12 Gold Standards For Recruiting: How Does Your Employer Measure Up?

first_imgIt’s a tough economy and a lot of people are looking for work. For the past few years, employers have been playing the card, “There are so many of you job seekers, and so few jobs; we get to call the shots.” Some of them are realizing that their advantage won’t last forever, and that eventually they’ll have to start treating job seekers like human beings in order to get anyone to work for them.Smart employers will overhaul their creaky, off-putting recruiting-and-selection processes now before the economic uptick puts them at a hiring disadvantage. They’ve realized that the most marketable candidates won’t stand for bureaucratic, unfriendly treatment during a job search. As a service to those forward-looking employers who want to get a jump on the action, here’s our guide to building your own Gold Standard Recruiting System. Employers who can claim these 12 top-drawer, talent-aware Gold Standard recruiting practices will gain a huge advantage in the war for talent, by removing obstacles that deter great candidates from pursuing jobs in their organizations.We’ve listed the 12 elements of the Gold Standard Recruiting System in the form of an announcement from one (imaginary) Gold Standard employer, explaining each item and its purpose. Take a look: How does your employer measure up?Gold Standard Recruiting PracticesDear Friends of Angry Chocolates, Inc.:I am thrilled that you’re considering employment with our company. Here’s a statement from me, our CEO, to let you know our commitments to the talented people who inquire about jobs with us. If your experience in our recruiting pipeline doesn’t meet these standards, I would like to hear from you at my email address right away. Thanks for taking a look at Angry Chocolates. We think it’s a great place to work. We know you could use your talents at a lot of different, great employers and we would love to sit near the top of your list.Yours,Declan McManusCEOAngry Chocolates, Inc.Practice 1: You Write, We ReadIf we post a job opening and you apply for it, we will read your resume — no ifs, ands or buts. We won’t use a keyword-searching algorithm to scan your resume for buzzwords. A living human being in our office will review your resume within three business days after we receive it. We don’t cast a huge, wide net for candidates and then ignore most of them. We cast a small net (starting with employee-, customer- and vendor-referrals) and grow the net as we need to. That way, we don’t get so many resumes that we can’t read ’em all.Practice 2: We Read, and Then We WriteIf you apply for a posted job in our company, we’ll write to you and let you know what we think about your resume. We won’t insult you by writing “Your background doesn’t meet our needs.” We’ll say “We need someone with more Direct Marketing experience for this job,” or “Your experience is great, but we don’t have anything in Purchasing available right now.” Our agreement with candidates is that after we share this feedback, we won’t have time to talk on the phone or begin an email correspondence about it; there are too many candidates for us to be able to do that. Still, we hope that the specific feedback is more helpful to you than a generic “No Thanks” or no communication at all.Practice 3: Are We Your Kind of Place?If you don’t see a great match for yourself among the jobs posted on our website, you can apply for employment with us anyway. In that case, we don’t commit to read your resume right away or respond to you quickly, because we can’t predict how many people will contact us. Still, we’ll let you know that we received your resume, and this group of candidates will be our first resource when new openings pop up. From time to time we’ll write to you to ask you whether you’re still interested in swimming in our talent pool.Practice 4: Busywork is for NinniesWe don’t ask our candidates to fill out long, tedious online applications to tell us where they’ve worked since high school and what they earned at those jobs and what their supervisors’ names were. Heck, we can barely remember what we had for breakfast. We let our candidates compose a free-form essay that tells us why they contacted us and how they might be able to help us. Then we let them upload a resume. No application form, no dates, no bureaucracy. We hate bureaucracy. Don’t you?Practice 5: No Arbitrary RulesWe’ve heard that some companies shun job seekers with resume gaps, career changes or outside-of-the-industry experience. We think this is goofy. We love people who’ve done adventurous things and spent time with their kids and stepped out of traditional career paths to take chances and learn amazing things. We don’t follow any arbitrary rules in our hiring processes, and we don’t believe that all the knowledge that can help us will come from people with chocolate-industry experience. (If we did, I’d never have started this company, myself!). Quirky candidates are welcome here.Practice 6: Horse First, Cart in the RearWe think your time and your privacy are important. We won’t ask you for the names and phone numbers of your references, or permission for us to do a credit check, or your social security number or your past W-2s before we’ve even met you. (As for the W-2s, we won’t ask for those at all.) We want you to feel comfortable with us before we start poking and prodding into your personal life. If we need to run a credit check (for instance, if you’re handling cash) we’ll do that in good time.Practice 7: We Trust OurselvesWe trust our managers and our HR team to decide whether a candidate is a good fit for our team and whether we’re a good match for him or her. We don’t ask job seekers to give us copies of old W-2s or other kinds of income verification. If we did, we’d be saying “Hey, we don’t trust ourselves to decide whether you’re worth the salary we’re contemplating!” That would be very embarrassing.Practice 8: Let’s Talk When It’s ConvenientWhen our recruiters call candidates to conduct phone-screens, they don’t disappear if the call can’t happen then and there. We know that you have a busy life. We try to use email to schedule phone interviews a couple of days in advance, but sometimes (especially if we love what you’ve sent us) we may call to see if we can grab you live. If the time isn’t good for you, just let us know. Once we commit to talk with you, we’re not going anywhere. As long as you’re available sometime during the next three business days, we’ll conduct the phone interview and we won’t knock you out of the running. We work hard to hire the best candidate, not the most-available or the most-compliant one.Practice 9: Ask Your Questions – It’s Your Interview Too We think that a job interview is a great place for you to learn about us and to decide whether it’s worth your time to continue the conversation. We try to do the same thing, so that we don’t waste your time if we don’t think a given job is a great match for you. Our telephone and face-to-face interviews are based on the notion that you get as much time to ask questions as we do. Please bring lots of questions with you to the interview. We love ’em!Practice 10: Everything But My Prom PicturesIf you’re interviewing with us, we’ll share any relevant information with you that we can. Employee handbook? Just ask for it. Sales comp plan? You’ve got it, if you’re interviewing for a Sales job with us. We figure that we’d rather get your reactions to our plans and practices before you join our team, rather than have surprises later.Practice 11: Pick Up the Red PhoneWhen we contact you for a telephone or face-to-face job interview, we’ll introduce you to the Talent Coordinator on our team who’ll be your point of contact during the recruitment and selection process. You’ve got a hotline to that person, and can expect an answer to any question you ask him or her within 48 hours (weekends not included). We don’t believe in shipping job candidates to Radio Silenceland. So we don’t.Practice 12: Decisions, DecisionsIf we make you a job offer, we’ll give you five business days to decide whether you’d like to join our gang, or not. If you need an extension because of an international trip or illness or some very big deal, we’ll grant it. We don’t like to make offers that aren’t accepted, but we really, really hate to make offers that are accepted because a candidate was pushed to make a fast decision. Accepting a new position is a huge life decision. We want you to have all the information you need and all (or nearly all) the time you need to sift through the facts and issues. By the way, we’d never ask you to make a yes-or-no decision without the full details of the written offer in front of you. (We’re horrified to think that any employer would.)Questions about our recruiting practices? Please write to us at goldstandardrecruiting@angrychocolates.com and let us know. Now that you know where we’re coming from, please tell us more about yourself!last_img read more

Wouldnt endorse a pan masala ad: Hollywood actor Martyn Ford

first_imgBengaluru, Oct 7 (PTI) Hollywood actor and professional bodybuilder Martyn Ford said he wouldnt endorse a pan masala advertisement like the one done by James Bond star Pierce Brosnan.”Personally, I wouldnt promote this (Pan Masala) type of products. I would only promote life-saving or health-related products,” Ford told PTI here.”I dont smoke and drink and it will be weird to be an ambassador for such products and companies,” he added.Brosnan had received a lot of flak and was even trolled on Twitter for featuring in advertisement of a pan masala brand.In response, Brosnan had expressed his distress over Pan Bahars “unauthorized and deceptive” use of his image to endorse their range of pan masala products.Asked whether he would advise or discuss about the controversy with Brosnan, with whom he is doing a film “Final Score”, Ford said, “I dont know whether Pierce is going to listen to my advice.”Ford is in the city to promote bodybuilding in India and take it to international level. He is attending “Fitfactor”, acompetition for body builders, which is being organised by United Kingdoms Bodypower in association with WTF, Bengaluru.Ford has also acted in “Undisputed 4″.Asked which Bollywood actor is best suited to play James Bond, Ford said John Abraham.”I believe there are many Bollywood stars who are eligible, but to me, John Abraham has that kind of looks, the talk and body – I mean someone of that caliber. I definitely see, Abraham doing that type of role,” he said.advertisementBefore being a bodybuilder, Ford wanted to be a professional cricketer, but could not fulfill his dreams due to an injury, and chose bodybuilding as his profession.On impact of cricket on his professional life, Ford said the sport laid foundation for his success in life as it ingrained the values of discipline.”As an youngster, I learnt a lot from cricket. It made me a strong, determined and focused professional. Hundred percent I would say, cricket was my foundation for my success,” he said.Ford said, of the three professions, he feels more comfortable attending training sessions in his gym.”I enjoy training the most. The environment which I find myself more comfortable is the gym in my house. That is the safe place for me, but facing camera is stressful, but I enjoy the challenge,” he added. PTI BDN RA VS JCHlast_img read more

On comeback trail, Woods is leaner but “nervous” also

first_imgBy Abhishek Hore Nassau (Bahamas), Nov 29 (PTI) Returning to a golf course after one of the longest lay-offs of his illustrious career, 14-time Major winner Tiger Woods is feeling “fitter than he has been in a very long time” but also nervous going into his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge, which begins at the Albany Golf Club on Thursday. Exactly a month away from his 41st birthday, Woods has taken hundreds of pain-free swings preparing for his long-awaited return at the sunny and windy Nassau. “I am nervous but I am looking forward to it. It shows that I care,” says Woods. “I am nervous. Thats good. As I have always said every tournament I have played I have always been nervous. That means I care. Sometimes I am at home, tinkering around with my buddies, just saying I dont care whats going on but I care. I can channel that energy into focus, aggression, a heightened feeling. I want to to feel that. But its upto me to control. Thats something I havent done in 15-16 months. “I am going to try and get a feel for here. A lot of players talk about getting into the flow of the round – I need to find that flow quickly,” he added. Woods and his kids had not been keeping well. “I am leaner than I would like to be. I got sick, my kids got sick. My son got it, daughter got it, I got it and then I started feeling crappy then he got it again, then he got it again and then she got it again. Before I could get it (again) I came here. I am down than I would like to be, but I am fitter than I have been in a very long time. I would like to be a little bit heavier now.” Woods says in the time he was away from the sport, he missed the competition and the camaraderie among his peers. “I have missed the camaraderie. The fraternity… of being out here. I mean these guys… these guys are my friends. I know we are trying to beat each other all the time, but we are friends. “Once we are inside the ropes, its a different story. Now we are competitors. Now we are there to compete. Now we are there to win, but outside of it, going out there and having dinner and having a few drinks with the guys, we have been doing that and then I just had merely to get out here. I missed that, I missed the needling and missed the jabbing … that part is good. “Its been good to see the guys out here again. I got a chance to experience that at the Ryder Cup but…I want to be the player.” Woods was accompanied by Pawan Munjal, CMD, Hero MotoCorp ahead of the tournament. More PTI AH PDS PDSadvertisementlast_img read more

Agency denies tax evasion by Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho

first_imgThe soccer agency Gestifute has denied that clients including Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho are involved in any tax evasion after a media consortium reported that they had used tax havens to handle tens of millions of euros in earnings.A group of 12 European news outlets on Friday began publishing the results of months of investigations into a vast trove of more than 18 million financial documents, obtained by the German magazine Der Spiegel and dubbed the “Football Leaks”.”Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho are fully compliant with their tax obligations with the Spanish and British tax authorities,” Gestifute said in a statement.”Any insinuation or accusation made to Cristiano Ronaldo or Jose Mourinho over the commission of a tax offence will be reported to the legal authorities and prosecuted.”The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) consortium, which includes Britain’s Sunday Times, Portugal’s Expresso and Spain’s El Mundo, intends to release details of its findings over the next three weeks. (Also read: Cristiano Ronaldo accused of hiding money in tax havens)Reuters was unable to independently confirm the accusations.Spanish prosecutors did not respond to requests for comment; nor did Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s present and Mourinho’s former club. Mourinho’s new employer, Manchester United, said the allegations predated his arrival there and that it would have no comment.One of the publications, the French investigative portal Mediapart, said Ronaldo and his Portuguese compatriot Mourinho had benefited from a tax optimisation system developed by their agent Jorge Mendes, who owns Gestifute.advertisementMediapart said the system Gestifute employed for its various clients, using a network of offshore accounts and companies, represented a total potential loss to tax authorities of at least 185 million euros.In its statement, Gestifute said that “neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Jose Mourinho have ever been involved in legal proceedings regarding the commission of a tax offense”.last_img read more

PETA CEO offers wholehearted apology to actor Suriya

first_imgChennai, Jan 28 (PTI) PETA has offered “wholehearted apology” to Tamil film actor Suriya, days after he served legal notice on the animal rights advocacy group for its claim that he was supporting Jallikattu only to promote his upcoming movie “S3”, which has been rechristened to “C3”.CEO of The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Poorva Joshipura, through the actors advocate R Vijayanand, offered “wholehearted apology” for implying that his pro-Jallikattu comments might be related to the planned release of his upcoming movie.”We received a copy of the legal notice sent to us through the law firm you engaged. If what you are now saying is correct, please consider this a wholehearted apology for implying that your public pro-Jallikattu comments might be related to the planned release of your upcoming film,” she said in the letter.”We support the promotion of a good film but not the promotion of cruelty to any living being, or spectacle that put animals or humans in harms way and we thought you would feel the same way,” Joshipura said.Sharing a link to a video on cruelties to animals taken by officials of Animal Welfare Board of India at Jallikattu events, she said, “In Singam film, you are a honest, dutiful police officer. I hope the role of this character could help you appreciate why it is so important for us to ensure the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 is honoured and upheld.”Suriya recently issued the legal notice to PETA for its claim that the actor was supporting Jallikattu to promote his upcoming movie, saying it caused “mental stress” to him and asked the NGO to apologise or face legal proceedings.advertisementIn the notice dated January 20, the actors advocate Vijayanand said Suriya had reiterated his commitment and support for the bull-taming sport on several occasions in the past and there was no need for him to indulge in “cheap publicity.” PTI VIJ BN NSDlast_img read more

Despite President Trump’s promise, Honda, GM to jointly produce fuel cell power system

first_imgHonda Motor and General Motors (GM) will jointly produce pollution-free hydrogen fuel cell power systems in the United States from around 2020, despite President Donald Trump’s promises to dismantle US environmental regulations intended to spur green car demand.At a briefing in Detroit, GM executive Mark Reuss said the fuel cells could be used in autonomous vehicles, as well by ride-sharing companies, such as GM affiliate Lyft. He also said fuel cells could have aerospace and military applications.ALSO READ:Volkswagen sells more cars than Toyota in 2016The companies on Monday said they will invest $85 million to add a production line at a GM battery plant in Brownstown, Michigan, and create 100 jobs. The fuel cell production line will be partly automated and is designed to be quickly scaled up if demand warrants.The companies’ US investment plan is the latest this month from the auto industry after Trump urged car makers to raise production in the United States and vowed to cut regulations, including environmental ones, and taxes to make the US more business friendly.Honda on Monday said fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) remained central to new-energy cars making up two-thirds of its line-up by 2030 from around 5 percent now.ALSO READ:Toyota unveils all new Camry in the US”The United States is where demand for fuel cell vehicles is going to be among the highest so we’ve decided to consolidate our manufacturing operations into one location there,” Honda spokesman Teruhiko Tatebe said at a joint news briefing in Tokyo.Honda is among a handful of automakers to develop FCVs, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and emit only water. But limited fuelling infrastructure has limited demand while in the United States while low petrol prices have pushed consumer preference toward sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.advertisementHonda has produced just 118 of its Clarity Fuel Cell cars since its US and Japan launch last year at a relatively high price of 7.66 million yen ($66,795).ALSO READ:GM puts on hold investments on new products for IndiaHonda makes that vehicle’s components in Japan but on Monday said it would eventually shift production of fuel cell power systems to the US to cut costs. It said it had not decided whether to continue assembling FCVs at home in the longer termAt GM, research into hydrogen as a fuel stretches as far back as the mid-1960s with a modified Chevrolet Corvair minivan.As part of a development partnership formed in 2013, the latest agreement will see GM and Honda each hold 50 percent of newly formed Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC. Their future FCVs will share the same power system from around 2020.ALSO READ: GM India celebrates highest number of exports for Beatlast_img read more

Last six months of hard work is paying off now: Umesh Yadav

first_imgIndian pacer Umesh Yadav, who claimed four wickets on the opening day of the first cricket Test against Australia here, revealed that his plan was to bowl the tight line and minimise scoring opportunities for the batsmen. (Scorecard)Yadav scripted Australia’s downfall with figures of 4/32, while the spin trio of Ravichandran Ashwin (2/59), Ravindra Jadeja (2/74) and Jayant Yadav (1/58) shared five wickets between themselves as the visitors lost five wickets for just 56 runs in the third session after pacer Mitchell Starc’s unbeaten half century at the end lifted Australia to 256/9 at stumps. (Pune Test, Day 1: Starc defies India after Umesh grabs 4/32)”I was trying to bowl very tight lines on this wicket and hoped that the batsmen would make mistakes. I was trying to minimise the bad balls and the scoring opportunities,” Yadav said after the match. (What a cacth! Wriddhiman Saha flies to pull off a stunner)”I knew if they go for their shots they would play the false stroke and I would be helped by the reverse to get wickets,” he added. (India vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 1: As it happened)Yadav also informed that he was working on his line and length with coach Anil Kumble and Sanjay Bangar in practice sessions. (Dry pitch for Pune Test could play into Australia’s hands: Shane Warne)”I was practising with Anil (Kumble) and Sanjay (Bangar) about what my line and length should be in the practice sessions. The hard work that I have done in the last six months has been paying off now. That is very important on such wickets,” Yadav said.advertisementThe 29-year-old pacer separated the Australian openers Matt Renshaw and David Warner, who forged an 82-run partnership for the first wicket.Commenting on Warner’s wicket, Yadav said: “My spell started late and I knew that the ball was moving around quite a bit. I tried to get it much fuller to him and prevent him from freeing his arms. That is exactly what I wanted.”last_img read more

Melbourne, Perth lead Australian push for 2022 Commonwealth Games

first_imgCity officials in Perth and Melbourne are leading an Australian push to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games after Durban was stripped of the right this week.”An event of the scale of the Commonwealth Games would further enhance Perth as a world-class city and destination and greatly stimulate the economy,” Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi told Australian Associated Press in a statement.Melbourne hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games and local residents would gladly welcome the 2022 event, Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said.”We are one of the few cities in the world with existing sporting infrastructure that can cope with a major world event like the Commonwealth Games,” he said. (Disappointed South Africa denies skimping on Commonwealth Games budget)English cities Birmingham and Liverpool have already made a pitch to step in for Durban, having already targeted the 2026 event.The northern city of Manchester, which hosted the Games in 2002, also declared its interest, British media reported on Wednesday, citing a city council spokesman.The Commonwealth Games Federation will invite cities to host the Games rather than launch another bidding process.Victoria state capital Melbourne has a long tradition of hosting major sports events, including the Australian Open tennis and the series-opening Formula One race at Albert Park.Perth, the capital of resource-rich Western Australia state, also boasts extensive sports infrastructure and hosted the 1962 Commonwealth Games.The state governments will need to throw their weight behind the push for Melbourne and Perth to be considered.Neither have committed to an official pitch but Victoria premier Daniel Andrews said his government would have a “close look at it”.advertisementAustralia’s former International Olympic Committee vice-president Kevan Gosper urged officials to back Melbourne’s claims.”There will always be critics and naysayers but Melbourne could lay it on tomorrow if it wanted. It has the facilities. It has the crowds,” he told local media on Tuesday.Commonwealth Games Australia has said it would support the CGF “in any way required” to find a new host.The quadrennial Games bring together athletes from the 52 members of the Commonwealth, most of which were at one time colonies of Britain.last_img read more

Virat Kohli ecstatic after historic triumph: ‘Our best series win so far’

first_imgVirat Kohli might have missed out of the series-deciding Test in Dharamsala due to an injured shoulder but he was a happy man after India had wrapped up victory by eight wickets to win the four-Test series against Australia 2-1.Ajinkya Rahane, who led the team in Kohli’s absence, led with aplomb and everyone stood up to compensate for the loss of the best player in the team.Watch: Biggest takeaways from India vs Australia Test seriesNot surprisingly then, Kohli, who even carried drinks to come out and chat with his mates in the course of this Test, was elated.”Unbelievable. This is our best series win so far. I thought England was intense, but the way Australia gave us a fight, it was amazing on their part but our guys kept bouncing back,” Kohli said. Overall, this season has been outstanding. All these home series have been challenging one way or the other. “Kohli said it all started with the series against South Africa but every team thereafter came with a different set of challenges. He picked the fight back in Sri Lanka, the persistence against England and the keen contests against Australia as the most challenging in the last 17 months.Kohli was also in awe of Rahane’s leadership skills and lauded his team for following its strict fitness regimes in the course of a packed-home season.”Ajinkya led the team really well. The changes we made in our fitness regime have paid off. Guys have been able to sustain the performance throughout the season. In the past we have had sessions where we have given away the game easily. Not this season. Been a team season,” he said.advertisementKohli had smashed double hundreds in successive series before the start of the Pune Test but he finished with only 46 runs in five innings. He was expected to score big in Dharamsala but his injury ruled him out eventually. But it was the captain who kept insisting that his team was good enough to fire even if he had an off day.At tht foothills of the Himalayas, Kohli stood vindicated with the likes of KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Umesh Yadav and Kuldeep Yadav putting in impressive performances.”Not one or two individuals who have stood out. It is unbelievable…. the kind of fitness and desire the fast bowlers have shown, it has been game-changing,” he said.last_img read more

Four ways to inject social contagion into your outreach in 2012

first_imgA recent review of more than 20 academic papers on social contagion, published in the book Consumer Insights: Findings From Behavioral Research, shows that consumers are heavily influenced not only by word of mouth – which we all know by now — but also by merely observing the behaviors of others, even if no communication takes place.In your outreach in 2012, make sure that you keep this in mind. Here are some ideas on how to apply these findings:1. Include social sharing links in all of your outreach to encourage word of mouth2. Include a quote from a donor about why they support you on your home page3. Have beneficiaries write your acknowledgements to encourage work of mouth4. Have donors or volunteers write your next appeal, with details on why they support youRemember, you are rarely as effective a messenger as your supporters are.last_img read more

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Message is Failing

first_img2. Forgetting that we’re not the audience.The messages that appeal to us aren’t the ones that necessarily resonate with others. Every assumption should be suspect until we understand our audiences’ mindsets. When we assume our audience thinks the way we do, we are at odds with the principles of marketing. We must think like the people we want to reach if we want to succeed.3. Treating marketing as an afterthought.Marketing and communications are often tacked on to a good cause’s efforts at the last minute. In treating nonprofit marketing as an afterthought, we deprive ourselves of the great benefits that marketing can bring to all our work. A marketing mindset throughout every dimension of our cause can help us design more effective projects, better meet the needs of people we want to help, win us more donations and support, and motivate people to act. If your nonprofit message isn’t getting through or your nonprofit marketing campaign isn’t making a difference, it is probably due to one (or all) of these three reasons.1. Falsely assuming that information results in action.It’s tempting to assume that if people have information, they will act on it.  But sadly, information doesn’t equal action. We know it’s healthy to exercise every day – but that doesn’t mean we’re going to do it. Inertia is a strong force. Good causes are forever in conflict with the status quo and business as usual. We can’t just lay out information.  We need to create a compelling reason for taking action that beats doing nothing. In marketing terms, we need to improve our reward and lower our price.last_img read more

6 Ways to Create a Habit of Giving

first_imgMany psychological studies have shown the power of habit. Once people have established a behavior, they are primed to stick with it. Changing a habit takes a lot of effort and when the reward is consistent, these routines are almost impossible to interrupt. The best part is that this holds true for good habits, not just our questionable ones. Fundraisers can use this principle to nurture a pattern of generosity. What if you could make giving a habit for your donors? One really effective way to do this is with a strong recurring giving program. Here’s how:Make it a priority for your organization. To begin a monthly giving habit for your supporters, you first need to make it a habit within your organization. To do this, include recurring giving targets in your marketing and fundraising goals, and make it a point to discuss your monthly giving program any time you talk about your fundraising strategy. Add appeals for monthly giving to your communications plan and create a special donor relations track for your sustainers.Always leave the door open for recurring giving. Habits rely on cues to signal a behavior. In your fundraising appeals, on your website, and on your online donation pages, always highlight the option to make a recurring gift. Well-positioned recurring gifts give supporters more flexibility and allow them to make a bigger impact. Also, don’t forget to follow up with one-time donors and ask them to consider becoming monthly sustainers. Donors give more over time and you have a steady stream of dependable funds. Make it easy. Do everything you can to make it dead simple for your donors to opt for and set up a recurring gift. Of course, online giving makes this hassle free. With services like DonateNow, recurring donations are automatically processed—no extra effort for you or your donors. Do a quick test run of your monthly giving program. When you think you’ve made your recurring donation process easy, try simplifying it even further. Then ask yourself, is it easy enough?Make an offer they can’t refuse. In line with making it easy, is your monthly giving offer compelling enough? Break down your monthly giving amounts into meaningful actions that attach a reasonable monthly ask to a measurable outcome. Tell specific stories that show the collective impact of your sustainers and highlight how every member of your program makes a difference.Start donors as recurring donors. Want to establish a routine that helps your donors expand their impact and improves your revenue and retention goals? Small monthly gifts can be an manageable entry point for new donors. A gift of $15 or $20 a month feels more doable than a one-time gift of $100. Of course, once they’ve created their monthly gift, it’s easy for them to keep it going.Focus on the reward. Habits are reinforced by rewards, and the good feeling of helping others is huge. Make sure monthly giving is a gratifying experience from the donation confirmation page to the first thank you to ongoing recognition. Let your monthly donors see exactly how their contributions add up and how they make your mission a reality.Need some help with your monthly giving program? Want to win some cash? Network for Good’s Recurring Giving Challenge has you covered. Take the Challenge and get step-by-step guidance with our free e-course. Plus, NFG clients are eligible for Challenge Rewards and get access to campaign templates and personalized coaching. Find out more and sign up today!last_img read more

Report: Leicester 2 Man City 1

first_imgManchester City dropped to third in the Premier League as Leicester City made it back-to-back defeats for Pep Guardiola’s men – Ricardo Pereira’s spectacular 81st-minute strike securing a 2-1 triumph. The reigning champions have lost three of their past four top-flight outings and lie seven points behind Liverpool, whose closest challengers are now Tottenham – six points back of the leaders. As in their weekend defeat to Crystal Palace, Manchester City took a first-half lead but were quickly pegged back – Bernardo Silva’s goal cancelled out by Marc Albrighton, who also equalised when the sides met in the EFL Cup quarter-finals last week.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! A 1-1 draw on that occasion ended with a victory for Manchester City on penalties but Leicester prevailed this time, with hero Pereira on the receiving end of a rash challenge that saw Fabian Delph sent off in the closing minutes. Such a turnaround appeared unlikely when Aymeric Laporte fizzed a 14th-minute pass into Sergio Aguero’s feet and the Argentina striker played in Silva for a neat finish. The lead lasted only five minutes, though, as referee Mike Dean waved away claims for a foul against Danilo and Leicester made the most of an undermanned defence – Jamie Vardy crossing for Albrighton to head in at the far post. Aguero almost restored the visitors’ advantage following excellent work from Kevin De Bruyne and Leroy Sane, though they needed a trio of saves from Ederson to deny Vardy, James Maddison and Hamza Choudhury before half-time. What do you think of #LeiMci so far, #lcfc fans?   pic.twitter.com/tdyqCtRaTX — Leicester City (@LCFC) December 26, 2018 Manchester City resumed after the break in similarly ragged fashion but began to turn the screw after the hour, with Sane unable to scramble home after Raheem Sterling sent Aguero to the byline inside the box. Leicester attacks had started to dry up, although Laporte needed an inch-perfect tackle to thwart the ever-alert Vardy. Pereira’s opening was nowhere near as enticing but he struck a beautifully clinical blow from the edge of the box when Sane could only partially clear a corner. Guardiola’s Christmas nightmare was compounded when Sane lashed a chance to equalise over and Delph lost control.What does it mean? Champions losing touch with LiverpoolA two-point advantage earlier this month is now a considerable deficit and Manchester City, so imperious for most of 2018, have faltered at an untimely moment, leaving them with a mountain to climb in the title race. Liverpool’s trip to the Etihad Stadium on January 3 is now a must-win encounter. Leicester climb to seventh and this result, on the back of a 1-0 win at Chelsea, will do much to quell murmurs of discontent around manager Claude Puel.Pereira crowns brilliant display with show-stopping strike The former Porto defender’s game-settling strike was a moment to savour, further enhancing his overall performance. Pereira’s duel with Sane was absorbing throughout and he looked to drive forward from full-back at every opportunity.A Christmas cracker! #LeiMci pic.twitter.com/r7AXwck5OD — Leicester City (@LCFC) December 26, 2018 Sterling fails to shine So often a decisive star in big moments for Manchester City over the past 18 months, England forward Sterling was hampered by poor decision-making, heavy passes and an uncertain touch in an outing to forget.Key Opta Facts- This is the first time Manchester City have lost consecutive Premier League games since December 2016, with the second defeat in that run also coming away at Leicester.- Leicester have won their last two Premier League games against ‘big six’ opposition, as many as they had managed in their previous 19 in the competition (W2 D2 L15).- Manchester City have conceded a goal from their first shot faced in three of their last four league matches (Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Leicester).- Of Pep Guardiola’s 11 Premier League defeats, six have come in the month of December.- Bernardo Silva has had a hand in nine goals in his 18 Premier League appearances this season (5 goals, 4 assists) – just one fewer than in his 35 games in the competition last term (6 goals, 4 assists).- With Ricardo Pereira scoring for Leicester and Bernardo Silva netting for Manchester City, this was the first time a Premier League match saw a Portuguese player score for both sides. What’s next Guardiola’s side are back on the road away at Southampton on Sunday, while Leicester host Cardiff City a day earlier. read morelast_img read more

Gig On! Freelancers Are Well-Compensated, Optimistic About Next Year

first_imgAre you getting paid as much as other freelancers? Are you the only one who has trouble finding clients? Does your city have a lot of freelancers, or are you the only one?Sometimes, as independents, it’s hard to get a sense of how other freelancers are faring. That’s why we love this great infographic from Anna at GraphicDesignDegreeHub, which gives us the answers to these and other important questions. We are happy to see that 90% of freelancers are happy working solo, but know that in the future, we’ll have to work together to figure out new systems that mitigate risk from all of the “cons” of the freelance life, like access to affordable benefits, the feast or famine cycle, and work/life balance.Source: The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancerlast_img read more

6 tips for working from home (and one great grilled cheese recipe)

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.Working from home seems so glamorous when you’re stuck in a more traditional work environment. You don’t need to get dressed. There’s nobody around to bug you, check up on you, or tell you what to do. And you can make grilled cheese for lunch every day!Then it happens: you look around your home office and realize, well, it’s pretty lonely here. And wearing these pajamas every day has really been stifling your productivity. That daily grilled cheese probably isn’t helping either.So, how do you work from home without losing your mind or in turn, driving your family insane? I’ve been doing this for 5 years from an 800-square-foot Brooklyn apartment and I didn’t even have a home office or spare closet to convert. Here’s what I consider to be essential to making your home-office employment a positive experience:**1. Get dressed. Seriously **Whenever I delay getting ready for too long, I can feel my energy levels sink, and my entire day winds up being less productive. One of the perks of working for yourself is that there’s no dress code, but for the love of all that’s holy, please mandate some sort of regular attire for yourself other than the clothes you sleep in.2. Have a designated office spaceThere’s something about sitting in a chair, at a desk, with your feet on the floor that lets your brain know you’re in “work mode”. Even if you live in a small studio, create your work space in a corner or keep your table clean and ready for your laptop. A space that has a door and doesn’t offer a view of the dirty laundry or dishes is best.3. Get out of the house at least once each dayYes, I’ve been guilty of not leaving my house for 2 days or more. It’s just so easy to do. But those days wind up leaving me anxious, so I make sure to take a walk, run an errand, or work in a coffee shop. Don’t let the “I’m so busy” excuse prevent you from getting fresh air daily, as your mind and body physically need it to function at peak performance.4. Exercise when you wantIt’s such a blessing to be able to take that noon yoga class and not panic about getting back to your desk if the class goes too long. Try to make exercise a priority in your routine, and commit to doing what you enjoy when you enjoy it at least 2-3 times a week.5. Interact with othersJoin a coworking space, create a mastermind group, or just schedule a regular hang with your fellow work-from-home entrepreneurs. This doesn’t have to be expensive at all, just a way for you to be around people who understand your situation. I introduced a small group of Brooklyn-based female entrepreneurs to each other, and we take turns hosting a brunch each month. It’s been happening for years and I always look forward to hearing their updates and challenges, while offering them my resources and empathy!Join the nation’s largest group representing the new workforce (it’s free!)Become a member6. Take advantage of working from homeYou have to take time to do the special things that would only be possible working from home. For me, it’s all about buying a ticket to a Wednesday matinee or knowing that I can spend the afternoon on a Tuesday in a playgroup with my daughter. You obviously can’t do this all the time because you’ll never get your work done, but on occasion it’s worth having to play catch up on nights and weekends, in order to do the things you’d have to get permission (or use vacation days!) to do previously.If you’re not yet at the point where you’re working from home, but you dream about it often, join me for the free broadcast of Ditch Your Day Job on June 11-12th right here on CreativeLive.Want more tips on how to conquer the freelance life? Join our Hive: **Freelance Lifestyle: Best Practices **for tips on taking care of your health, prioritizing, staying productive but sane, and much more!Michelle Ward will help you transition out of a soul-sucking job and into work that feels like play. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for Your Career list, and more.last_img read more