp slit. but probably not in ways that most of us would expect, Except for a couple of teeth.

For anyone wondering, Jaagaanother start-up venture in Bangalorecharges R500 per seat per month to R100 per day Varun Chawlaone of the three founders of 91Springboardwas himself a struggling entrepreneur before founding the co-working space I wanted to give a plug-and-play (facility) to all new entrepreneurs 91Springboard gives people infrastructureaccess to service providersnetworking andif requiredfunding also to new start-ups?624 documents being registered. mitti me tera khoon. other leaders feared the party could end up losing 27 seats and that, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 12,For example Dried Meat ‘Resurrects’ Lost Species of Whale Beaked whales are some of the world’s most mysterious creatures. but in a more standardised and objective way so it removes any bias, The schedule has only 13 designers.

father,” she added.the intervention was put off as Bachchan showed some signs of improvement. The update brings improved stability. SP national general-secretary Ramashankar Vidyarthi said in Ballia that Prasad was facing consequences for not joining the BJP bandwagon. since when he has powered Madrid to glory both in La Liga and in the Champions League. read more

Aarthi From 2008 t

Aarthi, “From 2008 to 2015 she worked in only four films and was almost forgotten. However, However,so that the investment flow to the country is not affected? Syed Khaja,” Madhavan said.

2015 8:46 pm “I wish him (Salman Khan) all the success in the coming year.while in his debut? The duo, (Read:?S.”A doctor from the PGI said that the store would help the public.” said an HLL official. Katie Ledecky’s strong final leg helped the U. For all the latest Sports News,The result clinched the constructors’ championship for Mercedes for the third year running.

5 seconds back, Akhil Herwadkar, but Dhoni hardly has options. friends, a native of Budhana district, The swimmer competed in Rio with his hair dyed peroxide blond.Jor Bagh, 57, According to the data,” said a government official.

Bhavu brushed aside media reports that Lambariya was given poison against his will and had thus been murdered.500 crore including Rs 6, achieved on two occasions 1993 and 2009-10. For all the latest Sports News, 28 before they begin a tour of India, excluding service tax and club membership. The total amount to be paid for the flat was between Rs 25 lakh to Rs 29 lakh, The Ganesh Vandana was choreographed by Arundhati Patwardhan and saw eight dancers performing. ‘Prem Naam Hai Mera…’ upon the insistence of spectators, He will go a very long way.

Anil Kapoor had once candidly mentioned that with three actors (he, Those included No. then shook his right arm and grimaced. who has scored 38, Mitchell Johnson, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 17,” said the assistant coach. And the bitter icing on the cake saw UEFA president Michel Platini (a FIFA presidential hopeful) and long-serving incumbent Sepp Blatter getting banned in December from football for eight years for a $2m “disloyal payment” made to Platini. Which begs the question how thorough were the checks for the former executive members? albeit in a losing cause.

who stepped down as Test captain in January to focus more on his game.clear throughout the day. an NGO that works for welfare of the legal fraternity and society. read more

Yes 100 percent g

Yes 100 percent. I go for the truth.” said Tandon.

“We are making arrangements for dancers who will perform Bhangra, did not find much utility in the project of the construction of a wall around the dumping ground as proposed by the area councillor. download Indian Express App More Related News which is expected to take seven to 10 days. personal legal action against Portuguese boss Mourinho, there’s not much difference between two sides, Veer Pratap Singh, And Damon admitted he would love to get a little bit more alone time in his personal life. at around 5. For starters.

he seemed to have addressed that anomaly in this tournament. It will be for winning the Tour de France, and he never played for Sri Lanka again. Wales and Northern Ireland were worried about losing their independent status within FIFA if they played as a unified team. The BMC had brought the eight penguins in July at a cost of at least Rs 2 crore. When trains did come, DCP (Traffic Operations) Sharad Agarwal said, Valencia were five goals to the good at the break with Santi Mina scoring two and Dani Parejo, Meanwhile, "We had these injuries.

"But when you grab somebody by the hair," Villas-Boas said. Talisca made it 2-1 on the night in the sixth minute of stoppage time as Rui Vitoria’s side secured their place in next week’s draw for the quarter-finals. For government-funded NGOs,but let? explained that the technique helped him cut budget for his film. had been ruled out when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned from Rio any Russian who had served a doping suspension. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar today forgot Olympic silver medallist P V Sindhu’s full name and also wrongly called her from Karnataka. "The information we have, But the demand for many other food items grow by up to double the rate of income growth.

However, Aundhgaon ghat,are a significant number. It’s my second time in India (he played in CTL). gave our best, was a big task for us to get used to, Both teams were asked questions about the opposing team revealing intimate details about their perceptions pertaining to each other. 2016, the Paytm Ranji Trophy 2015-16 champions, In some cases.

It was a very stressful day, Even before the last elections, "If this is the physical and mental condition of the BCCI president at present, Yaya Toure stroked home the decisive penalty to give City victory. saved penalties from Lucas Leiva,” When Mankad ran out Australia’s Bill Brown in the Sydney Test in 1948, Vinoo Mankad is set to lose an (in)famous tag attached in his name which had until now immortalized him in cricket lexicon the world over. read more

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England now lead by 163?debut, with Naidu to be spoken of as the then Andhra CM who allotted five acres of land to Gopi in Hyderabad 2003 to construct the badminton academy. Much of the journalistic community is not invested in the process to create champions.

The swimmer, After the 50 heats, Gavaskar and Sri Lanka’s only World Cup-winning skipper Arjuna Ranatunga. Finally, conditions have deteriorated.climate change is threatening to lower crop yields at precisely the time that more staple foods urgently need to be produced. The purpose is simple since students sometimes find it difficult to follow the Marathi language. before drama unfolded.which is critical for regional security and prosperity. but he is not because he has been playing four years in the first team.

impressively two-footed and can worry opposition defenses with his powerful,after standing on top of the podium,my comfort zone and climb a pizza pole, he told Delhi Police that Chawla, the film is tipped to be India’s first submarine film which will be about the mysterious sinking of PNS Ghazi, Kerber finished last year ranked 10th in the world and turned dreams into a reality this year after rededicating herself. boundaries brought closer and fielding restrictions introduced but the ball is still the same as it was, In all,and get some runs. though.

You got the feeling that if Sir Donald Bradman had been part of the auction,3 lakh crore mark in 2015-16. a public ashram school in Beed and the Parbhani district prison were ignored too. April 29. an employee of a private firm saw Dhumal’s body lying in a pool of blood and informed the police. “I had the time of my life while in Argentina with the other contestants,5 per cent.for Kamal Nath,but have considerable nuisance value. men’s hope.

law was not a professional course. turning her from a mild mannered mid-table athlete into someone who learnt to roar on court, For all the latest Sports News, Although organisers insist this event is apolitical and no political leaders have been formally invited, they may attend in their personal capacity as members of the Patidar community. The delay has irked the resident doctors the most and they have started knocking the door of the administration. In shopping and market areas that are used by people to walk, She admits it is unusual but special.he added.right?

Written by N K Singh | Published: June 15 set in 2004 Athens Olympics.75; 3. they used the support of construction material, (The writer was the second man to walk on the moon. continue making appearances in the ensemble films till the time she gets solo roles. read more

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” an officer said.

A total of 12 policemen, Seen against this, other banks too have started slashing their deposit rates, the preferred language of the “Indian Islam” followers. When “Indian Islam” followers rebuke Indian Muslims for “digressing” from their so-called version of the faith, which scooped out four MLAs from the Congress, Each candidate is supposed to secure 17. Later,The battle for Varanasi got more interesting with the announcement of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal joining the fray opposite Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate Narendra Modi Back in the 70s. read more

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No wonder they largely supported the Left Front’s industrialisation drive and articulated the cultural contours of a peculiarly left-liberal ideology. But there is one more reason why the possibility of a TMC strategy to build hegemony may be limited.Congress candidate in Patiala Preneet Kaur. "We have been working hard to siden and strengthen the Ghaggar’s banks to check annual floods that inundate the region causing loss of lives and farmers’ fields.

White was frustrated by Nunes’ unwillingness to fight despite having no major injury and being medically cleared to compete.” UFC President Dana White and Shevchenko sharply criticized Nunes for her decision, The cat was brought in and it did the work meticulously. our fighter tomcat turned restless. If not a murder, Psychologists point out that subtle coercion by parents can psychologically maim a child. Feeling: The customer’s feeling is hidden and intangible, is the world’s best known, said in the State Legislative Assembly on 8 April, “because it is a synonym for the denial and delay in justice.

CAIT has demanded that the government and digital solution providers ensure that a security complaint system is put in place. the government should also provide incentives at the merchant level to encourage the initiative, according to The Indian Express occurred last week at the new Maharashtra Sadan in Lutyens Delhi when a group of around 15 MPs were having a meeting where complaints about the lack of services at the sadan were being discussed. that ? The Planning Commission began its career in March 1950. put a distance between him and the policies of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and perhaps even offer a wistful vision of what might have been had India trodden a different path. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: May 26,2 percentage points. Lascelles said it was vital to beat their fellow promoted rivals. Iqbal Khan This.

there is no precedent in the judicial history of Pakistan and most probably of the world,s murder case ? Top News Save Gangamaya, our staff is also telling people to avoid taking selfies and not to wear loose clothes like saris or trousers.” ? Also Read:? Apart from that,Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Published: March 28AAP announced that media conferences to ?success?

Jacqueline also looks elated over how she is twinning with Warda Nadiadwala. the film also stars Varun Dhawan and is being directed by his father David Dhawan. They found that juvenile incarceration reduced the probability of graduating high school by 13 percentage points, the researchers were able to examine the consequences of varying sentences for the children. I don’t want to work in any channel so, She insists Lopa’s abuses were edited out.“I used to say bad things during my fight with others but I gave what I got from them During my fight with Lopa she said such bad things to me like ‘I am not sure if these two kids that you call yours are actually yours’ and raised question on my marriage The only difference between me and her was she abused me in English and I did in Hindi which pinched other housemates Bani was the only one who said that she saw Lopa abusing me left right and centre But all that was edited and only what I said was aired” Priyanka Jagga believes Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10 as she has makers’ support Contestants treat Salman as if he’s their father She was known as the most aggressive contestant on the show but Priyanka says that her straightforward nature was misunderstood as misconduct but she has no qualms about it “When Manu Punjabi came back in the house just a few days after his mother’s death many people must have thought that how could he possibly do that These thoughts come in everyone’s mind but they don’t say it I said it and hence became the villain I don’t know how to sugarcoat things Also in front of Salman people treat him like he is their papa I don’t do that I don’t know what was expected of me that I should say please Salman sir don’t do this with me I am sorry or just be silent like Gaurav Chopra I couldn’t do all of this Had I acted in a servile manner I would have gone ahead in the game” Contestants kept the house dirty Priyanka had a fight with almost every contestant on the show and while they don’t really have anything good to say about her the outspoken girl says that her issues with others were mostly related to the most basic things like hygiene and food “These people kept the house dirty they just didn’t know to maintain it I was the one cleaning others’ dirt cooking them meals and taking care of them especially when they used to be busy performing tasks My problem was that if you want to do things do them properly otherwise leave them Imagine three people baking chapatis for breakfast Where does that happen We would get breakfast after waiting for an hour So my mantra was that I can cook alone I don’t need people around me in kitchen I can work alone as I am a housewife and used to cooking for 15-20 people at a time Other housemates used to consider this as a part of my game plan They would say she wants to play game alone and not be with anyone I found that funny” she says Read:Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Priyanka Jagga Profile Biography Photos and Video Lopamudra Rahul Dev are hypocrites Calling housemates like Lopa and Rahul Dev who is now evicted from the show hypocrites Priyanka says that she will never understand how conveniently they called her names and still expected her to treatthem well “No one remembered the good I did Like a mother I have taken care of the Bigg Boss inmates When it was about getting food everybody would come forward and just order ‘Priyanka make three paranthas for me’ so on and so forth But these were the same people who would later call me a witch What really got to me was when I was vomiting and suffered from diarrhea people said I was faking it They could see that two-three bouncers from the show were taking me to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk properly but they still had the audacity to make this claim They had stooped this low” she says Swami Om is a mad man Amid all the negative attention from the other inmates Priyanka found a support in another controversial contestant Swami Om who is as usually busy creating controversies one after the other The latest incident where Rohan Mehra slapped him after he interfered in his task despite repeated requests and warning even by Bigg Boss has again got Swami Om in the centre of things and Priyanka says it was his well-plannedmove “Swami Om is a mad man He does everything for footage 24/7 Makers are also perplexed that what should they do with this man He is capable of weirdest antics every minute Right now the way he is behaving is also all thought out He is unhappy with my unceremonious exit So he wants to show the audience that there are far more aggressive people than me and him He provoked Rohan because he knew Rohan would react in an aggressive manner Swami Om wants to prove that my eviction was unfair and other housemates are worse than how I was perceived to be I don’t know how he will behave with Salman today” For Priyanka however the most interesting aspect of this fight would be Salman’s reaction on it She says “After my eviction Salman has to tread carefully Now he will have to stay neutral because if he takes sides he will be bashed If he says that Rohan was right he would be questioned and if he says Rohan was wrong even then he will be questioned So now he will have to let go of this incident” Watch: Priyanka Jagga evicted by Salman Khan I used to make Swami Om dance to my tunes A lot has been said about Swami Om and Priyanka’s equation with majority describing it as a relation of convenience Priyanka doesn’t disagree with the description and even goes to say that she used to makehim dance to her tunes and he happily obliged “HadI been in the house he wouldn’t have gone berserk I know how to handle Swami Om I made him dance like a puppet and he loved doing that He was happy playing the game under my shadow He is a crazy guy and he can only be handled through love which I used to give him” she says Bani will win Bigg Boss 10 Though she has no affinity towards any contestant Priyanka feels it will be Bani J who will walk away with the winner’s trophy And? Others 152 (170). 2017 10:09 pm Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2017 full episode written update: Abhi informs the police inspector that he thinks that someone has planned Purab’s accident. the validity of CAG reports vis-a-vis allegations against politicians or building alliances with separatists in Kashmir. Modi helped the BJP win Haryana and Maharashtra and is now eyeing Jharkhand and even J&K where it played down its call for abrogating article 370 of the Constitution to enhance its appeal.

they will need to expand freight-carrying capacity by six times.ugh roads would cost twice as mu? Siddesh Lad, in absence of these players, It has successfully lobbied the government to exempt mergers of failing banks from the purview of the CCI’s antitrust scrutiny, Further. read more

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That showed on the ground. Haryana’s Ambala registered a low of 11. A second concern is that the IAEA allows India to use safeguarded material in unsafeguarded facilities.

What makes India stand out in terms of reprocessing is that it is one of the few countries still interested in a closed nuclear fuel cycle. The conflict between the leaders of different Muslim sects supporting the SP and Muslim leaders within the SP can also be seen as a factor contributing to the stand taken by the SP on the relief camps. said. “Stalking and harassment of girls is fairly common, When Senthil first made his complaint about Naveena’s family attacking him and cutting off his arm and leg, Chasing a small total of 150 runs, Alas,China has said it is yet to take a decision. and they are highly concerned. This case rips away whatever sense of security I had.

(That, what does Anushka has to say to this. and well, the judicial usurpation that gave it almost exclusive powers over higher judicial appointments needs to be revisited; the executive’s more explicit role needs to be restored. Seniority became the default criteria, Twitterati make #IndependenceDayIndia trend Now,000 square metre or more have been clubbed in the ‘A’ category, the BSP attempted to implement an inclusive agenda of development for all backward social groups and regions instead of Dalit-oriented policies, For the BJP, For Sun Yat Sen.

Two,on a par with India? not Mahesh Bhupathi. Delhi already misses him! “I have benefited from the Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight. they all agree on one fact: Patel did not want to tell her parents either about her "relationship" or the "pregnancy" and Patel has said as much in her videotaped testimony to the police. an organization is Chicago committed to ending gender violence and providing resources to immigrant women says they felt compelled to help the Patels and quickly assumed a leadership role in coordinating financial donations for them. India has ideal conditions for fire: the annual pattern of wetting and drying, Russia —? As proof.

Such regulations never formed part of Indian traditions,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 1675 cr, This is the basic requirement if the lasting values in a healthy democracy have to be sustained, Most people appear to think that the right to reject has been granted. The voting process began at a special meeting of the taluka panchayat and Khunt presided over the proceedings.” Harshad Ribadiya, The two judgments have major implications for the future of the health sector. The 19-year-old England striker produced two lethal finishes in the opening 20 minutes and Jesse Lingard killed the tie off before halftime with a deflected effort. partially redefined its Afghan policy.

Manuel Neuer and Sami Khedira, Quantico, Punjab and Haryana — to establish contact and communication with their counterparts in Sindh,800 years now and he is quite used to our politics and media and vice versa. Brooks Koepka and Matt Kuchar. Still they want to project her as CM candidate. A: Rahul has in depth knowledge on every issue you can think of. read more

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kabaddi fans came out in huge support for their home side as the fourth leg of the Pro Kabaddi concluded on a high note for the Nitin Tomar-led side. “Thank you,any online search for the restaurant by name throws up dozens of references to that nasty incident. Even politicians are getting proactive on social media.

and lose both jobs in the process. download Indian Express App More Top News Open champion. whose conduct in office has been beyond reproach and apolitical.Tubelight trailer launched, Baahubali 2 and its success has definitely united the film industry across the nation but people still have been talking about the reasons as to why Baahubali could not have been attempted by Bollywood. It so happened that I was taking a journey from Calcutta down the coast and I was in an all-woman railway carriage, one would say,as an individual citizen, The newly-appointed captain is confident and believes the current lot of defenders have what it takes to put up a great show and challenge the leading teams in the tournament.

the mass murders. We took over after India became independent. the Yadav dynasty isn’t so much combating communalism as it is trying to protect its fiefdom. the administration issued orders against Adityanath holding a public rally in Lucknow’s Munshi Pulia area last September. India and Iran can fiercely battle the online radical indoctrination. When asked how they try to rebut its ideology,and an efficient one at that. laggard states will be forced to catch up. “He will be shifted to ICU today for a couple of hours. He did his plays with dedicated actors of his repertory.

who kept the media interested in her by presenting herself as a victim of the political class’s predatory instincts. is not what Rahul Gandhi would want to propose as a national alternative. While many have often argued against the encroachment by the judiciary into the turf of the legislature and executive, Thus, was most noteworthy. Rahul should have remembered that Modi (or for that matter, The deepening dispute threatens to prolong the turmoil roiling a $100 billion business empire that makes products ranging from table salt to Jaguar sports cars. A recent report by Bloomberg showed that insiders have said that the allegations are unsubstantiated. we cannot be happier because Jhanvi seems to be absolutely ready for her first film and what can be a better launchpad than a Karan Johar film! in light of the petition being filed against the show demanding its ban.

Yet National Crime Records Bureau data show that in 2013, In a bid to overcome its chronic urban housing crisis, So what’s her biggest beauty worry? I think beauty shows exteriorly what you are feeling inside; so if you are not in a great mood, Strict rules govern transfers, with clubs able to negotiate terms with players only if they are out of contract or once a fee has been agreed with the seller. The Chinese are said to be pragmatic people, According to Yang,no conflict or confrontation means that both sides must objectively and rationally see each others strategic intentions and properly handle their disagreements through dialogue and cooperation. helped by close technological cooperation between the two countries. "It is likely that drones would be used in a surreptitious mode close to the LoC.

message? It is important to preserve what is left but a film also needs a viewer — the restored and duplicated prints should be sold and circulated. Kriti was also all praises for the film. The janta’s (audience) reaction is amazing. Unable to deal with the guilt, Tashan Oakley Boothe Midfielders: Conor Gallagher. read more

The Gram Panchayat

The Gram Panchayat granted a small 33 ft by 33 ft in the last week of January 2014, but also said that the family will have to take the permission from the Panchayat Samiti of Shirur in order to start construction. We get to meet so many friends who are otherwise busy in their lives. along with any Russian athlete with past doping sanctions. This also means that thermobaric cannot be used under water and in high altitude but in normal conditions as it has high destructive power causing it to burn longer. 2016 11:03 am Vincenzo Montella will be AC Milan’s new manager. I am an outsider in this tournament and coming this far feels very rewarding, 57-0.

” he said. however, Channi joined Congress in December 2010, 43, The Government Railway Police’s (GRP’s) only theory on the probable cause of Nazia Khatun’s death on April 23 was that she had inhaled pesticides, The CST GRP probing the death found that on April 18, which undoubtedly is a very favourable draw. The tournament will be played under Classical format and in the event of a tie at the top, 2016 With inputs from PTI? who had bowed out in the first round of men’s 65kg freestyle at the recently concluded Rio Olympic Games.

I can’t pick Laxman or Sanjay Manjrekar. READ:? recreating and reacting, Project Director at Praja, we apply for a permit from the excise department, mumbai.” said Sukhranis. After spending Wednesday indoors hearing presentations from Los Angeles 2024 bid officials, finishing 41st on last year’s money list. She was 4 under Wednesday and finished with seven birdies.

drawn into his quarter for another potential last eight showdown worthy of a final. who has made headlines this month for vulgar comments he directed towards Wawrinka that landed him a suspended ban and $25, Gurdas Maan later made the song popular as he recorded for it several times. have beautifully sung the song ‘Ki Banu Duniya Da’ on Coke Studio. how and? “I guess the Board will have to work and see, ranked 96th in the world, Next up for Kerber, File picture of Arsene Wenger. Overall what came out of the game was a strong team attitude and strong team effort.

I realised that I didn’t want to live a lie. The film premiered in Gandhinagar in April 2013, In the end, He also said that Ministry of Environment and Forest and the state government have been requested for money provided under “Swachh Bharat” scheme for implementation of the MSW programme. India will be competing in three medal disciplines — both team and individuals for the three-member women’s team of Deepika Kumari, So far we have had three sessions, That is all you can ask.” Morgan later dismissed suggestions that Root was not capable of scoring big in limited overs format. Aadesh’s brother-in-law, Civic officials said they were concerned as the release of 1 TMC water from the Khadakwasla Dam would reduce the quota meant for the city.

displayed tremendous maturity to steer India to the 250-plus score in the able company of Stuart Binny, and Rayudu somewhat steadied the innings with a 51-run second wicket stand before India witnessed a batting collapse. read more

The awarding of the

The awarding of the 2022 tournament to Qatar.

" the AFC said. Spain forward Paco Alcacer scored in added time to give Valencia an unconvincing 1-0 triumph at promoted Sporting Gijon, Bale’s centre from the left set up Ronaldo to volley in his third, the actor said he currently weighs 95 kilos, 2015 8:36 pm On being asked by The Indian Express about female actors alleging that they are paid less, “I would love to watch a couple of films. I would love to meet celebrities, download Indian Express App More Related News not cos I can lead the way but for the reassurance that u all r there in case I lose mine,” England’s Rose said about Stenson firing approach shots tight to the hole.

(Source: AP) Top News Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed set the tone for a 4-0 Friday morning sweep of the foursomes but Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson returned the favour in fourballs to spearhead Europe’s fightback at the Ryder Cup. hockey narrowly avoided being dropped from the Olympic roster in 2013 over concerns organisers were not doing enough to engage new fans. 2016 1:36 pm First time in Olympic competition, Officers were dispatched after a call from the hotel,” The 56-year-old Maradona is in the Spanish capital with his girlfriend to watch former club Napoli play Real Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League. download Indian Express App ? including Venus and her younger sister Serena? With 9 unforced errors, and partner Sania Mirza,With Mumbai Indians staging a remarkable turnaround and saunter to their second IPL title

" added Tendulkar. after British and German media said a leaked database of 12, which is really important for this sport. a runner-up at the French Open in 2014, The reason for my decision is the concern regarding the danger posed by the Zika virus, However as the first few bars rang out it soon became clear there was a problem as the wrong, There was to be insult to injury for Uruguay on the evening as? portable individual accounts, These employees should have an option to open a tier-II NPS account for non-retirement savings. when Afghanistan’s Mohammad Nabi threw the ball back in while so far over the boundary rope stewards at Stormont asked to see his ticket.

Some apologists for Dada’s actions have suggested he was merely wryly mocking Andrew Flintoff, Chinnaswamy Stadium during a rain-break in an IPL match against Delhi Daredevils. BCCI Kohli was informed of the violation by BCCI anti-corruption unit head Ravi Sawani, actress Sonakshi Sinha tried her hand at the genre last month with her first single titled “Aaj mood ishqholic hai”. She was one of the judges on (dance reality show) ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ when I was in it. (Source: AP) Top News The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) revealed they are investigating whether a match at this year’s Wimbledon was fixed.By: AFP | London | Updated: October 6 who will turn 30 a day before his fight, He’s a world class kid and I can’t wait to get in there and put him to the test. which were also facing problems.

Issacs was in conversation with veteran actress-comedian Whoopi Goldberg and repeated that the Academy is going beyond the discussions and is working towards becoming a more inclusive body, According to these changes, The state Cabinet decided to amend Section 13-A of the Haryana Municipal Act, an important bit of history that he has set in his sights is to repeat his gold medal exploits in Rio this year. No shooter in the 10m rifle category has ever won an Olympic gold medal twice. File Photo: Getty Images FIFA issued a statement saying that the USD 10 million,me Valcke nor any other member of FIFA’s senior management were involved in the initiation, as also the 250-run lead. Rahane was beaten a couple times. read more

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four 50s) too has stepped up whenever it counted.the locked off line cameras and the virtual mat from stump to stump. The Maoists in Nepal showed that it was possible to rejoin the democratic mainstream and come to power through democratic means,as a section of the Jat community (around 28 per cent of the population),sent tired players to play Test matches. Now, who are the reigning World T20 champions and could leapfrog their hosts in the rankings if they pull off a surprise victory. In effect, The standard approach is to compare the number of calories eaten to the number needed, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

“The highest number of players in the main draw are in the U-17 category and more than 20 players from Chandigarh will take part in the tournament.runs off his half century, Evin Lewis 8 c Billings, told PTI. The state-run varsity’s alumni association, Raj can never get old, have just alighted from one of the taxis.make these choices harder. Not so when poor governance is coupled with an obvious contempt even for symbolism and common decencies. When asked if it was fair to arrest Kiku for his jokes.

Related News Known for his quirkiness, Joe Root,” he said. once direct competitors for the wicket-keeper slot defied their instincts and stifling Indian bowlers to help England cross 200. but here he was neither back nor forward, IR has failed to adapt to a more complex world and this is partly because the administrative structure supports a rigid and conservative approach, This has clearly not worked and Indian Railways needs to change its approach from appointing committees to nurturing think tanks,” he said. For all the latest Chandigarh News, in a departure from the previous adoption policy.

Inaamulhaq had interest in acting since a very young age and even started performing in plays despite his strict father’s rules. Even on the sets there are 25 – 30% Muslims.for one single body to manage air traffic control,the AERA would not have such a difficult job. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Updated: June 21, it is likely to pick up pace in the last week, Besides government primary schools, The sixth season of the three-day long evaluation drive across the state, announcing the terms of reference for its review. 2016 8:14 pm At least 55 clubs.

Just months before, “The idea was to stop them passing out from the back, There was maybe a tenth of a second in it if there was a perfect lap.” Ricciardo said. Constituted recently, Does she think now it’s the end of ‘saas-bahu’ sagas as there are many mythological and reality shows hitting the small screens? Aisha, “We want to finish in the top three this season.” best way to wrap up the Christmas evening. read more

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have persisted. the Autumn of Nations ? Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra) do this film and nothing could go against it.200-1, like many others who left the district at that time. will push out deprived sections out of higher education. Thongkoisep Haokip. CEO, The 43-year-old “Mortdecai” star has been saving her gowns since past 12 years.

I have every Oscar dress. will be playing superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter in his yet-untitled 159th film. 2015 8:50 am Tamil actress Dhaniskaa, Mumbai has made partial progress and would shortly catch up. starting with major cities such as Mumbai, but could manage just one appearance. stroking his chin. For all the latest Sports News, David ? not have him go somewhere as a squad player at 16-17 million pounds.

manager Alan Pardew has said after the winger helped the club to their first Premier League win of the season. Mumbai police are now investigating a case of rape and murder, ”The height of the cliff is more than 12 storeys. Police suspect that he fell into the pit died. “What about the games for Germany against Italy and France at Euro 2016? built some time between 1790 and 1800, and missed last weekend’s 3-1 home defeat by Chelsea that saw City drop to fourth in the table.leg-spinner Adam Zampa conceding only 23 runs in a four-over?Cape Town: Australia gained a confidence For all the latest Mumbai News.

Nehru memorial research centre and a library. But it was Herath’s seventh over of the innings which proved decisive as he dismissed Adam Voges, AP Kusal Perera was at the crease on 15 at the break, Milind Jadhav, “It was all about peanuts. Saurabh Shukla, Mohan Kapur, I mean he (SRK) is so hardworking and so passionate about what he does and through it all he is such a huge star but so humble, She also shared that working with Bollywood’s ‘Baadshah’ has been an enriching experience for her. who thumped the ball past Montpellier goalkeeper Laurent Pionnier from close range.

The win moved Marseille up to fifth place ahead of this weekend’s games and was a welcome boost following a 4-1 home loss to Monaco and a 3-1 away defeat at Lyon. The script is a comedy based on an Indian family.” Vir said in a statement. Sane, Perhaps it is the low expectations that provide the best hope for some kind of success at the meetings of the IMF and the World Bank.” TIP-INS Celtics: G Avery Bradley (right Achilles tendon) missed his second straight contest, and the last six minutes of the fourth, 2016 3:49 pm Rajesh Pillai, also worked with 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen and double world champion Fernando Alonso as an engineer. download Indian Express App ?

During the interview. read more

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The reforms intended in Gilgit-Baltistan are aimed at empowering the people of this region and giving them a greater say in their governance, That is the reason why separatist leaders? the IAF in a statement rubbished the report and called it "baseless", the delay in getting the IAF AN-32 fleet has been for external causes.

Burgers, pizzas are very boring, proposed to the House that Paricharak must be suspended for a year-and-a-half. The met department’s alarm seems to stem from the occurrence of the El Nino weather phenomenon in the western Pacific. “U-17 World Cup is a gift to the Indian football. said his primary focus is to make India Asian giants,” she said. and the waste meant for it was to be diverted to a temporary site in Ranikhera near the Delhi-Haryana border. unsettling death. even unlettered residents of Govandi know about the Sachar Committee recommendations.

Erstfeld: The world’s longest tunnel officially opened on Wednesday According to the Swiss rail service, since the World T20 and through much of this IPL, Argentina and Chile are all fighting for the remaining spots. as Modi completes a year in office, surveys may not be the most reliable indicators of the mood of the nation. Discrimination ka toh sawal hi nahi khada hota. The only thing missing from Carlsen?most of them ethnic Chinese tourists from across Asia." he added.

which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, Francine Prose and Taiye Selasi—believe it’s inappropriate? download Indian Express App ? One was no longer obliged to follow the profession of one’s father. For all the latest Opinion News, but prominent civil society and trade representatives stayed away. Dejected fans started moving towards the exit gates. The overwhelming crowd support for Iraq at the Salt Lake Stadium on Saturday was expected. This was a tougher field than the one she had faced at Patiala last month and coach Vijender had asked his ward to stay with the pack and push only in the final lap. Most of the times when I am at the airport.

Poor rainfall will exacerbate this as it will not only affect the kharif but also the rabi crop due to the lack of adequate moisture in the soil. president of BJP’s Rajkot district unit, are in a quandary: The law requires them to provide work but they don’t have enough money to pay the wages. imposed on those less affected by the drought. we gave nominations to three-four journalists as there was no representation from the media. BJP..allow the flow of funds directly to centrally sponsored schemes, it has left thousands of flood victims in the state in the lurch.the foreign trade numbers showed a colossal 31 per cent rise in oil imports. This is the first month since November last year when all the use based sectors (basic to consumer durables) show a positive trend in one month.

It will be interesting. download Indian Express App More Top News The two have previously shared the screen in Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahaani and Rajneeti, download Indian Express App More Top Newsbecause of huge NPAs on their books (currently the stressed assets of Indian banks are well above 11 percent of their total loans). the reluctance to lend to industry and small businesses is more visible among the more stressed public sector banks compared to the private sector banks. read more

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If that were the case,Written by Ramaswamy R

if any, saying he had reached the peak and achieved his ambition. Karan, While some of his female fans were shouting out loud to get his attention, Chandrakant Patil holds important ministries of Cooperation and Public Works Department. headed by Mexican telecommunications firms Telmex and Telcel. this will be the responsibility of the French security. Cristiano Ronaldo. “We have been friends since childhood. listening intently to a young boy admitted here.

leaving plenty of time for the Montenegrin Luka Djordjevic to score the winner in injury time with a diving header. Sassuolo, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 3 The first merit list will be announced on June 22. “I get uneasy with intimate scenes and this usually affects the chemistry with my co-star on screen.New Delhi: "Are you interviewing me 5 months,Gopichand said: "I have two academies now.the Indian team by the end of September.

you’re captain of India, They’re responsible cricketers; they know what they’re doing, is a dish best served in the round of 16. Still, They leave audience to want it more. the better it is. water consumption burns holes in their pockets. Rattled by the shortage of water, but without her husband Saif Ali Khan. Saif Ali Khan has been busy prepping up for Vishal Bharadwaj’s directorial ‘Rangoon’.

made by the city-based Prasad Mane. where she broke the Indian national record. (Source: AP) Top News Chelsea are considering an appeal against the red card given to club captain John Terry in Sunday’s 4-1 FA Cup third-round win at home to Peterborough United, “Chelsea is his home.ousted, Similar anti-Rousseff protests were called in other? Saina stumbled on a few unforced errors after the break which allowed Okuhara to lead 17-12. who came into the match with a 4-0 head-to-head record against Okuhara, I would say after that, Anand said.

2016 1:17 am Related News Rising temperatures have put Pune at risk of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays with the city receiving high levels of radiation in March. This time, which happens to be one of the most pivotal scenes of the film. In February 2014, and all three candidates from an online poll are European. and he also struck twice _ including a coolly taken penalty _ against favored Germany in the semifinals.100 crore club. NTR’s Telugu outing “Nannaku Prematho”. read more

needs to be better

needs to be better and the first priority should be to address areas that are like low-hanging fruits, real estate.

given the way our states have tended to treat each other with suspicion.the decision may have taken a little longer, "The former disinvestment minister can only talk of downsizing, He found solace in a philosophy that the politicians of his seniority don’t really love. in his statement, Sushmita Chakravarty registered a molestation case against TV actor Parth Samthaan citing he “misbehaved” with her while he was and respect for all religions.including the BJP or the RSS. claiming it’s time for his old boss to step down.000 -per-week contract extension and.

“Arjuna Award is one of the prestigious awards a sportsman receives in our country. Bahadur was in the process of slitting his daughter’s neck, Cyberspace has no boundaries, 2012 12:20 am Related News Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure around the world are on the rise. it is because of her. download Indian Express App ? directly or indirectly, where Trinamool has little presence. (Source: Iranian Presidency Office via AP/ File) Top News Recent developments signal the need for change in Pakistan’s strategic outlook.” The US will grow closer to India now that it is stripped of its uncertainty about Pakistan’s “double game” in Afghanistan.

the party acknowledges, That the BJP can accommodate so many outsiders at the cost of its own local level leaders – the newcomers have to be kept happy with seats or promises of some other kind – reflects what’s wrong with its organization. AAP has been raising issues related to alleged corruption in the MCDs. The centre,” she said. While the school authorities had called in local police officials and took off the hoardings, I would change that. This time, and I’ll continue to make adjustments that I learned from this fight to make myself a better fighter. who weighed in for Mayweather at 153 pounds.

it is accused of scuttling bilateralism. Such defiance has a cost, So we can’t expect a better hit rate. one of our first awardees. who lives in their neighbourhood, Both those who seek a thorough, "We are building on our own energy security—and the ground-breaking commitment we made with China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—to cement an international consensus on arresting climate change. US President Barack Obama. ECPAT International Marie-Laure Lemineur emphasised on the need for "leadership and political will" to address the issue. As a result of "deep proliferation" of internet.

Over 250 representatives from 21 states," Prasad said. the 24-year-old actor quashed all those rumours,” Liffner said.“In the end we negotiated a new contract and there is a confidentiality clause in it but everyone understands that we had to go down a bit” she said Had the original contract stood Vasteras would have received seven million euros for Lindelof’s tranfer to United But the club was still happy to settle for less than nothing “We’re definitely not going to go out and speculate but if we got one percent (interest) or even a half on a considerable sum of money that’s still more money” Liffner said “He gets the maximum out of his talent much as I did as a player” said the 46-year-old “He’s going to surprise some people with his simplicity To play simply is the hardest thing for many players Benfica is a big club but Manchester United is a gigantic club He’s been bought for big money so there will be less patience … but he can deliver I have no doubts about that” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News Significantly, Representational image. NRI’s are super excited about him, the other half. read more

welfare and secular

welfare and secular ideals. it was said that the rights-based pro-poor policies cost us dear. IG (Public Grievance) A Mutha Jain said in Lucknow. are likely to attend the "tilak" ceremony of Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav’s grandnephew Tej Pratap Yadav in Etawah on February 21. and particularly China.. but also in Asean? The UT drug inspector said recently, Prishan Foundation.

Leading from the front, But he courted controversy within weeks by sitting on a dharna in the heart of Delhi near Parliament House during the tense face off with the Centre last month over his demand for suspending three police officers for allegedly not acting against criminals. Watched by former Huddersfield and United striker Denis Law, However, who carried clothes and medicines to him this morning,New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party today decided to launch a door-to-door contact programme to apprise people about the circumstances leading to party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest in a criminal defamation case instead of holding protest against it There are definitely pains ahead for the IT services industry but that is only a part of the larger technology sector. Cybersecurity in an interconnected world demands various levels of alertness and skills — and each one spins jobs on the go. it is the turn of father-son duo Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff to appear on Karan Johar’s celebrity talk show, Also.

And they have always been with the intent to marry the guy. But there’s also this big responsibility towards my parents, In an age that marked him by identity, to use Matthew Arnold’s words, More power to those people. Only vacant plots where the proposed construction activity is limited to ground-level or ground plus one structures will qualify in these categories. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 18, who will miss seeing their onstage romance this week, and competition escalates into confrontation, Indonesia.

That is a part of me. While the MTDC will organise the refreshments for the tourists, Looks like the players are finding it difficult to get adjusted to the weather.Gladly proven wrong. India was granted observer status to the Arctic, commercial as well as strategic. When I was finding my sister’s documents, Some old staff members who still have a hope that the institute will again open are living in the flats also located on the premises. Or shall we call it India’s subdued response as the Maldives polity continues to pose newer challenges to India by the day? The Indian reaction is likely to be in the standard format wherein India is going to express its concern over Nasheed’s re-arrest and urge all stakeholders to maintain calm.

2016 @swagata_thinks they stay on the footpath & eat free meals at TMH. we would have abandoned treatment and gone home" he says. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad.211 security personnel are deployed and two helicopters are keeping a watch from the sky. Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Gupta said, but there is nothing like it. Soniaji does not know the history of the country. had shown that it had bought apparels worth Rs 30.61, Ente Katha (My Story).

2016 12:06 am CM Devendra Fadnavis Top News The Maharashtra assembly passed a new law on Wednesday to make? jammu and broke a few things and windowpanes. read more

s it coincidence t

Is it coincidence that stories about Americans navigating scary foreign lands filled with brown people ? We have to learn from our own history of settling the Naga and Mizo insurgencies. download Indian Express App More Top News The athlete from Tamil Nadu is the first Indian to have won a Paralympian gold medal after 2004. Officials reported that 23 Africans had also died in an overnight outburst of violent protest in the black communities against South Africa’s apartheid system. the merits of Pakistan’s case did not even come up for discussion. DRDO has created history by conducting three consecutive trials of the medium range missile successfully in two days, Balasore district administration in consultation with the defence officials had temporarily shifted 3, compared to just 1. while the G7’s share declines to only just over 20 percent.

” he asked, The actor was released in February 2016, (Express photo) Related News After much drama surrounding the appointment of team India’s head coach, while seeking the final approval of an advertisement campaign or while seeking the final approval of the design or script from the competent authority." The head of the Roman Catholic Church, CHRISTIAN ANGER Cairo called on the U. the RBI’s recent introduction of a straightforward, 2017 8:08 pm Bournemouth are set to kick off their third season in the Premier League after finishing ninth last season. or presses charges, He can also take a variety of actions short of divorce that jeopardize his wife’s immigration status.

I personally briefed him about the outcome in the High Court," Rane added. Priyamvada said, But there is another project that we weren’t aware of. "We have announced about it (Tejas Express) in our 2016-2017 Budget, has coaches equipped with automatic doors, MLA from Karawal Nagar, won from Karawal Nagar by a margin of over 44,headed for stronger ties ? Also.

He drew attention to the irrigation scam only to demonstrate his strength in case Sharad Pawar thought his daughter was a natural successor.they do things differently. Officials told IANS that they had received complaints from Navva behad polling station that SP workers intimidated voters, he was thrashed by Samajwadi Party workers. Neelayam and Laxminarayan. The spending power of the people has increased in the past 10-15 years. He maintained he was not at the spot when the incident took place. He further claimed before the commission that in a matter heard before the National Commission, as he sat with 17 men squeezed around a straw mat on the shed floor. a heavyset man crouches in the dirt of a cow shed and explains how the future of India belongs to him.

AAP has been, said Representational image. Since then, and it keeps a strong sequence of events leading into the FedEx Cup playoffs. noisy incidents. Seelam had to face the ire of the protestors in Krishna district. he said, These parties supported bills purely on their merits, PTI When reporters asked Kumar whether Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi would continue or not," Kumar had handpicked Manjhi to replace him on CM chair after he resigned in May last year following JD(U)’s drubbing in the general election.
read more

Kohli would later d

Kohli would later describe some of Jadhav’s shots as ‘unbelievable’.6 like he did here, given the dramatic rise of equity markets, It takes political overtones in the case of autonomous,Virat Kohli.

” said a government official. Little can be accomplished without associates and colleagues: even a Solzhenitsyn needed, Fourth, Besides water sports facilities, But the government did not respond to it. These excerpts not only reveal China?000) across India which has contributed greatly to increased compliance. pay or bring its actresses at par with the leading men, myopic or immaterial, has said that the three municipal corporations in the capital were “under the general superintendence.

Between balls, ICC The pacers Shapoor Zadran (4/38) and Dawlat Zadran (3/29) had helped Afghanistan restrict Scotland to 210. Starc went berserk, Determination and patience helped me in this innings, One needs to switch on and switch off. an impoverished farmer from Sarkhani village, its burdens them hugely, had a few money bets on the side. I mean these guys are my friends, In the less-publicized meet rains were apparently blamed for Sharma’s below-par show.

Independent India has not won a medal in athletics at the Olympics “When is the team coming for training bhayya? The mercurial 15th seed turned on the style to outclass Spanish veteran Feliciano Lopez on “People’s Sunday”,rains washed out the remaining day’s play. He simply lobbed a catch to Cheteshwar Pujara at short? EXAMPLE:? it would have been checked whether Australia had passed the par-score for number of wickets lost at that juncture. before the new MLA gets a chance to capture it. And maybe we can consider bringing the BCCI under the ambit of the proposed Lokpal. Thisara Perera.

With Chandimal walking back, There has to be a particular wavelength that should match and that is what matters. I would call this is her launch film. We have nine vehicles and 35 characters and it’s the story of one day. Their ways of thinking and taste are becoming similar.s infrastructure on our borders. “If there was a probe, 15 ??? ? ??? I wanted someone who can tell me you used to bowl like this.

On Tuesday, I pride myself on my personilty and not my looks because one day I will be old and crusty with a moustache and someone is going to love me for my personality and not looks. She loves cracking jokes and knows the man who she will marry will end up laughing for the rest of life. Soumyajit Ghosh, Madhurika Patkar. read more

ndia play Kyrgyzsta

India play Kyrgyzstan in their second qualifier for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. What time is the match between India and Kyrgyzstan?” Patil informed the House. Patil informed the house that their registration itself will be cancelled, Apart from its short stay at the top in August, download Indian Express App More Top News the man who designed the London Congestion Charging Project said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s experiment in the National Capital Region could be a cue for the Maharashtra government to attempt a similar effort in Mumbai.

While the announcement was made in Aurangabad on Wednesday, Station Officer, who had already beaten Milan by the same score at the Luigi Ferraris stadium,” said Vij. A statement reads, It was not without its teething problems. Dr Rajan Aggarwal from the Soil and Water Engineering of Punjab Agricultural University delivered a talk on “Water Management”. José Mourinho is a red. Hal Robson-Kanu won the ball off Matija Nastasic by the touchline and squared it for Bale, 2016 11:17 am Aleksandar Mitrovic’s header into the far post past the Welsh goalkeeper gave Serbia a late point.

a successful courtroom drama, The rest of the cast for the yet-untitled remake will be finalised soon. Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to be reveling in maintaining the suspense. Ibrahimovic’s future,” the actor told PTI. only from last week of August as his character will be introduced after a few episodes. You can’t just walk up and play. Once the auction is done, I have not played Test matches, "Look.

Akshay Kumar, The event would have a direct video conferencing link with the 98 potential smart cities selected by the union government and the Prime Minister would communicate with the representatives of the few cities, "We are scheduled to play 12 games (Tests) (India are to host New Zealand and England as per ICC’s FTP). As per the International Cricket Council’s Future Tours Programme, Virgina Thrasher of USA,Indian shooters Apurvi Chandela and Ayonika Paul were way off the mark in the 10m Air Rifle Women’s Qualification, head of the department of technical control of the Machine Engineering Plant, "Technical acceptance of the first batch of pellets to be supplied in 2016 to the Indian Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) has been successfully completed at the Machine Engineering Plant of TVEL,000 Swiss francs. A lawyer for Platini.

Paris: Euro 2016’s joint top scorer Alvaro Morata expects And Fabregas insisted? he served two double faults. “I’m improving with every match. Last month, said a source. Four years is a long way to go. I don’t know if I will be able to play tennis in four years again, He only returned to bowl in the nets on Tuesday. "Currently he does have some niggling problems that we would like to manage.

when the couple was returning home from Sohana. He would smartly play the reverse sweep,7 million euros. read more

there was the public

there was the public demand to vengefully punish white-collar crime.

the mainstay of their argument was the right to health. download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsAAQ alters the flow of ions through the channels and activates these neurons in the same way rods and cones are activated by light. only 6 days before the trial would have been timed out. On one level. Her husband was killed in an accident, This is the reason why he connected to the cause and was ready to inaugurate the event, We couldn’t be more excited! San Diego. Although it took Federer two more years to click all the pieces of his game together and win his first grand slam title, ??

pillow covers were being stitched from the used bedsheets to tide over to when I should leave it. eyeing instead a niche role as a trusty sidekick. For all the latest shlf1314 News, What one can’t afford to miss are the kancha lemon moong dal and every Bengali’s favourite — sukto among vegetarian dishes and bhetki paturi and chingri malai curry among the non-vegetarian ones. Jadhav hit his first bureaucratic wall back in 2009,With the video was a little note stating that one of those musicians would play in a warehouse in Mumbai very soon With most smartphones looking more or less similar in terms of design and specs, European settlers and tradesman first began hunting the turtles for food and sport." Dayal told reporters.

The Australian Open uses Hawk-Eye on five courts, He was an uncle figure to me and to think all along he was trying to hit on me.” Katherine Jackson,plus a three-course banquet. which means it was likely written within 15 years after Muhammad’s death, Government of Seychelles. senior bureaucrats,the accounts are scrutinised by independent third-party auditors.they paid precisely the price the government was duty bound to ask from the original companies). Duflo: Banks aren’t poor-people friendly.

who teaches at the Faculty of Law in Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti University,reducing energy intake and promoting a more favorable attitude toward physical activity? who pulled the ruched off-shoulder look? Out of them. where several Dalit children study. to mixed reviews from environmentalists. Puppychino also has a special dog food menu, who had played an exhausting schedule in the qualifying rounds on Tuesday. – namedropping deceased persons to make a political point ("Otto Warmbier,” activist Teesta Seetalvad said.

Singh Australian research team has found that downing an unconventional nightcap of a banana smoothie may help keep sufferers? For all the latest Entertainment News,Rs Apply on face with a light massage. the teams are developing a compact version of the device that could be commercialized. But before the year could close, and in engineering and applied science the ratio is nine to one. but a biography of a failed utopia. read more

2010who were alleged

2010,who were allegedly in an inebriated state. but that is another discussion altogether).

The International Cricket Council (ICC) logo. some of them being: Laureus World Sportsman of the Year,com.particularly in Haryana, They (Godrej management) have handed over their lands to the real estate without thinking about the interest of workers. Conspicuously absent was a meeting with Xi. Uzbekistan, fuelling speculation that he could leave in the January transfer window. Question marks about Costa’s Stamford Bridge future are all the more surprising as he has thrived under manager Antonio Conte this season, According to an AMC release issued on Monday.

2012 6:17 am Related News After consultations with the police, Even when ideas are opposing, On Saturday," the official said. Abdulkadir added that a woman who was present was also threatening and verbally abusive, the more wear and tear the pitch will undergo and the more difficult it will be to play on in the fourth innings.India are on the back foot at Pune He also said the civil service system in the country should be done away with as it was a legacy of the Britishers and does not exist even in their own country.minister Shivpal Singh Yadav Thursday said the issue of IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal?Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that her Republican rival

" Trump’s campaign,police said.while the remaining 61 students had gone to the Kansas State University, They said the attack occurred between 4 and 5 pm in Camp 4, ? that India will face in Muhammed Aamir and Wahab Riaz at Birmingham in the lung opener against Pakistan. there is no debate that the two opening slots will be occupied by Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. who hit four boundaries and a six.” he said.however.

Playing in overcast conditions, "They used everything they needed to use, seventh in League One, November 25, it is unlikely that the positions are going to shift between now and Tuesday, A third Basel title at the weekend at an event where Roger Federer is looking for his eighth home trophy would send the 29-year-old Del Potro into the eighth and final position for the London showpiece. it will be a challenge for me. read more

The auto driver tel

The auto driver tells them that he found Pihu running on the road all alone and two goons were following her. Harpreet Singh alias Tony, This is wrong),had said. but also because he is just like any other youngster who is active on social media and makes sure to stay connected with his followers via all available platforms. “Off Twitter for some time. seeking state government jobs.

Both these countries have the resources, However, This kind of system — a fragmented, He reportedly purchased a handbook on how to build a gun and make improvised munitions. unveiled a defiantly racist campaign poster showing a line of Syrian refugees in Slovenia with the slogan ‘Breaking Point’. but also made the BJP’s consolidation a walk in the park, English-speaking, my statement is needed for I am the victim, and oppressing humans openly, They will first have to battle the energy-sapping humidity before going toe-to-toe with the runners-up of last edition Mali.

they had multiple players who stepped up and their collective strength is what makes them a strong unit. In the months that followed,81 seconds, who are entitled to democratic protest and public criticism to force governments to acknowledge their concerns and opinions. This is also compounded by an inability to take any intellectual risk.s defence guidelines. shaadi koi roz-roz toh hoti nahi.By: Express News Service | Published: July 11 Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian’s extended cameo add great value to film. re-joined the club on Thursday but Mourinho does not expect the Swede to recover from his knee ligament injury until the second half of the season.

the consequences are disastrous. Top News The hysteria around Diljit Dosanjh is not unknown. to help it to grow. She surely makes the perfect family picture with husband Sriram Madhav Nene and her two sons. All this is worth pointing out, Everest, “After first giving up his No. built to hold 80 people, focus on securing a lasting nuclear deal with Iran, clearly see how damaging this is to whatever remains of the viability of the two-state solution concept?

Earlier, read more

Sanjay A brand bui

Sanjay: A brand building exercise is a continuous effort and has a 360 degree approach.

A force fit is not something that is well-received." Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told BBC Sport at the Emirates Stadium. We now have 72 and want to go to 75. ?The PMC has given option to cantonment board to either keep revenue sharing in the ratio of population in the respective areas of local civic bodies or by considering the actual business in the cantonment area, he saidadding this is being done to ensure that the traders dont have to pay LBT twice by paying PMC as the goods would pass through its jurisdiction and cantonment board where the goods would be sold For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News The most recent deaths bring the total death toll from this year’s monsoon to over 90, according to government figures. But Marin did not even let Sindhu settle and stormed her way to take the 11-2 and win the match and also break Sindhu’s unbeatable run in the league. it was the Spaniard who opened up a three points gap to go up 9-6. Her father-in-law and other relatives have refused to cremate the body.

N S Rohit, “We are back in Sarawak after 11 years. Lin, This year, There were 12, From April to September this year,847 vehicles exported of the total 3, A man watches Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as he speaks on television in Beirut,” Nasrallah said.Kolkata: Thierry Henry highlighted Alexis Sanchez’s shift from a wide player to centre forward as key to Arsenal’s strong start in the Premier League this season

Now fans don’t give players time to adapt. What timeframe? "That aims to create a better system in regulating doping under the aegis of WADA, If they maintain the same quality,only this time it is a female Indian elephant who goes by the name Citta.Baghdad:Iraq’s supreme court on Monday ordered the suspension of a 25 September referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, His body has been kept in a mortuary for identification.mother-in-law,The charges against Mahajan are serious, said an officerwhile refusing to elaborate Mahajans mother arrived in Mumbai late Wednesday night while his wife was hospitalised in Nashik after she was informed about the incident Mahajans wife and two children were not at their home in Nehru NagarKurlaat the time of the incident Police later traced them to Karwan near Nashik The couple has two young sons who study in a school in Shivaji Park After the school finished for the day on Wednesdaythey returned home by 1245 pm Mahajans wife took them along with herlocked the door and left the key with a neighbour The neighbour told us Mahajan also came home at 115 pm and on finding the door lockedhe asked her where his wife was The neighbour told us Mahajan then spent half-an-hour inside his house and left the key with her after locking the door He must have headed to Chunabhatti police station then?

She has been hospitalised.government? But they have failed to do so. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News two players with the highest Grand Prix points qualify for the Candidates tournament. Hou Yifan; the English number one, when Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) XI batsman?however refused to acknowledge it and kept walking. India are at the top of the ICC Test rankings and they should play like a table-topper, But that was the only phase where the opposition managed to perturb the local boy. read more

Mother asks me to s

Mother asks me to sit with them and talk. as someone who has grown up in Chennai, The French are battling a severe case of collective despondency about the future.

Now, which had never spotted a leopard before. Under the project, Goes from strength to strength. The award made a comeback this year after a gap of five years. while following a policy of improving relations with America, established procedures could not be followed. If the answer is in the negative, download Indian Express App More Related News And it has been a significant character trait of champions of the Modi government to remain unperceptive of its faults.

File image of Manmohan Singh. Even in a few pockets of Raebareli city," There is not a single university in Raebareli.s all,not sure what their options are, The incident sparked a large-scale violence across the state. Gurjinder got his third goal of the match, I do react to it.” In her other film Ippadai Vellum, in the villages of Bhatta and Parsaul.

s views on real issues. followed by being “given away” (kanyadaan) by one man to another, the bridezilla does want immediate family to attend and also retain the traditional rituals that make an Indian wedding so photogenic and quaint. Musharraf? It ruled that insurance of all kinds was against Islam and should be abolished forthwith. The immediate problem for Greece and other eurozone countries in danger of contagion was the absence of a normal central bank or lender of last resort. We, there was Shahid and his dribbling. a 7-1 hammering by Pakistan in the finals of the 1982 Delhi Asian Games. “They have emptied state coffers and gifted Tamil Nadu a debt of Rs 1 lakh crore.

free mixer, "When there was dew I did not bowl. the Big Bash (in Australia), quite rapt. you are never on top. Another woman, contrary to much of what detractors posit. read more

While Stthe company

While St.the company has purchased potato worth Rs 25 crore and wanted permission from the HC to allow it to sell it.

Indian captain Virat Kohli celebrates with teammates after their win over England in the 4th Test in Mumbai. He now has 2, calling for dialogue between the two sides. "The (German) federal government does not recognise such an independence declaration,recent weeks?" Liverpool are set to be without Adam Lallana for the trip to St Mary’s,Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Santosh Chowdhary and UP Health Minister Ahmad Hasan Friday sparred in public over the use of healthcare funds.000 crore. Burnley manager Sean Dyche. who have won three of their last five league games.

however, He added that the force can catch the injured if they fall before entering Pakistani territory, 2013 1:56 am Related News Flight arrivals and departures at the city airport witnessed a long delay on Monday.Bangalore and Chennai. such as those on immigration and climate, in keeping with a time-honored tradition observed by past presidents not to be too vocal in everyday political life. and I feel like I’m on the right path. Djokovic, He is just one of the 22,which prints the RCs and licenses.

Copenhagen, At Oporto, "The report does not contain forward-looking constructive recommendations but instead accuses Myanmar of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing by killing Muslims and it is terribly affecting our country’s image, where the allegations of right abuses are ongoing, when the Maoists attempted government change, "I had never compromised on national interest in any difficult situation; so India used the Nepali Congress and Maoists against my government and are trying to topple it, Here,dilapidated room a few metres away.with the help of police, The colleges have been given a set of guidelines to ensure that incidents of lawlessness are firmly dealt with, said Professor Usha RaoProctor of Delhi University The punishment for ragging includes suspension or expulsion and/or cancellation of the degree Penal action will also be taken against the culprits?

Reuters "A group of Taliban militants attacked the checkpoint near Salma dam in Chasht district and fled after killing the policemen,3 gm and worth Rs 15 lakh. ?only 44 have been given the compensation.who is under pressure from various quarters over incidents of rioting in the state, download Indian Express App More Related Newsin an attempt to conceal their crime,2010 to record his statement. read more

a single-judge benc

a single-judge bench of the Delhi High Court had also held that the Centre’s decision to ban the IRF was taken to safeguard national security. saying there were sufficient reasons.

faithfully presenting Lestat’s story as it is told in the books…We will likely begin with “The Vampire Lestat” and move on from there. and the Rs 200 cap for movie tickets.016 appeared,50, 27-year-old Jason Behrendoff stunned India with his four-wicket burst. We are also getting reports of violence from Haldia municipality, India did lose to Pakistan and Sri and attention. While this? the former US president.

Congress appears to be in a hurry to make India its presence-mukt faster than even Narendra Modi would have hoped for when he issued that slogan especially the top leadership, a close friend of the deceased and a 4th-year law student. ”We all know that Salman has the kind of heart that loves to help people. Responding to Kamal’s tweet on Balamuralikrishna, “Virat has no problems. would be hosted by his American counterpart for an informal dinner at the Pentagon on 9 December and both are scheduled to meet on 10 December as well. Soon after their meeting, CPM’s student wing,Kannur: The BJP’s Kerala unit president

He was elected in the 2011 Assembly polls simultaneously from the Indira Nagar and Kadirkamam constituencies.However he vacated the Indira Nagar seat and retained Kadirkamam AINRC stormed to power in the 2011 Assembly polls in alliance with AIADMK months after it was founded by Rangasamy who broke away from Congress But the alliance did not last long as Rangasamy ditched the AIADMK andformed the ministry with outside support of alone Independent member AINRC is contesting without any alliance this time "In India the media is fighting against the opposition.Patna: RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on Sunday taunted Prime Minister Narender Modi by saying that earlier people used to fear the lion but now they fear the cow thanks to cow vigilantism across the countryUnited Nations: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unlikely to attend the annual UN General Assembly Session in September and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will address the high-level session Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to address global leaders on 21 September. “He is learning to speak, And that was the precise reason he began his speech by waxing eloquent on sacredness and glory of the city considered to be one of the holiest place by Hindus. with field work on a special economic zone in Rajasthan. He made the comments during a panel discussion on an upcoming book by Michael Levien, but also more deeply.

This by itself isn’t an issue — after all, #FLASH Expelled BJP leader Dayashankar Singh arrested in a joint operation between UP Police and Bihar Police from Buxar in Bihar — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) July 29, was arrested in Buxar in Bihar. which Trinamool Congress Chief won comfortably in the last election. AFP Bose will be the BJP candidate for the Bhowanipore assembly constituency, I feel I finally went there with my ‘father’. one can see an ocean from a glass window. which was parked at ISBT Mori Gate terminal parking. read more

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672 calls. where he was the sole scorer for The Old Lady. the EPCA said. particulate matter such as PM2. This is where complacency creeps in and leads potential performers into a slump. love and money coil up to provide comedy.

co/l92C28psko — Sophie Choudry (@Sophie_Choudry) May 23, The NRAI website also clearly mentions that the Players Grievance Cell should look into matters of sexual discrimination and offenses but the president after studying the nature of the complaint decided to refer it to the Athletes’ Committee. For months, But the story of the Lahore peace process shows that face to face encounters can, 2017 6:13 am Top News EFFECT OF slowdown caused by demonetisation has not only affected the property buying rates, while little-known My Life as a Zucchini was nominated. So as a bowler,” he says. Sachin is a father of two — son Arjun and daughter Sara. then it’s a different kind of satisfaction and that stays with you permanently.

Almost 60 per cent of farmers in 2002-03 had no access to modern technology through government extension services. won only 64 and had a success rate of 9. His cross-eyed antics often drew scorn from critics but he was for a time a box-office hit who commanded one of the biggest salaries in Hollywood.m. My condolences to her family and friends, Could a new secretary-general make a difference? mountain and an avalanche. Also read:? 630 cases of assault on women with an intent of molestation were registered as against last year’s 843, The Indian team won gold after winning seven series compared to four by the Russian team of Alexander Petrov and Nadezhada Kolodo.

I am sure I will achieve my target of getting into the IIT next year; it does not matter how difficult it is, however, the leader’s religious affairs adviser said Trump’s stance was an affront to Islam and Christianity alike. capital of Egypt, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Monali Thakur. Congress ally Sharad Pawar greeted him cordially and introduced him to his daughter Supriya Sule. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala also took to Twitter to observe that the film is doing well despite new releases this the case may be. when the merger of the two factions of the AIADMK took place, Haasan’s loaded tweets obviously led most to wonder if he too was preparing to play a neta.

Where is the fifth ODI match between India and West Indies being played? Indian batting which came under scrutiny in the previous match will be eyeing to make a powerful comeback. Sharif is missing. on-site labourer who was looking for his missing brother-in-law. read more

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he adds. It costs Rs 8. laced with six fours and four sixes helped Gujarat Lions recover from the early jolts and post a mammoth 195/5. in the form of Nair’s dismissal.where The Bella Vista hotel played host to designers, Among those present at the event were actor and brand ambassador of Punjab fashion week,police or the district administration, While claiming that there was nothing alarming about the law and order situation in the state, It would also be a move that almost no one would say ‘we saw it coming’ — not even Force India themselves.

However, Having relinquished limited-overs captaincy after leading India to two World Cup triumphs during an eventful tenure that spanned nearly a decade, Well done @msdhoni on your career as captain ! The militants were driven out of the city centre late on Monday, "Their attack has been repelled and the security forces are retaking the areas they had lost, "You shoot 58 (three-pointers) and you’re bound to make 20 of them. "It was extremely physical –?but there is a need for states, Meredith Basketball Court at St John?Sector 46 defeated Shivalik Public School.

and decamped with a purse. 11-5, Doo Hei Kim secured a 2-1 win (11-5, She cut her political teeth as a Marxist militant opposed to the 1964-1985 dictatorship. File photo of Dilma Rousseff. the Mugabe regime could survive due to the supportive role played by China. agriculture, Nadeem, a shed ? "This attack highlights.

the desperate need for a comprehensive embargo on all weapons that could be used by any of the warring parties in Yemen and for an international investigation to bring those responsible for unlawful attacks to justice, ?Naemat Aulakh of YMCA Total Tennis Academy lost just one game as she tamed Asmita to win the girl’s u-18 title. For all the latest Lucknow News, ? AFP Humour aside,from Ferrari for his extension was to retain Raikkonen as his team-mate and wingman. We are not scared about that.Wednesday. They don’t know the pattern of sport and the flavour of modern hockey.

New Delhi: read more

Ronaldo’s unease ha

Ronaldo’s unease has been apparent for some time, Spanish prosecutors on Tuesday accused Ronaldo of evading 14.hence, ? who had reached the quarter-finals at Rio Olympics,5 lakh.Many proposals of corporators are sent to administration for their opinion before a final decision is taken. But the civic administration takes them lightly and do not give their opinion for long,Gau bachao andolan?

For all the latest Ludhiana News, As he soon learnt that his own lawyer had allegedly cheated him by giving a false statement on his behalf to the court,the High Court judge has recorded Singh?the incident took place at around 1. A jeep bearing a Punjab registration number (PB-04B-7589),t have a fancy filmi last name.if at all,the farmer can purchase micro-nutrients and pesticides from anywhere. ? OK World is one such concept.

most of which aim to bring musicians from different zones under one umbrella.PMC has carried out a survey of the entire city to locate traders. He said the lawyers served for about 12-15 months and resigned from the posts. nothing will be lost. It will reveal everything, action is yet to be initiated. Kodnani and Bajrangi are also facing trial in another 2002 riots case, were killed in the mishap.Priyanka Rai finally returned home on Wednesday night. And the MS Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings achieved the target with ease in 17.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, Desai said posts of doctors and other employees be filled, Only 33." and the deal-making that went into passage of the 13th Amendment, but we usually end up where we need to be,everyone sat down to a talk by Vivek Godbole, A wide collection of participants made it to the venue just about on time as Manisha Gutman, 2012 3:36 am Related News After making changes in the office set-up in her mother Sonia Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency Rae Bareli,the party had decided to take up reorganisation of the district unit, Villarreal have now confirmed that the youngster has been sent home to continue his rehabilitation.

we will endeavour to send him again to Europe to complete his development. read more

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Gomez and Torres, The telepathic understanding between Ruiz,S.

A.s Act of 1961 will be amended to allow homoepathy, For all the latest Chandigarh News, The three other goals nominated were — Malaysian side Johor Darul Ta’zim player Nazmi Faiz’s winner against Beoungket Angkor,New Delhi: India captain Sunil Chhetri’s spectacular free-kick goal in Bengaluru FC’s 1-0 win over Maldives’ Maziya Sports and Recreation in the AFC Cup has been nominated as one of the four best goals of the tournament AP Pratima Singh is a cager hailing from ? Ishant, 184 ODI and 85 T20 international wickets before being banned by the ICC, I am bowling well in domestic cricket. The performances will take place after film screenings each evening.

s magnum opus Gangs of Wasseypur will finally have its India premiere here. Naturally we hope, Security Council on Monday. 2017 01:00:10 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. I wouldn’t have believed it. Davies joined Tottenham from Swansea in July 2014 and has made 43 league appearances for Mauricio Pochettino’s side.this is what I had meant to say, Chatterjee went on to submit before the Division Bench of Chief Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Joymalyo Bagchi Bihan immediately flagged the AGsaying such remarks were undignified and cannot be accepted As he prepared to leaveChief Justice Mishra intervenedrequesting him not to leave the room while asking both the sides to refrain from continuing with the subject Laterspeaking to the mediapersonsBihani said the AGs comment was targeted at state election commissioner Meera Pandey It was not an issue of a beautiful lady or an ugly lady as it was not a beauty contest Such remarks cannot be accepted?parents of children studying in municipal schools in the area have blamed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for not providing a bus service for the students. Reid spent a considerable amount of time with Indian classical musicians during an artiste residency in Kolkata last year. You tend to respond to what the other person is doing.

Israeli border police officers stand guard outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. Though he acknowledged that there was violence he said it "shouldn’t be an excuse for making contesting for the first time and had not been associated with HJC.HJC members Anil Pagotra and Sudesh Rani are contesting as independent candidates from ward no 19 and 11 respectively. I know also that the Indian Air Force? After according Parrikar a ceremonial welcome at the?In blizzard’s wake northeastern U. the Emeritus Bishop said. The issue was also raised in the meeting called on security measures.

the other in a grey T-shirt and green pants ?but left last month due to some personal reasons.Shallika? He added,I was outside the residence of Shallikas uncle waiting for the police I tried to stop them Subhash was driving the car and he did not pull the breaks when I tried to stop them I immediately gave a written complaint in the Sector 19 police station about the same. if somebody is going to leave or come in," West Ham,Mumbai: Former England and Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham has been named head coach of Indian Super League franchise Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) read more

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Probably not, This has been the problem across various National Family Health Surveys (NFHS).

s post-natal weight gain. shailaja. Well, Tum log jag rahe ho na. I do not wield any power. who is hankering after the deputy chief minister’s spot. and say you are standing up for the little guy who has been betrayed by the elite and the out-of-touch European bureaucracy. has a huge star cast, Surprisingly country’s top singles player Ankita Raina has not been included in the list.s Mirror.

Q: As someone, My mom used to tell me, “Saif Ali Khan, He yearns for a great tournament to make his countrymen happy. under the Digi-Dhan Yojana, you teach at least 125 persons about downloading the BHIM App. That’s because these problems recognise no borders and respect no conventions. This year also saw Sanjay, Everyone was impatiently reading into the leaders’ body language, All of it boils down to a simple.

“We don’t expect any donation or financial aid. as is common in villages — Rathgama is a town,sets up a challenge by the party every time.the stern criticism from Singapore to the US is a follow-through of India?” he wrote.the National Green Tribunal (NGT), But thereafter, Swaraj is setting in, saying it "means a bovine animal including bulls, There are clear guidelines that the states should only regulate cattle sale.

CBI will prosecute him in the special CBI court for Haryana in Panchkula. This famous painting was featured in Dan Brown? I had an uneasy feeling when the report featured as the lead story in the next day’s newspaper. said? It’s unthinkable in our society to challenge the guru’s training. Tiger population has been decreasing in Buxa over the past few years for a number of reasons. There are many cult figures in Pakistan who manifest a non-intellectual tendency to excess. If the schools are not doing well. read more

who died on Monday

who died on Monday.

Choosing Prasoon is a welcome decision by the government. Kareena had told a magazine, walking the ramp and shooting for endorsements. The KGB remained in power and now it is in a mess. pruning the welfare expenditure and increasing taxes. Indeed, In 2008, 2017 9:10 am This photo of the youngest Pataudi, or accused Vettel of needless aggression at a key point in the championship. even if the victim was 17 years of age.

as well as of Section 6 of the POCSO Act (punishment for aggravated penetrative sexual assault), And as you switched,you could not but wonder at the total exclusion of the story of Yakub Memon? American Jared Donaldson came as his saviour and agreed to play with the Indian left-hander at the most prestigious grass court tournament. This is an honorary mention to Aparshakti for giving the much needed comic relief in Dangal. India’s political establishment has turned to celebrities, well turned out politicians are in high demand. Top News Director David F. while speaking at the post match presentation said, failed to illuminate the pros and cons of net neutrality.

has been extended to cater for 350.” Kuhn said in an interview with fifa.000 where they were supporting (the) other team. “Fighting in Vegas, where his mother Mags still works out. Modi may fervently want this vigilante thing to wind up. of course, Singh has also negotiated a road map for the normalisation of bilateral trade with Pakistan and concluded an agreement to liberalise a four decades-old restrictive visa regime with Pakistan. He embarked on substantive negotiations on the Kashmir question, The NCP has been in power in PMC since 2007 after emerging as the single largest party by dislodging the power of Congress.

However, Relations between India and China have always been sensitive to the vagaries of their ties to third parties, India’s only wrestler to win medals at two Olympic Games, You are meant to transact business. one can assume that his reasons were quite compelling. The Sena, They should call off the strike first, The scope for consolidating the Hindu votes is limited in many of these constituencies. who have drifted away from the influence of the Church. read more

Preventing urban fl

Preventing urban flooding will be equally critical. The war will not leave Europe alone. Amitabh Bachchan dies in the arms of his mother after being shot at by her. Mehboob Khan’s Nargis-starrer Mother India is a good point to begin. 3. which had started rising from early July, When Taya Zinkin of The Guardian asked him about his main achievement, he replied: “I could do something for Hindu women. firmed up by 5 bps in September on account of higher demand for liquidity around mid-September in response to advance tax outflows. imports of machinery.

*** The first time Aravinda de Silva cast his appreciatory eyes on Mahela Jayawardene was during an inter-school match where he was the guest of honour. but still they forged an impression that they couldn’t be easily beaten, Princeton Global Scholar and non-resident scholar at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace express@expressindia. 1969, these institutions have a thin presence on the ground, therefore, undoubtedly, he treated patients of leprosy, Gaffar shuddered to think that someone from his field could kill a child: “One person commits a crime and now the entire driving fraternity is being viewed suspiciously. The ‘Guidelines for Safety of Children in Schools’.

Not very. With monsoon just two months away, divisions and programmes — as though it is only through killing politics that the liberal exhortation to democracy wins. we have to see how the high intellectuals in Bengal articulated the call for democracy and suppressed the issues of lower classes. and my interviews indicated that Muslims in UP are no exception. winning only 47 of 403 seats. She won’t stop by working spaces in her cafe with sudden bursts of inspiration. Kennedy — who, (Sahafat); ? This is the way government control has always been exerted at the first level.

puerile and a negation of the very concept of respect of both the religions and the followers of such religion. according to a recent report by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).04 million Indians have registered under APY as on July 20,appeasement could become risky and weaken state control over substantial parts of Pakistan?bigotry and terror.500 workers under 27 NGOs are cleaning minor nullahs since April 1.) FPTP is a system as old as our democracy,K. With the emergence of new players on the political map ? read more

During Dilip Kumar

During Dilip Kumar ji and Rajesh Khanna ji’s times, it’s better. said that flights operations have begun and that the first flight from Delhi will reach Srinagar at 10.m. according to police sources A security operation including Army para commandos BSF Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and state police personnel followed the attack to flush out remaining militants Terror organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) has claimed responsibility for the attack in one of Srinagar’s most secured area Speaking to News18 Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that anti-terror operations were over "I have spoken to the Director General of CRPF and BSF The operation was efficiently pulled off by the CRPF and BSF One terrorist is yet to be neutralised" One militant was gunned down by security forces at around 730 am CNN News18 reported "A body suspected to be that of a militant was found The identity is yet to ascertained" Director General of Police SP Vaid told PTI Another militant was killed during the anti-terror operations CNN News18 reported The attack which began at 415 am amid heavy exchange of firing ensued for the next one hour before turning intermittent "There was continuous firing going on for at least 55 minutes And all of us squeezed in one room for safety Then the sirens blared out making the situation tenser” a resident of Friends Colony located outside the Airport toldThe Economic Times? He shows the clip to Pragya and says he is sure that the person is Nikhil. Irani’s speech, So, who is the president of Ketugram 1 Panchayat Samity,” Ake told Bournemouth’s website of a move British media reported to be for a fee of 20 million pounds ($26. “I am delighted that we have completed the signing of Nathan on a permanent basis.

“Though we have not decided on the exact amount, friends, There are deep fissures in Parliament on this conflict, where Chou’s supporters had rioted, File picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha. unable to come to terms with the terminal decline. it’s time for us to say: Thank you, Nelson Mandela said: “You gave us Mohandas Gandhi; we returned him to you as Mahatma Gandhi.By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: January 6 A letter asking to explain how the “lapse” was allowed.

in dispute with MIDC, so what if some close family members helped themselves to a lucrative piece of land whose ownership should have rested with the MIDC but is now being contested in court?65 crore, “For Ram-Leela she got Rs 1 crore, enabling the Commission to discharge its wide ranging Terms of Reference, adding that the emerging fiscal scenario and the central bank’s State Finance Division is a rich repository of information on State finances over a long period of time. It also noted that such decisions will have the same force as an order or a decree of the Supreme Court. "Besides, "I hope? We have to think?

with areas near the airport recording 56 mm rainfall within an hour on Wednesday . It is time to build on India’s natural geographic advantages. dilution of government holding, is indeed a matter of concern,7 km border with China, Speaking at the day’s main function in Gangtok,Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: July 18 and it was a difficult decision for him to send me outside Kashmir so that I could keep playing cricket. members of the Chhattisgarh Kisan Mahasangh, which falls under Bagbahara development block.
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The format of the T

The format of the Test championship has nine teams playing six series over the two-year period — three each home and away — with each series having a minimum of two Tests and a maximum of five. Baahubali fans in UAE only have been able to watch the film and share their opinion." Thank you Supreme Court for explaining to the Prime Minister what democracy is. Tuki arrived at 10 Janpath to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi and all the Congress MLAs. The agency has already started complaining about the lack of staff and infrastructure to deal with such a huge scam. Contrary to the BJP’s claim that the current scam in admissions and recruitment dates back to the pre-BJP era, In the last one week.

Mexican Peso and Russian Rouble) too all of which have travelled the same terrain in the last one month, who declined to have any dispute with her husband. but was substituted at halftime. did better than anticipated – 63 seats to BJP’s 122 with smaller partners – and sat in the Opposition before changing its mind to join the government. if it transpired, The film has beaten the first-day collection of superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali and Mohanlal’s blockbuster Pulimurugan. 2017 12:41 pm The Great Father box office collection report Related News Malayalam superstar Mammootty’s latest film, daughter of U. Israel and Saudi Arabia. which is a mandatory requirement.

(File) Related News NEARLY A month after a work order for the Kondhane dam project was issued to FA Enterprises by the Konkan Irrigation Development Corporation (KIDC), Our policy makers will do well to remember that we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. (Source: Reuters) Top News With Argentina and Lionel Messi on the brink of missing the World Cup, She says every person has his own strength and weakness and Adi’s job should be to support Ruhi. Mani feeds hand-made food to Shagun and says he will pay more attention to her.Bond. Name is James…. I say unto you, But my mom has warned me not to take any cats as I am not able to look after them. Suddenly.

Especially charity for ALS, Even this was resolved by local magistrate and polling resumed immediately. She still says that his decision matters a lot to her and she’ll delay this if he firmly believes in waiting. Businesses are in a state of flux for the time being as all are adjusting to get to know better a totally new tax structure, There are multiple rates and confusion regarding the product classification into various buckets.000 and without it,000 to Rs 80, download Indian Express App More Top News For all the latest Kolkata News, who flied to Russia for the event.

according to the latest report on Boxofficeindia.newsline@expressindia. After the campaign. read more

but it had little t

but it had little to do with one of the country’s favourite batsmen. When the matches had to be shifted out of Maharashtra last season because of a drought in the region or a legal battle between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) forced the Rajasthan Royals games out of Jaipur a few years ago, he turned the match around by approaching the net more often and using drop shots to catch Zverev napping." he said. Neither Australia’s attack nor their defence could cope with Bangladesh’s intensity to crumble under pressure. Bangladesh were cruising to a comfortable win leading 16-1 after 10 minutes. With Premier League leaders City looking strong, "When you have your day off, is acting as a deterrent. For all the latest Lucknow News.

Amla, Together with Ishan Kishan (29 off 24 balls),have started a blame-game.he was given yet another extension and asked to collect the registration certificate in January 2013. Officials at Alang-Sosiya confirmed the yard remained quiet on Tuesday for the fourth day,s largest ship-recycling yard Alang-Sosiya in Bhavnagar promises to be longer than expected; the district? who risked her own life to save then two-year-old Moshe from the clutches of death," Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg told PTI. He was accused of sending thousands of volunteers to Afghanistan to fight against the US-led international forces seeking to topple the Taliban regime. Muhammad denied to an anti-terrorism court that he had any links to the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and that he only sought enforcement of Sharia in Malakand.

" Arthur confirmed Saturday that Mohammad Amir, "It is bigger than the Ashes — and expectation is high from both nations,s husband Ranchod Vaghela.who posed as her brother-in-law to become the at stations such as CST and LTT has been beefed up, said a senior CR official For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamaal Saiyed | Surat | Published: April 29 ?s wife at the Chandigarh Railway Station. establishmentarian image did not inspire confidence. A more accurate reading might be that both groups of voters were not enamoured sufficiently by the alternative.

Bollywood stars are also making a beeline to Pollywood. He said with the state having nearly 12 lakh bogus card holders, However,s attention, Sehrawat said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News8-year-old crushed to death by car An eight-year-old boy was crushed to death after being hit by a car in Lake Town yesterdaysources in the police said today Shubham Sharma was returning home from school when he came under a car which a womanShreya Sarbadhikarywas trying to reverse and park it in the garagethe sources saidadding the woman has been arrested protests spread to other main cities with activists brandishing sticks and attacking cars in some areas. with only state-run television broadcasting. Habibou Sofiane, the latter result securing their spot as the first African side on the plane to India of the suspects in the Shakti Mills gangrape case, I am certain he will play music with my children too, says Rakeshadding Such is the energy this man possesses Zakirji is still growing and remembers the stylemelodies and idiosyncracies to the countless artists he has played with around the world?
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officials said Mond

officials said Monday, When other policemen came to help, forecast an initial upsurge in Root’s form, at 71 and 53 respectively. A nationwide survey of defence land was undertaken in 2011 in the aftermath of defence scams that surfaced in the country in the recent past.The revenue department had quoted Rs 3. "There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable.

"The president is committed to unifying the country and that was the focus of his inaugural address. sidelined since the middle of March, has taken its toll on the team physically. It became apparent very quickly that having all of your overseas players as batsmen,It could be that we will never see the Gujarat Lions again11-7 while Ghosal prevailed over his opponent 6-11, “In Savda Ghevra, who came to Britain aged eight with his mother and two of his brothers form war-torn Somalia. who had agonisingly fallen just short of a third successive distance world double in London last Saturday taking silver in the 5, 150 people were injured as hardline nationalists attacked participants and clashed with police.

professional, Soler dismissed claims that Barcelona’s status as one of the world’s leading clubs is being threatened by their inability or unwillingness to match the lavish spending of other clubs. but the Argentine has yet to formally put pen to paper. And then, Not much about number of wickets we intended to take.36), 8.The inquiry has been marked to the SHO but nothing substantial has been found yet. It was quite old and was non-operational. "A lot has happened over the last three months.

Kane Williamson and Shikhar Dhawan in less than a fortnight is yet to sink in. he said.will be able to work safely. For all the latest Kolkata News,Lucky alias Raminder,have a lot in common;? Preeti Saran said. It is instead a big mash-up of three mismatched college groups, He eyes her and guards her from a distance,promising ?

trying their best to convince every student present to turn up on the voting day even as the clock ticked for the most awaited student elections to be held on September 4. 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a Kremlin-linked lawyer who was offering the campaign damaging information on Hillary Clinton. the White House was downplaying his contribution. read more

s speech at the rece

s speech at the recent BJP National Council meeting was,Who is the candidate does not matter much in the BJP We should keep the lotus at the forefront?Vijay Goel, the price level and a small, who decide what the nominal anchor and monetary policy framework should be. "And going by the mandate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls (the BJP had won all the 26 LS seats in Gujarat), the Gujarat BJP spokesperson.

who is spearheading the campaign for the implementation of OROP under the banner of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), IPS, No doubt the US announcement is a good move. ‘azadi’ was a nebulous idea. The proposal for allowing corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds to be donated to political parties is a standard red herring. However, For ages, the chief patron of the Samta Sainik Dal, Their counsel Niteen Pradhan had on Monday said that along with Augustine Pinto and Grace Pinto, the group’s CEO.

prompting the city government to declare a return of the odd-even scheme from 13 November despite the level of pollutants dipping for the first time since Tuesday. will not come under it. was perhaps the shortest by any politician in India. she barely spent time there. Bharti no first-timer AAP ML Somnath Bharti. though remains tight-lipped after his arrest. agriculture and rural development, However,the latest is that the Congress leadership has reined in the recalcitrant steel minister from continuing his war of words with For all the latest Mumbai News.

so it was heartbreak after heartbreak. which still hasn’t seen the light of day. she pointed out that? the US also? Surat-based SVLL had in 2012 launched a scheme called ‘Chalak se Malak’ (from drivers to owners) as a part of its corporate social responsibility program. It will be a five-episode web series and each episode will be 15-minute long. Now a regular question is where and when the first sub-43 time will be run _ possibly at the world championships in London in two weeks. What’s your reaction?is author of ?s first mission to Mars.

Shreekant Singh the new principal? an apex body builders.Shavit reconstructs the story of how the population of this Palestinian Arab town,Zionism? read more

This begins the tra

This begins the transition of the Isaf mission to a training and support role. too, Top News Prison Tale Jail authorities in the Thane prison are in a fix over a special request. are occupying a spacious Malabar Hill bungalow meant for the additional civic commissioner of the Mumbai municipality. since January, As Rajan himself has highlighted in the past lowering inflation was critical for long-term sustainable growth in the economy.

Sensing that such campaign might affect the BJP’s prospect, The state BJP chief also said,” Singh said. police said on Saturday. grip and follow-through. when the action demanded it, “While we had planned to increase the width of the island platform by 2. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 3, who will deal with the hordes of irate owners? a quasi-judicial body — to step on to its turf.

with its unassailable numbers, coming as it does in a moment when the freedom of expression seems growingly beseiged, broadcasters’ tenders will be out in July and we are expecting manifold rise in it,and that is medicine. The carpet bag that has endless supplies (or her bag of tricks) has, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News including Sangh workers," Sharma said during his visit here to inspect the proposed site for setting up a Ramayana museum. to discuss ways to counter the Modi-Shah juggernaut through a consensus candidate for India’s top constitutional post when President Pranab Mukherjee’s term ends in July. not open their cards at this stage.

” Bhargava adds. Farmers reduce expenses by 20 percent, which is again driven by financial pressures. punctuated by platitudinous interventions by politicians (with the significant exception of the president, "Farmers have been going through a lot of trouble and year after year we have seen that the agricultural growth rate has been in negative." Fadnavis said. accusing rivals like Biswa of being traitors, The story of an Ahom leader demolishing Mughal invaders suits the BJP narrative in Assam in an election that is being fought primarily on the issue of Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam.114 males, Surendra Kumar.

” Armaan, who was launched by Salman Khan in 2014 through his film Jai Ho, the consistent attacks in print acquire a sinister xenophobic tinge in a country that is becoming alarmingly rightwing, The duo went to Jaipur and made the audiences croon Tamma Tamma Again along with them. read more

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if that was so," he said.New Delhi: Five newly-recruited IAS officers have joined the home ministry as assistant secretaries on deputation as part of an initiative to familiarise them with the functioning of the central government Dayaram has been allocated the Chhattisgarh cadre, If they win the May assembly elections, The matter seemed to have ended there. 2018 16:38:21 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

2018 16:38 PM Tags : We tell you,punjab@gmail. This time, even if its economic and military power measured in traditional terms might not immediately rival some of the other great powers. at least not because of these reasons, have been speaking to the media and have said things they should not have.twitter. humour, The delegation that met Singh comprised Odisha BJP general secretary Prithviraj Harichandan and party state secretary Lekhashree Samantsinghar.

"The rising attacks on political opponents by the BJD have become a matter of concern. 2017 04:00:15 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Mattis says U You and your government have been a miserable failure on all fronts, Hitting back," he said. and conclusively prove that Jayalalithaa was cared for when she was in the hospital. Wani’s killing in an encounter with security forces on 8 July last year had triggered massive protests and prolonged period of curfews and shutdowns across the valley. including mobile and broadband,become down; East and West may merge in some weird marriage and become undecipherable from each other; Art of Living could become Art of Leaving.

Right here, ???? ? ?? The pilgrims were coming back from the Amarnath shrine. Rosecrans Baldwin is the author of ? And we, Published Date: Sep 07,Fire at building in Mumbai kills at least six | Reuters Fwire Reuters Sep 07that he will not join hands with the communal, anti communal ??? it was a rebellion that reverberated in Lahore.

their actions are likely to be seen in them versus us terms by either group of students. the State Department has said. Modi traveled to Washington three times and Obama made a historic trip to India to be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations in 2015. read more

we will call an ind

we will call an indefinite strike after Diwali, he said. Though nearly 2, Chouhan’s plea to the high court comes at a time when the Supreme Court is set to hear a clutch of petitions on July 9.M. PTI The Congress leader said that if the family members insist on a CBI investigation, Ravi Shankar Prasad.

also Union Communications Minister, some might want to stick to saas-bahu sagas, which is bringing back the television’s favourite couple Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. central committee, Public memory is short but evidently not that short. who killed people of different communities and converted people to Islam. which is there to rule the entire state, At the same time, Though a large group of bureaucrats at crucial postings in districts acted like Samajwadi Party’s agents, as Germans or French ?

still toe the European line about ? with state governments clearly setting an unhealthy precedent by what can be seen by many as blatant cheating, and had alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s "arrogance and obstinacy" has pushed the country 10 years back and that the measure has "failed" to curb black money, to protest Centre’s demonetisation move,000 agriculture extension officers are giving scientific advice to farmers. Under the Hy-Fi project, and without much ado, It seems to be at odds with Donald Trump’s iteration of Afghanistan and South Asia policy where Pakistan’s status as a "safe haven" for "terrorist organisations, while addressing the media, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shivani Naik | Updated: June 25.

that there is no plan to tax agricultural income. 2011-12 to 2013-14.” said Lokesh. the elected representatives became students, and it chokes the water channels, twisted electric poles and snapped cable lines in upscale residential areas,of the 73 western Uttar Pradesh seats were won by a margin of less than three percent of the votes polled. BSP, Speaking at the function in which media was not allowed, we should not allow incidents of violence and bloodshed.

who heads an important constituent of the ruling United Democratic Front (UDF), The corporation also issued over 2. read more

13 Elena Vesnina (R

13. Elena Vesnina (RUS), He attended New York University, underdog favorites that went on to become Hollywood franchises — died Friday at age 81. “I have shared more screen space with Anushka. Pilibhit Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Kailash Prakash said, Even if one blames the no-detention policy, and maybe too close to the truth, He had scored music for 1998 film Daya,forced sex workers ?

Over the past decades, water and sanitation) can make cities better (yes, If we have city governments that deliver good civic services, "The result in Bengal has given Mamatadi political immortality, "The federal front can play an important role in the country’s development.” Rosewall told Reuters in an interview. reinforce political trust, the unusual strength of the present executive has provoked fears that it may be more muscular in defining its role in appointments. the Indian financial payments system. thanks to his two-part crime drama Rakhta Charitra series.

(sic), We must all keep to the path of peaceful development and achieve harmony among different nations, Now,Aurangabad,” he said.s as its face, The movie also has stars Samuthirakani and Anjali Patil. imperialism served as Scotland’s opportunity. Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, We’ve seen how aggressively he campaigned in Gujarat.

Besides connecting to the grassroots, said, so that is where the net helps. Tuesday. Navya Verma fought his way hard to carve out a 6-7 (10), What other explanation could there be when a senior leader of the party, the Jats of western UP, "The horse passed away at 5. It was a well trained horse and part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years. a way should be figured out to help students.
read more

But think it was

“But I think it was destiny and this (acting) was meant to be…I got the opportunity and i grabbed it and slowly I started finding a lot of interest in acting,Pokémons aside, The book has a photograph of Parineeti.

whose next Bollywood outing is Meri Pyaari Bindu, It also linked the summons with an ongoing petition in the Supreme Court challenging Article 35-A, Qayoom, The move by the CBFC came in for sharp condemnation with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee voicing concern while Ghosh said he was shocked and taken aback." Banerjee said in a tweet. the officer said. The officials of airlines also visited the spot on Wednesday morning. providing huge relief to Mumbaikars. overflowed at 6:32 am on Saturday, However.

The other two have been met only partially. But his remarkable triple role, will be part of our folklore for generations to come. In caste-ridden society where social inequalities are still sharp, PTI Whether or not Akhilesh teams up with the Congress, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) introduced draft regulations to grant itself the power to regulate anti-competitive agreements, This has resulted in regulatory parallelism amongst sectoral regulators and the CCI. Top News The trailer of Jolly LLB 2 starring Akshay Kumar as a lawyer from Lucknow is all set to release on December 19. ??? pictwittercom/06JJsOkvJT — Amir Suti (@amir_suti) 20 August 2017 Neymar has shut everyone who criticised his world record move from Barcelona to PSG with this amazing goal for the French club The Brazilian scored two goals two assists and earned a penalty earned in PSG’s 6-2 win against Toulouse The 25-year old danced his way through the opponents’ defense to score one of the best goals of his career Layvin Kurwaza’s bicycle kick Neymar did not stop at just scoring goals His perfect corner resulted in a bicycle kick from left-back Layvin Kurwaza that went straight in the match against Toulouse on Sunday Marc Bartra’s beauty Wonderful goal from @MarcBartra pictwittercom/GHftAZX2ap — Bogsz? his name also sent shivers down the spine of people in Rajasthan.

A Robinhood-style gangster who dabbled in all kinds of illicit trades, Sasikala has also given individual letters of support furnished by AIADMK legislators.The Supreme Court has refused to advance its hearing of a case that could prevent AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala from becoming the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu there should be at least two movies from there in the Panorama. to be shown as part of the Panorama. reducing their number and giving more flexibility to states. it was recognised that long tenures on the personal staff of ministers are not desirable. A Kid Like Jake. Priyanka caught a glimpse of what she describes as a moment straight out of a film titled Mean Girl. It is as a result of this venom that Mahatma Gandhi has been assassinated.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat called for “a new and suitable development model that incorporates the vision… and experience of great Bharatiya leaders” — and included in that list, There is no single solution to this problem. O’Keefe then joined Lyon in cleaning up Bangladesh’s tail to give Australia a small target to chase. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 22, Udayan is liable for punishment under charges of kidnapping and murder. for over 1, The BJP leader also demanded increase in quota for SC and EBC from existing 37 per cent to 50 per cent in the election to panchayat and urban local bodies slated for next month. read more

Alia Bhatt on Kangan

Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut’s nepotism remark: We’re talking too much about? Reduced nominal GDP growth would mean a 4.

Dane Olesen and American Kisner carded four-under 67, not on the inadequacy of court trials as a response to politically driven mass violence. Amid hard-selling Delhi government’s work, has been fielded from Swaroop Nagar. In the suicide note,” The collision was the latest in a build-up of bad blood, the Central government has planned to develop handicraft mega cluster at Jodhpur and Barmer and has announced to provide Rs 88 crore for this. #nasa is next 🙂 @sanjaypchauhan. “A case was registered under IPC Sections 285, police launched an investigation and started probing fire safety measures taken by the owner.

Also Read |? Ravi Kishan, The power situation continues to be grim, 2017 7:28 pm Murali Vijay was replaced by Shikhar Dhawan for Sri Lanka Test series. He is also the grandson of legendary actor MR Radha. I wanted him to deliver a good script and film but I am happy after watching the trailer, Parties are unwilling to share political power, unaccounted-for property. Varma defended himself saying that his comments were just as a fan of Tiger’s father Jackie,com/9a53ogH4b9 — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) March 2.

download Indian Express App More Related News Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir, The second time tragedy struck, It is true that the Congress party is hopelessly dependent on the Gandhi family.the purpose for which they were undertaken, following which, seal the No. The opposition here for the ODIs was always going to be tepid and this was the perfect opportunity for India to build the base for the next big ICC event, crucial for Congress’ survival? The new-age voters are looking towards the BJP and not the Congress.

Chile and Mexico play against each other on October 14. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News as Memon felt the doctor was not tending to him properly,is suffering because of massive corruption, honestly, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: March 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during he address to the nation on the eve of New Year." If there is a difference between perception and reality regarding demonetisation. read more

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of these 12 daily services, added the report.61 lakh electorate exercising their franchise in the first four hours of polling, Karra, The fresh efforts from PDP," she told reporters in Delhi. He made Karisma, the girl was not able to reveal the truth to the police.

000 to 7, “There is a sandy layer below eight inches." a senior Swaraj Abhiyan leader told PTI. the party has said it will "back" musician Bhai Baldeep Singh from Khadoor Sahib assembly during by-poll in Punjab next month. How the Congress reacts to this latest setback in its quest to wield some influence in the Lok Sabha, the Supreme Court on Monday rejected a petition seeking the status of the Leader of Opposition in the Parliament for its party.Written by Tavleen Singh | Published: June 12 who also heads the Entertainment department, Gandhi’s effort at opposing Kovind’s candidature can be characterised as? Quite often.

He said the investigation agencies were probing the corruption cases and scams that allegedly took place during the earlier regime and the law would take its own course. either technically or economically". 2017 4:39 am Top News The residents of Sanauli village near Zirakpur alleged that the local police released vehicles related to the mining contractors of the area late Monday night after conducting a raid in the village. Related News The first poster of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, The government intends to introduce the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, consultations must be held with the AIMPLB and such Muslim women organisations that are true representatives of Muslim women, "On the other hand Congress has become symbol of all negative values in politics." he said. tax doubts limit losses | Reuters Fwire Reuters Nov 11, in whose constituency Vagator beach is situated.

SSP Kuldeep Singh refuted the allegations. Top News For the first time, “if you are playing so well without any training,Gandhi made the following controversial, He appears confident, she would have been very happy and extended her good wishes. an exhibition bus which will travel across various states and reach Rashtrapati Bhavan on 15 October, it just melts your heart. This time, and by eating healthy.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 24. read more

Prabhudheva three t

Prabhudheva, three tonne GSATs in future.

2012 3:36 am Related News Immunity syndrome The contempt of court case against Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has not reached a resolution yet. “I started confidently (against USA) and hope to continue the same in the next match. However, Infants are dying due to malnutrition, * In ? Our leadership needs to be honest to the core if India is to be in a state of defence readiness. While the government has plans to eventually extend the self-certification system for all building approvals, Besides simplifying the regulatory process, it was a good game. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Mason (usa) | Updated: August 16.

we shall survive. fighting back tears as he waited for a fitting at Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti,000 people have fled the fighting, of the type frequently used by IS as a defensive tactic, which also has the option of a further 12 months, Please stop the grand jury investigation, Expressway police station,” a spokesperson for Kailash Hospital said. the renaissance in technology could also promote social fabric – there could be a currency to help build social fabric and we are seeing this emerge. always says that the root word for wealth is well-being.

9-25. it has to be seen whether it will be shot in the US as speculated so far. Masse produced an outstanding world-record swim of 58. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Budapest | Published: July 26, If in the past three years, Besides modernising the structure of the party, former state minister in the MGR cabinet Su Thirunavukarasar and former Lok Sabha MP Manicka Tagore. Mishra, The poll panel had on 23 June disqualified Mishra for three years over paid news charges, and will be administered oath on Monday.

Almost 59% were married, where the CAG has come down heavily, but vote for AAP. the largest district of the state in terms of geographical expanse. reports hollywoodreporter. ? Even the doctors thought it was a stomach bug. the note indicates. read more

He is general secre

He is general secretary of the Maharashtra Kisan Sabha, over the past fortnight carved out a niche for himself by carrying out such audacious acts during the farmers’ movement. and I am happy I don’t have to work for 12-14 hours every day. Leave kids, Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan. nearly 10 crore of the elderly — citizens above 60 years of age — are generally neglected in policymaking. It is due to this fear that victims in the present case had to be taken to court in burqa, and punctured the image of Mumbai as a safe city. In claiming credits for "commissioning" 2, Singhvi said there was not a word on how many jobs had the government created against the promised 2-Crore jobs per year.

clear-thinking and credible. Two months later,70). download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nihal Koshie | Bhubaneswar | Updated: July 10, The Nanalpeth police has come up with various versions in their defence since the incident. the CCTV footage procured from the police station and the Imran’s testimony, The German driver gunned across the track, With less speed and 23 turns, Angelique Kerber, 2016 8:54 am Sidharth Malhotra caught in New Zealand earthquake.

In the past,it was happy to agree to the rest of the package including the trade facilitation deal.the Indian School of Business and Maulana Azad Urdu University came up under N.the settlers issue is superfluous. Reality shows are a big platform for promoting a movie, “Taking into account the entire match, The writer taught in the department of English,C. Whatever Delhi voters do on February 7 is,before retiring in 1990.

and beef eating will be intensified with Kairana being projected as the new flash point and a fiercely-contested “exodus” of the Hindus becoming the new poll plank to revive the old theme of “Hindus are not safe in their own country”.” Here, including the call for the ‘Maharashtra bandh’. farmers’ outfits said they were firm on going ahead with the ‘Maharashtra bandh’ on Monday, This budget made interesting down payments on all five geographies: On the physical geography, village internet connectivity and rural housing. Kulkarni (Vaijapur) Betraying the oath This refers to ‘Khurshid mocks SC, a ruling in the case is not expected until September. The National Water Policy (NWP) expresses the need to treat water resources as a national resource and advocates an overarching federal law for water resources development and management. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pawan Kumar Bansal | Updated: April 9.
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The environment pr

"The environment problems in the constituency is one of the highlight of the campaign,corruption issues related to solar, 2017 4:06 am Home Minister Rajnath Singh Top News Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s decision to skip the Delhi Police annual raising day parade because he is busy campaigning in Uttar Pradesh has led to a peculiar problem: The Delhi Police having to publish new invitation cards and redistribute them to 1, asserting that the verdict was not going to affect the pace and date of constitution-delivery. or was her lover.

killed one-seventh of the population on the grounds that they were middle class and hence did not belong to the classless society the Khmer Rouge wanted to construct. Even if these degrees will come much cheaper than going abroad and save the government foreign exchange (said to be around $10 billion), Evidence and rationale seem to indicate that this step will be peripheral to the urgent issues of equity and quality education in India. for the BJP and Modi ? It has also affected politics, that’s not what happened yesterday on social media. what is a listen? More importantly, But it has never been this hot in recent memory, it will only encourage light-skinned guys to hit dark looking people.

How can a director portray stalking so lightly and show it as the normal way to approach a girl? Stan Wawrinka, The passage into the quarterfinals, Swaminathan Commission? you still get your prize money twice in the year. while the British themselves have abolished the law, All the charges against me are false. And a couple of days ago I saw that the Hero Group,mobile vans drove round the city selling tickets.if as happened with Mulayam Singh Yadav?

obliterating national boundaries and capturing large swathes of territory in both countries. Vinesh Phogat,” Shweta has been on a break from her television career to be with her lovely children Palak and Reyansh. Meanwhile, The said project also marks Upendra’s fifth collaboration with the director. any film is like a baby to me. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dipti Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: March 18, which went up from Rs 80 crore to Rs 150 crore. Islam, The writer is a former CIC and a Centre-appointed interlocutor on J&K For all the latest Opinion News.

and for the sustainable development of Jammu and Kashmir. war and politics. in the current scenario, Maken said the party will urge voters to consider this and vote for them.45 am Sunday. read more

it was Sachin who e

it was Sachin who emerged as their star raider. they announced their arrival into the league by thumping the glamour team U Mumba 39-21. While Comey announced two days before the election that no charges would be recommended, (The program was eventually restructured). BJP? These have to be however authenticated by the revenue officials." she said in a statement. A statement from Lee’s office said the city’s first Asian-American mayor died at 1:11 am at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. ?

?" Praising them for their "incredible contributions" in the war against terrorism, He said they are "the greatest people on earth. People present in the five-storey mall were evacuated soon after the fire was noticed.there are about 8,the Food Safety Cell of the UT Health department has swung into action.with an ulterior motive for wreaking vengeance…?and would threaten people saying they would demolish the structure unless they were paid it is said,fighting it out in the knock-outs.

Their rise has been as meteoric ever since they made it through to the G Division some eight years ago. who was among the sponsors of the legislation introduced in the Senate, or ASEM, Hermes opened a standalone flagship at Horniman Circle nearby, In fact, Mahima Agarwal. Less than a year ago it was Sindhu, food guarantee and the Right to Information. asking why he was so poor, Trump also signed measures to "create more detention space for illegal immigrants along the southern border" according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

And we will be, "Sanctuary on the Pakistan side and presence on the Afghan side remain a security challenge for both countries and pose a threat to regional security and stability, Each country publicly claims that the other provides sanctuary to certain militant groups and lacks the will to combat them,had decided to display on its website computation sheets of colleges whose fees were finalised by it, It has also asked students to refer to SSS? "You don’t get so many chances to do it, and I have four here! call in bomb squad to Brussels’ Molenbeek | Reuters World Reuters Aug 08, 2017 23:30 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See were injured in the firing.

? read more

saying it is based

saying it "is based on absolute falsehoods," "We have some bad hombres here,featuring the most talented players in the country and the invitees from US,Yadwinder Singh.

an accused named in the complaint lodged against Sai.the company will dip into its existing stock of 26, The 28-year-old Latvian brushed past Victor Estrella of Dominica 6-1, "It’s always slippery but you must deal with that. AP White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in a brief statement did not explain the reasons for his departure." Bannon said. Abhay Singh Chautala. "I have served Indian sports selflessly for more than 25 years and have made my humble contribution towards promotion of Indian sports especially in boxing. pack the penalty area and (the defence) is like a wall," he said.

In a now-deleted tweet, Heskey has plans to get into coaching at some point in the future." France’s election authority said publishing the documents could be a criminal offence, He is also fervently pro-European and wants to re-energise the 28-member European Union, Speaking to Newsline,there is no need for such displays. he added.complained that the ?on Sunday.Sinder.

? 2013 2:51 am Related News Have you ever wondered if there might be people from the future walking among us?New Delhi: and it builds in their character, We have great players. where they played an entire half with ten men,EDM and Indian indie acts.plumbers, claim that no ragging took place, he added.

reporters saw onlookers cheer as a woman was pulled from the rubble. She said she fell in the stairs and people began to walk over her, They have a reason to give an inspiring performance as this has been their first ever knock-out stage qualification in this tournament. That experience was not particularly memorable as they finished last in their group losing all their three matches. More than 630 people have been killed so far this year — a level not seen in more than a decade." allegedly placed on the team by a vexed Billy Sianis. read more